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HA HA HA, Yeah Right (Response to A Shocked Muslim)

Reader comment on item: Islam's Future [Can Be Modern]
in response to reader comment: Hear it from a Muslim

Submitted by Josh (United Kingdom), Aug 11, 2010 at 19:13

Hi "A Shock Muslim"

You are obviously Muslim, but personally i would say you are an extremist at heart. You might say i'm not because i dont plant

bombs, but ultimately you dont condemn the actions of those that do and you ultimately are like most extremist Muslims, in your view

on wanting to take over the world.

Youre right that you have not seen so many ignorant people on a forum in your life, well let me tell you i have not ever met such an ignorant religion before, thats 1.5 Billion people. You sit there with your head in the sand making up crap "like we need to understand Muslims", why dont Muslims stop playing the Victims and grow ... up, or else people like me might just do it for you. You say that no one knows what Muslims feel like and think, may be thats true. But do you understand what others think? NO, you don't even try. Islam is all about take take take and when it comes to giving, youre like no, lets just take more.

Muslims and Islam dont even actually bother to ask others how they feel, what their religion truly teachers, you think you know everything from reading a few books. That my friend it the definition of Ignorance. I for one have been friends with Muslims for over 15 years, i have been to the Masjid with some of my friends to try and understand their culture, i have even read the Qur'an. I for one have spent years trying to understand why Muslims are "coined Terrorists".

The one thing i have so undoubtly learnt, is that Islam is actractive to those that are lazy worshippors. The requirements for worship are so simple, that people join Islam blindly. Now ordinarily, i would be all for that. After all believing in any God is good. But what i find frustrating is people believe in a god that pretty much preaches hatred and dead. Lets say i am not suprised people go to Islam, its attractive to the idol minds of lazy people. But nothing that is that attractive can't truly be good, thats a universal truth. Islam is a breeding ground for death and hatred. You only need to look at your own Prophet to see proof of this. You say that Muslims have deviated from their prayers. That you certianly have, you kill in the name of God. Mate you haven't just deviated, you've gone that wrong direction. Make a u-turn before it's late.

As remember an Imam claiming that Allah cried when he could not save Jesus (his own son - as pe the Imam's words). Well lets think of this. If Allah couldn't save his own son, what makes you think he will save you.

As for Islam creating medicine, military power, education, WHAT????? Hold on let me get this right.

- Medicine
- Erm, people in Islamic countries all over the world are dying from illnesses, that the rest of the world doesn't even bother worrying about, just look at Pakistan for an example. Wheres your so called Medicine. Wheres you so called cures for Aids, Cancer and stuff like that, The world may have not found them yet, but unlike Islam, the west are pumping in Billions of pounds/dollars to find the cures. All While Islam sits of its ass and claims to be a victim.

- Military Power
- Yeah power given by Russia, the primary supplier of arms to you. Dont kid yourself when you think your a super power, No Islamic

country has achieved Nuclear weapons yet, Were as the UK, USA and more western countries have had them for decades, we even have the A-Bomb. Be thankful i aint in President of the USA, i would nuke every Terrorist harbouring country without a second thought. As for your other aspects of Military power, erm your still using AK47's, they went out of fashion decades ago, even Chechnya doesn't have them anymore. and as for your other Military power, last time i looked the Islamic countries in the world, they dont have Stealth Bombers or anything anywhere near as advanced. In fact most of your equipment is hand me downs.

- Education
- HA HA, you've got to be having a laugh, 90% of women in Islamic countries are deprived of the fundimental concept of Education. How can you pioneer something, if you dont even have it.

As for Islam ruling the world, everyone has done so at somepoint. The British have done it, the Romans, the Greek, The Indians, the list goes on. Dont make out like Islam is special, your not. You've probably been the crappest at ruling a world.

As for the new versions of the Qur'an, not a bad Idea, only problems is that it has never been done correctly, never get a kid to do a mans job. Secondly as for Muslims knowing the Qur'an of by heart, thats all good, they should, but dont make it sound like it's good, its partly the reason you guys are hate mongering idol gits. A new Qur'an would certainly help, only you would need to have an open mind to accept it, and given your all brainwashed. That aint going to happen.

As for the Bible being corrupted, well it might have been changed, but that was because they removed the voilent parts, something Islam would do well learning to do. As for the corrupt bit, can you remind me who wrote the Qur'an, oh no actually don't bother. it was your Prophet Muhammed, the guy that faught 46 wars, killed thousands, was married to a 9 year old and openly permits anal sex with boys, but then also prohibits Homosexuality. Erm having sex with a boy makes you gay!!!!

Man the Qu'ran is probably the purest holy book ever, NOT. Frankly the Mein Kampf is less corrupted and that's making a statement. Oh sorry you've never read the Mein Kampf, doing so would mean you would have to accept that the Holocaust happened, doing that would remove all your justification for killing millions of Jews.

Damn, its a catch 22 situation.

As for democracy failing, HA HA, mankind loves democracy, everyone wants their 5 minutes of fame. No one will ever allow it to go.

Your living in Cuckoo land. Muslims might love Sharia law, but the rest of the world hates it. As for Americans forcing democracy, erm do you know what democracy is. Its the concept of choosing your own leader, and having your own say, its under Democracy that Islam has flurished so much. You can't force democracy.

As for Islam being an example of Economic Success, someone pinch me please. Lets think for a moment.

- Pakistan (Poor)
- Iraq (Poor)
- Iran (Poor)
- Afghanisation (Poor)

Just to name a few, whereas

- UK (Rich)
- USA (Rich)
- Germany (Rich)
- France (Rich)
- Australia (Rich)

The 50 Biggest companies on the planet are western, how has Islam or Muslims become an Economic success.


Your advice is "STOP KIDDING YOURSELF ... ". Again HA HA, were not the one making sh*t up. As for Muslims wanting Gods law, no correction, you want some guy from Saudi Arabia's laws, not gods. The Qur'an is 95% man made, only 5% remains the potential word of God, plus well Sharia Law, WTF. How can you even claim that Sharia Law is based on Gods Law, from my understanding which is pretty damn good, Gods law is all about peace, fair treatment, not harrasing people. Everything that Sharia Law isn't.

As for the Qur'an changing, it probably won't, but matter not for soon no-one will be left to read it, as with regards to your comments of wishful thinking about Islam going away. Its not wishful thinking, its a matter of life and fact. Every other religion to date has been very very very tolerant. But as the saying goes "dont push your luck, sunny jim".

You might think Islam will reappear in 10 years, no doubt it will, but it might just end up as the religion that never was, in a book published in 10 years.

As for my final bit, Islam has never lived peacefully with anyone, even in countries that are Islamic, where Sharia law is not used,

non-muslims have no power of say. They are second class citizens. Thats not Islam co-existing, thats Islam conspiring.

Oh oh one more, as for Muslims never turning the other cheek, thats fine. As the great Liam Neeson said in a recent film. "You think just because we are tolerant, and kind that we are weak. Your arrogance offends me.". You may not turn the other cheek, but soon everyone else will stop turning theirs, and despite Islam stating that they are growing, it will be another 60-85 years before you have a majority. You really sure you wanna ride this train.

We bet Communism, we won WW1, WW2, you really think were going to lose this. Think again. ...


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Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Original writing only, please. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

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