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Ianus and his timid hints at recurrent genocides perpetrated by the Turks

Reader comment on item: Turkey in Cyprus vs. Israel in Gaza
in response to reader comment: re Ianus

Submitted by Ianus (Poland), Aug 8, 2010 at 07:02

Kaan writes :

" I would doubt, that many crimes by Turks are due to Islam. May be you could give me some hints."

As long as you deny, play down and obfuscate heinous crimes committed by Turks starting from their invasions in Asia Minor around 1050 until the present day ( where the extermination of Hellenism in Northern Cyprus is the latest crime in the millenium-long series) what other option do you have than playing the persecuted and/or misunderstood virtue ?

If you want a hint what is meant by Islam-motivated crimes, then look at my comment "Turkish barbarity at work in Northern Cyprus". But this hasn't anything to do with Islam either according to you , has it ?

As to your tactics of changing the subject and arguing in terms of "successful Turkish counter-genocides" , "counter-crimes" and "others did worse" etc. , you may look at my response to another Turkish propagandist like you Hikmet Pala "Let's apply your own standards and see the results ...".

Your strategy of representing the Turkish criminal as victim and blame the infidel victim as the criminal , follows faithfully the best tradition of Islamic self-disculpation , although it doesn't hold water at all. It is the standard Turkish denial of reality and it presupposes the stupid and ignorant audience that can't see the most obvious facts and can't distinguish between the cause and the effects .

" you can only point to the Christians' misdeeds because Christians themselves have exposed and condemned them."

> Are you sure? Belgian, German and Italian crimes in Africa? French in Algeria? Spanish in Mexico and South America? <

Leaving apart Algeria and the Moslem barbarity there , like the carnage in Oran in July 1962 , what Islamic sources tell you what happened in Africa and South America ?

"...Buddhism is involved - the genocide in Cambodia"

>Consider Japanese crimes in China as well as Chinese crimes, no excuse ever heard!<

It is either because you have problems with hearing or Islam and Turkishness have killed your curiosity as they tend to do.

"In 1972, to commemorate the normalisation of relationship with China,Asahi Shimbun , a major libral newspaper, ran a series on Japanese war crimes in China including theNanking Massacre. This opened the floodgates to debates which have continued ever since."


Can you imagine "Hurrieyt" running a series of articles on Kemalist bestialities in Smyrna in 1922 or on the Assyrian genocide or the Kemalist slaughters of the Kurds ? If you have any hints at that , I'll be too glad to read about it !

"I can't imagine two mullahs or even your local imam teling the same stories of what they or he were doing in the 70-ies during the civil war against the left and the Kurds or their -or your Moslem grandparents describing in details how they had been beating , dragging driving little Greek children into churches to burn them all alive , although such were Kemal's methods of genocide. Perhaps you can imagine that , can't you ? Now try to figure out why this contrast between Buddhism and Islam exists , will you !"

> Interesting approach! In last years Turkish people has started to question certain matters and I hope, this will continue. <

Have you noticed that unlike in Germany you are dealing here with no gullible and ignorant public ? What "certain matters" can you question in Turkey wih article 301 and Law No. 5816 in full force, with censorship, intimidation , and persection of dissenters ? Turkey is a fully-fledged police state , an ideal Orwellian society with the everpresent Big Brother , memory holes, thought crimes , Thought Police and other Orwellian accessories. What sort of public "debate" can you have in a state where a mere statement "I don't like Ataturk" may end with a trial and a jail sentence for you ?

> Also consider Greek Cyprus people never openly admitting the inhuman crimes to Turkish Cyprus people during 1960 - 1974, same story about women and children killed by burning or in bath tubes!<

Interesting piece of Turkish logic ! Wasn't it the same logic that justified slaughtering 1,5 mln Armenians? After all, it's unthinkable that the Turk could start a genocide , isn't it? Second, do you know what barbarity really means? It means that when a crime is committed , not those who committed it but all around are punished and slaughtered independetly of their involvement or lack of it. So you find some dead Turks ( perhaps also some Turkish officers smuggled en masse to Cyprus from Turkey ) under obscure circumstances and you assert that it does give you a right to collective punishment, to indiscriminately expel 200 000 people from their homes, to kill, rape, loot and grab the most fertile parts of the island and then when your savage behaviour is denounced , you moan about "the inhuman crimes" against Turkish Cyprus people during 1960 - 1974 ! What a hateful and disgusting mindset you Turks display with all your lies, frauds, denials, vulgarity , fury , irrationality !

In 1976 a report of the European Commission of Human Rights on the Turkish atrocities in Northern Cyprus was published. let me quote the following details :

  1. Murders in cold blood of civilians, including women and old men as well as children between 6 months and eleven years. Hundreds of killings of Greek Cypriots by Turkish forces have been reported.
  2. 1,619 persons who disappeared are still missing. These persons, 993 soldiers and 626 civilians, amongst them 112 women and 26 children under the age of 16
  3. Wholesale and repeated rapes.
  4. Forcible eviction and diplacement of persons from their homes and land. The nearly 200,000 Greek Cypriots who were forcibly expelled from their homes by the Turkish invading forces in 1974, are still being prevented by the Turkish occupation army of returning to their homes in the occupied area and are destitute refugees in their own country.
  5. Expulsion of the enclaved. Out of the 20,000 Greek Cypriots, who remained enclaved in the occupied area after the invasion only a few hundred remain now in the Karpass peninsula, at the Eastern corner of Cyprus. This is the result of a sustained campaign of harassment, discrimination and oppression by the occupation forces which led to outright expulsion and gradual deterioration of the living conditions of the enclaved. Inhuman methods used to force the remaining Greek Cypriots to leave the occupied area included: killings, looting, restrictions on movement, religion, education and work, threats, violence, intimidation, harassment, forced labour e.t.c.
  6. Looting of houses and business premises belonging to Greek Cypriots.
  7. Seizure, appropriation, exploitation and distribution of land, houses, enterprises and industries belonging to Greek Cypriots.
  8. Thousands of Greek Cypriot civilians of all ages and both sexes were arbitrarily detained by the Turkish military authorities in the occupied areas under inhuman conditions. Concentration camps were established. Greek Cypriot detainees and inhabitants of the Turkish occupied area fell victims of systematic torture and of other inhuman or degrading treatment.
  9. Forced labour. A great number of detainees, were made during their detention, to perform forced and compulsory labour. Even today the few Greek Cypriot men residing in the Karpass peninsula in the occupied area, are forced to clean every Friday the 'Police station' of the village of Rizokarpasso.
  10. Separation of families. Many families are still separated as a result of some of the crimes described above, such as detention and forcible eviction. It should be mentioned in this respect that due to the refusal of the Turkish occupation authorities to allow the operation of Secondary Schools for the Greek Cypriot enclaved children, the latter, when they reach the age of 12 and wish to pursue secondary school studies, they have no choice but to go to the government controlled area to attend school there. These children are not allowed by the Turkish occupation regime to visit their parents in the occupied area, except at Christmas, Easter and during summer vacations. When boys reach the age of 16 and girls the age of 18 they are not allowed to return to the occupied area even to visit their parents during holidays. Relatives of enclaved living in the government controlled area are not allowed to visit them in the occupied area, even in case of deaths and funerals of relatives. The separation of families under such inhuman policies, is a method of 'ethnic cleansing used to force the few remaining in the occupied area Greek Cypriots to leave their homes and flee to the government controlled area to join their relatives.
  11. The occupying forces continue to plunder and systematically destroy the Cypriot cultural heritage in the occupied part of the island. Religious property is a particular target in an attempt to destroy the cultural identity of the occupied area. Greek Orthodox churches continue to be converted into mosques, vandalized or turned into entertainment centres, livestock pens, barns, pubs and clubs. Antiquities, mosaics and even frescoes are being removed and smuggled to international dealers. The aim: to eradicate the 9,000 year old cultural heritage in the occupied area and create an artifical one 'ethnically cleansed, suitable to the political designs of the occupying power. The aforementioned atrocities and criminal acts were and continue to be directed against Greek Cypriots because of their ethnic origin, race and religion. The purpose has been to destroy and eradicate the Greek Cypriot population of the occupied areas so as to move therein Turks, thus changing the demographic structure of Cyprus and creating by artificial means a Turkish populated area in furtherance of Turkey's policy for the geographical separation of the two communities, the secession of the occupied part and its ultimate annexation to Turkey.
    It is estimated that more than 80,000 Turkish mainland settlers were transferred to the occupied area and were given the homes and properties belonging to the Greek Cypriots who were expelled therefrom. Such settlers were given 'citizenship and 'voting rights in an attempt to adulterate the will of the Turkish Cypriot community and provide support to the occupation regime

Unlike your Turkish story which tells about obscure acts by anonymous perptrators , the report speaks of acts committed by the Turkish army on a mass scale by broad daylight acting at the explicit comamnd of the Turkish Government. You can't see the difference , can you ?

Yet the Turks have denied to recognized a single charge raised against them. They simply ignored the whole report and the Commission. But frankly, what other recourse is left to liars caught red-handed than ignore the accusations ? Anyway, you're just a Turk, so I have no intention whatsoever to appeal to your humanism, common sense, sense of proportions ,decency. I feel it would be all waste of time and efforts.

"In Turkey you get jailed for not denying the Armenian genocide in public , not to speak of the Greek and Assyrian genocides committed by holy Ataturk and his hordes."

> In Greece no one talks about the brutal crimes against Turkish during the settlement. Do you really believe, that nothing happened?<

One question for you. Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Pasha exterminated 1000 000 Greeks. How many Turks did the Greeks kill according to you ? In Constantinople there were some 200 000 Greeks in 1922 as Kemal entered the city. Nowadays there are hardly 2000. So who is responsible for what ? Otherwise seethe above !

> Or in Bulgaria, in Romania or in Serbia. People tend to focus on others brutalities! Anyway, this is no excuse about 1 M murdered Armenians by the Ottoman regime, a shame!<

Not just by the Ottomans! Druing the Kemalist-Armenain war in the autumn of 1920 Kemal slaughtered tens of thosuands Armenians. He took no prisoners of war at all. In Smyrna in September 1922 the Kemal's hordes drove the Armenians into their churches and burnt them alive. The last Armenian villages in Cilicia were burnt down and purged of its inhabitants by Kemal's forces in 1922-1923. Kemal himself only finished what his Young Turkish predecessors had commenced. He was a Young Turk himself .

> Islam needs an enlightment highlighting the good and human parts and comdemning the bad and inhuman parts.<

An impossible task. Islam is not reformable. You either accept the absurd Arabian fairy tales of Mo , Allah and the Quran and stop being a Homo Sapiens or reject all of it. You can't confabulate about "the religion of peace" and overlook the crimes, rapes and robebries of Mo and all the explicit encouragements to imitate him contained in his 1001 Arabian Nights called "The Quran".

> Many people need a to believe in something. <

There is a world of different beliefs much more valuable, humane and trustworthy than the infantile ravings of Islam. Just take Buddhism, atheism, Confucianism, jainism, Christianity ... The problem is though that Islam wants by any means to eradicate all of them . And one of its evil method to achieve that goal is that apostatising from Islam is punished with death. A very fine indication of how "peaceful" "the religion of peace" is, isn't it ?

>As many people are not educated well and do not use their minds in proper ways<

I am afraid that lack of education is not at the core of the issue at all. Mohammed Atta &co - in part trained in Turkey - as well as most Turkish jihadists caught in Bosnia and Chechnia are quite well educated and wealthy people. They understand and expertly use modern science and technology. Their minds and hands work properly to promote Islam's cause by doing as much damage to the infidels as possible and thus earning the promised number of virgins in Allah's paradise.

> we face these issues and a difficult challenge to overcome. If you have an answer, share it with us.<

The answer to Islam may be given only with Voltaire's words "écrasez l'infâme!"


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Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Original writing only, please. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

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