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real definition of JIHAD, as done by moslem themselves

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Submitted by Esme (Slovakia), Jun 18, 2007 at 15:08

AL-BAQARA 2,190:

"Fight in the cause of God those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for God loveth not transgressors."

Tafseer - e - Uthmani:

"From the time of Hazrat Ibraheem (Alayhissalaam) Makkah was the city of peace. No one would fight even with his enemy in Makkah. Similarly, the Four Holy Months (Ziqa'd, Zil Hajjah, Muharram and Rajab) were the months of peace. The whole Arabia was at peace during these months. In Zee Qa'ad 6 A.H., the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam) intended to perform Umrah in Makkah with his followers. When he reached near Makkah the Idolaters gathered to fight and prevented the Muslims from going onward. At last an agreement was made according to which the Muslims were to recede without pilgrimage and come next year and perform the Umrah and stay in Makkah for three days in peace. Next year (Zee Qa'ad, 7 A.H.) when the Holy Prophet intended to start, the Followers were puzzled what to do if the Idolaters broke the agreement and prevented them from performing the Umrah and were prepared to fight. If they fought it would be a breach of the Holy Months and if they did not fight it was difficult to perform the Umrah.

Allah sent order if the Idolaters started fighting with them they should retort. But they should neither make the attack first, nor should transgress the limit while retorting the aggression of the Idolaters. They should not be cruel in fighting that they should start killing children, women and peaceful men.

The injunctions and laws of Jihad described at this place are connected with the situation arising from the Treaty of Hudaibeyah. The Muslims were not ordered to fight with the infidels if they kept peaceful according to the Treaty. They were ordered to fight only when they were attacked by the idolaters of Makkah. .

Note: Some of the pseudo-commentators, from this particular situation, have concluded that war is only permissible in self-defence. It is wrong as other verses clearly prove.

Abdullah Yusuf Ali writes:

'War is only permissible in self-defence; and under well- defined limits' (Note 204, The Holy Quran).

Arberry has given the following translation of verse 190:

'And fight in the way of Allah with those who fight with you, but aggress not; Allah loves not the aggressors.'

Here 'aggress not' and 'aggressors' is a wrong translation and against the real spirit and reference of the verse. The Arabic denotes two separate senses. The first one restrains the Muslims from transgression of limits while fighting with the Infidels in answer to their aggression, because, the Idolaters were by treaty bound to be at peace while Muslims performed the Umrah . The second sense is related to the Treaty itself. I.e the Muslims were advised not to break the Treaty which demanded mutual peace and no-war. If the Muslims would have started fighting, it would have been a breach of contract. Consequently Muslims were instructed not to break the limits of justice and fair sense while fighting with the idolaters, nor break the terms of the Treaty by starting war against them.

Generally aggression means first attack. Aggression is generally used in a bad sense and an aggressor looked down and condemned from all sides, because aggression carries the sense of tyranny and cruelty. But the reason knows that first attack is not always bad and oppressive. Sometimes the circumstances demand that first attack should be made on a certain party. Islam permits the first attack for two major purposes:

(1) for the sake of Allah (in the way of Allah) ; and

(2) for the sake of subjugated people under oppression of a certain power, as said in the following verse:

AN-Nisa 4,75:

"How is it with you that you do not fight in the way of Allah and for those who are under subjection -men, women and children- who say, "O! Our Lord bring us forth from this city that the people thereof are oppressors and make for us from Thee a supporter and make for us from Thee a helper" ?

'For the sake of Allah' includes the propagation of Islam, the survival of Islam, the extermination of those hindrances which impede the progress and expansion of Islam.

The first attack which is made for the first or the second purpose or for both is not aggression as spoken and used in modern International Law. Islam calls it Jihad. There is no proper equivalent to this word in English language or in any Modern System. If the Muslims fight for the sake of self-defence it is also Jihad. But the real Jihad is the former undertaken in the way of Allah or for the deliverance of the oppressed people in a certain country.

The Muslims, therefore, should not be misguided about Jihad. The Orientalists and the Perverted Muslims have tried to taboo the 'Real Jihad' and only allowed the self-defensive war. Even cats and dogs fight for the sake of self-defence. Islam wants to electrify the Muslims to exterminate Kufr(Infidelity) and Fasad(corruption) from the Earth and establish the system of Islam all over the world. Where Jihad by pen is fruitless there Jihad by sword is successful.

One thing, however, should be noted that some pseudo-Islamists advocating world peace say that Islam means peace. It is a very dangerous fallacy. All the forces which are directed against Islam and all the systems which are against Islam, are declared by the word of Fasad (corruption) in the Quran. The Muslims are ordered to eradicate Fasad (corruption) on Earth. The modern conception of peace leads to nothing but to the status quo of Fasad, while the right conception of Islam leads to the eradication of the very roots of corruption on Earth (Tr.)

'Do not wrong anyone' means that children, women and old men should not be killed intentionally during the war and fight should not be started first by the Muslims because they were bound to honour the Treaty."

AL-BAQARA 2,191:

"And slay them wherever ye catch them, and turn them out from where they have Turned you out; for tumult and oppression are worse than slaughter; but fight them not at the Sacred Mosque, unless they (first) fight you there; but if they fight you, slay them. Such is the reward of those who suppress faith."

Tafseer - e - Uthmani:

"'Wherever you find them' i.e. whether you find them within Harem or outside Harem. 'From where they expelled you' i.e. from Makkah.

"Fithna" here means deviation from Islam or apostasy from Islam, or barring other people from Islam. It also implies the efforts of subversion of religion itself.

Prevention from Islam is a far greater sin than slaughter in the holy month. The practice of idolatry and the practice of urging others to idolatry by the infidels is much more detestable than war within the Harem of Makkah. So the Muslims should not demur and answer tit for tat.

" Makkah", no doubt, is a place of peace; but when they started the fight and persecuted you and vexed enmity on your Islam (an action more heinous than slaughter), they lost security and peace. So kill them wherever you find them.

When Makkah was occupied the Holy Prophet had declared, 'Kill him who takes out his weapons' and all the rest were given security."


"Fight those who believe not in God nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by God and His Apostle, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued."

Tafseer - e - Uthmani:

"When the story of Polytheists was over, order was sent down to break down the power of the Jews and Christians so that they might not hinder the expansion of Islam. The Polytheists and Idolaters were primarily aimed to be totally exterminated from the soil of Arabia, but so far as the Jews and Christians were concerned the main policy in the beginning was to shatter their power against Islam and its expansion. So permission was granted that if they accepted obedience and paid Jizyah they could live in the Islamic State and their life and property shall be safe. If they did not accept obedience they would be dealt with like the Polytheists i.e. they would also be exiled or slain, because they do not also believe in Allah and the Messenger as must. They do not care about the orders and commands of Allah and His Messenger. They do not even sincerely and correctly follow the teachings of Moses and Jesus, whom they recognize their Prophets. They simply follow their desires and wishes. They do neither believe correctly in the Divine Religion brought by Jesus before, nor do they accept the Religion of Islam brought by the Last Prophet, Muhammad (SAS). On the other hand, they are always busy in their struggle against Islam and always thinking to extinguish the lamp lighted by Allah. If such treacherous fellows are left free there shall be a great corruption and mischief in the Islamic State because the flames of Kufr and disobedience shall be always burning."


Go ye forth, (whether equipped) lightly or heavily, and strive and struggle, with your goods and your persons, in the cause of God. That is best for you, if ye (but) knew.

Tafseer - e - Uthmani:

"When there is general proclamation of Jihad no lame excuse is acceptable so all the able-bodied persons poor and rich, young and old, horsemen and foot-men, should come out for Jihad in all circumstances, because Jihad is better for them from the viewpoint of the World and the Hereafter."

AS-SAFF 61,4:

"Truly God loves those who fight in His Cause in battle array, as if they were a solid cemented structure."

Tafseer - e - Uthmani:

"....It is said in the traditions that once some Muslims were assembled somewhere (in Medina) . They said, "If we come to know what is most pleasing to Allah, we well do the same." At this these verses were revealed i.e. they should be cautious of what they are saying. If they want to know what is most pleasing to Allah they should listen that Allah loves most those men who stand against the enemies of Allah in His way like an iron-wall, and in the battlefield they make ranks in such a lofty manner as if they form a wall, engineered, with lead, impervious to any break and disruption.

Now they should test themselves at this criterion. No doubt, there are many of you who have proved themselves perfectly true to the standard, but there may be some among you whose actions have falsified their oral claims."


In the light of the above quotations and the comments solely taken from Muslim sources a picture of Islam emerges which shocks both, moderate Muslims and the rest of the world. Especially so since it is based on the Quran. This truly Muslim understanding of war raises the following question:

How is the use of force to propagate Islam justifiable in the light of:

Surah 2, AL-BAQARA, 256:

"Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects evil and believes in God hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And God heareth and knoweth all things."

This verse obviously discloses an internal contradiction of the Quran. According to its own standards this is proof that the book is not from God as we read in:

AN-NISA' 4:82

"Do they not consider the Qur'an (with care)? Had it been from other Than God, they would surely have found therein Much discrepancy.

Furthermore, the historical fact that Islam spread by force to Spain, France, Persia only to be finally stopped in Austria also puts doubts on the above mentioned Surah 2:256. Surely Muslims had nothing to defend themselves in those far away countries? The practice to kill all those in a conquered nation who are not willing to pay a poll tax imposed on citizens who refuse to become Muslims, further adds to the discrepancy. (See "Dictionary of Islam", by T.P. Hughes, Asia Publishing House London, 1988, page 243, under "Jihad")

jihad is jihad...and it means to slaughter non-moslems...




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