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Reader comment on item: How to End Terrorism:
in response to reader comment: Yes, I condemn all that.

Submitted by susan (Italy), Dec 13, 2006 at 18:19

"Yes. Do you condemn the mistreatment of women in Christianity? My aunt works in the ER, she meets them everyday."

there is no mistreatment of women in christianity mandated by bible or bible teaching. Our bible is not taken as the literal word of god, therefore the literal interpretation is wrong, it is widely known, unlike your koran that is a presumed literal word of some moon god.

Also, the "presumed" mistreatment of christian women doesn't INVOLVE muslims at all, at any level. The mistreatment of muslim women in WESTERN LANDS involves unfortunately the WESTERN PEOPLE that have to pay for their education, their medical treatment when the muslim husbands beat them, etc.

2 totally different things.

I would like to hear how pathetic your presumed cases of mistreatment of christian women in christianity. I am ready to laugh.

"Yes. But out of the hundreds of Muslims I know, I've never met one that wants that, even the few that wear a face veil. How many do you know well, by the way?"

I keep myself at distance from any muslim. I don't need to talk or relate to any muslim and even if I had to, I would walk 10 miles far to avoid them. However the burqa'd women make headline news and someone bothered to estimate a count, even if they amount of 50 in a population of 50 millions it's still TOO MANY. One is already TOO MANY. Then you have the non-veiled muslims that are OK with the practice even if they don't do it themselves.

You muslims are obsessed with numbers, we are obsessed with principles. If you are photographed for identification on your transport subscription, YOU HAVE TO SHOW BOTH transport subscription and FACE. Otherwise under a burqa anybody would be able to travel with YOUR passport. Same goes with walking around covered. Normal people are arrested when they are covered, the only people with face covered are bank robbers. PERIOD, no discussions about it.

After the veil, you have the request of separated cemetaries, separated swimming pool, separated gym lessons, separated beaches, separated WHATEVER else you can think of. And the number of crazy requests GROWS together with the muslim people wanting it. Requests that NO other minority would even DARE to ask.

To sum it up, even ONE is too much. PS: I would ban all kinds of muslim veils, not just the burqas. It reminds kaffirs all the pain they have suffered under islam through centuries. It's a reminder of our suffering.

"That's humanity, not Islam. Go talk to my dear Christian friend, sweetest lady I know, that gets smacked upside the head everytime she doesn't "submit to" or "obey" her husband. Those jerks are all over the place. They all are a bunch of pathetic fools, regardless of being Muslim, Christian, or whatever."

no dear deluded one. We haven't got a sentence in the bible that says "if a woman don't obey beat her".

And even if we had, as I wrote earlier, the bible is NOT to be followed LITERALLY, otherwise, we would be almost as barbarians as YOU are. The bible carries the line "an eye for an eye", so think about what "christians" would have done after 9-11 if we followed the bible sentence "an eye for an eye", we have grown over it.

Also we have the church, that as despised as it can be it helps updating the christians customs and practices. It's an institution made by man and has fallacies, but nowhere a pope has OKed beating women or treating women as second class human beings.

I cannot say the same for your IMAMS, your mullahs, your muftis.

In our religion, the woman, holy mary, is the mother of christ. She is venerated by both men and women. In islam women are famous for being sex slaves of a pornographer prophet, nothing more than prostitutes or child prostitutes. Big difference.

So while a non-muslim man mistreats women for his own stupidity, tradition, personal problems and not for a chistian principle, the muslim man does it OUT of islam teachings.

"What do I say? I married one. I don't have to say anything. "

well YOU didn't have to say anything because you didn't need to go to embassies. However my press is full of letters from muslim women going to morocco and tunis and egypt embassies in italy asking for documents to be able to marry a local guy and they are called whores because they marry a dirty infidel. And remember that places like Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt are not starving thanks to KAFFIR money coming from italians vacationing there. This is the big thank you from kind muslims to one of the few sources of their income. Not that we must buy their appreciation, but some silly might think that north africa for historical reasons and recent reason is more europe friendly than far east asia countries. No vietnamese or cambodian embassy pulls such things.

Think about the nice thing that you can remain muslim while marrying a christian, while the opposite is not possible, it's not even thinkable.

"I know LOTS of Christians that say the same about a Christian woman marrying a Muslim. "

You know one easy thing? nobody even bothered to know what you were before 9-11. Now thanks to the good publicity you had from the actions of your fellow muslims you have to pay this price.

You cannot complain, you could see it coming, there are some missionaries or the few minorities living in muslim countries telling us "we warned you, we told you how they were, but you didn't believed us".

"There is the Baptist lady that when she found out her son was gay said, "well, thank God he's not Muslim". "

WOW, backward baptists are not homophobic anymore! Great news

I'd say the same. That woman is right on the money. Instead of blaming her, you should blame your fellow muslims who you probably think they are perfection on earth.

"But I've just been getting creamed here. Thanks for the welcome."

time is over for words, it's late, you had centuries to try to improve your cult, you never tried. some people on this forum (me included) think islam is more damaging than communism+nazism, you CANNOT do anything to change the situation by writing on a forum and EXPECTING greetings, and moreover you WON'T do anything to change the situation. If the muslims take over you will say "ok guys I am by your side", if they lose, you stick to your christian husband. You have a very comfortable life, either way. We have everything to lose.

You are probably a convert, but born and raised in USA so you cannot understand what happens in daily life in real muslim lands. Instead if you are originally from muslim countries you could at least do something for the minorities there. But you WON'T. Muslims help muslims. Not dirty infidels.

If I was really disgusted at something I'd leave it. There are many christians that apostatized because they were disgusted or disagreed with some things or ideas from the church. However, becoming agnostic/atheist from christianity is perfectly legal and some people rather stick to their personal moral principles than an organized religion. That doesn't mean they oppose christianity, they just think it's not for them. Nothing wrong with that.

i'd like to see muslims drop islam en masse but it is made in a way that it's impossible to fully believe someone that calls himself apostate (which is banned and punished).

"I still appreciate your insights and your right to speak. I won't stop listening just because I don't always agree with what you say, or crazy things you ask me."

my questions weren't stupid or crazy. After all 40% of muslims in britains would welcome sharia law and before you speak

a) it's not a media made up

b) 40% is a hell of a high number

c) it's not some light version of sharia they talk about and anyway, ANY sharia being a modern apartheid is against the law and an aborrhent idea for the non-muslims

now you will tell me that "you don't know anybody that think like that". Well I also know from a friend that a sincere muslim he met said "we are keeping low profile now because we are 2-3%, but when we will be the majority it will be a different matter".

I don't understand why whites in south africa got so much heat from the rest of the "civilized" world about how wrong their aparteid was and nobody cares when the biggest apartheid is under our eyes since 7th century.

You mention the "crimes" of christians in america probably meaning slavery, yet the only countries where slavery is still present AND not forbidden by law are muslim (saudi, mauritania, mali and sudan).

We had the courage to speak against fellow WHITE, CHRISTIAN and WESTERN dutch people in south africa but NO muslim NOWHERE is speaking against fellow muslims. And don't talk about "fake" reforms like in turkey or the touristic places in north africa. The bulk of people is deeply anti-christian so much that the very small community has to gather in number smaller than 15 per group not to attract too much negative attention. Strange, because it was the muslim arabs that raped the whole north africa that was previously of NATIVE beduins NON-muslims.

We had the courage to bomb serbians (christians) that amount to some few millions against muslims kosovars, knowing that milosevich wasn't a THREAT to the rest of EU. I am still puzzled about WHY we did it. Muslims are currently defecating inside christian churches in south serbia and kosovo thanks to our stupidity.

I have yet to see a positive point about muslims. But thanks to your great religion, my descendants will be converted by force, killed or made to live like third class human beings.

Oh, the joys of the religion of peace!


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