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Five 9/11 jihadists trained in Turkey

Reader comment on item: Turkey in Cyprus vs. Israel in Gaza
in response to reader comment: The many contradictions of Ianus or: Having one's Greek Pastry and eating it, too.

Submitted by Ianus (Poland), Sep 15, 2010 at 02:43

Caleb ,

I see your list of lies is as long as I expected. True, they lack any originality, are standardized for unform use by all Turks in any country including the US. Their origin as state lies is visible not only in how those who reject them in Turkey are terroized and persecuted but above all in your inability to back your claims with any sensible sources that hold water. Instead you jump from one big-mouthed claim to another. You remind me of someone in the swamps who jumps from one tuft to another as soon as he feels the marshy ground is sinking under his feet.

You write :

> Turkey is an economic basket case, mired in debt and deficit, YET under the guise of a harmless trade association is a sinister manipulator of US foreign and domestic policy [see self-promoter Sibel Edmonds and the "Deep State" fantasy] in both Democratic and Republican administrations. <

If anybody is here a self-promoter it is you, Turk. You jump from one subject to another to make us forget your exposed lies and refuse to face ANY negatice evidence under any pretext. But well I don't expect neither decency nor common sense from a Turk . You may well not even notice it but whitewashing Turkey with new lies leads to the opposite effects from what you expect. It breeds contempt and anger at the lies as well as the liar.

> The ethnic Turkish population on Cyprus before 1974 was a small fraction of the total: 18 percent... sixteen percent...fifteen percent (gets smaller each time Ianus brings it up) <

Will you kindly quote the passage where I wrote "sixteen percent...fifteen percen " and if you can will you kindly admit it? I try to check what I write. Cheap Turkish slogans and fatwas of your local imam are hardly a means to have public discussion worth the name outside Ataturkistan.

> YET this miniscule minority was able to terrorize the majority Greek population in the capital, murdering at will, in 1958. <

If you are looking for miniscule minorities, then try to find a non-Moslem in 99,8% Islamized Turkey! But even if you can find those 0,02% non-Moslems in Turkey, for the Turks it is much too much to stand. With every conceivable means they try to exterminate even them and of course they blame the non-Moslems for being the original tortfeasor , never themseves whatever the facts may be.

So 18% is not a "miniscule" minority at all. It means that almost every fifth man in Cyprus was a Turk and given the Turkish barbarity and aggressivity innate to Islam and the virulent "incitement to murder and civil war of the Turkish Cypriot population by means of radio broadcasts and newspapers from Turkey" it was a very explosive and criminal mixture. In the 1958 riots the fanaticized Turkish rabble killed 12 Greeks and even though the Turks didn't lose a single person in the riots which they had provoked their leaders (who true disciple you're) claimed "thousands of murdered Turks" ! Do you remember the source , mankurt ?

What is more , this schizophrenic Moslem minority was forcibly concentrated in some areas forming there at first Turkish majority and then no-go zones for the Greeks. Into these Turkish enclaves weapons were smuggled concentrated and it is from there that acts of terror of TMT were carried out. With time they formed a Turkish state in a state called Cyprus . When the Greeks responded with self-defence against Turkish terror as in Nicosia in June 1958 the Turks raised an outcry .

As to 1958 will you kind tell us where the Reuters report I quoted is factually wrong ? As far as I remember you can't distinguish between the Treaty of Lausanne and the Zurich-London Agreements and yet pretend to know so much that your "word of honour" ( an exposed liar's word of honour , note it ) should out of a sudden have a greater weight than an original eye-witness report.

But still you have a chance to restore your credibility by describing the Deniz incident from Octorber 1959 . No idea what it was about ? A Turkish ship full of arms and explosives for the Turkish gangs ready to make new pogroms in Nicosia or anywhere else caught by the British off Cyprus' coast.

> In an attempt to strangle it economically, the (Greek) Cyprus Republic imposed a boycott on the Northern Cyprus enclave, which had been dependent on the southern part of the island for markets before 1974,<

The division between the Turkish-occupied north and free South was created only in the sumemr of 1974 with the Turkish war against Cyprus. Before the Turkish enclaves were dispersed in many points of the island without the arbitrary south-north division of the Attila line imposed by the Turkish barbarian.

And just for your information , the Turks were not just incided to hatred and civil war from Turkey as early as 1958 , i.e. long before independence , but were also subsidized by Turkey from the very beginning. Arms and military personal which formed the TMT came all from Turkey and its clearest proof is the above mentioned Deniz incident. Under these circumstances the Turks left the Republic in December 1967 forming the Temporary Turkish Administration with Kucuk as president of the Executive Committeee , i.e. its government. It meant practically declaring a Turkish state within Cyprus. It goes without saying that no Greeks could ever go to this Turkish state without risking his or her life. Along the roads which went from Nicosia to Kyrenia the Greeks could move only under the heavy UN escort. What is more interesting is that in mid-March 1974 this Turkish pseudo-state introduced Turkish lira as its currency and its own stamps.

Now under these circumstances will you kindly explain to us what you mean by your nebulous " Northern Cyprus enclave, which had been dependent on the southern part of the island for markets before 1974"? What dependence can you talk about if your "miniscule minority" armed to the teeth with Turkish (i.e. NATO) weapons and trained by Turkish officers cut all the ties with the majority Greeks ?

> YET dares to criticize Turkey for its subsidies to the North.<

It is hard to discuss anything with you , Caleb, and not only because of your notorious mendacity but also because of your distorted semantics.

So again - 18% of Turks occupied the most fertile Greek lands in the Central plain where 60% of the wealth of Cyprus was concentrated. Before 1974 the Greeks needed no subisdies as the living standards were much higher than in most countries in the vicinity , perhaps with the exception of Israel. After the Turks occupied these rich lands seizing huge booty they couldn't produce enough with all these splendid resources soon so that they were even more dependent on subsidies from Anakara. The poverty which followed the victorious Turkish jihad in Cyprus forced a mass exodus of Turkish Cypriots. It would be interesting to see your explanation for all of that , wouldn't it ? Any ready to use paralogisms concocted by the Ataturkish ministry of lies ?

> On an unrelated subject, a few corrections... against a background of a disintegrating Soviet Union, economically backward Armenia in 1988 launched an unprovoked attack on the region of Nagorno-Karabakh, <

Armenia like Georgia, Lithuania or Latvia belonged to the most propsperous republics of the USSR with much higher living standards than in Ukraine or Moldova , let alone in Central Asia.

The war in Nagorno-Karabakh started only after the Azeri Turks had massacred the Armenians in Sumgait. So your "unprovoked attack" is another in the long series of your Turkish lies. If you insist , we can expore the subject -and include the Hojali incidents too - just as we have as to who really started the pogroms and murders in Cyprus. I can't believe you remember that yet , mankurt .

> an integral part of the Azerbaijan Republic, which it continues to occupy in violation of international law. <

Since when have the Turks started being interested in international law? As far as I remember they haven't acknowledged a single UN resolution about Cyrpus , not a single Human Rights Report about flagrant discrimination and crimes committed against the Kurds or Greeks, no EU resolution on the Armenian genocide . Yet out of sudden the Turks turn out to be champions of international law and human rights ! A chance to conquer ancient Armenian lands for Islam would be please Allah so much, wouldn't it ? How geneorus and logical you Turks are. You still occupy Western Armenia where you exterminated every single Armenian as you did in Cyprus. But neitehr Western Armenia nor Cyprus are enough for your thievish greed. You want Nagorno Karabakh too, don't you ?

> In buying arms of the latest sort, Armenia received aid from the huge Armenian diaspora--every Armenian shop and business having a collection box by the cash register--as well as recruiting ethnic Armenian fighters from around the world like an Orthodox Christian version of al Queda. <

"Christian version of al Queda"...? ;) The same big-mothed lie as that of the Greeks in Cyprus being the original tortfeasors of the Moslem TMT terror. Anyway, will you kindly tell us how many towers, public buildings have the Armenians blown using US planes ? And speaking of al-Quaida at least five 9/11 terrorists have been trained for jihad in Turkey . They were: Ahmed and Hamza al-Ghamdi who hijacked the plane that crashed into the south tower of the World Trade Center; Saeed al-Ghamdi whose plane crashed in a Pennsylvanian field; and Nawaf al-Hazmi who died in the Pentagon crash as well as Majed Moqed, who also perished in the Pentagon crash, and Satam al-Suqami, who was in the first plane that hit the north tower.

Let's add that most jihadists killed or captured in Chechnia came from Turkey (not the Arab states) and many jihadists in Bosnia were also Turks. Interesting , isn't it? Anyway, I'd be curious how your local imam uses your zakat ? Isn't it in most cases spent to support the smuggling of weapons and jihadists to Tukic-speaking regions of Russia and Central Asia ?

> All this was to oppose a "pan Turkism" which existed only in the propaganda of the new Armenian state. <

The story of Pan-Turkism after 1991 would require a special discussion. But to make a long story short and deprive you of another of your lies , will you kindly tell us for what reason Karimov banned propaganda of Pan-Turkism in Uzbekistan, kicked out all the Turkish-sponsored agitators, closed down all Turkish-sponsored schools there or what role the Grey Wolves played in Azerbaijan under Abulfaz Elcebey ?

> The generosity of the Armenian community was misspent on aggression. Having seen pictures and videos of independent Armenia, it appears the whole country could use some fresh paint.<

If anyone starts aggression it it is always Islam which does it and whose spearhead are the Turks. It's very painful for teh Turks to see that another Armenian genocide won't be as easy as in 1915 because yesterday's slaves and victims have learnt their lesson of self-defence. Apparently, that 1,5 mln Armenians slaughtered by your Moslem hordes - and I guess your grandfather had hands full of Armenian blood - were not a wasted lesson of history .


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