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To Aamir Alï: I missed a lot. But I did not miss THIS. Part II

Reader comment on item: Ban Islam?
in response to reader comment: You have missed a lot about Islam..

Submitted by Plato (India), Sep 15, 2007 at 07:21

>>Why all Indians and Chineese movies openly condemn all opressions and crimes committed by west.<<

Why? That's an easy one. Because nobody in the West goes and kills those who condemn them. What happened to Theo van Gogh when he mildly condemned the oppression of women in Islam? When Salman Rushdie obliquely referred to your prophet, how many Muslims were ready to chop off his head??

The fact that the West does not bother with the criticism of Indian and Chinese movies is because they know Bollywood is a world of make believe just like their Hollywood. They don't fear criticism like Muslims. Muslims seem to think, and correctly so, that their religion stands on a shaky foundation and it is better to eliminate any one daring to test Islam's basics for fear it will fall apart. The insecurity that Muslims have about their religion is almost palpable in the way they hit out blindly at anything they consider offensive.

The prophet set the best example for Muslims when people condemn them. They imitate his behaviour in eliminating critics. When an old poet and a nursing mother criticised the oppression and crimes committed against the pagans by the Prophet and his followers he had them killed. Even thanking Allah for his help and callously saying two goats would not butt their heads over the murder of the poet.

>>World is still bleeding because of agressions of west. they humiliated civilizations and supressed them with their financial system.<<

I don't want to speak for the West but India is still bleeding because of aggression by Islam. Partition. Riots. Wars. Islam humiliated the Hindu civilization (read what I have written to your previous comments in Part I) and continues to do so in textbooks in Pakistan and Saudi mosques. Islam also humiliated and destroyed from the root the zoarastrian civilization, only India welcomed and protected the zoarastrians fleeing from Islam. The Buddhist civilization was humiliated and uprooted lock stock and barrel from Afghanistan, the final nail being driven by the Taliban at Bamiyan.

>>: they want to rule your hearts and minds with dollars only. Dollars cannot buy hearts and minds, dollars can only buy traitors, like in Iraq and Afghanistan, and you cant rule a land with traitors..<<

Islam also wants to rule its believers hearts and minds its own currency, the delights of paradise. And just as dollars corrupt people so does the enticement of paradise, to the extreme extent you see in suicide bombers. Instead of a physical currency Allah has an account book in which he meticulously notes down your earnings and expenses.

To be ruled with dollars is preferable to rule by mullahs and their Islam. Apart from traitors dollars can also buy me food, clothes, a roof over my head a good education for my children. When you rule with Islam I get what you have in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan: terrorism, jihad. Islam gives me poverty as seen in most Islamic countries. Islam tells me the best education for my children, including all that science has discovered and will discover, is to be found in the Koran. I look around me and I find the most peaceful, prosperous countries are the ones that do not follow Islam and accept dollars.

I prefer the mundane comforts of food, clothing and a home that dollars will bring me till my time is up to the fantasy world of jannat.

>>This is history that muslims ruled lands with pride and left mark of their greatness on every part of the world they ruled..They ruled for centuries but lost their pride when they left the principals of their religion.<<

Just a few paragraphs ago you were rambling on about how great Islam is and now you say and admit it went into a tailspin and has not recovered. You must explain how a religion which Allah Himself has created for the good of his followers could after some glorious centuries go into a decline lasting centuries and with no end in sight. Allah claims He has preserved His book forever. Is He incapable of preserving His rule on earth? Give us a break Aamir.

Read Part I of my reply to this post to get a feel of the kind of rule the Muslims think they can be proud of.

>>The current state of muslims is like orphans without father...you cannot control orphans when they become..criminals...<<

This child psychology of yours is too obscure for me comment upon.

>>Infact there is no true islamic state on earth now, but still there are few countries some how trying to retain muslim identity. In present state most of the muslim countries are with weak and tout rulers who are not capable of controlling the problems in their countries.<<

That is an exact repetition of what the Marxists say when the utter failure of communist rule is brought up. There never was any true communist country! Then what are all those Islamic republics, including Pakistan? Can you reveal to us the identity of the countries which have retained their Muslim identity. Perhaps they can teach us unbelievers some lessons.

Why could Allah not give mankind rules that man can implement. He is unable to convey His message clearly and without doubt even to his own followers. Allah has used all kinds of threats and bribes in His unchangeable book. But still He could not convince His followers to pay heed! So much for Allah's fulminations.

Why is it so easy for "touts" to rule Muslims? Can you give us the names of any Muslim country which is not ruled by a "tout"?

>>The western dollars of their hardworking tax payers are going unauditted in their pockets and not spended on well being of their citizens..this is generally creating unrest and sooner or later by right or wrong way..their rules seems to be toppled.<<

The question again comes to mind: Why are Muslims, almost always the only victims of these "touts"? The only countries where such "tout" rulers are not toppled are Muslim countries. Even a dirt poor idol-worshipping country like Nepal has got rid of its royal "touts". Muslims seem petrified when confronted with "touts" who rule them. But they freely criticize non-Islamic countries where no "tout" rule exists.

Don't blame the West for being victims of its touts. Others have overthrown them. I have read some hadith where the prophet says misrule is preferable to anarchy.

Volume 4, Book 52, Number 204:

Narrated Abu Huraira:

That heard Allah's Apostle saying, "We are the last but will be the foremost to enter Paradise)." The Prophet added, "He who obeys me, obeys Allah, and he who disobeys me, disobeys Allah. He who obeys the chief, obeys me, and he who disobeys the chief, disobeys me. The Imam is like a shelter for whose safety the Muslims should fight and where they should seek protection. If the Imam orders people with righteousness and rules justly, then he will be rewarded for that, and if he does the opposite, he will be responsible for that."

The Imam will be rewarded for good rule and for bad rule he will be punished by Allah. The people have no role. The prophet elevates himself to almost equivalence with Allah and then equates the Imam with himself. Now you can understand why Muslim rulers considered themselves the ‘shadows of Allah on earth' ?

Volume 9, Book 88, Number 176:

Narrated Ibn Abbas:

The Prophet said, "Whoever disapproves of something done by his ruler then he should be patient, for whoever disobeys the ruler even a little (little = a span) will die as those who died in the Pre-lslamic Period of Ignorance. (i.e. as rebellious Sinners).

With this advice of the prophet the ‘touts' are laughing all the way to their banks with their petro-dollars.

>>Suppressing Islam without realizing real factors will create confusions and complications only.<<

If Islam is being suppressed how is it by your own claims the fastest growing religion? If islam is suppressed how is it that in India the Muslim population is growing as against the falling population of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh? Who is suppressing whom?? Why is the population of Muslims in Europe growing if Christians are suppressing Islam?? Yes Aamir, there is real confusion in your mind about which religion calls for suppression and humiliation of other religions. Have you forgotten 9:29 which calls for suppression and subjugation of ahle kitab??

>> you cannot put cover on light for so long.<<

Again spot on Aamir. You are utterly right. How long can Islam cover its gloomy light by bemoaning it is the most misinterpreted, misunderstood religion. Or that the Orientalists are distorting the facts about their Prophet and its violent history. Muslims have kept the light of their religion hidden long enough. Now with the internet and under the watchful eyes of the media the covers are coming off and to our surprise, unlike what the Muslims claimed, there is no light under those covers. There is only an ancient seventh-century oil lamp with a blackened wick. The lamp had long since sputtered out.

>>Dear Plato I hope you are Flato now...<<

Fortunately you have consigned me to far off Pluto and I am still on my feet, otherwise I would have been knocked ‘flato' by the flatulence in those flatulent arguments of yours. I was born with very delicate nostrils. My nose can detect arguments that stink a mile away.




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