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Submitted by a Filipino liberal (Philippines), Dec 30, 2006 at 04:13

"I cannot let go a snobbish leftist moon bat like yourself telling us those sort of crap."

susan, it's already a FACT that there are poor people in America, it's been PROVEN, so why argue?

"If you stopped for a second whining about MONEY you would find out that GDP ("richness" as you spoiled communist like to say) is not the sole index on how to judge a country.

Why some EU countries are poor? Because they have been under communism (your friends) or military regimes (probably your other friends)."

I'm not using GDP to judge countries. That would be you. If we used GDP to judge countries, even countries with many poor people, like the US, would seem rich. The measure I use is average per-capita income, which is a far more accurate measurement of a country's economic welfare, if you believe, as I do (and of course you don't because you are selfish) that everyone should have at least a comfortable standard of living.

And what exactly is a "spoiled communist"?

Military regimes, my friends? Come on now, sue, don't just lump all the "unsavories" as my friends. We all know that it's the US historically, which supported these right-wing authoritarian military regimes, choosing to ignore their totalitarianism because they were anti-communist. Suharto, Pinochet, Marcos, and others. You can't deny this...I'd like to see you slither out of this one.

"yes they are, their religion forbids critical thinking."

This complete falsehood has been ratted out so many times by conservatives here that I think I'll put you all in your place once and for all. Islam's Prophet Muhammad himself said that "the seeking of knowledge is the duty of every Muslim, whether man or woman." Therefore, how can the religion be against critical thinking. Certainly, Islam would be no more against critical thinkking than a certain major religion which ostracized and arrested Copernicus and Galileo for claiming the blasphemy that the earth revolves around the sun. Know which religion that is?

"no, you're just a hypocritical... guy that is not grateful, but what can we do?"

What is strange about this picture? I already said I'm grateful to those people, and then you say I'm not? If I weren't grateful, why should I say I am? If I weren't, wouldn't I say so. Oh, but I forgot, you're so all-knowing and everything, just like a god, that you know what I believe better than I do myself.

No, you're ignorant, but you're just really arrogant. But what can I do?

Hypocritical, huh? I don't think, somehow, that a hypocrite such as you yourself are is qualified to call me one. And by calling me a hypocrite, you are now doubly hypocritical. You're adding to your sins at an incredible pace.

"the church doesnt' care propping up friendly regimes."

I never mentioned the Church, I'm referring to the US government's aid program. I don't know whether you're starting to have hallucinations or whatever.

"Us popularity is flagging but when you're in trouble who do you call? when you need to emigrate, where do you go?"

I wouldn't call on the US for help. I'm not emigrating to the US or anywhere else for that matter.

And another thing. You seem to still be laboring under the delusion that the US is still popular in the Philippines. They are not. Not only Muslim Filipinos but even Christian ones such as myself are anti-US, which ought to put your belief that only Muslims dislike the US in its place, the garbage can.

Filipinos just needed the "Subic rape case" where US Marine Lance Corporal Daniel Smith was found guilty and sentenced to 40 years in jail in the Philippines, by a Filipino court, to show that US involvement in our country is doing more harm than good. susan, you should be proud of your rapist countrymen. These are the people who are fighting for freedom and democracy all over the world. Yeah. Right.

"unlike an anti-semitic like yourself, usa wants to save the last leaflet of land by the jews. Ethiopia has receved BILLIONS. They went to waste, not our fault. The jews knows how to use the money. Sorry for you. You probably buy the muslim propaganda of your mindanao heroes that the jews are sons of apes and pigs.

Well they are not, they are able to turn sand into gardens. Something your pretty muslim brothers won't do even with a magic wang."

Where do you get off spouting falsehoods and half-truths like this? Yes, Ethiopia and other African countries (Chad, Angola, etc.) have received billions in aid, especially since the G8 meeting that decided to give greater focus to Africa. What you conveniently neglected to mention is that Israel has still received billions more, then and now.

"the real reason for the aid is to help 20 million people preserve themselves from extinction."

Only someone like you believes this. Take off your rose-colored glasses, as well as the huge log in your eye, so that you can see better.

"If israel didn't have the whole muslim plague all over them there would be no need for USA help. Do you think USA NEEDS to buy israel's simpathy? how many other countries care about israel?"

Hey, many countries, including the Philippines, have good relations with Israel. I am not anti-Semitic as you claim, I don't hate Jews in general, but I do believe that the Palestinians have the right to form their own state, comprised by the West Bank, West Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip. I am against Israeli attempts to deny them this, as well as Israel's many war crimes aginst the Palestinian people and complete disregard for international law. But hey, since they're the "chosen people", they hardly have to concern themseves with such mundane things as laws made by humans. Tee hee.

Of course, if your definition of anti-Semitic is the conservative one, that is,criticizes Israel for the things they do, even if they actually are wrong, then yes, I am anti-Semitic. And if you really do think that way, then I won't even give a damn anymore about anything else you have to say on this matter.

"of course 3rd world boy, after you cash the money is not saying much"

3rd world boy, LOL. I like your racist style,

You seem to be under the impression the money goes straight to me. It goes to the government, silly. I don't even touch it.

"comparatively saudi arabia gives less than luxembourg and if you think luxembourg has an income slightly comparable to saudi arabia..."

Interesting! First you keep going on about how poor all Middle Eastern countries are, then now you imply that Saudi Arabia is a rich country? Which is it, sue? Or do you only use facts when they're convenient?

By the way, Luxembourg may be small and sparsely populated, but it has one of the highest per-capita incomes in Europe, and the world.

"instead the communist paradise is the answer. look how wonderfully it worked in the soviet union"

Changing the topic, another conservative tactic of desperation. You still didn't respond directly to my statement, that freedom alone will not make everybody rich, or even comfortable. Because that's what I said, not that "communism is the answer". Don't make excuses, don't try to change the topic when you can't answer, just admit you lost. I sense you're starting to get desperate, so don't push yourself too hard in trying to answer me. It might be bad for your health.

"you want a nanny state to provide everything even for lazy asses (as yourself) unwilling to work"

Interesting how you "know" so much about me. Do you maybe have a crystal ball stashed there, or something, so you can see just what I do in my daily life?

you know absolutely nothing about me, don't call me a "lazy ass" just for the sake of calling me names. On the other hand, judging by the number of your posts here, it seems as though you spend all your time on this site. Maybe you're unemployed?

I don't want a "nanny state" (another conservative term, like "Islamofascist"). I want a government that will control the excessive power of the rich, that will stand up for the dispossessed, that will help them find useful work that will benefit society and the country and provide aid in the meantime, and that will provide permanent aid for those who are really unable to work. You talk so big, like you're so proud of being a working person in society, condemning the poor as lazy, when you don't even seem to know that many poor are children, past retirement age, sick physically or mentally, missing limbs, etc. You expect these people to work? If you do, you're an even bigger asshole than I thought. You are so conceited, but you don't even know anything.

"pointless that you underling your cheap communist propaganda, i suppose you are going to eat crow, there isn't a single country where "your system" is running smoothly"

Where's a country where your system is working properly. Tell me one country where the capitalist system produced prosperity for everyone, then criticize me about "underling" that sentence.

"thinking about the international aid given to philipines, if they went all to feed people like yourself and infesting them with pseudo communist ideology, it was indeed a waste of money

there should be a way to call back those money."

Now you blackmail me about withdrawing aid from the Philippines. That's another use for foreign aid, as a threat. I forgot to mention that in my earlier post - thanks for mentioning it, you did me a great service. Go ahead, withdraw the aid. I don't want it, and we can live without it. Without the aid, the US can't manipulate our country anymore. But you can't. You don't have the power to withdraw it, and the aid doesn't actually go to me, either, unlike what you seem to believe. So you can't do anything.

I'll tell you something though - believe it or not, the US needs us more than we need them. Go ahead, laugh and scoff at it, but it's true.

Actually, what disappoints me the most is how no one seemed to have gotten the real reason I put that original post on this topic. Mr. Pipes site is a conservative site, meaning it should deal with the whole wide range of topics that concern conservatives. But since 9/11, his articles have mostly focused on the war on terror, preserving Western civilization, the radical Muslim threat, etc. In fact, this article is about terrorism. So why would I suddenly write a post about economics and social welfare, among other things? The reason is because I want people to know that there are many reasons people would turn to terrorism in this day and age, and contrary to what Bush and his minions want us to think, they are not all religious, even in the case of Muslims. There are also political and economic reasons, that they believe to be injustices, that's why they turn to violent terrorism. It doesn't justify their methods, but I think that some of their grievances are, in fact, well-warranted and just, and I also am not the biggest fan of the US, though I don't support these Muslim terrorists, either. I know what Bush said, that "you're either with us or against us", but I don't care about that, and I'm neutral. And personally, if a person is arrogant enough to say "you're either with us or against us", I'd be against him.


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