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Islam IS the religion of peace // READ AND COMMENT BACK PLEASE!

Reader comment on item: [The American Muslim Council:] 'Mainstream' Muslims?
in response to reader comment: Islam is NOT the religon of Peace

Submitted by Zia (Canada), Dec 29, 2006 at 11:26

Islam is the religion of peace. I have no clue, where you all have been hearing such false rumours about Islam but you really have to listen and understand the truth. Which is Simple and Clean. I hope you guys please read on and see what I have to say, I'd kindly appreciate it. I know it's a little too long but you don't have to read it all in one day! I hope you read it all!

Here are my responds to Greg's comments:

1. Islam was spread through conquest and through forced conversions.

That is false. Islam was not spread through forced conversions or through conquest. Do you know exactly how Islam was spread? I know alot of you have heard about Mohammed, no? Well, he didn't spread Islam by going to door to door and forcing people to become muslim or by holding up some sign threatening people to become muslim. What he did, was converting people to Islam by his kindness, goodness and love. Let me give you an example. Alot of people used to really dislike, or hate as you may say, Prophet Mohammed. Everyday, he would pass by this lady's house and she would dump garbage on him. All he did was walk by and not say a word. It was like a daily thing that happened. One day, he passed by this lady's house and he noticed that she didn't dump garbage on him. Well, he ovbiously asked around to see what happened. He found out she was sick, and guess what he did? He went to her house. She was suprised to find him there. He, as kind as he was, asked her what happened and he pure-heartedly hoped that he was better and he took care of her while she was sick. She was so astonished and amazed that this Mohammed whom she threw garbage on everyday, when he walked by her house, came to see her when she was sick and was worried about her well-being and the fact that he was taking care of her. While, the people she knew did not even care. She was so shocked and amazed that she converted to becoming a muslim. In Islam it teaches us to be kind,-hearted, caring and loving to those around, wether they are muslim or not and to treat everyone with respect. I can understand why alot of people seem to think of Islam as a "Terroristic, Evil, Unpeaceful religion" because of the muslims, such as Osama Bin Laden, act. Though, if you want to really learn the concept and truth about Islam, why not just read The Holy Book which is the Quran or Koran as you may call it.

2. If you do not believe in Islam then you are considered an infidel and thus have less rights and are seen as being less then muslim.

You are once again false. In Islam, we are told to treat everyone equally and with respect. If you do not believe in Islam, we respect your beliefs, just as you should respect ours. Also, everyone has equal rights, it does not matter if you are muslim or a non-muslim. Allah Almighty, God, had said to, Treat EveryBody With Respect. And also, you cannot justify that comment because in the Quran it says nothing of that sort. It infact says the opposite. Also, I'd like to say in Christianity, do they not have something of that sort? If you do not have faith in Jesus you will not be saved? Though, I'd like to say Islam does have faith in Jesus, just not as God's Son. And if you want information on that just name a comment asking the question and I'll answer it. In conclusion to that, Islam treats everyone with respect. Non-muslim or Muslim.

3. The Koran is contradictory in its message of peace and violence.

The Koran (Quran) does not contain any message resorting to act in violence. I'll let you know, Islam says we have the right to fight against non-muslims, IF they have done any harm to us. Though, we are told that we are not allowed to be the ones to strike for say, in a war first. Islam gives us the right to resort to a fight but only for a tremendously good reason. For example, how the American Navy, attacked Iraq and Afghanistan (Which are poor countries, I find it cowardly to attack a country that is not strong), So, Iraq and Afghanistan as well as other muslims around the world have the right to fight back. But, say if there was to be a war between say..Iraq and America. Islam says that you may only fight with America, if they strike first.

Also, for peace, if you consider, treating everyone with kindess, peaceful then your right, the Quran does contain that message.

4. Palestine is a land originally held by Jews and Christians. The actual occupiers are muslims who live there.

I don't really quiet understand the problem with that. It's like saying, which it is that Canada was originally held by the Natives but the actually occupiers are those of the Caucasian, Asian race. (And etc..) If you are trying to point that as a bad thing, then I think it is best if all the non-native people start packing their backs to go back to the country their from. I'd like to say, the comment above is in a way, implying in a racial statement.

5. Other religons in muslim lands are not tolerated by Islamic countries.

That is only in Saudia Arabia. Why? Because the "Khana Kaba" is in Saudia Arabia. It is like the House of God, a holy site, where you go to pilgramige. Also, in the Quran, it says, not to allow non-muslims to enter the country of the Khana Kaba. Why? Because plenty of Non-Muslims want to destroy it. And also, it is in the Quran (Koran) that one of the signs for Judgement Day is when the Khana Kaba is destroyed. In other muslim countries, all other religion are warmly welcome. For example, Iraq, it is an Islamic country but their are plenty of Christians and those of other religions. And they are treated warmly and with respect. I know a few people. Well lunch ladies in my school. Which were from Iraq and I assumed they were muslim because Iraq is an Islamic country but they told me that there are also Christians there too. Which was something I never knew. Also, if muslims are so evil, and if those Christians stayed and associated with those muslims frequently why did they not hate them? For example, all of the ladies that were from Iraq respected Islam very much, indicating it as a peaceful religion.

6. Muslims claim that they are being victimized when in reality they have oppressed and victimized millions throughout history.

Wow..Really? You know whats funny about that? I don't know if you are knowledged about this but did you know that there has been creulty going on with muslims? Hmm..People, were drilling holes through muslim's bodies while they were alive killing them? Ripping out their nails? And raping women? Wow..tell me, have you seen muslim people do that? Also, you don't see muslims passing by you and saying !"..."You ugly black ninja!"..Well, let me tell you, I was walking with my mom and my brother from the mall and a bunch of guys in a car, went by us, stopped and were like "!* and then when we were at my cousin's house for her baby's bridal shower. Her friend came and she was like, I was walking by a bunch of townhouses to get here and these bunch of like 40 year old men were like..."You ugly black ninja! Go back to your own country!"..(Uh..Reality Check....Canada isn't their home country either, they came from Europe?).

Also, in college and highschool, you know how muslim girls wear the hijab, the head covering? People throw eggs and garbage at them. Tell me, are muslims doing that to you? Oh and if you think muslim gangs are going and throwing bombs at places, are you sure not their not being blamed or their doing it in anger? After all, not everyone is perfect and even muslims are humans, they have feelings, limits, familys, a heart, a soul, a will, self respect, honour? I mean, if someone hurts you so mad, makes you so angry, and gets rid of self-respect don't you feel like hurting them? Just the way some of you have the hate for muslims, the feeling of getting rid of muslims off of the face of the earth? Because of what the non-real muslims have done like Osama Bin Laden?

7. Islam oppresses all minorities and women and uses the Koran to justify this.

Islam requires women to cover their bodies, hair, private parts, from strangers, meaning men. Why? Because 1) Men have dirty thoughts 2) Self-Respect, Honour 3)Their covered places are to be revealed infront of their husbands. I actually think that is really good that woman are required to cover themselves but some of them wear the burqa the article that covers their face, which is optional. Like I was previously saying, I believe that is a good idea because looking at the world now and seeing so much adultery, sins, and viewing of adultery by kids does infact make the human being sinned and disappoints Allah Almight, God, if you do believe in God.

Also, Men are to be covered as well. Like, they shouldn't have a clean shave and all. And should also cover their bodies and private parts.

The Quran, The Holy Book of the religion of Islam does not oppress all minorities and women and uses the Koran to justify it. Tell me, is it a sin to be decent and cover yourself? Tell me what is your first impression if you see a "women" walking down the street wearing a skimpy top and an extra short skirt? Which one looks more decent, more respect worthy, more pure? The women that covers herself or the women that lets her self be revealed into the lust to attract men? I think thats an easy question with an easy answer. To make it easier, why don't you actually read the Quran to see what it justifies and the reason behind it.

8. Muslims blame the west for their woes when they should look inward to their own countries and leaders for blame.

That is somewhat true. Muslims are not the only ones that blame others. Everyone in the world at some point will blame someone else. For example, some people blame Allah Almighty (God) for the misfortune that they may have caused in their life. Some blame others if they have made the wrong decision and caused misfortune to fallen upon themselves. For an Example, because of what George Bush is doing, resorting in Wars, making the American Navy fight against the poor countries, and also blaming muslims for acts they didn't commit. Is that not blaming?

Well, what can I say? I sometimes blame others when I'm upset or mad, You sometimes blame others when your upset or bad, religion has nothing to do with human nature. Which is also a part of human nature for one to not look at their own faults but of those of others, and to blame others.Another example was when we were having the whole conflict argument over the drawing of Mohammed. That is a blame that the others have caused the creators of the cartoon. You might say, muslims are to blame because of their stupid reaction. But, muslims, are told to respect all of God's Prophets, which includes Mohammed, which includes Jesus, which includes Moses, which includes John the Baptist. For example, in Christianity, Jesus is given a high respect, as God's son, would you enjoy it when someone draws a racial and disgracing image of Jesus Christ? If you can't stand up for it, then you must really not care about Jesus Christ , you must really not respect him to not to do anything about it!

Tell me, Will you just stand by and watch people laugh and make fun of that drawing of Jesus Christ, or would you want to stop that? Muslims on the other hand, if anyone draws a racial, disgracing image of Jesus Christ, we will not stand for it because we respect him, we care about it! But also, it would have been easier just to sue the creators of the image.Think of it as someone drawing a picture of you, a really ugly picture, which is racial to you and it is published worldwide, on the internet, on the newspaper. Will you be jumping on the street, jumping for joy, showing your friends happily? Or will you be hurt, will you be upset? will you be outraged? will you feel a sense of betrayel? what will you feel?

9. The Koran states that muslims should start jihad wherever they are. This way of thinking causes Muslims to justify violent acts and causes conflict with the indigenous populations.

Greg's statement above is a Yes, No and Maybe So, Let me explain. First, I am unsure if The Koran (Quran) states that muslims should start jihad. But not wherever they are. By Jihad, The Koran means to spread by explaining people information about Islam. Acting and Speaking in a nice and kind nature and posture. And treating people with respect when in jihad. Telling people the benefits of Islam, comparing Islam to Judism (I hope I spelled it right) and Christianity, explaining the similarities and differences of them. Also, in Jihad we should tell about the respect that is required of all of God's prophets and of all of humanity, wether living or dead.

Also, By The Koran (Quran) stating Jihad it does not cause muslims to justify violent acts and cause conflict with the indigenous populations. You know what makes them resort to those violent acts? The people that are around them. Like I've said before, even muslims are human beings. Humans have feelings, limits, a soul, a heart, a mind, and both good and bad in their hearts. If people act so racially towards muslims, they rape the muslim women, kill innocent children and the elderly that have done nothing except for breathing the life that god has given them. Tell me, when the problem of 9/11 occured did you or others not get outraged and mad and start dispicing every muslim they see in their way. But, also I'd like to say the truth wether you believe it or not, but it is heard that everything was a set up, that Osama Bin Laden is a business partner of George Bush. Also, wasn't is kind of fishy and suspicious how all the cameras had perfect view like they do in a movie, a perfect set up? That shows you the angles of all the "Good parts" of all the dangerous and deadly parts? Or how about that fishyness of them showing The Holy Book, The Koran (Quran) was the only thing that survived through the plane crash? Well thats another story, but the reason muslims may act, resort to violence is only because of the violent acts, racial acts and hurtful acts that are directed to them. I know you all know, how people act towards muslims, so don't play dumb. I've seen it, heard and know it.

It's still funny though how people can so easily blame everything on muslims and grow hate for them. But how after all, everyone is starting to treat muslims, I'm still suprised alot of us still like all our "Brothers and Sisters" of other religions. I, as being a muslim, was told by The Quran to never ever have hate in my heart for anyone, and to be forgiving, and kind. The Quran states for me to do this to act this way. Which I do try to, but hey? I am human you know, I have feelings, I get hurt when someone says something about me, just how when someone says something about you. Though, I don't act in violent acts because I can control my anger and sadness and I know violence doesn't solve anything. The Koran (Quran) states to get rid of the anger, to control the anger, and let god handle the problems that arise. That doesn't mean be lazy and do nothing. It just means don't act in a violent way unless absolutely necessary. And god will deal and punish the one or the ones that may have hurt you. For god's punishment is greater than that of what any human being may ever give.

Here is the definition of Jihad: Jihad has a wider meaning in Islamic literature. It can be striving to lead a good Muslim life, praying and fasting regularly, being an attentive spouse and parent or working hard to spread the message of Islam.

I hope this clears up your questions and the rumours you may have heard! Sorry if I had any grammatical errors. I would appreciate it if you could comment back! Or if you have a question, Comment back and I'll answer it, as best as I can!

~ Zia


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