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A real victim of Arabian imperialism

Reader comment on item: Ban Islam?
in response to reader comment: The truth

Submitted by dhimmi no more (United States), Dec 15, 2012 at 09:47

Our dear Abdelrahman whose ancestors the Copts were and are still brutalized by Islam and Arabian imperialism and who is a follower of دين الارهاب ورسول الارهاب ورب الارهاب and who seems to have a direct phone line connection with his Allah wrote

Dear Mr Ben,I'm greatly happy for your answer although I haven't been conversing on the matter of Islam for too long now.

So let us convese about the religion of the Hijazi Arabs only and you ain't no Hijazi Arab

The understanding of Quran is something that can't be achieved by reading translations of it.

But you see our dear Abdelrahman the wannabe Hijazi Arab I can read the Qur'an in Arabic but you tell me why would the so called Allah of the universe reveals his little book in Arabic? what was wrong with him? why did he not reveal it in the language of let us say your own people: Coptic? you tell me

The miraculous structure of the sentences of the holy book can only be seen by those who know arabic and read it with no prejudice to any other set of beliefs but that's not the real problem

Really? The Qur'an is full of mistakes in spelling of perfect Arabic words (example: why would the author of the Qur'an spells the Arabic word الرحمان as the incorrect spelling that we find in the Qur'an الرحمن) and poor grammar as in ان هذان لساحران or in hadhan lasahiran (what a disaster) and oh foreign words so you tell me is the word طور an Arabic word? Hint: It is not an Arabic word and it is from al-lugha al-suryaniyya so who is the liar here when your so called prophet tells us that this is قران عربي what a big time fadiha and what is so great about your Allah telling us والارض بعد ذلك دحها so is the earth flat our dear Abdelrahman the wannabe Arab? The Qur'an is nothing but poor literature and no more

because after all Islam is a religion for all mankind.

Wrong so you tell me where would i find in the Qur'an anything close to ان الاسلام دين كل البشر Hint: you will not find it but you will find your so called Allah saying: وما ارسلنا من رسول الا بلسان قومه which means that your so called Allah and not me who is saying that Islam is the religion of the Arabs only

So congratulations our dear AbdelRahman but you are free to leave islam and be free again from the Arabs and their imperialism

Now about Ayat Al-Saief (verses of the sword as we call them) they were never meant for spreading killing or destroying, on the contrary they set the rules for how the muslims should fight whoever commits racist crimes against the muslims

Really? ayat al-sayf is a disgrace to islam and why would your so called Allah tells you to kill the polytheists when he can change their hearts and minds unless there is no Allah or Allah is not omnipotent or he was after getting 1/5 of the loot as the Qur'an tells us in surat al-anfal now you tell me

(Quran 2.190. Fight against those who fight against you in the way of Allah, but do not transgress, for Allah does not love transgressors.)

Despicable! Why would the so called Allah of the universe ask you to fight period when he can change things in peace you tell me? and who decides when to fight? Hint: unless you have a direct line connected to Allah and he is OK with the fighting then you shut up

so we are never told to start the war.

Wrong again and how about ayat al-sayf and how about ayat al-jizya and how about kutiba 3alaykum al-qital and how about ayat al-irhab that you can find on the logo of the fascist al-Ikhawn al-Muslemeen flag? How come you did not know that? could it be because you are ignorant or a liar? which one is it?

(Quran [60:8] GOD does not enjoin you from befriending those who do not fight you because of religion, and do not evict you from your homes. You may befriend them and be equitable towards them. GOD loves the equitable.)

Wrong again this was nusikhat by ayat al-sayf and what a disaster

Again whoever doesn't fight us we are not to fight them and we are to show them equity.

Oh yes FIGHT how despicable

And to be clear if I as a person with no experience but have a good mind for instance try to comprehend the Quran and neglect the Sunna of our prophet Muhammed I would indeed end up as someone who spreads evil because it's the human nature that derives things to the wrong path and in the sunna of our prophet you will find the extreme answers of how to apply the Quran in your everyday life and in harsh situations.

Did you really read this before you posted this little gem? Let me guess you did not and indeed this is why islam is دين الارهاب ورسول الارهاب ورب الارهاب thank you for proving my point

Let me put the Quran to you as the constitution of a country with several subjects in it, now if I use one of the subjects to derive a law that is absolutely evil and gives power to the ruling group but in the exact same time that law will be opposite to another subject in the same constitution, will it be applied or not??

Oh what a disaster so Egyptians will have their arms chopped and young girls marry dirty old men and the Copts pay the mafia tax called al-Jizya and no more arts or music or dogs and if you do not pary you can be killed and if your wife eat too much then you can divorce her and women are to stay home and women should breast feed their co-workers and a man can have sex with the corpse of his dead wife

So you tell me would you allow your wife to breast feed a co-worker a yes or no will do

No sane Egyptian should accept this nonsense that comes from Arabian ignorance

The answer is clear it will not be applied because it breaches another subject and that's against the standards and rules of applying the constitution.That's exactly what happens people applying subjects of the quran and neglecting the other ones.


The people who kill in the name of islam with no right to do so are only representative to their own mindset and do not represent the Islam.

Nontheless they kill in the name of islam and of Arabian imperialism and or this i say shame on them and on islam and instead of posting your drivel you can go and protest this criminal dentist and ikhwangee Hazem Mohamed Faruq the criminal who tortured Osama Kamal Mohamed Ahmad this is where you have to be not here inviting people to become wannabe Arabs like you in spite of the fact that your Allah makes it very clear that he is against your bogus and silly da3wa as in Q14:4 so do you disagree with your Allah ya ayuha al-3abqari al-kabeer and you think that I should tell the crazy el-salafiyeen that you our dear Abdelrahman is against their Allah's grand plan?

For so many years no one heared anything wrong about muslims even in the WWII islam was known as a religion of peace

Really? by whom? go and tell for example the Hindus what islam is the religion of peace and they will think that you are out of your mind as the biggest crime in the history of mankind was committed in the name of islam and based on ayat al-sayf your masters the Muslims that invaded India killed and raped and enslaved 90M Hindus! How disgusting

And did you ever hear about el-bashmour uprising in Egypt? where your ancestors the Copts had a great revolt against your masters the Arab invaders of Egypt and many of them were killed and raped and deported and Egypt was in ruins within 100 years of the Arab invasion! But again they do not teach you real history in Egypt right?

but the consecutive wars on islamic states in the past few years and the propaganda made islam look in the eyes of the world as the religion of terrorism.

All you need to do is read Q8:60 wher it says that your Allah says that muslims should TERRORIZE yes TERRORIZE the enemies of Allah do you thin that this is enough to call Islam deen al-irhab?

I urge you to leave islam and be a real Egyptian and not a wannabe Hijazi Arabs


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