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Video Israel Victory: A New Approach to Lasting Peace? The Honest Critique (India) July 4, 2024
Video Victory - Why Is It So Challenging for Israel? Roi Yozevitch Channel July 3, 2024
Audio A decent Gaza is possible, but first the Palestinians must lose Steve Gruber Show July 1, 2024
Video Who Gains from Israel Victory? FDD Morning Brief July 1, 2024
Video Can Israel Win the War Without Defeating Its Enemies? Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs June 26, 2024
Video What Winning Means in Gaza ILTV Israel News June 20, 2024
Video Middle East Reflections Savvy Street Show June 13, 2024
Video Hamas Can Be Defeated as ISIS Was Rebel News (Canada) June 12, 2024
Video Israel's Seven-Front War: Gaza American Jewish University June 3, 2024
Video What Hamas Wants, What Students Want Politics PA May 21, 2024
Video The Middle East Forum at 30 Years: Reflections Middle East Forum May 14, 2024
Israel's Hostage Lobby Vanquished Its Victory Lobby L'Informale April 29, 2024
Video Explaining the Contradictions in U.S. Policy toward Israel TVP (Poland) April 22, 2024
Video Understanding the Iran-Israel Confrontation Rebel News (Canada) April 19, 2024
Video The Time Is Now for Israel to Strike Iran's Nuclear Infrastructure TVP (Poland) April 15, 2024
Interpreting an Israeli "Total Victory" in Gaza Atlantico Quotidiano April 5, 2024
"My Critics Compare Me to Shakespeare" Sociology of Islam April 2024
Assessing Blinken's Latest MidEast Trip TVP (Poland) March 22, 2024
Audio Enrichment Won't End Palestinian Rejectionism Michael Medved Show March 19, 2024
"Perversity Wins Hamas Global Sympathy" Global Review March 11, 2024
Video The New Axis of Evil: Iran, Qatar, and Turkey Jewish Republican Alliance March 5, 2024
Video The Day After in Gaza: Options and a Recommendation Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs February 4, 2024
"The Actual Battlefield Matters More Than Opinions About It": Reflections on the Hamas-Israel War L'Informale (Italy) January 30, 2024
Video Making Sense of the Hamas-Israel War Middle East Forum January 15, 2024
"Someone in Tehran Seems to Want a Fight": Puzzling over the Red Sea Confrontation La Stampa (Italy) December 30, 2023
Video Why Are the Houthis Disrupting International Trade? The Dispatch December 19, 2023
Video The Israel-Hamas Hostage Deal: A Good Idea? TVP (Poland) November 24, 2023
Assessing the Terrible Israel-Hamas Hostage Deal L'Informale November 23, 2023
Video Israel Must Win Al Jazeera English November 19, 2023
Video Gen Z TikTokers Idolize Osama Bin Laden "Real America with Dan Ball," One America News Network November 17, 2023
Video Assessing the Ongoing Hamas-Israel War TVP World (Poland) November 12, 2023
Video Can Blinken's Middle East Trip Succeed? TVP (Poland) November 4, 2023
Video Debating Civilian Casualties in Gaza TVP (Poland) November 1, 2023
Video Israel and the Civilized World at War: A panel discussion David Horowitz Freedom Center October 27, 2023
Video Historical Background of the Israel-Hamas War TVP (Poland) October 25, 2023
Audio What about Post-Hamas Gaza? Michael Medved Show October 19, 2023
Video What Is Hamas? TVP (Poland) October 18, 2023
Audio The People of Gaza are Tired of Being Forced to Play the Victim WIND (Chicago) October 18, 2023
Audio Obliterating Hamas in Gaza Is Israel's Only Option Now National Post October 16, 2023
Audio Can Israel Destroy Hamas? Australian Broadcast Corporation October 13, 2023
Gazans' Unique Experience L'Informale October 13, 2023
Where Israel's Security Establishment Went Wrong Global Review (Germany) October 12, 2023
Audio The Hamas-Israel War: Looking Ahead John Solomon Reports October 11, 2023
Audio Background to the Hamas Jihad against Israel WFEA 1370AM, Manchester, N.H. October 9, 2023
Video Understanding the Hamas War on Israel Middle East Forum October 9, 2023
Video Assessing the Hamas Attack on Israel TVP (Poland) October 8, 2023
The Same Old Middle East Global Review October 2, 2023
Video Israel Victory, A Preview EMET September 13, 2023
Video The Oslo Accords: Lessons Learned Middle East Forum September 13, 2023
Video The U.S.' Fading Middle East Presence TVP (Poland) August 29, 2023
Iranian Questions about Israel PressTV (not) August 4, 2023
Video Richard Pipes: A Video Biography July 11, 2023
Video Assessing Erdoğan's Re-election as President of Türkiye TVP (Poland) May 28, 2023
Video Getting Israel to Victory Middle East Forum May 17, 2023
Video Bashar al-Assad Rejoins the Arab League: An Assessment TVP (Poland) May 9, 2023
U.S.-Israel Tensions are the Norm, This Crisis Will Soon Be Just a Bad Memory Adnkronos (Italy) March 29, 2023
Video Assessing the Judicial Reform Crisis in Israel TVP (Poland) March 27, 2023
Corbyn, Sanders, and the Need for Israel Victory (12 comments) Hamodia February 11, 2023
Video Violence Is Not the Biggest Palestinian Threat to Israel (7 comments) JNS TV February 2, 2023
How Can Israel Win the Palestinian Conflict?: Historian Explains (47 comments) Jerusalem Post January 7, 2023
Famous Historian Discusses Muslim Immigration: Daniel Pipes in Copenhagen Dansk Folkeblad January 1, 2023
Assessing Israel's New Government (5 comments) Global Review (Germany) November 17, 2022
Video Ukrainian Refugees' Unexpected Impact (5 comments) David Horowitz Freedom Center November 12, 2022
Video Turkey and Russia, Finally Friends? (4 comments) TVP Eastern Express (Telewizja Polska) October 27, 2022
Europe Tangles with Immigration (1 comment) La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana & NicolaPorro.it October 12, 2022
Do NATO and Turkey Have a Future Together? (24 comments) World Geostrategic Insights (Italy) September 4, 2022
The Rushdie Affair Revisited (4 comments) Powerline August 17, 2022
Expect a New Iran Nuclear Deal (14 comments) Global Review (Germany) August 17, 2022
Israel Victory Can Solve the Palestinian Issue (8 comments) Neokohn (Budapest) August 9, 2022
Turkey's Expulsion from NATO Remains Unlikely (11 comments) L'Informale (Italy) July 4, 2022
Video Turkey's Stance on NATO Expansion Is "Blackmail" (13 comments) TVP (Polish Public Television) May 14, 2022
"Almost All Western Governments Finance Lawful Islamism" (17 comments) Centinela (Spain) April 29, 2022
Middle East Geopolitics: Some Predictions (79 comments) GeoPolitica (Romania) January 2022
Video [Ex-Muslims:] The Challenge to Islam It Has Never Faced (25 comments) FrontPageMag.com December 28, 2021
Video Muslim Dreams and Jesus (3 comments) Dinesh D'Souza Podcast December 22, 2021
Morocco and Israel (2 comments) Middle East Seminar Forum December 20, 2021
Migration, Islam, and Western Atonement: An Interview (13 comments) Eesti Päevaleht (Estonia) December 13, 2021
Fighting the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict in the United States (3 comments) DanielPipes.org December 9, 2021
Video Taking a Look at Turkey (3 comments) JNS December 6, 2021
As Turkey's Currency Tanks and Elections Approach (2 comments) Israel Today November 24, 2021
Islamism and the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: Predictions (11 comments) Israel Today November 5, 2021
Video A Conversation with Mike Pence (1 comment) MEForum.org September 20, 2021
Video Why Israel Needs to Win (17 comments) Channel 20 September 12, 2021
Twenty Years After 9/11 (7 comments) Albawaba September 11, 2021
Video 20 years later. Islamism is the greatest threat (5 comments) Idź Pod Prąd TV (Poland) September 11, 2021
Reflections on the Debacle in Afghanistan: Interview (39 comments) L'Informale (Italy) August 19, 2021
Interview: As Iran Approaches a Nuclear Breakout (9 comments) Global Review (Germany) August 9, 2021
Audio Current Developments in Iran and Israel (12 comments) Between The Lines - ABC Radio National June 24, 2021
The Key Issue of Hamas vs. Israel: Will There Be a Fifth Round? (31 comments) Global Review (Germany) May 27, 2021
Video U.S. Policy toward the Hamas-Israel War: A Debate (12 comments) "The Debate", France 24 May 17, 2021
Israel's Policy Should Be Victory (33 comments) L'Informale May 16, 2021
Video Turkey and Europe: What's Ahead? (2 comments) Poland In March 23, 2021
Biden's Emerging Foreign Policy (71 comments) L'Informale February 19, 2021
Predicting the Biden Administration in the Middle East: A conversation (36 comments) Journal of Middle Eastern Politics and Policy December 1, 2020
Interview: A Post-Election Reckoning: Biden pressured by the Left at home, reverting to old ways abroad (14 comments) Il Sussidiario (Italy) November 11, 2020
A Perspective on Muslims and France: An Interview (1 comment) Anadolu Ajansı (Turkey) November 10, 2020
Video The Presidential Election and the Middle East (3 comments) i24 November 3, 2020
The Latest on Islamism (and Related Topics) (13 comments) Global Review (Germany) October 12, 2020
Reflections on the UAE-Israel Joint Statement (7 comments) Fox News August 24, 2020
Implications of the Israel-UAE Joint Statement (3 comments) Atraaf (in Urdu) August 16, 2020
Turkey's "Reconquests" in the Eastern Mediterranean and Beyond (8 comments) Eastern Mediterranean Policy Note August 2020
Islamism and Syria Update (4 comments) Arutz Sheva July 9, 2020
A Short Conversation with Daniel Pipes (12 comments) Gatestone Institute July 8, 2020
Audio U.S.-Turkish Relations in Context (1 comment) Secure Freedom Radio May 28, 2020
Video Siraj Wahhaj Seeks My Validation (15 comments) Lion's Den :: Daniel Pipes Blog May 12, 2020
Video Conspiracy Theories in a Time of Virus [COVID-19] (38 comments) Washington Times March 17, 2020
Interview: Islamism's War on the West (4 comments) Media Wars: The Battle to Shape Our Minds February 2020
The Death of Soleimani and Its Consequences (9 comments) Informale (Italy) January 7, 2020
Video What's Next for Trump and Iran? (17 comments) Ezra Levant Show, Rebel Media January 6, 2020
Audio Predicting the Fall-out from Qasem Soleimani's Death: Audio (3 comments) Roy Green - Corus Radio (Canada) January 4, 2020
Predicting the Fall-out from Qasem Soleimani's Death (6 comments) Roy Green Show, Corus Radio (Canada) January 4, 2020
Video Is Turkey Coming Back? Updating U.S. Policy Middle East Forum December 9, 2019
Video We Now Talk More Openly About Islam (5 comments) Centre for Independent Studies November 11, 2019
Understanding the U.S.-Turkish-Syrian Triangle: An Interview (3 comments) Informale October 21, 2019
Video Latest on the Syria Crisis 630 KHOW Denver October 17, 2019
Erdoğan Invaded; What's Next in Syria? (13 comments) DanielPipes.org October 15, 2019
Israel's Arab Vote, Secular Versus Orthodox and Recognizing Palestine (2 comments) Albawaba September 24, 2019
Audio China's Uyghurs, Europe's Civilizationists: Interview with Tom Switzer (3 comments) Between the Lines, Australian Broadcast Corporation September 5, 2019
Video How Europe's Nationalists Build Conservatism Conference on National Conservatism July 15, 2019
Audio Mounting tension with Iran (1 comment) WORLD Radio Blog with Jill Nelson June 25, 2019
The Real Threat to Europe: Interview (2 comments) Affari Italiani June 24, 2019
Audio Is Iran on the verge of war with the U.S.? (2 comments) The Roy Green Show June 22, 2019
Video Islamism vs. Europe: Which Will Win?: Panel Discussion (1 comment) Machiavelli Center for Political and Strategic Studies June 13, 2019
Video Immigration and Islamization in Europe: The New Opposition in Poland, Hungary, Austria and Italy Cieszyn Cultural Center May 30, 2019
Audio Who are Europe's 'Civilisationists'? The Spectator May 20, 2019
Video Will the Iran Deal Last? (1 comment) i24 News May 9, 2019
Video Is Sharia Law Irreconcilable with Democracy? MCC Budapest Summit on "Migration – The Biggest Challenge of Our Time?" March 22, 2019
Video Middle East Update (1 comment) Zola Levitt Presents March 20, 2019
Audio The Middle East Forum Celebrates 25 Years Middle East Forum Radio February 13, 2019
Audio MidEast Review WWDB-AM February 12, 2019
Video Why Turkey supports Venezuela's socialist dictatorship (2 comments) Rebel Media February 6, 2019
The American Withdrawal from Syria: An Interview (6 comments) Caratteri Liberi (Italy) December 31, 2018
Europe Wake Up! (5 comments) Controverso Quotidiano (Italy) December 15, 2018
Audio The Israel Victory Project: Interview with Daniel Pipes Galey Israel December 4, 2018
Video The Need for Israel Victory (1 comment) Israel Sheli, Jerusalem November 29, 2018
Video Why Israel Needs to Win and the Palestinians to Lose (1 comment) Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies November 27, 2018
Video The Key to [Palestinian-Israeli] Coexistence: Overcoming differences - Reaching out to the next generation 5. Deutscher Israelkongress November 25, 2018
Video Deplatforming: The New Censorship (1 comment) Rebel Media November 19, 2018
Video Civilizationist Trends in Europe (3 comments) David Horowitz Freedom Center November 17, 2018
NATO In a New Era (3 comments) Iran (newspaper) November 17, 2018
Still Skeptical [of Trump's Israel Policy] (9 comments) L'Informale October 19, 2018
Audio Harvard University Memorial Service for Richard Pipes (2 comments) Lion's Den :: Daniel Pipes Blog September 21, 2018
Audio The Causes of the Crisis in Venezuela: Between the Lines with Tom Switzer Australian Broadcast Corp. (ABC) September 13, 2018
Video Should the United Nations Arm the Palestinians? NewsMax August 23, 2018
Migration to Europe Becomes a Crisis (1 comment) MEF Wire July 31, 2018
Audio Inaugural Tour d'Horizon Middle East Forum Radio July 30, 2018
Video Why MEF Supports Tommy Robinson (19 comments) i24 July 27, 2018
Israel's Victory - A Different Way to Think About Prospects for Peace in the Middle East Secure Freedom Radio July 18, 2018
Interview: U.S. Embassy Move May Bring Regrets (15 comments) Canadian Jewish News June 15, 2018
The Rise of Western Civilizationism Secure Freedom Radio June 6, 2018
Interview: Islamism's War on the West (7 comments) Savvy Street June 5, 2018
The Asymmetrical Warfare Between Israel and the Palestinians i24 May 30, 2018
Video Daniel Pipes Discusses the U.S. Embassy Move and the end of the Iran Deal Code Red May 25, 2018
On Leaving the Iran Deal vzglyad.az May 14, 2018
Trump Nixed the Iran Deal: What Next? (1 comment) L'Informale (Italy) May 14, 2018
"Regime Change in Iran Is Inevitable" (5 comments) Global Review (Germany) May 13, 2018
Audio The U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem: What's Next?: Tom Switzer, Between the Lines (3 comments) Australian Broadcasting Corporation March 15, 2018
Video There Is an "Alliance between the Left and Islamists" (6 comments) Sky News Australia March 6, 2018
Video Netanyahu and Trump's Relationship "Could Fracture" Sky News Australia March 5, 2018
Video UNRWA: Perpetuating the Psychology of Victimhood of the Palestinians Endowment for Middle East Truth February 7, 2018
Assessing Trump's Middle East Policies (3 comments) L'Informale (Italy) February 3, 2018
Video How the UN inflates "Palestine refugee" figures (1 comment) Rebel Media January 23, 2018
Video MEF's $1 million offer to UNRWA for "Palestine refugees" (1 comment) Rebel Media January 23, 2018
Video President Trump's "Ultimate Deal": Is Israeli-Palestinian Peace Possible? (14 comments) Heritage Foundation January 11, 2018
Audio The Significance of the Anti-Government Protests in Iran (1 comment) Secure Freedom Radio January 4, 2018
Video Achieving Peace Through Israeli Victory (29 comments) FrontPageMag January 2, 2018
The View from America: Europe Must Control Immigration (1 comment) Il Populista January 1, 2018
Video The Future of Europe and the Middle East Rebel Media December 31, 2017
Video Daniel Pipes: Trump sends Palestinians a "strong message" Rebel Media December 23, 2017
Shaking the foundations: Trump's decision to declare Jerusalem Israel's capital L'Informale December 14, 2017
Syria, Security, Migration, and Eurabia: An Interview (4 comments) Alpha Institute December 7, 2017
Video Anti-immigration Policies are Inevitable in Europe (2 comments) Rebel Media December 5, 2017
Trump's Positive View of Russia Precludes Decisive Action versus Iran: An Interview Kayhan London November 30, 2017
On Recent Saudi Reforms: A Conversation (6 comments) International Policy Digest November 21, 2017
Video Zionism, its Challenges, and the Future of the State of Israel (2 comments) Im Tirtzu November 16, 2017
Trump, Iran, and a Fast-Changing Middle East (7 comments) L'Informale (Italy) November 13, 2017
Video NYC Attack Strengthens Resistance to Islamism (2 comments) Rebel Media November 3, 2017
Video The Jihadi Truck Attack in New York City (20 comments) RT October 31, 2017
Audio I'm Skeptical about the Hamas-Fatah Reconciliation (1 comment) Sputnik News October 13, 2017
Video Greece's simple, counterintuitive solution to illegal immigration (1 comment) Rebel Media September 13, 2017
Making Sense of the Middle East Tehran Times September 2, 2017
Deciphering the Trump and Erdoğan Foreign Policies: Monday Talk with Daniel Pipes (14 comments) Vocal Europe August 28, 2017
Audio Deciphering Iran and Turkey (1 comment) Secure Freedom Radio August 24, 2017
Merkel's Historic Folly (26 comments) Achse des Guten August 22, 2017
The Temple Mount Crisis: A New Round of Palestinian-Israeli Confrontation Caixin August 1, 2017
Middle Eastern Islamism Threatens Russia (6 comments) Eurasia Expert July 24, 2017
Reframing the Arab-Israeli Conflict (6 comments) L'Informale (Italy) July 17, 2017
Erdogan is Capable and Willing to Destabilize the Balkans: And NATO Pretends Everything Is Fine (6 comments) Factor.bg June 29, 2017
Audio Qatar: A Powder Keg Waiting to Explode? (7 comments) Sputnik News June 22, 2017
Iran nuclear deal is internationally popular: Middle East Forum president (2 comments) Tehran Times June 13, 2017
Trump Gives Special Prominence to his Family and Friends (6 comments) Tehran Times May 27, 2017
Video Iran, Israel and Trump (6 comments) Press TV May 22, 2017
Interview: I Expect Trump to Be Mildly Hostile to Israel (9 comments) L'Informale (Italy) May 9, 2017
Audio Introducing the Congressional Israel Victory Caucus (1 comment) Secure Freedom Radio May 2, 2017
Video Daniel Pipes on Trump's First 100 Days and the Middle East (2 comments) i24News April 27, 2017
Pipes vs. Roman on Syria (1 comment) i24 April 7, 2017
Video Will Trump Turn Against Israel? (12 comments) Rebel Media March 27, 2017
Video How Middle East Terrorism Affects India (7 comments) India Foundation, New Delhi March 15, 2017
Audio Will Donald Trump Be Impeached? (6 comments) Sputnik News March 2, 2017
Video The Threat of Radical Islam and the Future of the Eastern Mediterranean (6 comments) BESA Center, Bar-Ilan University February 21, 2017
Video A Frank Exchange of Views with Turkey's Ambassador to Israel (8 comments) Begin-Sadat Center Conference February 21, 2017
American Historian: Trump Does Not Look at the Muslim Brotherhood Like Obama; I Expect It Will Be Banned (6 comments) Al-Watan (Egyptian daily) February 10, 2017
Video Trump executive order 'a great fumble.' (14 comments) Newsmax February 6, 2017
Audio San Francisco Museum to Exhibit 'The Fashion of Islam' (1 comment) Breitbart Radio January 4, 2017
Video Terror attacks in Turkey (4 comments) Press TV January 1, 2017
In Clausewitz's Shadow (11 comments) L'Informale December 22, 2016
Audio Trump's Appointment of David M. Friedman as U.S. Ambassador to Israel (2 comments) World in Focus, Sputnik Radio December 16, 2016
Video What Should the New U.S. Policy Be toward the Middle East? (1 comment) David Horowitz Freedom Center November 13, 2016
Video Does "#NeverTrump" Still Hold? (8 comments) The Rebel (Canada) November 2, 2016
Audio Why Hillary Clinton Took In the Most Donations from Islamists (3 comments) Don Kroah Show, WAVA, Washington D.C. October 21, 2016
Video From the Decline of Islamism to Israel's Victory: A Conversation with Daniel Pipes (1 comment) JBS (Jewish Broadcast Service) October 20, 2016
Audio The US and Saudi Arabia: Sleeping With the Enemy? (3 comments) Sputnik News October 12, 2016
Video Dangerous Words Dangerous Words 250, Stockholm October 1, 2016
Video Is Radical Islam in Decline? (75 comments) Gatestone Institute & The Rebel September 7, 2016
Audio Trump's Muslim Immigration Policy Is Evolving for the Better (24 comments) Breitbart News Daily (radio) August 31, 2016
"The Longest and Most Vicious Confrontation": An Interview (5 comments) L'Informale (Italy) August 30, 2016
Audio Al-Nusra's rebranding may increase its powers within jihadi networks in Syria Radio Sputnik July 30, 2016
"The Battle against Islamism Has Not Yet Started" (41 comments) Global Review (Germany) July 25, 2016
Video Making Sense of the Coup Attempt in Turkey (2 comments) The Rebel (Canada) July 19, 2016
Video Attack in Nice, France, "Incredibly Harmful to the Islamist Cause" (3 comments) France 24 July 15, 2016
Video Jihad Awakens Europe (20 comments) Gatestone Institute July 15, 2016
Video How Much Should Israel Fear ISIS? (6 comments) Israel Broadcasting Authority July 12, 2016
Video "The rebellion against Islam and Islamism is growing in Europe" (12 comments) The Rebel (Canada) June 14, 2016
Repercussions of the Davutoğlu Resignation Aydınlık May 15, 2016
Audio Figuring out Radical Islam (3 comments) Larry Elder Show April 28, 2016
Video Tracking Down the Brussels Attackers (4 comments) CTV News March 24, 2016
Violence in Turkey (2 comments) Aydınlık (Turkey) March 22, 2016
Video Surveying the Middle East & Islamism (6 comments) Canadian Institute for the Study of Antisemitism March 21, 2016
Radical Islam creates terrorism: Why should USA give Islam special protection? Trump's a buffoon, Cruz is fine :: Q&A in The Interviews Blog (20 comments) Times of India March 21, 2016
Video Perspectives on Abu Dhabi The Rebel (Canada) February 19, 2016
A Republican president will tear up Iran deal: US commentator Pipes (5 comments) Hindustan Times, New Delhi February 12, 2016
Audio Riyadh More 'Interested in Helping Rebels Than Fighting Daesh' in Syria (3 comments) Radio Sputnik February 7, 2016
US Too Big Commercially, Diplomatically for Iran to Avoid Trend (Azerbaijan) February 3, 2016
Audio The Condition of Radical Islam Today (12 comments) KickAss Politics with Ben Mathis January 21, 2016
Video Responding to the Islamist Threat (1 comment) Al-Fady Television January 20, 2016
Video "Charlie Hebdo shocked France. But that shock wore off." (3 comments) The Rebel January 7, 2016
Video Making Sense of the Saudi-Iranian Crisis (1 comment) Mackenzie Institute January 6, 2016
Video The Death of a Syrian War Lord (2 comments) CTV News December 26, 2015
Normalizing relations with Israel up to Erdogan (9 comments) Trend News Agency December 15, 2015
Video Debate over the civil war in Syria (4 comments) PressTV December 10, 2015
Audio 'Turks acting aggressively, doing what they want' (1 comment) Radio Sputnik December 8, 2015
Why Erdoğan Decided to Shoot down a Russian Plane (10 comments) Aydınlık December 6, 2015
Video Islamism: The Political Movement (5 comments) Trinity Channel November 11, 2015
​"The 60-year U.S.-Turkish Alliance is Over" (6 comments) Aydınlık (Turkey) November 10, 2015
Video Murky Details Surround Crash of Russian Plane over Sinai (1 comment) CTV News November 8, 2015
Video Muslim Migration into Europe: Eurabia Come True? (11 comments) David Horowitz Freedom Center's Restoration Weekend. November 6, 2015
Video Predictions for Turkey's Election (9 comments) Mackenzie Institute October 29, 2015
Video "The Iran Deal has the makings of a catastrophe" (2 comments) Mackenzie Institute September 11, 2015
Video Assessing the Iran Deal Glenn Beck Show September 9, 2015
Incirlik Base and Operations Against PKK (2 comments) Aydınlık August 7, 2015
Spying on Friends: The U.S. and Israel (7 comments) Mishpacha August 5, 2015
Video Assessing the Iran Deal (3 comments) NewsMax July 14, 2015
Video The Iran Deal Is 'Bizarre' and 'Wretched' (18 comments) NewsMax, The Steve Malzberg Show July 14, 2015
Video As the Iran Nuclear Deal Edges Closer CTV News July 13, 2015
Video Michael Oren Interviewed by Daniel Pipes: A discussion reveals how Obama purposefully broke the historic US-Israel alliance (17 comments) FrontPageMag.com June 24, 2015
Video A Sea of Horrors, But Wisps of Hope in the Middle East (9 comments) FrontPageMag.com June 18, 2015
Video The Greatest Threat to the United States? PolitiChicks June 18, 2015
Audio Turkey's election and ISIS' threat (3 comments) NewsMax, The Steve Malzberg Show June 8, 2015
Video Bin Laden Documents Released (1 comment) CTV (Canada) May 20, 2015
Video Iran vs. Israel: Who's Making the Threats? (21 comments) PressTV, The Debate May 18, 2015
Audio U.S. Foreign Policy and Islam (4 comments) Ricochet April 24, 2015
Video Yemen: Saudi-style version of political solution? (1 comment) PressTV, The Debate April 22, 2015
Musing on History: Interview with Daniel Pipes (206 comments) History News Network April 12, 2015
Video Debating the Iran Deal (7 comments) RT Television April 12, 2015
Video Discussing the Obama Doctrine (4 comments) The Rebel (Canada) April 12, 2015
Video "Saudia vs Iran in Yemen - Rights and Wrongs" (9 comments) PressTV, The Debate March 29, 2015
Video "Turmoil in Yemen" (1 comment) CTV March 26, 2015
Video Islam in the West (4 comments) Al Hayat March 25, 2015
Video How Serious the Strain in U.S.-Israel Relations? (13 comments) France 24 March 24, 2015
Audio Understanding the Unique U.S.-Israel Relationship (1 comment) Voice of Israel March 17, 2015
Video Assessing the Battle for Tikrit, and Beyond (4 comments) PressTV, The Debate March 4, 2015
Audio The Real "Realism" of Daniel Pipes (2 comments) The Milt Rosenberg Show March 3, 2015
On Syria, Erdoğan Is Better than Obama: Interview with Daniel Pipes (1 comment) Aydınlık Daily (Turkey) March 3, 2015
Video ISIS​'s​ ​H​ostages​ and Related Topics (3 comments) Newsmax January 29, 2015
Video Siege in Sydney (92 comments) Sun News Network, The Arena with Michael Coren December 15, 2014
Video Tour d'Horizon: ISIS, Iran, Turkey, and the Palestinians (18 comments) David Horowitz Freedom Center November 16, 2014
Video Middle East Tour d'Horizon (with Richard Pipes) City Hall Cieszyn, Poland November 14, 2014
Video The Rushdie Rules, 25 Years Later (22 comments) Danish Free Press Society Conference November 2, 2014
Video Russia and the Middle East: A tour d'horizon (13 comments) October 25, 2014
Video Dubious U.S. Mission in Syria (8 comments) PressTV, The Debate September 27, 2014
Video Interpreting the Arab Upheavals (4 comments) Blouin News September 25, 2014
Video Thinking about Kurdistan (19 comments) ​Real News, The Blaze​ September 12, 2014
Video ISIS and the world's reaction to the Islamic caliphate (9 comments) Sun News Network, The Arena with Michael Coren September 3, 2014
The West Lacks a Plan (45 comments) factum (Switzerland) September 2014
Video Catching Up on Libya (17 comments) ​Real News, The Blaze​ August 27, 2014
Daniel Pipes: "I don't know of a single Jewish Israeli who wants the warfare to go on!" (14 comments) Şalom (Turkey) August 27, 2014
Video Hamas and ISIS on the Rampage (7 comments) Sun News Network, The Arena with Michael Coren August 22, 2014
Audio Mosul Dam Re-conquered (4 comments) Stand Up with Pete Dominick, SiriusXM Radio August 19, 2014
Erdoğan Has a Tough Job: A Grave Economic Landscape Awaits (7 comments) Aydınlık August 14, 2014
Video Jihadist Recruitment of Western Women Will Grow (3 comments) CNN: Newsroom August 7, 2014
Video Water War: Jihadists fight for control over Iraq's largest dams RT America August 6, 2014
Video ISIS Seizes Iraq's Largest Dam (3 comments) CNN August 3, 2014
The New Caliphate and Other Topics DanielPipes.org July 23, 2014
Video Why Does Hamas Want War? (TV) (3 comments) Sun News Network, The Source with Ezra Levant July 17, 2014
Video Pushing for a Hamas-Israel Ceasefire (35 comments) Sun News Network, Straight Talk with Jerry Agar July 16, 2014
Audio "Terrorists Are Warriors, Not Criminals" (3 comments) Don Kroah show, hosted by David Stokes July 14, 2014
Video Debating the Morality of Israel & Hamas in Battle: with Hafsa Kara-Mustapha (45 comments) PressTV, The Debate July 11, 2014
Audio The PA-Hamas Merger (3 comments) Nothing Left, ​​Jewish Australian Radio July 1, 2014
Video Dire situation in Iraq (1 comment) Sun News Network, The Arena with Michael Coren June 25, 2014
Video 'We Should Stay Out' of Iraq Conflict (20 comments) ​Newsmax TV June 17, 2014
Audio Implications of the ISIS Conquests in Iraq (5 comments) Middle East Forum Conference Call June 16, 2014
Audio Assessing the Situation in Iraq (5 comments) NewsRadio WGAN June 14, 2014
Video Daniel Pipes at the New York Meeting Breitbart TV April 29, 2014
Video Middle East threats, American retreat (41 comments) The New York Meeting April 29, 2014
Video The U.S. legacy in the Middle East is disappearing (7 comments) Fox News April 29, 2014
Erdoğan Does Nothing But Make Mistakes (9 comments) Aydınlık March 14, 2014
Video Additional U.S. Sanctions on Iran? (7 comments) PressTV January 7, 2014
Video Obama's Weak Middle East Policy (8 comments) DR2 Dagen (Denmark) December 20, 2013
Video My Views of Islam and Islamism (32 comments) Hindustan Times Leadership Summit, New Delhi December 7, 2013
Audio La politique americaine vis-à-vis le moyen orient Radio Chalom November 29, 2013
Audio Assessing the Geneva Deal (1 comment) NewsMax November 26, 2013
Video American Decline, the New Anti-Semitism, and the Fate of Israel (4 comments) Jewish Policy Center, Phildelphia November 13, 2013
Video American Decline, the New Anti-Semitism, and the Fate of Israel Jewish Policy Center, Detroit November 12, 2013
Audio The Threat of Islamism (8 comments) Michael McLaren, 2GB Radio, Sydney October 26, 2013
Obama does not understand who Putin is (3 comments) Gazeta Polska October 23, 2013
Video Survey of Middle East Issues University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece October 22, 2013
CAIR and American Islam (17 comments) Al-Jazeera, Min Washington October 15, 2013
Video A Review of the Situation (2 comments) Israel Hayom October 8, 2013
Video 20 Years after Oslo EMET Conference October 3, 2013
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