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Reader comment on item: The Evil Isn't Islam
in response to reader comment: The "It's not wrong until it happens to me" law and "Evil heart of unbelief"

Submitted by z (United States), Oct 2, 2006 at 17:46


though this comment will be long, i will attempt to adress some of what you told me in your comments. However, as you know, arguing such points is futile and is in vain; the fact is that you are the one who has been brainwashed. it is you who has been corrupted by the media and the simple fact that you choose to follow your desires rather than the Truth. but it is OK nevertheless.

Before I begin, you told me in one of of your comments that you were fairly new to the blog, and so I welcome you. out of all the responses I have recieved from people, yours have been undoubtedly the best arguments yet, however, they are nevertheless wrong, and I will prove this for some points here.

1. you say, "Aren't you even a bit put off by the fact that Muhammad built Islam's foundations based on "visions" he had? the great majority of visions that men have that are not from the God of the bible can properly be classified as fables and hallucinations. Do you know what kind of person Muhammad was?"

well, Stephen, the fact is that here your argument here is completely baseless and irrelevant. for example, I can use your words against you: "Aren't you even a bit put off by the fact that Jesus built Christianity's foundations on Claiming to be God? the great majority of people who claim divinity and/or prophethood can properly be classified as liars and decievers. Do you know for CERTAIN that Jesus was God or the Son of God? what basis, besides a book which was written over 200 years ago in a language which is considered dead today, do you have?

2. you say, "Also you cannot judge true Christianity by the actions of Americans, other western nations or the millions who claim to be Christian but make it perfectly clear to the Lord that He is not to interfere in their personal affairs and that he is only to shut up, dish out blessings and rescue them when disaster strikes. Americans have thrown Chritianity out of every place in society. Hollywood and Wall Street are the "Mecca" of Americans."

again, Stephen, I will use your backwards logic against you: "you cannot judge true Islam by the actions of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, or any other country claiming to be Muslim, as those governments make it clear to Allah (also "the God/Lord") that He is not to interfere in their personal affairs and that He is only to shut up, dish out blessings and rescue them when disaster strikes. they are no different from the Jews, as the corrupt Muslim governments today are arrogant and believe that because they claim themselves to be Muslims, they are the chosen ones and they are therefore guranteed salvation. they are puppets of the modern world and they have thrown out Islam from every place in society except in sheer name. money and power are all these so-called "muslim governments" desire.

3. You say, "But Islam is the complete opposite of Chritianity in the sense that if you don't agree with a Christian they go on loving you and pray for your well being. But if you don't agree with Islam you will be hated, tortured and killed."

My answer to you in this, Stephen, is that you are comparing apples to oranges. you seem to believe that those who fight for Islam are doing so to convert you because you don't believe in Islam. Why would they do this, when Allah (God, in english) says in the Quran, "…Do you want to guide those who are sent astray by Allah? Whomever Allah sends astray, you can never find a way to guide them." (Al-Nisa: 88). So they don't fight to convert you.

To illustrate my point, let us use an example I am sure you are aware of: SECULARISM. this, for the most part, can be called a "system of life", in that it has details on how one should live, under what rules, what motives, what priorities, etc. a secular person would live to prosper in this world, and that person would think it righteous to let people indulge in thier every desire becasue, to them, it is the "way of man", and it is their "nature", so it can't be wrong. again, this would be the way of the secular one.

Islam should be grouped in that category. as a "system of life". now before I get in another heated argument with some Arabic scholar (dhimmi no more, this means you!), let me point out that the word "diin", or religion, is used in the Quran for the simple reason that there was a lack of a better word. anyways, Islam is more than just a bunch of beliefs and rituals. Islam has detailed discriptions on Governmental systems, Economic systems, Social systems, and yes, Religious systems. It is comprehensive. the people who fight are the ones who will not stand for those who try to take their way of life from them. The leading Officials of America said it themselves, that they will not leave Iraq until [the Iraqi Government] becomes a MODERN, SECULAR SOCIETY, and that they JOIN THE WAR ON "TERROR" (actually a war on Islam).

Therefore, in a nutshell, the Muslims have just as much right to fight as the Modern world does. if a Muslim does not agree with Secularism and Modernism, then they are "hated, tortured and killed" by the Modernists (if you dont believe me, just ask the Muslim inmates at Guantanamo Bay, or ask the family in Iraq who was raped and killed by the soldiers...they'll tell you).

4. You say, "You know that some Muslim men burn their wives by the hundreds for the most trivial infractions but to you Islam can do no wrong. I was wondering, "who else in the universe has a mind like you?" and I hit the nail on the head when I came up with Satan himself. Oh Satan gives some persuasive, logical sounding theories for why God is unjustly persecuting him since he never did anything wrong."

Stephen, do you really think that you have made a point here? All you are proving here is that you are ignorant of Islam (in itself) and that you cannot follow your own advice. For example, you say in one of your comments, "Also you cannot judge true Christianity by the actions of Americans, other western nations or the millions who claim to be Christian but make it perfectly clear to the Lord that He is not to interfere in their personal affairs and that he is only to shut up, dish out blessings and rescue them when disaster strikes." Well, Stephen, YOU CANNOT JUDGE TRUE ISLAM BY THE ACTIONS OF THE MAJORITY OF SAUDI ARABIANS, OTHER "MUSLIM" NATIONS, OR THE MILLIONS WHO CLAIM TO BE MUSLIM BUT MAKE IT PERFECTLY CLEAR TO GOD THAT HE IS NOT TO INTERFERE IN THEIR PERSONAL AFFAIRS… etc. you get the picture. These people are ignorant of Islam. Islam doesn't tell us to "burn [our] wives by the hundreds" !!! I don't care what scholar you ask.

And about Satan. You are right to say that Satan is the definition of those "muslims" who burn their wives, and who are corrupt. It is Satan who has corrupted them. if you would but try to get out of your ignorance for Islam and actually think about it (rather than following the bias of everyone), you can form your opinions on that. I'm not telling you what to believe, Stephen. I'm telling you to have a truthful basis for what you do believe.

5. You say, "Z, this is not a personal attack against you because I love even those who disagree with me. It is simply the truth. I guarantee that I will not offer you anymore of the light that Jesus gives me because your father in hell owns your mind. I'll bet that you've never even been to an Islamic nation. I'm so glad that my God made me into a Christian because he instructs me to test the spirits to see if they are real or evil. God even tells us to put him to the test to see if he is leading us into the truth or astray. Isn't he a GREAT GOD? He tells his own children to taste and see that he is good. But question Islam? Don't make me laugh. Islam cannot be held up to questioning because it would crumble like a like a cookie under an 18 wheeler. But I'm sure that these truths will have no effect on you because as I said before, you have the mind of Satan and that mind is devoid of not only logic but love, wisdom, tolerance and all other good things that come ONLY from the God of Christianity. Z, I sincerely hope that you go to a reputable professional and be deprogrammed.

my only comment to you here is that you are speaking through the bias of your religion (rather than universal logic) so I cannot really say anything to you. I CAN however, say to you this: DO NOT TELL ME THAT YOU ARE NOT PERSONALLY ATTACKING ME! DO NOT TELL ME THAT YOU LOVE THOSE WHO DISAGREE WITH YOU! WHEN YOU SAY THAT I HAVE THE MIND OF SATAN, YOU ARE MAKING A PERSONAL STATEMENT, AND YOU ARE BLATANTLY STATING THAT YOU DO NOT LOVE ME VERY MUCH. WHEN YOU TELL ME TO GET "DEPROGRAMMED", YOU DO NOTHING MORE THAN SHOW AGAIN THAT YOU HAVE TO ATTACK ME PERSONALLY AND WITH BIAS IN ORDER TO WIN AN ARGUMENT! I advise you to consider your wording when ever you speak, so that you might be able to convince someone the slightest bit.

6. You say, " I believe you excuse Islam's acts because well they happen over there and they don't directly affect you. Well what if a Mullah kidnapped you and forced you to commit unspeakable acts for his pleasure as part of his harem? As we speak this act has just been commited in some Muslim nation. I'm not wishing that this dirty deed happens to you Z, but perhaps you need a dose of real Islam to set you straight about it.

Or maybe something relatively harmless like being forced to cover your face, shut your trap and walk 15 feet behind your man who is considered your god. Or think about some poor Arab woman who was basically thrown away by her family and forced to marry a man who only wants her for her dowry. And after he gets the dowry he spends it on his pleasure, burns up wife number 3 and immediately goes shopping for wife number 4. this unspeakably barbaric act occurs daily in the Muslim world. I think I've said enough so I'll end with this…"

Stephen, read #5 again. Don't believe for a second that these "unspeakably barbaric act[s]" (which I agree wholeheartedly, are extremely barbaric) represent Islam. You tell me not to see Hollywood and America as the representation of Christianity? Then don't take this as Islam. Let me point something out to you. NO NATION IN THE WORLD IMPLEMENTS ISLAM AND SHARIAH THE WAY IT SHOULD BE FOLLOWED! SO DON'T TAKE THEM AS A REPRESENTATION OF ISLAM, BECAUSE I NEVER SAID THEY WERE! You go live in Hollywood or New Orleans and have them turn you into a slut and a corrupt freak, and then talk to me about being barbaric.


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