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Statistical Overview

DanielPipes.org received about 10,000 unique visitors a month from its opening in December 2000 until 9/11. After 9/11, the number of visitors jumped to about 50,000 a month. The readership has continued to grow and has reached over 300,000 unique visitors a month. The number of page views per month increased from about 50,000 to over a million. In all, the site has received 70 million page visits. (Source: internal tracking.)

The largest number of readers comes from the United States, followed by Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, India, Germany, Israel, France, the Netherlands, and the United Arab Emirates. At the other end of the spectrum, a single visitor has come from each of Reunion, the Falkland Islands, the Central African Republic, and something called the "French Southern Territories." Three visitors from Antarctica have dropped by. Readers from 236 countries and domains have visited the website. (Source: ExtremeTracking.com)

The website peaked in February 2006 with the 15,273rd largest readership on the World Wide Web. (Source: Alexa.com)

The site is linked to by nearly 300,000 other pages (with the most readers coming from WorldNetDaily.com FrontPageMag.com, and LittleGreenFootballs.com).

The site has been found through the search of 220,000 different words. The most common of them are, in descending order, "Islam/Muslim/Islamic," "sex," "Obama," "jihad," "Arab," "war," "America," "Israel," and "Saudi."(Source: ExtremeTracking.com)

The articles on Barack Obama's having been raised a Muslim, listed at "Bibliography – My Writings on Barack Obama's Early Years as a Muslim." have an aggregate readership of nearly 1,000,000. Interestingly, they had on the order of 50 times more readers in 2008 than in 2012.

The number of readers at one time on the site usually ranges between 30 and 100. The highest number at one time was 450, in May 2003.

Most-read pages (source: internal tracking) include:

One curiosity: Although Mr. Pipes rarely writes about sex, this subject dominates the readership totals in all three of his formats: articles ("Arabian Sex Tourism"), blogs ("Strange Sex Stories from the Muslim World"), and comments ("Arab Sex"). In addition, the nearly 11,000 readers' comments at "Advice to Non-Muslim Women against Marrying Muslim Men" are by far the largest in number. It appears that sex really does sell.

The blog amounted to 1,200,000 words as of July 2012.

Special Pages

DanielPipes.org contains several pages that do not fit the general rubrics and are worth pointing out:

Bibliographies: A handy way to sort out the multiple articles on a single topic (conspiracy theories, women's coverings, Obama's connections to Islam, liberal vs. conservative views of Israel, etc.) at DanielPipes.org.

Getting to Know the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR): Written in response to CAIR's attacks on Daniel Pipes, this page features a bibliography of some important articles about the organization and a link to Mr. Pipes' detailed response to a document it has widely circulated, "Who Is Daniel Pipes?"

Predictions by Daniel Pipes: 1983-2012: Mr. Pipes argues that the study of history is the best preparation to anticipate the future – and he frequently makes predictions. This page collects some of the more prominent of those forecasts.

Writings by Topic: Look up the contents of DanielPipes.org via some 70 topics listed here.

Topics for Talks by Daniel Pipes: A list for hosts to choose from.

Tweets: A complete listing of Twitter postings.

Search Engines

There are three different ways to search for contents on DanielPipes.org.

  1. Use any search engine, such as http://www.google.com/, to access the entire contents of the website.
  2. Use the search engine at the top right of any page on DanielPipes.org to access specifically the writings by Daniel Pipes (that is, the comments are excluded from this search).
  3. Use the search engine following the text of a weblog entry to show only a certain person's comments or comments from a specific date.

Languages Other Than English

The site contains over 11,000 translations of Mr. Pipes' writings into 37 languages. Of these, 19 have their own homepages. Here are the URLs of those language sites, their inauguration dates, and the average monthly unique visitors (source: internal tracking).

Albanian http://sq.DanielPipes.org Sep. 2016 -
Arabic http://ar.DanielPipes.org July 2006 3300
Chinese (simpl.) http://zh-hans.DanielPipes.org June 2007 1,000
Danish http://da.DanielPipes.org May 2005 2,200
Dutch http://nl.DanielPipes.org June 2007 600
French http://fr.DanielPipes.org April 2004 12,350
German http://de.DanielPipes.org May 2003 7,000
Hebrew http://he.DanielPipes.org Mar. 2004 1,650
Hindi http://hi.DanielPipes.org Nov. 2005 700
Indonesian http://id.DanielPipes.org Aug. 2016 -
Italian http/:/it.DanielPipes.org Jan. 2004 5,400
Japanese http://ja.DanielPipes.org Apr. 2016 -
Polish http://pl.DanielPipes.org July 2004 3,750
Portuguese http://pt.DanielPipes.org July 2005 2,100
Romanian http://ro.DanielPipes.org Dec 2006 550
Russian http://ru.DanielPipes.org June 2005 1,350
Slovak http://sk.DanielPipes.org Aug. 2016 -
Spanish http://es.DanielPipes.org Jan. 2004 8,100
Swedish http://sv.DanielPipes.org June 2005 1,250

Please note: Translators for other languages are encouraged to contact Mr. Pipes about their availability.

For a list of articles by the number of languages translated into, click here.

iPhone Application

DanielPipes.org (and all of the Middle East Forum's four websites) can be turned into apps on the iPhone.

To do so requires four steps:

  1. Press Safari on the iPhone;
  2. Go to any one of the sites: DanielPipes, Middle East Forum, Campus Watch, Islamist Watch, or Legal Project;
  3. Press + at the bottom of the page;
  4. Press "Add to Home Screen."

The Weblog

The weblog (or blog) at DanielPipes.org was started in February 2003 and took full shape by mid-2003. The goal of the weblog is provide a way for Mr. Pipes, the author of twelve books and a weekly columnist, to do several things:

This weblog has two main features that make it distinct from other blogs.

  • Many entries contain updates. These are either reports on how something came out or further information on the same topic. In certain cases, the many updates amount to an on-going log on a topic, for example "Is Prince Charles a Convert to Islam?" and "Conspiracy Theories Keep Polio Alive." That said, Mr. Pipes he has written about a thousand weblog entries and lets some expire, so as not to be overwhelmed with the task of updating.
  • Entries are dated by when something happens rather than when the entry was written. This has the advantage of directing the reader to when an event takes place.

Mr. Pipes sees the weblog as a fast way to comment on many topics. He therefore frequently quotes and paraphrases his sources. Those sources may contain errors, which he does not take responsibility for. .

Out of 41,000 weblogs monitored by DayPop.com (and out of an estimated 10 million weblogs in all), DanielPipes.org has ranked 271st highest in terms of the number of links from other weblogs and as high as 110th highest in terms of over-all readership. (Source: DayPop.com)

Inevitably, some links go dead over time and links no longer can be accessed. We do not attempt to fix these for the work would be overwhelming.

Reader Comments

A comments section on Daniel Pipes' articles was opened in April 2002 and over 150,000 comments by readers have been posted, or about 26 a day. About 60 percent come from the United States, with the next largest numbers from Canada, the United Kingdom, India, and Australia.

The comments section intends to offer an opportunity for readers from many vantage points to express their views and interact among themselves and with Mr. Pipes. Mr. Pipes reads all the comments and on occasion responds to them, usually to specific questions. "Outstanding Reader Comments" lists close to one thousand of the most informative readers' contributions.

The largest number of readers' comments, about 18,000 of them, are posted at "Advice to Non-Muslim Women against Marrying Muslim Men", a unique self-help page that has taken on a life of its own. (Click here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here for testimonials to its utility.) The article with the next highest number is 2,000, "How the West Could Lose."

Requests to alter or delete already-posted comments: The website regularly receives requests of this nature. Our policy is not to alter or delete the comments themselves, for they are part of the record. Instead, if you have a compelling reason, we offer a choice: (1) abbreviating part of the commentator's name so as to render it less visible to search engines or (2) adding a statement how the comment author has reconsidered and now sees things differently. If you wish to take either step, send the URL of your comment to comments@danielpipes.org with a compelling reason and a suggested change to your name or a text to add to the comment. Please note: This offer holds for up to three comments, not more.

Comments are moderated, meaning that an editor vets them before posting. This text accompanies each comment submission:

Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Original writing only, please. Comments are screened for relevance, substance, and tone, and in some cases edited, before posting. Reasoned disagreement is welcome, but comments are rejected if scurrilous, off-topic, vulgar, ad hominem, or otherwise viewed as inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the Guidelines for Reader Comments.

On occasion, offending sections of comments are deleted and the remainder posted. In such cases, the editors exclude what they find unacceptable and replace it with ellipses (...) to indicate editing has taken place. In brief, the editors of DanielPipes.org and Mr. Pipes do their best to permit wide-ranging views while maintaining standards of civility and intelligence.

About one in nine comments do not get posted because of objectionable contents.

The Danish cartoon controversy of February 2006 somewhat changed the rules, for this issue heightened emotions and rhetoric concerning free speech, religion, insults, and blasphemy. The cartoon issue prompted the editors to permit a wider range of impassioned statements so as to reflect the tone of the debate. For further comments on the legitimate scope of the current debate, see "Talking Freely about the Enemy." Also see the response at "islam is like nazism because ....."

For an attempt at "gotcha" by monitoring comments on a website, and Mr. Pipes' response, see the discussion of CAIR and Robert Spencer.

In an October 2013 ruling against Christians in Malaysia being able to refer to God as Allah, Court of Appeal Judge Datuk Mohd Zawawi Salleh referred at length to a comment on this website by Brutus Balan. For the text of his decision, see "Grounds of judgment by Judge Datuk Mohd Zawawi Salleh." This is ironic, given that Mr. Pipes argues against Allah as an exclusively Islamic word and in favor of its generic meaning as God.

The "DPlist" Mailing Service

Associated with this website, Daniel Pipes sends out his writings, plus occasional other items about him or invitations to his events, some 2-3 mailings a week. Called "DPlist," it can be subscribed to at http://www.danielpipes.org/subscribe.php.

DPlist began in July 1999, in response to an e-mail campaign initiated against Mr. Pipes by the Council on American-Islamic Relations on publication of his article, "It Matters What Kind of Islam Prevails," so that he would have a list of people to respond to its calumnies. In fact, a request for support was made only one time, later in 1999. Since then, the list has grown substantially and in March 2007 exceeded 25,000 subscribers.

The mail service is also available in other languages. Each of these has a separate URL for signing up:

Albanian: http://sq.DanielPipes.org/subscribe.php
Arabic: http://ar.DanielPipes.org/subscribe.php
Danish: http://da.DanielPipes.org/subscribe.php
Dutch: http://nl.DanielPipes.org/subscribe.php
German: http://de.DanielPipes.org/subscribe.php
French: http://fr.danielpipes.org/subscribe.php
Hebrew: http://hi.DanielPipes.org/subscribe.php
Hindi: http://he.DanielPipes.org/subscribe.php
Italian: http://it.DanielPipes.org/subscribe.php
Polish: http://pl.DanielPipes.org/subscribe.php
Portuguese: http://pt.DanielPipes.org/subscribe.php
Romanian: http://ro.DanielPipes.org/subscribe.php
Russian: http://ru.DanielPipes.org/subscribe.php
Spanish: http://es.DanielPipes.org/subscribe.php
Swedish: http://sv.DanielPipes.org/subscribe.php

To help pay for the maintenance of DanielPipes.org, advertisements are occasionally sent to the DPlist recipients. To make the commercial quality clear, the word [Ad], in square brackets, begins the subject line. The sending of an advertisement implies only that it meets certain basic qualifications, and it does not imply endorsement of the product by Daniel Pipes.

Names of DPlist recipients are never sold to an outside party.

Posting Policies

Articles: Most articles from the pre-internet age, meaning roughly before 1996, are posted as they were submitted by Daniel Pipes for publication, not as edited and as they finally appeared. For the exact text of what appeared in print, please consult the original place of publication. Articles since then are posted as published, with the exception of some small silent corrections (typos, spelling mistakes, addition of material in square brackets).

Interviews: Interview transcripts, especially from television, tend to be done hastily and contain numerous mistakes (names, spelling, grammar); these are generally cleaned up before posting at DanielPipes.org.

Blogs: Weblogs are a dynamic medium with no cut-off date, no authoritative version, so these are continuously edited to ensure the highest quality texts.

Links: This website contains thousands of links to other pages on the Internet established over many years. Invariably, a proportion of those links eventually go dead. Much as Mr. Pipes would like to maintain their accuracy, time constraints mean that they are nearly always left in their original form.

Copyright Policy: We make every effort to respect copyrights. If you believe your copyright has been violated please contact us by postal mail at: Daniel Pipes, 1500 Walnut St., Suite 1050, Philadelphia, PA 19102.


For rate schedules either to place a banner on this website or to send an e-mail to its associated mailing list, please contact the webmaster at Webmaster@DanielPipes.org.

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Piggybacked Articles

"Piggybacked articles" refers to those in which Mr. Pipes bases an article favorably on the work of another writer.

The Middle East Forum

Daniel Pipes is founder and president of the Middle East Forum, a Philadelphia-based research institute. Although there is coordination between www.DanielPipes.org and the sites belonging to the Middle East Forum (www.MEForum.org, www.Campus-Watch.org, www.Islamist-Watch.org, www.Legal-Project.org), this site is the private, personal property of Daniel Pipes. It is registered in his name, it is owned by him, and it is legally not connected to the Middle East Forum.


Twitter allows just 140 characters; a citation reduces the number to 118 characters. This limit makes it often necessary to abbreviate, omit, and simplify. Therefore, tweets are approximations, not authoritative statements. Original sources should be consulted for quotes and facts.

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