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Turkish bombs on Cyrpus in 1964

Reader comment on item: Turkey in Cyprus vs. Israel in Gaza
in response to reader comment: Read a Cypriot source " Barbarism Against the Turkish Cypriots…The other side of the coin ", by Antonis Angastiniotis

Submitted by Ianus (Poland), Jul 25, 2010 at 06:58

Anon ,

Your source of reference - Antonis Angastiniotis - with his conspicuous British roots, education and leanings doesn't look unfortunately as genuinely Cypriot as you imply. I'd rather compare his watered-down identity to what a settler from Anatolia imported to Northern Cyprus might look like.

Anyway, I appreciate his contribution and am waiting for you indicating to me AT LEAST one single Turkish author and human rights activist who has produced a book and a documentary about the heinous crimes perpetrated by broad daylight and on a mass scale by the official Turkish military and not in the dark by anonymous perpetrators in the hour of despair and revenge for what the Turks were doing around in 1974 , i.d. murdering, looting and burning people alive with napalm.

To the best of my kowledge , one cadidate for that role - the famous Turkish actor Attila Olgac -admitted in January 2009 in a TV talkshow having killed 10 Greek prisoners of war on the order from his offcer but cowardly denied the fact afterwards as the Turkish authorities had sued him for denigration of Turkishness or other thought crimes Turkey is so famous for.

It's interesting how you Turks stress invariably your putative victimhood - of which no one except you has seen much evidence - and justify with this dubious pretext all your crimes and your repeated genocides . It's also interesting to note that when you're paid back with your own coin exactly for the same reason you claim to have you raise an outcry of indignation and complain . I call it typical Moslem duplicity.

You write further :

" But, his books and documentary were BANNED in Cyprus until very recently and he was even suggested to be deprived of his Greek Cypriot citizenship because he researched and told the truth instead of buying Greek Cypriot propaganda. What a democratic state, eh? EU standards perhaps? "

Well , a citizen of a country where people are jailed for 3-4 years for thought crimes, where free speech is unthinkable and where even unsuspecting foreigners can be arrested for having saying on the net critical things about Turkey's vicious ways is preaching the principles of democracy and liberalism to me ? ;) Turkish duplicity knows no bounds , does it !

But coming back to your holy indignation , so after all the film did make its appearance in Southern Cyrpus and beside his British passport Tony did retain his Cypriot passport too and to cap it all he has become a Turkish hero , hasn't he ? I wonder when he will be awarded the honorary citizenship of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus ? Do you know perhaps if he wants to make a movie about the Grey Wolves' activities in Cyprus or their Nocosia-born godfather and leader Alparslan Türkeş and or the Turkish crimes during the 1963-1964 violence or during the 1974 invasion ? Any chances of such a film being shown in the North or ven Ataturkistan itself ? Or Tony's leanings are so selective as his morality and he'll rather continue to blame the Greeks for some obscure cases not to see the disproportionately much bigger and more atrocious acts of barbarity perpetrated by the Turks by broad daylight where re-enectment is superfluous ?

At least you yourself don't see ANY indictations of Turkish crimes, do you , ?

> Go watch how the Greek Cypriots fill Turkish children into a bath tube and killed them there brutally. Go search the mass graves of Turkish civilians who were masscared by the Greeks."

I am no fan of re-enactment and when such things happen it's always next to impossible to say who exactly did it. Your implied charge of collective guilt is also interesting. "The Greek Cypriots" – that is who ? The insane ones whom the Turks burned with naplam while bombing the psychatric clinic in 1974 ? In a civilized society when someone commits a crime , it is the perpetrator that is to be punished and only him and NOT 180 000 people who happen to be around whom the Turkish accuser , judge and executioner in one person finds and punishes collectively on some wild and unverifiable charges.

You Turks have never progressed so much spiritually and morally as to abandon the barbarian law order from the times when you were just roaming and indiscriminately robbing and killing nomads of Central Asia who were lucky enough to enslave a civilized society to be parasites of . It's no coincidence that in some European languages "Turk" is still synonymous with "barbarian" and "behave like a Turk" means "behave like a savage".

>You live in a world you created in your mind to cover your crimes. <

Someone definitely lives in such a world and let's try to find out who it is. I use my eyes and conspicuous facts to see the crimes where they are perpetrated and not a re-enectment story with obscure background and hidden perpetrators to draw wide and wild conclusions on . I also use my brain that tells me that 191 Turks killed in the violence provoked by the Turks in 1963-1964 didn't justify a thwarted attempt to invade Cyprus in 1964 with bombings by the Turkish aviation nor sending in 1974 more than 40 000 troops armed to the teeth to kill, rape , burn alive with napalm and expel 180 000 people on their way under the mendacious and barbarian pretext that "the Greek Cypriots" had killed under obscure circumstances "some Turks" somewhere under obscure circumstances , including perhaps some imported Turkish officers, Grey Wolves and local Turkish thugs.

There the distinction beween clear verifiable facts and conjectures is always helpful and necessary. I insist on what I see and what is verifiable - 180 000 expelled people, total destruction of kafiri cultural legacy of the land under Turkish occupation, atrocities perpetrated by the Turkish military by broad daylight. You counter that with some individual , hardly verifiable incident and conjectures, speculations and wild conclusions built upon these obscure incidents and then have a cheek to accuse me that I "live in a world I created in my mind to cover my crimes." Now what sort of imaginary world do you live in if youd close your eyes to the reality to see unverifiabe re-enactments and conclusions based on them ?

> Some of your arguments are laughable and far from the truth. But you need that propaganda because it is too embarrassing to face the truth for you that Greek Cypriots launched an etnic cleansing campaign together with Greece, killed even 10month old Turkish babies for their bloody aims.<

Suppose a baby is killed . Suppose that instead of seeking the murderer the police kill and wound and expel anybody that doesn't belong to the familiy of the baby. It is roughly what your Turkish barbarity has always been about , for if a baby was really killed , then why didn't you self-righteous Turks try to find the killer but instead why did you slaughter anybody on your way that was not circumcised or didn't spoke Turkish ? Isn't it again this savage Moslem parody of "justice" which made you slaughter 1,5 mln Armenians for some unverfiable crimes committed allegedly somehwere by some Armenians ? And the same parody of "justice" you used to exterminate the Greeks in Asia Minor in 1919-1922 and the Assyrians , and again in Constantinople in 1955 .

Now to remind you of some verifiable facts , the riots that began in 1963 and lasted in 1964 were provoked by a Turkish crowd that attacked a Greek patrol checking the documents of a Turkish couple on 21.12.1963 in Nicosia . One policeman was killed then together with two Turks. The violence was rpovoked and increased as Turkey needed a decorous pretext to its Enosis of Cyprus with Ataturkistan . Of course , 18% of the Turkish population had to receive 2 or 3 times as much territory . Another axiom of "justice à turque." To achieve that a propagnda stunt was needed. And "a Turkish genocide" had to be found to justify the coming Turkish conquest. So violence spread rapidly as Turkey were pursuing its unholy goal and escalated in August 1964 to attacking Cyprus by Turkey. And it is what BBC reported on 10.08.1964 :

".. Turkish jets had dropped 750lbs (340 kg) of bombs and napalm on their strongholds in north-west Cyprus.

"The whole area is on fire," said a spokesman for the Cypriot government.

"We cannot estimate casualties but there must be hundreds. Whole villages have been wiped out."

They also accused the Turkish government of landing troops on the north-west coast of the island

The President of Cyprus, Archbishop Makarios, a Greek Cypriot, issued an ultimatum to Turkey, threatening to attack every Turkish Cypriot village in Cyprus if the air raids were not stopped. "

Interesting details , aren't they? Worth the pen of a Turkish Tony Angastiniotis !
Turkish planes bombing Greek villages with napalm in 1964 and a Turk drivels about Turkish victimhood !

The planned Turkish invasion in 1964 was only prevented by the Soviet threat not leave a Turkish bombings and invasion of a neutral country, a UN member state unanswered. It seems that at that time a Turkish invasion and a foreseeable Turkish-Greek war and the change of alliances with tearing apart the southern flank of NATO scared the US which stopped the Turkish militarists' zeal and their bombw on Cyprus.

"Greece was hoping Cyprus to be another Crete and Rhodos for Turks, of which Greece annihilated almost all Turkish population there and turned islands into Greek islands. But Turks didn't let the Greek ENOSIS to come true."

No, they implemented the Turkish ENOSIS and the total ethnic cleansing , so that now Northern Cyprus is a Turkish province – 100% Islamised, 100% de-Christianized and de-Hellenized, a total Turkish monoculture as the rest of Ataturkistan -withy mosques and statues of Ataturk everywhere !

"If Turkey didn't intervene, there would be no Turk left in Cyprus today, and you know this very well."

What I do know very well is that there are no Greeks in the North any more and that the Turkish Fifth Column of Pomacs, Albanians and illegal Moslems smuggled via Turkey to Greece is multpilying like rats demanding more and more rights and eroding the country's foundations and well-being while in Constantinople 200 000 Greeks in 1922 have been reduced by dint of Turkish pogroms ,chicaneries and persecutions to hardly 2000. Again , your imaginary evils attributed to kafirs are nothing compared to REAL evils perpetrated by Turks.

"For the likes of you, it is OK when you launch a war and ethnic cleansing campaign against the Turks, but when the Turks fight back for their defense and existense, it's not OK, this is your mentality."

Give me a single example where a Turk commits a crime and admits it in public? You Turks are Moslem barbarians that have spread your vicious destructive ways of Islam through unprovoked terror and war against peaceful nations. It is not Byzantium, Bulgarians and the Serbs that invaded and enslaved Central Asia's wild Moslem tribes , but Central Asia's Moslem tribes that invaded and enslaved Byzantium and the Balkans in the name of Islam. By exterminating the kafiri Greeks your demon-god Gazi Mustafa Kemal is an supreme example of jihadism despite his later secularist heresy. All the genocides you Turks have committed and have denied blaming the victims for your own crimes have the same Islamic background which is so conspicuous for anybody who visits Norhern Cyrpus with its forest of mosques , minarets , Quranic schools and devastated and descrated churches, monstaeries and cemetaries everywhere with defiled symbols of Christianity and the non-Moslem past .

It's again empirical evidence that does tell who you Turks really are and what you are after , not your lies and fairy tales of your eternal Turkish "innconcence" and "victimhood". You're wolves in sheep's clothing.


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