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READ FOR THE TRUTH/ Reply to Peter Daniels "Message to all muslims - Jesus loves you"

Reader comment on item: [The American Muslim Council:] 'Mainstream' Muslims?
in response to reader comment: Message to all muslims - Jesus loves you

Submitted by Zia (Canada), Jan 7, 2007 at 12:34

I know Christianity is not easy and nor is Islam. Though, I believe Islam is easy if you truly hold faith and love for Allah Almighty, God. Islam is a difficult religion yet so simple.After all, why would god want his creation to go to hell..Islam is simple, the difficulty is not following Satan and giving in. Islam gives you all the answers you need that you won't get in Christianity or any other religion. Well, I could go on all day but I really have to reply to the rest of the comments. Oh and Muhammed never wrote the Quran. It was sent to him as well as Jesus, Moses, and many other prophets to spread the message of god. READ THE CRESCENT MOON AND A STAR PARAGRAPH BELOW! IT GIVES YOU THE REASON WHY THERE IS A STAR AND A CRESCENT MOON ON ISLAMIC MASJIDS/MINARETS.

Maybe After Reading This You'll Realize How Rumours and Lies Are Started Including Giving Wrong Information ! !

Jesus is the Son of God
(John 10:36)

1. Are you just going to place comments and not place evidence? How was Jesus the Son of God. Afterall, he was human, created by god, given life by god. Just because he performed miracles that does not make him god because Moses performed miracles, as well as Solomon and many other prophets. Also, if Jesus was the son of god, why had not god said so.

Mohammed was a man
(Surah 18:110)

2. True, Mohammed was a man, just like Jesus. Just like you and me.

What is truly written in Surah 18: 110 (Al-Kahf 18:[110])

O Muhammed, tell them: "I am but a human being like you; the revelation is sent to me to declare that your God is One God; therefore, whoever hopes to meet his Rabb, let him do good deeds and join no other deity in the worship of his Rabb." [110]

My Comment: Rabb means God.

Jesus performed miracles
(Mark 7:37)

3. Correct. Jesus did perform miracles. So did Moses.

Mohammed Did not perform miracles
(Surah 17:59)

4. Mohammed (P.B.U.H). Did not perform miracles. Yes that is correct and the reason behind it is that. GOD created Mohammed (P.B.U.H). just like he created Jesus (P.B.U.H). . He did not give Mohammed any powers, or make him perform any miracles, just like GOD did to the other prophets. Why? Because, for an example, Jesus (P.B.U.H). was sent as well as the other prophets to send the message of God. But the reason God gave miracles and powers to Jesus (P.B.U.H). People started worshipping him as GOD. Which is exactly what it is in Christianity. Before, there was no issue of converting into religion it was just believing in god. But when people started worshipping Jesus (P.B.U.H). as God's son and changing the context of The Holy Book and messages of the prophets. Thats when the issue of religion came. Mohammed (P.B.U.H). was the only messenger, without power, made as an ordinary man! God (Allah) did not want the people to start worshipping his messengers (our prophets) as god, because people started worshipping the prophets as god! Though, the power Mohammed had was that of his heart, he was pure-hearted, noble, kind, honest, peaceful, caring. That no ordinary human ever created has (excluding prophets).

What is truly written in Surah 17: 59 (Al-Isrâ 17:[58-60])

We refrain from sending signs (miracles) only because the men of former generations treated them as false. We sent the she-camel to the people of Thamûd - a manifest sign - but they wronged her. We send the signs only by way of warning, and if people reject the sign after receiving it, they are doomed.[59]

Jesus knew what is inside people's hearts
(Revelation 2:23)

5. Yes Jesus (P.B.U.H) did. By the will of God.

Mohammed did not know what is inside People's hearts
(Surah 11:31)

6. Your right, Mohammed (P.B.U.H) didn't. By the will of God Almighty! And also the fact that if he did people would eventually start considering him as god, like they did to Jesus (P.B.U.H).

What is truly written in Surah 11: 31 (Hûd 11:[25-35])

I do not not say that I possess the Treasures of Allah, nor do I say that I have the knowledge of the unseen, nor do I claim to be an angel; nor do I say of those who are mean in your eyes, that Allah will not grant them any good - Allah knows best what is in their hearts - for if I say anything like this, I will indeed become a wrongdoer."[31]

My Comment: This Surah wasn't even about Muhammed! It was about Noah, See, your making up stuff and saying its from this surah. WRONG! Don't try to change the facts if you do fear God.

Jesus is our advocate with the Father
(1 John 2:1 & 2)

7. Jesus is the advocate with God. Not Father (God is perfect, therefore perfection does not need a son, daughter or wife.Also, if there was more than one god. Also, if Jesus was the Son of God, which is implying that he was God, WHY did god raise him to the heavens (Islamic Point) Or say, why did he not stop his crucifial (Christianity Point). If JESUS (P.B.U.H) was the son of god, then why, did god help Jesus Christ, if Jesus could help himself, afterall he is "The son of god"..

Mohammed is not our advocate with the Father
(Surah 9:80)

8. Incorrect. Muhammed was an advocate with god. He was the messenger of God. God Says, You can't disagree with God because God is all knowing.

What is truly written in Surah 9:80 (At-Tauba 9:[75-80])

O Prophet! It is the same, wether you ask forgiveness for them or not; even if you ask for their forgiveness seventy times, Allah is not going to forgive them: because they have disbelieved Allah and His Rasool. Allah does not guide those who are transgressors.

My Comment: This Surah isn't even about Muhammed. It is for the prophets in general. Again, WRONG SURAH = WRONG FACT.

Jesus forbade His followers to use the sword
(Matthew 26:52)

9. So do the other prophets of god.

Mohammed urged his followers to use the sword
(Surah 8:65)

10. Incorrect. Peter Daniels has said that he has studied many religion including Islam. Though it seems he has studied a make belief religion. That is the quite opposite of Islam.

What is truly written in Surah 8:65 (Al-'Anfâl 8:[65-69])

O Prophet! Rouse the believers to prepare for combat. If they are twenty steadfast men among you, they shall defeat two hundred: if there are one hundred, they shall defeat one thousand of the unbelievers, for they are a people who lack understanding. [65]

My Comment: The Surah is not telling muslims to go and fight against non-muslims. It is telling you of Allah's promise to make the believers victorious over armies 2 to 10 times than the non-believers. Does that make sense? Like, if there are 20 believers (true believers) they shall defeat 200 of the non-believers in combat. Which is only in emergency and when the opposing side attacks first. Also this ISNT EVEN ABOUT MUHAMMED! JEEZ WRONG WITH THE FACTS AGAIN!

Jesus taught forgiveness
(Matthew 5:38,39)

11. Yep, He did.

Mohammed taught revenge
(Surah 2:194)

12. Making things up again, eh? Uh..Mohammed never taught revenge he taught forgiveness just like Jesus. Peter Daniels, Tsk Tsk, Full of Lies? Oh and By The Way, Wrong Facts. Read on to see what the Surah really says.

What is truly written is Surah 2:194 (Al-Baqarah 2:[194])

The Sacred month, in which fighting is prohibited, is to be respected if the same is respected by the enemy: sacred things too are subject to retaliation. Therefore, if anyone transgresses a prohibition and attacks you, retaliate with the same force. Fear Allah, and bear in mind that Allah is with the righteous. [194]

My Comment: By Enemy, it does not mean non-muslims, it means the enemies your in war with. That is true, Allah is with the righteous. Oh I forgot to say. Peter Daniels, and thats Peter Daniels, is again wrong with the facts. This Surah isn't even about Mohammed. Talk about Rumour Starter.

Jesus was sinless
(1 Peter: 2:22)

13. Yes, I think so.

Mohammed was sinful
(Surah 47:19)

14. No, and I know so. Don't tell me its another thing made up. How can someone who has patience, whos kind, caring, noble, loving, nice be so sinful. Is that even possible. If Mohammed doesn't commit sins how is he sinful? By telling the truth.

What is truly written in Surah 47:19 (Al-Ahqâf 46:[15-20])

For all, there will be ranks according to their deeds, so that He may reward them fully for what they have done and they shall not be wronged. [19]

My Comment: Their is your evidence. Which is exactly why you find things out for yourself! That Surah is not even about Mohammed.

Jesus words never change
(Matthew 24:35)

15. I know Jesus words never changed. But in the Gospel otherwise known as the Bible has been changed.

The Quran words changed
(Surah 16:101)

16. Incorrect. The Quran is as it was. Not a word has been changed until someone in the USA changed the English Translation but the orginal has not been changed and if it was. We would have noticed. Also, the Bible was changed alot of times and its like a completely made up book with a few truths. I noticed they changed the part of Jesus declaring Mohammed was to come after him. Or Jesus, saying there is not God but Allah. Or Jesus declaring he is a messenger of god?.

What is truly written in Surah 16:101 (An-Nahl 16:[101-110]

When We substitue one verse in favor of another - and Allah knows best what He reveals in stages - they say: "You are but a forger." The fact is that most of them do not understand.[101] Say, "The Holy Spirit has brought it down piecemeal with truth from your Rabb to stregenthen the faith of the believers, and to give guidance and good news to the Muslims."[102] We know very well what they say about you, O Muhammad: "A certain man teaches him." But the man they allude speaks a foreign language while this is in eloquent Arabic.[103] In fact, Allah does not guide to those who do not believe in His revelations and they will have a painful punishment.[104] Surely, those who do not believe in the revelations of Allah, are the ones who forge the falsehood and they are the ones who are liars![105] Anyone who is forced to deny faith after its acceptance, while his heart remains loyal to the faith, shall be absolved; but any who denies faith willingly after its acceptance and opens his breast to unbelief, shall incur the wrath of Allah and shall be sternly punished.[106] This is because such people love the life of this world more than the hereafter, and that Allah does not guide such unbelievers.[107]

My Comment: I think its true whats written on the last line [107]. I think if you can you should read the whole thing I've written. I did write up to 110 because I figured if your really interested in knowing more you could ask and I could post more. Or you could always get yourself a Koran (Quran). So, The Quran has never been changed. Because we muslims, fear Allah and will not dare to change his revelations. Oh and By The Way, Why didn't he write "The Gospel's Words have not been changed" Instead of Jesus' cause we know that Jesus Christ's words haven't been changed but the words written in the Gospel have been re-written and editted to the liking of people.

Jesus healed the blind man
(Luke 18:35-43)

17. I'm unsure of that. But I think he did.

Mohammed turned away from the blind man
(Surah 80:1-10)

18. Humans make mistakes. No one is perfect except for God.

What is truly written in Surah 80: 1-10 ('Abasa 80[1-16])

He frowned and turned away [1] when there came to him the blind man (Ibn Umme Maktûm, who came to the Prophet and interuppted his conversation with the chiefs of Makkah).[2] How could you (O Muhammed) tell? He might have sought to purify himself[3] or become reminded and might have benefited from Our reminder.[4]

My Comment: Muhammed made a mistake just like every other human being ever created. See, Muhammad was talking to one of the chief men whom he invited and the blind man came to ask him and he interuptted him. Muhammed was like hold on because he was already discussing in a conversation with the chiefs. After a few times of disruptions, Muhammed got upset and was like I'm talking to someone right now, could you wait. And then the blind man got upset and went. And God said that he shouldnt have done that and he should have put him conversation on hold to answer to the man who came all the way to see him to ask of Islam. And Muhammad acknowledged his mistake.

Jesus called on people to come to Him
(Matthew 11:28-30)

19. I think thats true.

Mohammed was admonished because he sent people away
(Surah 6:52)

20. No thats false.

What is truly written in Surah 6:52 (Al-An'âm 6:[51-55]

Do not drive away those who call on their Rabb morning and evening, seeking only to gain His favor. You are in no way accountable for their deeds nor they are in any way accountable for yours. So, if you drive them away, you shall be counted among the wrongdoers.[52] That's how We have made some of them (poor and slaves who accept Islam) a means for testing the others (the chiefs of Quraish), so that they should say: "Are these the people whom Allah favors among us (the poor, indigent and low class)?" Well, does Allah now know best those who are grateful?[53]

My Comment: This has nothing to do with Mohammad sending people away. Just read and find out for yourself.

Jesus taught monogamy
(Matthew 19:5,6)

21. No he didn't. Were the facts on that too changed from the bible?

Mohammed taught polygamy
(Surah 4:3)

22. Yes he did. Which is what God allows. Why? because for an example, say your married and then you know this woman whos a widow and she can't support herself or her children. Islam then gives you the right and privelage to marry that women. The only reason your allowed in Islam to marry more than one wife is because the righteous of helping others. You can't just go around marrying people for no reason. If your marrying someone else for a righteous reason, for the benefit of another then yes, your allowed doing that. Whats exactly so wrong with polygamy? Your help another? Is that it?

What is truly written in Surah 4:3 (An-Nisâ 4:[3])

If you fear that you shall not be able to treat the orphans with fairness, then marry other women of your choice: two, three or four. But if you fear that you will not be able to maintain justice between your wives, then marry only one or any slave girl you may own. That will be more suitable, so that you may not deviate from the Right Way. [3]

My Comment: Um..I hope that makes sense to you guys.

People were free to accept Jesus' message or reject it
(Luke 10:10,11)

23. Yes because everyone has a freedom of choice.

People were forced to accept Mohammed's message
(Surah 9:29)

24. Hm..No thats not whats written in the surah or in the Quran and thats not what happened in reality.

What is truly written in Surah 9:29 (At-Tauba 9:[28-29]

O believers! Know that mushrikeen are unclean: therefore, do not let them come near the Al-Masjid-al-Harâm after this year's pilgrimage. If you fear poverty, Allah -if He so wills- will enrich you out if His bounty. Surely, Allah is All-Knowledgeable, All-Wise.[28] Fight those people of the book who do not believe in Allah and the Last Day, do not refrain from what has been prohibited by Allah and His Rasool and do not embrace the religion of truth, until they pay Jizyah with their own hands and feel themselves subdued.[29]

- - -

How can you say this is all true. When you got all that information from a Non-Muslim Site. How can you believe someone who isn't even muslim and decides to say things about Islam. This is where Peter Daniels got the whole Islam is a Paganist religion.



They are not even muslim sites! THESE WEBSITES ARE LIES! You will never ever see a muslim site saying that Islam has a Moon God because It Does not. You cannot believe false information. Thats why you actually read The Holy Book itself because WEBSITES AND PEOPLE LIE! READ BELOW

The Crescent Moon & A Star

The symbol of a crescent moon cradling a five-pointed star is today identified as an emblem for Islam, just as a cross popularly signifies Christianity. The moon plays a significant role in the Islamic calendar. Each new month begins with the first sighting of the hilal - the new crescent moon. The hilal therefore determines the practice of two basic pillars of Islam - the beginning and ending of Ramadan, the Muslim period of fasting, and the season for performing the Haj, the Muslim pilgrimage.

The Islamic world has used the hilal as a decorative motif as early as the 8th century, on coins, jewellery, textiles and metalwork. Minarets and domes of some mosques, and secular buildings alike, have been crowned with crescent finials.

Since the 19th century, the crescent moon and star have become an Islamic motif par excellence. The crescent moon (which grows over time into a full moon) has been likened by some to signify Islam as a 'growing' religion, and the five-pointed star as the five pillars of Islam.

In Singapore today, the crescent-star motif can also be found atop the dome or minaret of many mosques, and as a motif in the interior of the prayer halls.


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