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How not to offend Muslims - or they'll show their true colors

Reader comment on item: Pope Benedict Criticizes Islam [in Regensburg]

Submitted by Thomas Justin Kaze (Australia), Sep 23, 2006 at 04:15

How not to offend Muslims – or they'll show their true colors

Oh well, someone has to say something – one day. I have been saying things for the last twenty years, and nobody listened; instead, I was called names. It is too late to sue Oriana Fallaci for telling the truth about Islam and Muslims – as far as Muslims in Muslim countries are concerned, we do not really care; they can kill each other to their hearts' content as long as it doesn't concern us. ...

There is no need for the Pope to prove that Islam is nothing but a cult of violence – Muslims do it very well themselves, time after time, after time. Just try and contradict them. Sure; Islam is peaceful, provided that you either obey and "embrace" Islam or agree to be subdued by the violent, primitive savages and live as a "dhimmi" and never-ever dare to question or criticize the pathetic lie that Islam is; Muslims know how unbelievably ...illogical their ideology is – and they know that every word of criticism brings Islam closer to its end. Well, since they are too scared to analyze their idiotic cult, we will do it for them – someone has to.

Apparently, Muslims can't be very proud of their blood-soaked history; so – for us, infidels – they have prepared another, though thoroughly false, picture of Islam and frown when we prove to be more history-savvy; the bottom line remaining: "We are the most peaceful people in the world; if you don't believe us – we'll kill you!" We can't rewrite or retract – history; she has been the most politically incorrect teacher we had had.

For their reaction to the truth, Muslims must bear consequences of their behavior, their attitude and their hidden plans that they had drawn versus the civilized world (meaning the non-Muslim world) - civilization has nothing to do with Islam, for Islam is nothing but a criminal organization and a world-domination-seeking cult; either Allah dominates, or we all die… That's why I say, nuke Iran while there's still time – or we will all die.

The Pope's address was a marriage of faith and reason. To the former Pope JP II, Muslims seemed as valuable allies in the struggle against Communism – but those days are gone. There has been nothing particularly new in Benedict's remarks; Osama bin Laden had used the same words to justify as "necessary argument" But Benedict XVI stopped short of retracting his words, seen as portraying Islam as a religion tainted by violence – and there is more:

"Already, there is a growing feeling in the West, that the only ones with the courage to stop the Muslim (invasion) are the Right-wing Christian countries, infatuated with biblical prophecies and pushing the line that any "Islamophobia" will hasten the End of the World and the Second Coming of Christ; not exactly "Apocalypse Now" but perhaps "Apocalypse Soon". There is, perhaps, some irony in passing this week of the daring Oriana Fallaci, who took on Islam – including the time of her death, while she was facing charges of vilifying Islam, under Italian – and European – law. As for "Islamophobia", I have come to the conclusion that it is not those who resist, defy, criticize and fight Islam, who can be branded as "Islamophobic", but those who bend over backwards, appease and do everything in order not to offend Muslims – please correct me if I'm wrong.

The worst outcome from the Pope's speech is that it brings us closer to the clash of civilizations (as if we didn't know it was about to come); so far, the commentary from Islamic leaders has been disappointing. Islamic links to Nazism (links please!) are being taken "out of context" and so is the Turkish genocide of Greeks and Armenians – all committed in the name of the psychopath Muhammad; can't we see how much damage can that monster do, even from beyond the grave? Wake up every country invaded by the Islamic "migrants"! There's no time or room for a dialogue – war is the only answer; now, while we still stand a chance.

Benedict XVI is being criticized for speaking out, and Pius XII is being criticized for NOT speaking out; what do the people want? Can't make everybody happy, it seems. Only that violence against the "infidels" is not violence at all; it is a religious duty and an act of worshipping Allah (whose daughters can't wait to finally become orphans); violence in his name is not violence as such, even if directed against other Muslims who don't worship Allah well enough; no, it's not violence; it's just another form of prayer – what are those stupid, dirty infidels talking about? First, we Muslims deny any wrongdoing – then react with our usual fury and violence, when confronted with undeniable pieces of evidence and our false claims of tolerance and peaceful character shattered, our credibility in pieces.

Time after time, every revelation of the violent and hostile nature of Islam, passenger profiling and every prevention of a terrorist attack will be classified as a "racist attack" on "human rights", and "religious intolerance" – anything that Islam has been guilty of, but don't you dare mention it – or you're dead; that's – Islamophobia! To prove their tolerant and peaceful character, Muslims will bomb, burn and kill – truth hurts beyond belief. If our claims are untrue, why not laugh them off… But the truth is, Islam is the same enemy we had 1500 years ago; what dialogue can you conduct with a deadly sect bent on killing and destroying everything that's not to their taste?

Very well; here's how to NOT offend Muslims:

  1. Stop misunderstanding Islam; stop modernizing and progressing – Muslims have not invented anything (apart from terrorism) and every success of the infidel world proves the backwardness of Muslims who are prohibited from becoming fully human. Stop thinking freely and leading free lives – Islam doesn't recognize the notion of freedom; to Muslims, freedom means thinking and acting – Islamic.
  2. Stop worshipping deities other than The-One-Who-Doesn't-Exist; convert to Islam NOW, otherwise Muslims will be very angry – and you know what that means. Stop demonizing Muslims – they can do it better; they feel marginalized and alienated, because you obstinately refuse to embrace Islam – so it is your fault.
  3. Rewrite history and stop teaching about the Islamic conquest of Europe; the Islamic murder, pillage and rape conducted by the Islamic holy warriors had happened in the name of the almighty Satan, so they were virtues and not crimes. Praise Islam and don't contradict Muslims, or you'll be sorry; Islam is the religion of peace and tolerance – and if you say it's not, you'll die!
  4. Muhammad... was the most righteous man who had ever walked the earth; he murdered, robbed, plundered and raped, because Allah told him to do so; the prophet had said so himself – and the prophet never lied.
  5. Stop quoting from the Koran and pointing out what Muslims are trying to hide. The Koran is a killing manual for Muslims to follow, not for you to misquote or question.
  6. Stop selling, buying and eating pork and stop drinking alcohol; stop listening to music, because Allah hates music. Tell your women to cover themselves and stop complaining, when they have been raped by Muslims. Muslims are doing them a favor – and they rape them, because that's what they have been instructed to do by Muhammad's alter ego, the crazed Al-ilah.
  7. Shut down Daniel Pipes' Blogs, Faith Freedom International, Jihad Watch, Dhimmi Watch, The Little Green Footballs, The Apostates of Islam and all other cyber sites that dare criticizing the only true religion of peace. Do not read, write or distribute any anti-Islamic materials, or you'll burn in hell – alongside blacks and women.

...I think that the Pope should have pointed out the selected passages from the Koran that incite violence as evidence – Muslims would, of course, accuse him of "taking words out of context", but how can you take lines like "kill (the infidels) wherever you find them" out of context, or give them other than intended, meaning?

It came to me as a great shock, when, after September 11, president Bush declared that he respected Islam and regarded it as religion of peace – obviously under pressure from CAIR; I hereby declare that he did not say that in my name. I felt insulted and humiliated by his statement. The Pope's action, on the other hand, lifted my spirit enormously and I hope to hear more on the issue – preferably from some heads of states. And I sincerely wish that those Muslim clerics denounce all forms of violent jihad, including suicide bombings, beheadings and terrorism with the same fanatical fervor with which they have criticized the Pope.

Over the years, I have gotten used to seeing Muslims literally beg to be offended, usually by undeniable truths. The Pope was definitely right to speak out and absolutely wrong to soften his stance – I for one have not understood his later pronouncement as an apology. Why should he, or anybody else for that matter, apologize for speaking the truth? Why don't we, for a change, demand that Muslims apologize for all the evil that they have caused on the non-Muslim world; for their invasion of Europe in the VIII century, for the destruction of Persia, India and other ancient lands, for all the forced conversions, blood spilled, for the rape of Constantinople, for the bloody occupation of the Balkans, for the Kenya and Tanzania embassy bombings, the USS "Cole", for September 11, for the first and the second Bali bombing, for the Madrid and London attacks and for all jihadi attacks in the name of their furious, blood-thirsty deity?

Also: I do appreciate the policy of Dr. Pipes' policy of editing "… when comments are purely offensive, make personal attacks or disparage a person's religion out of context or in excess of the topic" – only that Islam is NOT a religion; we have been through this issue many times. It is a sect, a deadly cult and a criminal organization disguised as a religion, in order to evoke respect, fear and obedience. If I wake up tomorrow and declare that, for example, Kawaya-no Kami (Japanese god of toilets) appeared to me in my dream, appointed me as his prophet and instructed me to kill everybody who disagrees with me, particularly Muslims – will my "religion" be given the same status and respect as that unjustly given to Islam? I doubt it.

P.S. I watched the discussion between Mr. Nihad Awad and Prof. George Weigel on PBS last week – and I am deeply disappointed. What a waste of time and money!

My best regards to Dr. Pipes and to all forum Participants,

Thomas Justin Kaze


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Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Original writing only, please. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

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