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Turkey - a perfect Orwellian state and its history books

Reader comment on item: Turkey in Cyprus vs. Israel in Gaza
in response to reader comment: Turkish obvious propaganda

Submitted by Ianus (Poland), Aug 8, 2010 at 17:11

Hi , dhimmi no more !

I'd like also to thank you for your help to expose Turkish lies. It's funny to see from how many different angles they can be debunked.

You write :

"...let me tell you and this is from a reliable source that shall remain unnamed he told me that Turkey has an army of propagandists that sit day after day checking the web and then dishing out their cheap propaganda."

Frankly, I have always taken it for granted. Turkey stands and falls with a big lie called Ataturk. You need an army of thought policemen, censors, judges, controllers and guardians to keep that lie safe from doubt and exposure.

If somebody asked me which country today can serve as being closest to the Orwellian ideal of '1984' , I'd without any hesitation point to Turkey. For me Turkey is in some parts even more refined than Orwell's Oceania. There you have just the Big Brother. In Turkey you have the Big Father ( Ata =father ! ;). It's a police state with total mind control of its inhabitants who speak an artificial language created by the Big Father (=Ataturk's notorious language reform), who can't read any document from the past because the Big Father , beside distorting semantics and purging the language from un-Turkihs vocabulary , changed also the writing system and so he left his subjects practically without any verifiable past. And he needed this to replace the real past with his own invented past about which I'll say a few words below.

Mind control in Turkey is exerted via subservient media which are all controlled by a counterpart of the Orwellian Ministry of Truth unmasking new enemies, inventing new slogans, new arguments, new claims and new denials to be repeated and spread by the servile, obedient and conformist population which hates and persecutes any dissenters. Just observe how angrily the Turks react when their lies and contradictions are exposed. They threatened to kill me several times after a few exchanges of opinions.

The amazing thing about this Turkish population is that it accepts mind control and political manipulation as something positive and desirable. There is also this essential Orwellian "doublethink" in Turkey which allows the Turks to say they are both secularists and Moslems at the same time because the Big Father was and wanted them to be. There is not much use for logic and principle of contradiction in any Orwellian society.

Those who somehow don't accept self-censorship and the ravengeful Turkish masses and their pressures and say something critical in public are persecuted on the basis of anti-free speech laws in Orwellian Turkey - "denigration of Turkishness"(Article 301) and "insulting the memory of the Big Father" (Law No 5816).

From time to time show trials (Ergenekon) or coups d'etat are staged. Hate weeks are regularly held during which Armenians, Greeks , Jews , Americans and other enemies of Turkey as targets. Frequent witch-huntings against insulters of the Big Father , the country's flag and Turkishness take place where even foreigners on the inernet are targeted .

Turkey lives in a delirium created by the Big Father and the Islamo-secularist doublethink, with a feeling of being encircled by external enemies, of waging a perpetual war ( jihad) which makes it necessary to keep a huge army (the second bigegst NATO army ) , to militarise everything , to liebve in fear , to look for spies and traitors, to glorifying violence and nationalism, to pretend to be always victims of evil neighbours ... It seems that "1984" is a perfect allegory for Turkey , doesn't it ?

You write further :

" I study history and history is about reading literature and I can detect literary drivel a mile away and what these people post is drivel and they really have no shame...

I suspect that the turks are told that history starts and ends with the Turks or what I call the islamic historical concept of al-jahiliyya and it means that there really was no real history before the arrival of islam and even in a very sophisticated city like Cairo many educated Egyptians have no clue about their own great history before the arrival of the Arab barbarians in 642CE and when told that 92% of them are of Coptic stock it comes as a surpise as many believe that their own ancestors arrived with the invading Arabs!! Just amazing"

No Orwellian anti-utopia without the Ministry of Truth and its work on history because history is a potent tool of mind control. The Big Father was well aware of it and he not just founded the Turkish Historical Society to control the past but also became its head. And whatever the Big Father said about history ... or farming ... or umbrellas ... became eo ipso an axiomatic truth. The Omniscient Big Father himself didn't study history but he had many distinguished Turkish historians to do that for him and prove he was always right. And they did their best. Nowadays you can't say he was wrong because it would be paramount to insulting the memory of the Big Father and Law No 5816 would be used against you with up to 8 years in jail.

And what did the Big Father say about history ? He proved to be a secularist as he rejected "jahilya". He accpeted there had been history before the hijra . But he declared all of it it to belong to the Turkic super-race. He Turkified world history !

The history books - which he had never read - from the time before his expertise history was established - are out-of date, false and insulting to Turks. They describe Turks as barbarians, destroyers of civilization, invaders, nomads , alien to Asia Minor. This is all "myth" according to the Big Father. Quite the contrary, Turks are "historically" creators of ALL civilization since ALL civilization is Turkic in origin. The Big Father found a Turkish etymology for "Niagara" and the "Amazon" and though it to be a proof that America had been discovered and colonized by the Turks. ;) The Turks themselves are direct descendants of the Sumerians and Hittites and hence the oldest nation on earth. Also Turkish is the first human language and from it ALL other languages are derived. It is the notorious "Sun Language Theory". Greeks have no past of their own as their culture was "essentially" Turkish and much younger than the Turkish Sumero-Hittites. Turks created also other civilizations - the Chinese, the Etruscans, the Roman ... Some Turks add that even Mohammed was [ yes , you guessed it ! ...] a Turk ! For the Greeks and Armenians their golden era began only with the conquest of the Ottomans. Between 1453-1821 they enjoyed a happy, free and affluent life while the Ottoamns were protectinga and feeding them and they were conspiring with foreign powers to weaken the Ottomans.

This drivel is contained in all Turkish history books. On this forum you can find a lot of this Turkish anti-history too. Just take a look at a tragi-comic summary "Turkish history for the 21st century"by Tamer (United States)

It is interesting that his Turkish BS is exported and taught in earnest abroad and that it is believed not only by Turks. Last year a Russian lady did her best to make me believe that rubbish too. She was sure "pharaoh" was a Turkish word, just like "Peru" was (so not just "Niagara" and "Amazon" are Turkish ;). To these hallucinations she added also genetic "arguments" giving Slavs , Tuscans, Umbrans and even modern Ashkenazim Altaic ancestry! ;) But her gem of gems was this relying on an obscure Turkic scholar (from which I conclude she spent her last holidays like so many Russians in Kemer resort in Turkey.;)

" As everybody knows now, the Olympus Mountain from ancient Greek mythology is located in modern Turkey, not far from Kemer resort, and not in Greece. One of Mr.Suleymenov's versions is that the tradition of Olympic Games originates in those times when the pre-Turks or other ethnos who perceived their culture, used to elect in such way their Head (of kin, kingship, etc.). According to Mr.Suleymenov, Olymp is from "Olym" and "Pir/Pyr", which meant "Dead Lord"…When the Head left this world, his tribe or people arranged the competition to reveal the strongest, fastest, smartest, etc. guy…who then was elected as a Pir."

Well, when one lives in an Orwellian state one can't read but Orwellian-style history books written according to the guidelines of the everpresent Big Father. And in an Orwellian country like Turkey everybody firmly believes in whatever comes from the Big Father.


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Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Original writing only, please. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

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