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Islam and it's future

Reader comment on item: Islam's Future [Can Be Modern]

Submitted by NJ (United Kingdom), Aug 10, 2010 at 15:26

For many years now, Muslims have been claiming that their right to kill people who refuse the way of Islam and Sharia Law is justified by Jihad as proclaimed by their Prophet Muhammed in the Qur'an. Whilst Jihad actually means "to struggle", as this is a term everyone is used to I will continue to use it.

Many will claim that the new versions of the Qur'an are not Allah words and are fabricated in parts of not altogether by Saudi Arabia, a statement that is quite prominent within some sects of Islam. If that is so, why do they remain Muslim? A question that i have asked for a number of years and no doubt many others will start to and continue to do so.

Many will also say that i am wrong for labelling every Muslim an extremist. Am i really wrong, NO? Why because if they were not an extremist at heart, they would stand up for the innocent people that are being killed, persecuted, raped and all sorts.

After all does Allah not himself say that "There can be no compulsation in religion" in the Qur'an. Allah himself says that you cannot force someone to accept Islam and that, you should not persecute those that do not choose to or follow the way of Islam. For he and only he will punish them afterlife.

Surely this statement alone should make the modest Muslims of the world say "enough is enough" and say stop the extremist activites, stop the forced conversations, stop the persecution. But instead the so called "Modest mainstream Muslims" simply go about their daily lifes as if nothing is happening. Lets just say "To do something is to Oppose, to do nothing is to support".

Whilst writing this i can't help think that whilst an ever increasing number of Westerners are embracing Islam, either by simple accepting it as a faith witih their society or actually converting, more would if they saw the peaceful side and didn't just get lectured about it. Islam may well claim that they are engaged in a war created by Bush. But the fact remains, you where killing people in the name of Allah 1600 years ago. Bush wasn't even born then.

Stop blaiming the world for your own problems and faults. Deal with them and then may be people would not need to spend time on websites like this. Instead we could be drinking tea/coffee together in starbucks.

Anyway Onto my main article, which is about Islam, the problems Islam has, how it is widely becoming known as a Cult and not religion and how it will eventually self destruct if not be destroyed unless Islam changed.

1) Claim of truth, Muslims claim that the Qur'an is the unaltered word of Allah, this in truth is total rubbish, the example being firstly that there is 14 different versions of the Qur'an. If it was the unaltered word of Allah, there should only be 1 version and 1 edition. Instead it has more versions than Harry Potter. It is only a matter of time before people realise this, and realise that it may not actually be the words of god.

Additional proof to verify why i believe that the Qur'an is not gods words is quite easy to find and understand. Let me quote a verse from that Qur'an that proves Muhammed actually changed bits of the Qu'ran. "when the prophet said 'God is mighty and wise ' Adbollah b. Abi Sarh suggested writing down 'Knowing and wise' and the Prophet answered that there was no objection".

This is just one of many accounts, the book "Unveiling Islam" gives. This itself proves that the Qur'an cannot be the word of God. If it was then no man or Prophet should have any need to or suggested, let alone change it.

May be Islam should remove all 14 versions and create one, which whilst not the exact words of god, at least it wont promote hatred, rape, murder and such. May be this alone would remove any excuse that Miltant Islamics have to perform Jihad. I Don't know it's just a thought.

2) Muslims claim that they are peaceful, yet they are the only religion that actively persecutes, rapes, kidnaps, stones to death, forcefully converts, etc. This is not peaceful, its barbaric, its caveman behaviour. Caveman behaviour in the name of God.

Will Islam ever break free? You bet they will, Why? It is within mans nature to be the top dog, how long do Muslim who oppress others really think people will remain silent and accept such cruel behaviour. A recently growing trend has already showed that people are starting to speak up and also move away from Islam. Is this mankind stricking back, or has God got so angry that he is preparing to go to war with the very people that claim to serve him? You be the Judge.

Personally i think the wrath of God is growing in the shadows, ready to strike when Islam is at it's peak. For those wondering if i am secretly praying God will destroy Islam. Frankly no, whilst i oppose Islam in many ways, i embrace it in many ways to. For a devout Hindu that's quite rare. For the record i would never convert to Islam, even if i was the last non-muslim on the planet.

I firmly believe i was born and raised as a Hindu for a reason. A reason only God knows, i for one wont question why i was born or born a Hindu. I am merely going make the most of it and hope God will embrace me and take me to Heaven. But as a devout Hindu, it none the less kills me (in a manner of speaking) when i see such a beautiful religion, religion with so much potential to do so much good get destroyed by single minded bigots who wish to exploit others for their personal gain and than claim they are merely doing as God asks.

God is your master, not your puppet. God is the all knowing, ever merciful lord. You can foul me, your neighbour even of your spouse. But ultimately god knows everything, from your deepest desires to your deepest darkest secrets. Everything we do in life is one big test on how we use the very freedom and free will he has given us. Whether we pass or fail, that my friends is in your own hands.

3) The contradiction within Islam, an Imam recently claimed that Allah cried when we was unable to Save Christ from being crucified. However the Qur'an explicitly denies that Crist was ever crucified and instead claims that Christ was raised up to heaven. This very contradiction by high ranking Imams'/Clerik's and preachers is exposing gaping holes in the logic of Islam, and again proves that if the Qur'an was the words of God, no Imam should ever need to make such stupid lies up.

May be Islam needs a more youthful approach, may be they should take the approach of "out with the old and in with the new". May be they should stop making things up.

4) Muslims and more importantly Islam teaches not to Idol Worship, and an example of this is when Luqmaan said to his son "that placing anything but god with more importance was idol worship". Or for those wanting a Qur'anic quote, read "[4:116] - GOD does not forgive idol worship (if maintained until death), and He forgives lesser offenses for whomever He wills. Anyone who idolizes any idol beside GOD has strayed far astray."

If thats so, why can i happily insult Allah and some Imam's/Clerics will argue i should be warned and not have a Fatwa, whilst if i was to insult Muhammed, i would have a Fatwa "demanding my death" announced. Is this not Idol worship, you are putting Muhammed ahead of Allah.

Other examples of Idol worship (in a way that Muslims insult Hindus regarding statues of god) is, why do Muslim homes and Masjid's have pictures of the Kabba in Mecca, or more importantly why have the Kabba or even Black Stone, why not destroy it. It is after all Idol Worship, may be not in human shaped form but none the less you believe that it helps you get closer to God.

As for those that say i dont have picture of the Kabba at home and have not yet been to Mecca, think about this, read [12:106] in the Qur'an it clearly states the following "The majority of those who believe in GOD do not do so without committing idol worship".

According to the Qur'an the very book upon which Islam is based, you are guilty of Idol Worship. Your own holy book has just deemed you to be an unbeliever "Kafir".

This alone should in truth destroy Islam, I know it won't, as some smart ass like Dr Zakir Naik will say i am "taking it out of context". Am I? Not really. I am merely pointing out the words of their very own God. Well actually on a correct level, the words of Muhammed, who claims divine intervention, Muhammad for those not familiar with him is said to be a Caravan theif, who had a 9 year old wife. A man who claimed that having ANAL sex with boys is ok, yet Islam forbids Homosexuallity. What a joke and what double standards.

It is a combination of this double standard and people like Dr Zakir Naik who will bring Islam down, why? Simply because people have already started to understand that he twists everything and anything he can and that you can't believe anything he says. Youtube has over 10,000 Videos dedicated to exposing him, in fact whats worse is Muslims Imam's have declared Fatwa's on Dr Zakir Naik no less than 26 times.

His own religion, the one he so actively preaches about is condemning his actions and words. He is as you know also banned from entering the UK, Canada, India and many more are following suit. All this whilst more and more countries are over turning bans on people like Geert Wilders. If Islam doesn't get it's act together and act as one united body (and i dont mean in war), they will only create more internal problems proving the very point that people like Geert Wilders are making.

5) As for the Islamic population of the world, they constantly claim they are growing. May be so, but a few things they always over look or forget (and not by mistake) to mention is this:

- In the last year (Jan - July), more people have left Islam than have joined (by way of convertion), the only reason Islam is increasing is the number of children being born (which by the way for Islam is 233% as opposed to just 47% for christians, these figures are for 50 years and not yearly, as Islam would have you believe).

Every other religion is producing 2 children per family (1 in the case off those in China). Islamic families on average have 5. Although not my personal view, some would say that they are not only the scourge of society, they are the drain on it.

Let me quote a well known saying "Slow and Steady wins the race." The recent onslaught by Islam is nothing short of the opposite of Slow and Steady. Physics proves that anything that goes to fast will burn out quicker. Its only a matter of time.

- Another aspect that Islamic people forget is the fact that of those that convert to Islam, only 3% remain faithful Muslims after 3 years. The rest either totally leave, or pretend to be practicing Islam when in truth they are either Athiests or have converted back to their original religion or convert to Christianity as is the case in India, Iraq, Iran and Indonesia.

May be if Islam didn't lie so much we wouldn't make such a fuss about them immigrating to Western countries and abusing our benefit systems (especially in the UK). Less than 20 miles away from where i live, over 2,500 Somali immigrants live in council provided houses. Thats fine, if they are being persecutated in their own country, i dont object to them coming to the UK for security, they are after all humans. But atleast work, instead they all claim benefits and all whilst spending countless hours having a good old "chin wag" with their friends.

6) To date one of the only reasons that Islam has built itself up so well is because the Western world has been tolerant, and because Islam has been given protection under the umbrella of religion.

However its worth noting that countries around the world, are currently considering removing Islam from the list of accepted religions. This itself would almost instantly reduce, if not condemn Masjid's, Islamic Schools and more. Could more follow suit.? Will this be that start of the removal of Masjid's and recreation of non Islam places of worship.

If Islam truly is the only religion, may be they should stop acting like a Cult, then no one would need to remove their religious status.

7) For point 7, i am going to bring this also more closer to home and more over give an example on how Islam compares to another religion/group of people and what happened to it/them.

Islam and the Aztecs. Everyone knows that the Aztec were brutal, barbaric people who believed in blood sacrifice and murder, it was not a personal view, but a religious view that they carried. Sound familiar? The Aztecs died after a lengthy battle due to fatigue, lack of food and illness. Something that is ever more so increasing in Sharia Law based contries. Countries in which 1/3 of the Islamic people live in.

May be just may be, if Islam seperated religion from state, they would progress and have a set of Countries that wont die out through genecide.

8) The army of Allah, extremists believe that they are the army of Allah, firstly thats aload of crap. No God has an army, well no sorry some do, but not on earth. God may have any army, but they are firstly immortal and more importantly divine and not twisted and hell bent on destroying everything on earth, and quite importantly Gods army doesn't kill itself.

As for Muslims claiming that Islam was once the ruling religion in the world once and will be again. Lets make something very clear.

Lets suppose that Allah does have an army on earth and that Islam was the ruling religion, surely Allah would have granted his army victory at every turn they took. Instead no, they lost. All of a sudden the Army of Allah is just a load of barbaric monsters with a serious lacking sense of morals and a God who quite obviously doesn't support his own people.

If Islam was the only true religion, surely they would not have lost reign over the world in the first place. Someone needs to wake up and smell the coffee, Islam needs to stop making such rubbish up, because as has happended before, they will only lose and end up being the laughing stock of the world.

9) The Qur'an and how you cannot question it, this is probably the biggest problem with Islam. You cannot question the teaching without fearing for your life. Firstly im sorry but God would never stop you question his choices and teaching. Its part of the learning process. Another example of why i believe thet Qur'an is man made in parts.

Any religion which was truly pure, truly of gods will and words would happily allow its scriptures to be examined and debated over. Why? Because if it is truly of Gods will and words, it should be perfect and Islam should have nothing to fear.

Christians, Hindu's, Sikh's, Buddist's and people of every religion except Islam are more than happy to allow their books to be examined.

Is this because the leaders of Islam know that their religion is flawed and so wish to try and protect the wealth and lives they have built up through the expense of others. Or is it because Islam is so flawed that by exposing the truth, the rest of the world would simple feel nothing but hatred towards any Muslim in existance.

If Islam wishes to exist, they will need to address this issue rapidly. Otherwise the natural wondering mind will do it for them, with devastating actions. You cannot suppress a human mind for long before it begins to start to break free from it's restaints.

10) Islam and their view on peace. Islam is truly a peaceful religion/ideaolgy. Well atleast it is for those that are highly ranked within the Islamic community. Would someone care to explain how murder, rape, persecution, stoning women to death is peaceful. Last time i check the oxford Dictionary, murder, rape, persecution, stoning women to death was found under Evil/Barbaric not Peaceful. Oh sorry ive just realised my version is in English. May be i need the Arabic version. Oops. I'll get back to you on that one.

Jokes aside, Islam needs to stop claiming to be peaceful and just accept that they are barbaric. Only when this is done, will change happen. Whilst they live in the bubble of peace, they will never have the courage to tackling fanatics.

Whilst they live in the bubble of peace they will never truly evolve and as for those that say that Peace will reign upon the earth when Islam is the majority religion and every country has Sharia Law.

Let me ask you something, have you been to Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan. It's Islamic in religion by a big majority, it also has Sharia law, YET. YOUR KILLING EACH OTHER. Hello!!!, Knock Knock. ISLAM WAKE UP. Stop pretending that the world will be ok, before trying to take over the US, UK and other countries, sort your own countries out, May be just may be, then you won't face so much opposition.

Take Hinduism as an example, India the motherland of Hinduism is a secular country, you can practice and preach any religion. We dont wag war on any tom, dick and harry and importantly we have a booming economy. Hinduism is peaceful, and to date i have not meet 1 Jew, Christian or Sikh person who has every made an issue of my faith. Where as every day i see Muslims in the UK being picked on. Not because they are Muslim, but because of what Islam has become, a playground for breeding hatred.

11) Muhammed appears everywhere, that's controversial, a recent attempt to convert Hindu's to Islam by way of claiming that Muhammad was infact Kalki a Hindu god (Kalki is the last reincarnation of Lord Vishnu and is said to come to earth with one aim, to abolish evil), has been quite an interesting story.

This is something i can't help laugh about and would kindly draw your attention to an article wrote by Hindu4Life (http://www.danielpipes.org/comments/176384). Everytime Islam claims credit for something which is not truly theirs, or is in fact total rubbish, other religions are going to get angry and it's going to cause problems. Specially for Muslims in countries like India. Where 80.2% are Hindu and 13.5% are Muslims.

It will also further expose the flaws in Islam, it will only strengthen views of people, that Islam is truly fake. Why, because Islam needs to pinch Gods from other religions to make it's own Prophets and God look good. If Islam was truly the only religion, Allah and Muhammad should be able to do this all by themselves.

You wont ever see me making Christians think Christ was an incarnation of Vishnu, why. Because everyone already knows how great Vishnu is. I don't need pinch a Prophet or God from anyone.

12) KISS - a post by a Robert M Artstrong (http://www.danielpipes.org/comments/17475) made me think. He said that nearly ever muslim has his/her opinion on what the Qur'an says and that in Islam the practice of KISS (keep it simple stupid) is rife. Well actually i think it's rife.

I personally think that this will be one of the greatest perils Islam will face. How can Islam claim to follow the doctrine set out by God if Muslims put their own view on it or try to keep it simple. Either stick exactly to the words of God or state that Gods words are merely a guide. Dont claim both.

For centuries Hindu's, Sikh's, Christian's, Buddist's and Jew's (to name a few), have been examining their scriptures under the microscope to truly understand what god means, Some of these scriptures like the Veda's are so complex that even today 5,000 years later, people dont understand it full.

May be Islam should do the same. I for one whilst writing this don't totally hate Islam or Muslims. I pity them for falling into the trap of ideaological bigots.

May be when the Qur'an says to go to war against those that are non-believers, what is actually meant is to go to war against those that oppress the world, cause unjustified pain, create hatred and those that prevent others from worshipping God, and not those that do not follow the way of Islam.

May be Islam should be waging war against people like Osama Bin Laden and not the rest of the world. May be just may be then Muslims would be accepted with open arms and not with caution.

13) The inability to change. As i am pointing out alot of pieces by others, for my last point i wont break the mould. Kindly look at the a Piece by Lloyd Freeman (http://www.danielpipes.org/comments/13370).

His piece quite calmly and without any hatred, or bias provides Islam with a very simple choice. Adopt a Western way of working or perish. Obviously he is not making the threat. The threat is being made by Civilisation/Evolution itself.

He points out very well that 99% of terror attacks are performed by Islamic countries (even those that are done on Indian/US/UK or other land).

He also points out that Whilst countries such as China & Britian exploited the Indians. Today you see virtually no hatred between them. Why because by India decided to forgive and start to accept the western attitude of freedom and democracy. India is fast becoming a powerhouse, Britians richest man is Hindu.

Instead of launching an all out attack and blaming the world. India decided to look at the Cogs that drove India and decided it was time for a change.

He also makes a very valid reference to the concept of "Cowboys and Indians". We all know what happened to the Indians, they died out and all because they were unwilling to move with the times. Its fair enough to say that this may well be the case with Islam.

For anyone wondering what happened during the time of Cowboys and Indians. The Cowboys like the Western world made loads of attempt to help the Indians or in this case Islam settle in, become modern and such. But ultimately the Cowboys got frustrated and ended up wiping the Indians out. It's a fair assessment to say that unless Islam wakes up, they will soon be wiped out.

An example of a country/group of states that whilst not majority Muslim, still has Arabic and more importantly is effectively Muslim by nature and yet at the same time is openly welcoming people of all faiths, religions, statuses is the UAE. They are a perfect example of how Muslims and other cultures can co-exist with no need to fight or persecute. Its not perfect and there are problems, but the last time i went to Dubai (4 weeks ago). I could see Masjid's, Mandirs, Churches all standing perfectly intact, all right next to each other and all being used.

Is this a sign from God to tell Islam to move on and modernise. I don't know, i certainly don't know Gods thoughts. But may be it is. Any all i can say is God bless the UAE.

ANYWAY I could go on for ever, but i won't because i firstly don't have time and secondly because Muslims and Islam need to find their own problems and fix them.

To sum up everything i am going to quote, to those that say i should try and learn even more about Islam, a saying/quote by Ted a member of this board. "Everything I needed to know about Islam I learned on 9-11-01".
If i felt like it would help i would even say i support Israel, whilst i support them in their struggle to survive, i condemn the voilence that is going on. Voilence that is no doubt in the name of god. I strongly hate and justifiably oppose voilence, one of the many reasons i have rejected a couple of law enforcement jobs that have required me to carry a Gun.

Why would i say such an evil thing (like i support Israel, if it helped), well simple. I go back to my first couple of paragraphs. Whilst the so called "Moderate people of Islam" do nothing proactive to prevent Fanatics, who kill in the name of Islam. I wont ever consider them anything short of a Fanatic/Extremist. Some may call me an extremist, well may be i am, but before 911, i thought Islam was peaceful.

But now i would never think such a thing. I for one, whilst as mentioned before, adore some of the things Islam has and does. There are things they do and have that also on the flipside make me sick and thats why i am writing stuff like this article. I for one will never conform to the way of a barbaric group of people, and i will happily fight to prevent my Kids and their kids ever needing to be oppressed and forced to worship a god who they don't wish to, or being forced to change their names because a man said so 1600 years ago.

I also before signing off, want to point out an article by Ian (http://www.danielpipes.org/comments/93597), i for one am 100% with Ian. We british need to wake up and understand that Islam in it's current state of affairs is fundamentally Evil and sadly Evil will never stop and listen.

Either Islam needs to reform itself into a more peaceful religion (and not just by saying it, actually show it), or someone will blow Islam to pieces.

May be next time someone bombs somewhere in the name of Islam, we should bomb them back, no wait lets just nuke them, oh actually no no stop, may be we should send them an Atom Bomb.

Oh sorry i forgot We're British, lets just sit about drinking tea.

Peace and may god give everyone the power to fight terror even in the fact of adversity (without killing).


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