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Reader comment on item: How to End Terrorism:
in response to reader comment: Your response has good comedy value, but not much else.

Submitted by susan (Italy), Dec 27, 2006 at 17:41

"Now, watch as I destroy each of your silly little "arguments" one by one."

anyone who still thinks communism is the way should be pitied for his lack of knowledge of politics and history.

"Of course, some of this might be a little offensive to people like you. But then, since you've already said a lot of insulting things to me in your posts, it might be a bit hypocritical for you to criticize me. Oh wait, I forgot, since you're so important and all, you can't be insulted, but you can insult everyone else, right?"

silly kids from the 3rd world whining about a system that collapsed on its ASS have all the rights to be ridiculed, possibly publicly. Communism murdered 100 milion people. And it's still killing nowadays. In some countries of the east europe side they are planning on BANNING even the term. So silly philipino boys like yourself would pay a fine for even mentioning your beloved word "communism". They are thinking on banning it such as NAZISM is BANNED in germany. Got it? ... Those people have experienced HELL and survived and surely would gladly kick your butt for undervaluing their sufferings by pushing a criminal agenda.

"Actually, I'm a liberal. Are you a fascist?!"

No, and thats another proof of how you don't know anything about politics and political system.

"I already know you're an Islamophobic type who doesn't care about Muslims... "

islamophobic, made-up term by PC media, communists and whining muslims to describe who points out that they are not the master race as they think they are.

And yes, I don't care about the sufferings of a supremacist group of people driven by the aim of annihilating anyone else that doesn't think like they do.

"I am quite aware of Muslim imperialism, and here's my response: Apparently, you don't get that the "they do it too" argument doesn't absolve you from guilt."

it doesn't absolve me from guilt but it absolves me from feeling any kind of pity for them

"And one more thing - Western imperialism took over a larger part of the world than Muslim imperialism ever did. The Muslims took Spain, the Middle East, parts of Africa, Asia Minor, Central Asia, India, and parts of Southeast Asia. Western imperialism took the entire world. So there's no comparison. Of course, knowing you, you'd probably say next that that was something to be proud of."

here again, your deep ignorance of the basic facts of hystory. Too bad your 3rd world country cannot provide a good history lesson.

Here's the list of empires by landmass, the arab one is ranked pretty high, and if by western you put together empires that have nothing to do with each other (for example, british empire+spanish empire) you are laughable.


Second of all, western imperialism brought surely more prosperity than anything brought by muslims. Muslims are all parasites that need a living body to suck life from. That's what they did since the beginning of time. Their religion forbids any kind of critical thinking therefore all inventions, discoveries, art, literature has been done by NON-muslim people under muslim rule. Then the muslims benefitted from it.

Evidence is places like anatolia, when deprived of jews+christians it became a swamp called turkey, a 3rd world country by any standard. Still today the richest families in those countries are jews and christians.

Same thing is happening in lebanon. Places like thailand being full of industrious and hard working people (ethnic chineses) are rising up with tourism but the muslim parts of those countries (pattani province) is a slump of illiteracy, war, unemployment.

What we see now, it's just the large scale reproduction of what was in the past. Arab imperialism merely stole stuff, didn't bring anything positive to the already advanced civilization it destroyed.

"It's called "recognizing your mistakes". But I suppose that would be an alien concept to you. Of course, I never oppressed any Muslims myself. But since I'm part of the group that did, it's my duty at least to be apologetic. "

I usually don't apologize when there's no need to. I usually don't apologise to people that are not willing to apologise for doing the very same stuff, just MORE and MORE FREQUENTLY. Then if you think that by apologising the muslims in mindanao will give you an award, you are more deluded than I thought.

"Well, since we now consider ourselves more civilized than these ancient civilizations (that's why they're ancient; we should have progressed since then), "

very wrong. The greeks of those times, the egyptians of THOSE times were FAR MORE ADVANCED than the barbaric muslims. And I use the term barbaric loosely because the real barbarians (vandals, huns, vikings) were far more civilized than the muslims.

"Check your facts please. Haven't you ever heard of Unocal in Myanmar? "

bla bla bla, guess what? they are practicing your beloved communism. Anyway, I merely proved that myanmar and probably others with it, are a 3rd world country with NO other foreign country "stealing" from them. They are poor for lack of democracy or a proper government.

This is NOT the west's fault.

"Oh, and what you said about brains, should I consider that an insult? 'Cause I don't think you're the best qualified to say such a thing, if you know what I mean."

I said the sentence in general terms, but if you feel it can apply to your LACK of knowledge in everything, then go with it.

"I said earlier that you are a racist. I still think you are, but from this and your other posts here (you pretty prolific here, I see) you're only an anti-Muslim racist, not anti-all non-whites, like some people I've seen on the Net. That's one thing going for you."

1) if you think i am impressed by a 3rd worldist nostalgic of communism, apologetic of mohammeddans thinks of me, you are oh so wrong

2) LOL, anti-muslim racist, as if being muslim is a race, check a dictionary and see what "race" means

"As to the treatment of Filipinos in the Middle East, refer to what I said above. I'm quite aware of the treatment of Filipinos by some Muslims."

not by SOME MUSLIMS. By ALL MUSLIMS. When you have a holy book dictating the superiority of a race (the arab race) and in wider terms of a religion (islam) over the others and you have NOBODY in that religion wanting to change it, because the koran is the immutable word of god then you should understand who the real racist is, but you prefer to call me racist as you know i am too civilized to do anything. Your brothas muslims instead will gladly slit your throat.

"And I'm just as angry about that as well."

No, you don't care, you are just a commie whining about nothing, while the real tragedies are under your eyes. It's soooo cool for a commie nostalgic whining about the sins of the west, rather than facing the real enemy.

"And racism and prejudicial treatment against Filipinos (or in the case of the Middle East, it appears to be because they're mostly Christian) exists all over the world, in Singapore too (the case of Flor Contemplacion) and of course in the West."

There is no evidence of racism in the west to philipinos. Your brothers muslims are behaving so bad that every stupid nowadays can see who are the communities causing problems (muslims) and the ones NOT causing problems (non-muslim asians, chineses, east europe, south americans). After 9-11 and the other gifts from muslims, the rates of non-muslim immigrants have risen up greatly, we came to the point that being a black from africa is NOT a problem anymore if you are non-muslim.

Many politicians are calling for immigration from non-muslim countries, no matter how poor. That's a big improvement

"Human nature is selfish in general, that's why we have to try to overcome it."

first take care of the people in your own country, then when in USA, UK, France, Spain etc every single person will be fed, healthy and happy, start to LOOK outside.

That's not being selfish, that's being practical, fair, just and moral

The opposite of being selfish is stealing the food from the dish of your own children to boost your ego in saying you are feeding some poor in guyana.

"First a deluded Muslim, now a deluded communist."

it has been proven that there's a link between the two, both represent a failed system that proved to be damaging and unfit. So my doubts are justified. The perfect sintex of the two is a leftist muslim apologist.

"It sounds like you just throw around names to insult without understanding the true meaning."

well, if you think that "communist" and "muslim" are insults that's your perception. Granted if someone would call me muslim or communist, I'd take it really bad, but if you are a muslim apologist and a nostalgic of communism I don't see where the insult is.

Is monarchic an insult? Is presbiterian an insult?

"I bet you just call anyone who disagrees with you that, don't you?"

I call "muslim" the ones that are really muslims or behave like that, I call leftist/communists the ones behaving like communists. I call other names people behaving otherwise.

"Oh, and mind control? I don't have that ability, sorry. "

you don't have the ability to travel to some communist country and see how's life there?, I don't think north korea is far from where you live, also if you buy some books on pol pot, staling, gulags etc you can find some nice stories of how your "methods" of good communist government worked

"have you ever heard of how Kim Jong-il keeps the peasant population in hardship, while tourist attractions and hotels (off limits to North Koreans) and Korean government people and buildings and diplomats from other countries to North Korea, are kept fully equipped and wined and dined with the most expensive luxury cars and wines bought from multinational companies? And I never heard of one of those diplomats refuse all this good stuff because they knew the North Korean people were living in poverty."

ooooh, here you cross the border

so the invention of communism is FAULT of the diplomats travelling in north korea?

the people in north korea are starving because some diplomat is drinking wine in hotels?

I am sure you are able to blame communism in north korea to some western power or some past western civilization.

Get over it, the west (past AND present) is NOT the source of all evils and the 3rd worldists are not the source of all positive things. It's quite the contrary. Among its many cons free market+democracy has proven itself to be the only way possible, it's not the best, but for now it's the least bad.

If you think the islamic caliphate is the answer, prepare yourself to convert or die.


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