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Submitted by a Filipino liberal (Philippines), Dec 31, 2006 at 14:21

I struck a nerve, I see.

Your posts are starting to become more insulting, more offensive, more... immature. There's a lot more name-calling than before, at least, which is saying something. More typos, too. Did you dash this off in a hurry? My, I really pissed you off, didn't I? Please, be assured that that was not my intent, though pissing me off sure seems to be yours.

A word of advice, and caution, from me, though. I don't think you can assemble a coherent, logical, and reasonable argument just with name-calling. It'd only end up making you look bad. In fact, if you took up debate class in school, and you either didn't or took some of that substandard "3rd World" education you keep ranting and raving about, you'd know that the object on civilized debate is to prove you are right and your opponent wrong without insulting him personally or making personal attacks, which is the fallacy of arguing ad hominem. (It's Latin, you see.) Clearly, you are disregarding this, but then again I don't think this is a debate for you. To you, this is just mudslinging, to see who can call the other the worst names before time's up. But don't you think name-calling is a somewhat immature tactic for an adult to use? And I would certainly not win in any name-calling contest, since unlike you, that is not my intention.

I'd advise you to tone it down, however. I don't know if, stupidly enough, you actually think any of this is getting to me. It's only making you look worse, and it doesn't affect me at all. Only people like Judeo-Christ would call such trash a "excellent retort".

Actually, I don't even know if it's a "she". Sounds a bit like one of those Texan-redneck types to me. That was not a compliment, by the way.

"i also called you stupid, which is the opposite of intelligent. Hurts what? who is the one living in a 3rd world country with all his fellow citizen emigrating to the fat and rich west that still hopes for a totalitarian political system to arrive (a political system that has already failed everywhere) or a fascistic death cult like islam to take over?"

Should a stupid person call someone else stupid?

I don't know that all of us are emigrating to the West, seeing as there are still about 85 million of us here. I think it'd be somewhat impossible for around 85 million people to be here and in the West at a time.

I'm not ashamed of living in a developing country actually. Circumstances and foreign domination caused us to fall behind. And personally, I think a country's moral record is a much better way to judge a country than how rich it is. Amazing how materialistic you are. And you call yourself moral? What does a reprobate like you know about morality?

Of course, if we judged countries on their international records, Western nations, particularly the US, would not look so good. Invading other countries purely for material reasons (oh, and let's not forget, to save their souls! (whether they want to or not). On the other hand, the Philippines has never invaded or even launched an offensive war against another country. Except for World War I, when the US recruited Filipino soldiers (the Philippines was then an American colony) to fight the Germans in Europe, and the Korean War, when the Philippines sent troops to the UN expeditionary force to help South Korea, and recently in Iraq, when Philippine President and loyal Bush flunky Arroyo sent troops there as part of the coalition forces in occupying, I mean, liberating, that country. That was our country's only mistake, helping the US's corrupt plan in the Middle East, and I'm glad the troops were soon pulled out.

This resulted in much flak from the US, threats to curtail aid, and insinuations that Filipinos were cowards from pea-brained radio show host Mark Williams. This is funny. We didn't leave because we were cowards, we left because we didn't believe in the cause strongly enough to risk the lives of Filipinos being kidnapped by insurgents. Anyone who calls us cowards should maybe see that we have fought three wars against countries significanty more powerful than us: Spain, the US, and Japan. Therefore, it was not cowardice. That said, all our wars were defensive excepting those three - other countries attacked us first. In fact, the Philippine constitution forbids usng the armed forces for offensive purposes, just like Japan's constitution. The difference is that this was not forced upon us by conquerors, but decided by ourselves freely.

Then of course, you could just keep saying that I'm a communist, which you continue to do until now, even though I said I wasn't. In fact, most of your posts, which appear long on the surface, actually just consist of two things: My own lines, which you quoted, and your calling me a Muslim, a communist, or something related to those. Itr's even funnier because I'm not either of them. I thought I'd tell you that once and you'd stop, but apparently I underestimated your rationality. So just keep doing that. Knock yourself out, even. It's because you've got nothing else to say.

And yes, Westerners are fat. Especially Americans.

"Now I see who's hurting. How does it feel to be always on your knees begging for money?"

Hmmm. I already said I don't give a damn about your "donations" and you can stop all of it if you want. Therefore, you can't use the "begging for money" argument. Is this the best you can do? Well, maybe you never really were that good in the first place.

"then you never knew the difference between political system and economic system. The capitalistic system is economic. What do you study in your 3rd world schools?"

Communism is an economic system as well as a political one, reprobate. Yes...I said I wouldn't call you names, but you're just pushing me over the edge with your idiocy. So I decided to use a nice long word, not like "silly" and "stupid" which are the kindergarten words that you use. Look it up in the dictionary. No, the letter "R" comes between "Q" and "S".

Politically, communism calls for a one-party state with authoritarian powers concentrated in it. Economically, it calls for complete self-sufficiency and central planning of the economy. So it is economic as well as political. The left and right wings include economic as well as political beliefs. Did you ever study at all?

"both fascism and nazism had state controlled market, therefore they were not capitalist. You can be right-wing and have a state controlled economy. I know, silly boy because fascism has been in my country and I know pretty well what economy was like. There was little free market.

again you fail miserably because you never bothered to read a book. That's a shame."

I never said they were capitalist, did I now? Don't make things up to suit your hole-filled reasoning. I said they were right-wing, because they are. I knew you would use the argument that because fascist and national socialist (extreme fascist) governments were centrally planned as well, they're not right-wing. This argument has been used before, and it's wrong, of course. While the fascists advocated central planning to strengthen the power of the state, they also suppressed and banned the labor unions and passed laws limiting workers' ability to strike, etc. Also, far from being free market as you wrongly claim, they allowed corporations to do business in the country, provided they cooperated with the government. Haven't you heard of Krupp, the tank manufacturer, Messerschmitt, the aircraft and rocketry company, IG Farben, the chemistry giant, Daimler-Benz, which built armored cars, and others in Nazi Germany? They helped build Germany's war machine during World War 2. Oh, wait, of course you wouldn't have heard, because you close your eyes and ears to any facts that don't agree with your twisted view of the world.

And it wasn't just local German companies. Even American ones did business in Germany prior to the US entry into the war. See my earlier example on IBM. Also, how General Motors, which built vehicles for the US Army after 1941, built trucks for the Wehrmacht before it. Apparently, the lure of cash and Nazi government contracts was stronger for these companies than any revulsion at Nazi Germany's ways. Well, that's capitalism for you, the system you adore so much.

The source is Joel Bakan's "The Corporation: The Psychopathic Pursuit of Profit and Power". You sorely need it. It might take off your rose-colored glasses and reveal to you something about the free-market capitalist system you adore to the point of fanaticism. But I don't think you will, since you won't read anything that doesn't agree with you, and you probably think that single-mindedly pursuing profit and power is a good thing anyway. Shame.

"trotsky was another deluded proto-commie. Next. Oh and please show me the prosperity brought to the world by Trotsky and his legacy"

You can just dispose of him easily by calling him deluded and a commie or "proto-commie", (whatever this convoluted new term of yours means), which of course makes him into the worst sinner ever. But it doesn't change the fact that he said these things. And let's not forget, Stalin had Trotsky assassinated because the two didn't see eye to eye. In George Orwell's Animal Farm he depicted the same. Next.

"no , because communists are liars and deceivers, as well as hypocritical time-servers. Never expect decency or morality from them."

Boy, am I astounded at your hubris. Don't know "hubris" either? Look it up, then. In the "H" section. Just where do you get off saying all those things about communists anyway, you hypocrite? Seems to me that you'll just keep calling me a communist no matter what I say, because you've made up your mind and you refuse to see the truth. And if I say no then you'll just say I'm lying, even if there's no reason for me to lie. Why, can you punish me for being a communist? You're not that powerful, my friend, sorry. Psychologists have a term for this kind of behavior. It's called "being in denial".

just prove me that those 3 billion people are under democracy and free market. I believe those 3 billion people are under islam (biggest menace to the human kind) or the system you love so much

Well then, sorry, because what you "believe" is wrong. They are not all living under Islam or communism. Try Mexico, which is mostly Catholic, and is a democracy. (though in fact the country is ruled by billionaire oligarchs like Carlos Slim). They are free market, and recently elected a conservative president. Or try the Philippines, which has almost the same situation, minus the plutocrats. Aren't there poor people in the United States itself? So, sorry to rain on your parade, but yes, you are wrong, again.

"the system is not perfect but so far it has proven to work on many cases. If they don't apply the system and prefer sharia law or communism, then I pity them."

"Many cases" is not "all cases". It should be "all cases".

"you failed to bring any example of your system working in any country. Again, bring one example, the rest if fluff."

That's because you keep saying that "my system" is communism. That's convenient, daring me to name one country where my system succeeded and then saying my system is communism. Very clever. In fact, there is no country where "my system" has succeeded, because no country has adopted the system I want. And of course, you haven't named a country where your system has succeeded either. Hypocrite. Note that my definition of success is that everyone, every single person, lives a comfortable and dignified life (and the definition of that is that everyone has all his needs in terms of food, clothing, shelter, medicine, etc., all his rights as a person affirmed and guaranteed by the government, and able to live life without fear. Im being lenient here and not including wants like central air-conditioning, XBox 360s and 2 extra SUVs, just needs) And I'm still waiting.

"I agree that lack of food in your country is dangerous for the proper functioning of the brain, but you claim your system is better, then bring EXAMPLES. You fail to bring, that means your are full of it."

Full of what? Arrogance? Excuse me, you're calling me arrogant? Well, I suppose you should try to, to counter my calling you arrogant. But the fact is that between the two of us, you sound like much more the arrogant one. I guess our definitions of "arrogant" are completely different, *sigh*.

"Well I confused you with one of the millions philipinos moving to the west to access a better life. You are probably envious that you are stuck there."

Yes, you did, and no, I'm not. I'm not "stuck here", I could move if I wanted to.

"You are not certaintly in one of the commie country you praise, such as cuba or north korea, that says it all in how much you believe your system works"

That's funny, first you say I believe in communism so much, and now you're saying differently? This kind of contradiction, saying one thing first and then contradicting it later in the post, has happened so often in your posts that I'm not even going to say how dumb it is anymore.

"I know you have the internet, it's western technology that brought those stuff to you. Not surely your commie friends or islamic nut-jobs in mindanao."

Please, stop trying to make out that the West is the savior of non-Westerners, that does a disservice to the millions of non-Westerners who were killed by Western imperialism. Millions more people were killed by Western imperialism than by communism, get that through your skull. Maybe then you'll feel sorry. Or not, since that's impossible for you.

You people didn't invent anything we couldn't have. You are not superior to us, even though you say you are. You are just more arrogant and more aggressive, which does not translate to superiority. And you seem to be forgetting that millions of non-Western people (you yourself said this, so don't change your tune now that it's being used against you) are living in Western countries; they have contributed to supposedly Western inventions.

I am not fat at all. I live in the country with the best food in the world.

So you say. That's a matter of opinion, and yours isn't the only opinion in the world, or the only correct one, in case you were deluded enough to believe that.

"I have moderate spare time, plus in this decadent christian countries we have the christmas holidays you know, I am just bored of deluded communists like yourself failing time after time to bring me any valid example where communist hasn't failed.

I am still waiting... I might as well wait forever."

I have some spare time too, plus in this devout Christian country we have real Christmas holidays you know, not the commercialized secular type you have there in the West (and to think you guys originally brought this religion to us; now we're the ones teaching you what it really means), I have places on the Internet and in real life I'd much prefer to be, rather than having this tedious talk with an incorrigible conservative like you, I just think I am fulfilling my duty by continuing to argue with deluded conservatives like yourself, failing time after time to offer any responses to my arguments that don't involve a label or insult of some sort.

I am still waiting...I might as well wait forever.


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