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To Aamir Ali:Islam being targeted? Read the Koran!

Reader comment on item: Ban Islam?
in response to reader comment: Its our duty to find the truth...

Submitted by Plato (India), Sep 5, 2007 at 05:50

>>Why there is only one religion being targetted by a huge number of religions on earth...because Islam is the only religion which rejects all false concepts in most convincing manner...<<

That is a funny thing to say, when Islam is all about targeting every faith on earth as made clear by yourself when you claim "Islam is the only religion which rejects all false concepts". Can't you see how arrogant that statement is. For Muslims the rantings and ravings of Allah are something that is His right. Allah says no other faith has a right to exist as He will accept only Islam (3:85). He urges His followers to go out and fight all other religions. He keeps saying that He has prepared terrible tortures for those who refuse to believe His claim to be the sole creator of the universe.

Islam targets every other religion and you have the chutzpah to claim that other religions are targeting Islam. This again is an age old Islamic tactic. Conduct gazhwas on peaceful caravans and claim to be victims. Break treaties (like Hudaibiya for instance) and then claim the pagan's broke it first. Or justify breaking treaties using Allah's ordinance allowing it (Surah 9).

>>Since the basic teachings of Islam are so precise..there is always a threat to non beleivers that their snow like ideas will melt if they feel the heat of it..<<

If basic teachings of Islam are precise why did Allah have to abrogate His own verses and replace them with so-called better ones? Read 2:106, 16:101. It took Allah three steps to abolish wine drinking. He first claimed there was some good in it. Then finally thought it was the devil's drink and banned it. You call that godly precision?

Also He never got around to banning slavery, a much graver sin (at least in the eyes of non-Muslims). The non-Muslim world had to turn on the heat to enforce it on the Muslim ummah as Allah's "precise" religion never got round to it. Islam's dalliance with slavery melted away. Will any Muslim country dare to impose the jiziya today? Even that injunction of the Koran has melted away in the heat of world disapproval. How many thieves have their hands chopped off. How many fornicators are stoned to death now? These are barbaric laws and even Muslims have been forced to put an end to them. Slowly but surely many a Koranic law is melting in the heat of the disapproval of disbelievers.

Allah's so-called precise religion really comes a cropper under the relentless precision of science. Sperm arising from somewhere near the backbone. The stars falling (an impossibility). Creation of man from water, dust, clay. Universe being created sometimes in six days and elsewhere in eight. Mountains are pegs to prevent the earth from shaking. There are so many Muslim sites scrambling to explain the odd science in the Koran. The mental acrobatics on display on such sites are truly amusing.

>>Infact there is no difference in God of Jews, Christians and Muslims...all worship same God in different ways..This means if someone use harsh words for Allah..then it automatically applies to your God as well..Read Quran you will accept this..<<

That may be true for these three monotheistic religions, but for those of us who are atheists and do not believe in this phantom called god or allah what you say means nothing. We don't like to waste our energy using harsh words on something we know does not exist. You can go on believing what you like but when you try to impose your beliefs on us unbelievers then we are likely to use some harsh words about your religion for wanting to force yourself on us.

>>Allah swt created whatever we can see around us and our minds and thoughts are so minute that we cannot understand the reasons behind it...<<

If Allah created everything then he also created our minds and thoughts to be as you say ‘minute". But then why does Islam claim to know the reason behind creation. Your scholars claim that the universe has been created to sing Allah's praises.

>>Allah said in Quran that human beings are equal in his eyes only their practices makes them different..<<

That is a very unislamic statement. Allah himself says in the Koran that he has created humans to be unequal. Read 2:228 where Allah specifically says that men are a degree above women. And the prophet reinforces this by stating in his last sermon that women are like animals/prisoners (Tabari, Ibn Ishaq). Or read 16:75 where slaves are assumed to be less equal than free people.

>>the countries / groups or otherwise are meant for recognizing each other...<<

When the Arabs poured out of Arabia and invaded Persia, Syria, Egypt, Palestine, India, Spain…without provocation were they trying to recognize "each other"?? Allah seems to have given a nice way for Muslims to recognize other countries!

>>My friend I am not here to fight for my religion..I am trying to minimize the level of hate you people have for our religion..<<

Aamir Ali, no religion has expressed hatred for Islam. But what about Islam? It is one long diatribe against other religions. The most hated by Islam are the so-called polytheists. Jews come next. Atheists and apostates follow. Christians are not let off either. 2:88-89, 2:161 shows Allah cursing disbelievers. The rest of the Koran is peppered with many more such hate verses.

Can you bring in context to show that these verses are not eternally applicable?

>>As far as Sunnis and Shias are concerned..they will also have to answer Allah in the day of Judgement..Allah says that all matters will be settled on the day of judgement.

..but this will be too late for bad muslims and non beleivers...<<

This is going to be a tough call for Allah on judgment day as both Sunnis and Shias will swear that they are his true followers. Do you have an opinion on whether Sunnis or Shias will dominate paradise? They are going to be the only contenders as the rest of us will be being deep fried in hell.

>>Its our only chance to realize what is right and what is wrong..if you think your religion is true..analyze it neutrally and then stick to it if its right....but keep my words..this is your one and only life....<<

You have a put a sting in the tail…you are given only one chance, if you happen to be wrong (by refusing to intone the shahada even if only with your last breath) then don't tell me I didn't warn you when we meet on judgment day!

>>If islam is bad..why its ideas are successful in world...look for Islamic banking concepts..you will be convinced<<

I had to read that at least three times to convince myself that you are serious. Islamic ideas successful in the world? Apart from terrorism what other Islamic ideas are successful, my dear Aamir ali?

BANKING!! Western bankers are laughing all the way to their vaults by giving Muslims profits instead of interest.

What other Islamic ideas are successful in the world? Government? Almost all Muslim countries are dictatorships and monarchies which brutally exploit poor muslims using Islam as their cover (Saudi Arabia, Pakistan are the best examples).

Human rights? The only Muslims who have them are in infidel countries.

Women's emancipation? Impossible in true Islam, given Allah the All-wise says in: 002.228 YUSUFALI: ……..And women shall have rights similar to the rights against them, according to what is equitable; but men have a degree (of advantage) over them. And Allah is Exalted in Power, Wise.

Education? Muslims rank at the bottom of the pile. Independent rankings do not have a single university in any Islamic country in the first 2000 or so worldwide.

Science? Islamic science lost its way several centuries ago. Today Muslim science is ridiculed because of people like Maurice Buccaile, Zakir Naik, Sheikh Ibn Baz of Saudi Arabia, Harun Yahya and others. They end up tying themselves in knots trying to explain things like stars being missiles to drive away the devil, stars being in the lower heaven while the moon is in the midst of the heavens, sperm coming from somewhere near the backbone.

Your claim is also easily falsified by the example of Pakistan/Bangladesh and India. All have almost equal numbers of Muslims. Compare the condition of the Muslims in education, human rights, violence against women, scientific achievments, political power in a monotheist-Islamic as against a polytheist-secular nation.


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