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Submitted by susan (Italy), Dec 30, 2006 at 15:02

"Oh, so not me then. Because as already explained to you (not like it'll go through your skull thickened by years of right-wing indoctrination, but there you go, that just goes to show you how persevering I am in dealing with hopeless cases) I'm not a communist."

typical of communist, deny deny. Lenin used to say that deception is the way.

"Hey, haven't you heard that the terms "First World" and "Third World" shouldn't be used anymore?"

I never used the term first world, and the term 3rd world has been used by yourself.

"A large group of sociologists and others around the world are saying the use of these terms should be discouraged, because 1) It reeks of arrogance 2) It's condescending 3) It makes it look as though "First World nations are ahead (in first place) of the "third-place" nations just because they're "developed". If you ask me, that would not be my first criteria in detemining whether a country is good."

as proven you are arrogant. Since you used the term 3rd world yourself

"And secondly,...you are wrong in simply declaring that anyone has the rights (wrong usage, it should be the ridiculers who have the right, not the ridiculed) to be ridiculed. And who gave you the right to say that?"

I never said ANYONE, I said "silly kids from the 3rd world whining about a system that collapsed on its butt have all the rights to be ridiculed, possibly publicly"

So it's not anyone.

"I just thought you weren't racist against Filipinos. Guess I was wrong. Now you have nothing going for you. Apparently, Filipinos are only good, when they're living in First World countries, otherwise they're 3rd World scumbags."

It seems that when they come out they study more. In your case you're still at a pathetic level of whining.

"Lastly, as if you care about those people you say suffered under communism. You don't. They're just tools to bolster your arguments."

I work for free in my spare time with an organization that provides help (not monetary help but free courses, free advisor help) to people from former communist EU countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, Hungary etc etc. So wrong again, stupid.

"How is it proof, fool? At least I asked whether you were a fascist first, not like you, who called me a communist immediately. NOW who doesn't know anything? Owned!"

owned? ...what are you going to tell me next? that your dad's car is bigger than my dad?

There should be some age check to write on this forum. 12 year old kids ...should stick to play ing in their sand box

"Oh, you mean just like "Islamofascist" was made up? I get it. And the master race? Wouldn't it be whites and Jews who think that way? You're proof already."

the koran has been written 1400 years ago, the arab race is described there as the race that should rule on everybody. hitler came 1300 years after.

Still about what the muslim did first and whites followed LATER, here's what Hitler had to say about the genocide of jews


I have issued the command — and I'll have anybody who utters but one word of criticism executed by a firing squad — that our war aim does not consist in reaching certain lines, but in the physical destruction of the enemy. Accordingly, I have placed my death-head formations in readiness — for the present only in the East — with orders to them to send to death mercilessly and without compassion, men, women, and children of Polish derivation and language. Only thus shall we gain the living space (Lebensraum) which we need. Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?

Kevork B. Bardakjian, Hitler and the Armenian Genocide (Cambridge, Massachusetts: The Zoryan Institute, 1985).

So Hitler wrongly thought that he could go away with the jews genocide because only 20 years before the muslims got away with the armenians genocide. Too bad hitler didn't know that non-white and/or non-christians are allowed to do everything without apologising.

"You actually, openly stated that you don't care about the sufferings of an entire group of people. "

do you care about the suffering of charles manson? I don't

"I could report you to Interpol for this. Advocating the destrustion of an entire race of people is a crime, you know. susan, a mastermind of genocide?"

about you reporting me to the interpol, BWHAHA.

Too funny to imagine the face of those people when you still with your bucket and palette (coming from your sand box where you usually play) to denounce words on the internet.

Should you also bring the koran that predicts the annihilation of all non-muslims? no, of course, a commie like yourself is pro-muslim. Have fun when they will force you to pray to mecca.

Genocide? the practice has been perfected by muslim 1400 years ago, but the western civilization, too much politically correct decided to establish the world only after hitler. Therefore the 1400 years of genocide done by muslims don't count.

That's the hypocricy you promote.

Yes, go to the interpol...

"Nah. As much as you want to do it you can't. You don't have the power to do any of this. So I'm actually not worried at all. All you can do is rant and spout your venom on Internet boards, like Adolf Hitler before he became Fuhrer. The only difference between the two of you is that unlike him, you can never become that powerful. So just carry on as you are. You can't do anything."

be sure, that when the muslims will take over mindanao and the rest of philippines, I won't move a finger. But I know already you will side with the master race because people with small penis complex as yourself need a totalitarian cult to be "someone". Islam fits deluded minds like yourself.

"First, some more racist poison from Lady susan. History happens to be my best subject (that and English, which is why my English is clearly better than yours, even though I'm not a native speaker.) And I happen to think my knowledge of history is better than yours too, thank you very much."

oooh, I see, putting together the spanish empire+english empire belonging to different eras and calling it altogether "western empires" like they were somewhat connected is a very good history point!

Plus you know nothing of political entities and nothing about nazism and fascism. I told you already I am redy to hear that your dad's car is faster than mine. I think we are closer to this kind of sentences.

"You say that the Arab empire is ranked pretty high, but even then I see that the British Empire is the largest world empire, on its own, even without adding other Western empires as you accuse me of. So you have been omitting data that doesn't agree with your thesis, while including a link, so I can see it? Not very smart. If you're going to lie, you should do it properly."

Compared to what the arab did for civilization which is nothing it's a pretty huge empire. Then of course they have been kicked back to the sand where they belong, but still their imperialism is there under everybody's eyes, except the ones of a silly boy from philipines that doesn't know history or else.

"And as a matter of fact, yes, I have been adding up all the Western empires. So British + Spanish + French + Portuguese + Italian + German. (These are the European countries that had colonial empires). "

LOL, if they were an altogether empire why they didn't put themselves together?

Why I cannot put together the old russian empire+ming dinasty empire to make some other maths?

Why I cannot add apples and oranges?

Why I cannot add the huns of attila and the maori in australia? just for the sake of it. Just because a silly boy from philipines likes to do maths this way.

... Oh you're right, in every history class they tell you when they explain to you the spanish empire that "well, let's put it together with the british empire and the roman empire, because you know, it's all white bad people". Is that how history is taught in your country? LOL

"Besides, when you're boasting about the West's achievements, you include things invented by Westerners in all Western countries (British scientists, French scientists, German scientists, etc.) as one group. And now suddenly you don't want to count all their empires as one? "

since when the invetions by a single person belong to EMPIRES? do you say that the light bulb has been invented by the american empire? or by Edison?

Do you also say that radioactive material has been studied by the french empire or Marie curie?

"Come on now, sue, we both know that the West had purely selfish reasons for colonizing the rest of the world, and for you to deny it is even more evil."

restrain to call me sue, since we are not relatives or even friends...

Secondly, yes I am evil as all the white people, isn't it, philipino sucking the western money?

The west is only good to give charity "gimme gimme gimme" is the imperative. I really wished your place to be colonized by muslims, now you'd be in a madrassa indoctrinated about the superiority of a race you don't belong to (the arab one) in a language that's not yours (arabic) chanting death to america and death to israel.

Oh, my bad, you are doing the same, but not in a madrassa. Little difference.

"The West didn't bring us any prosperity we could not have achieved on our own."

I seriously doubt that philippines could discover penicillin, but hey that's one of the things in the package of western stuff you have. Too bad you cannot reject the whole package, then we would laugh.

"They actually stole from us. They stole our time, our people, the fruits of our labor, our resources, our land, and most of all, our freedom. "

typical leftist babbling. I say watch your close neighbour malaysia, ruled by the muslims. See how they prosper with their religious bigotry.

Oh, I see, to a leftist commie like yourself everything done by white men is bad, while everything done by brownish people is good, even if it's suppressing all freedoms.

Got it, typical leftist thinking.

"Then, you reheat the oft-repeated argument on this board that Muslims contributed nothing original to society. This argument is so obviously false and stupid it's a wonder that it keeps being repeated. I don't even have to dignify it with a response."

LOL, that means, there isn't a single thing that muslims brought to civilization that hasn't been stolen but I cannot make up any other reply at the moment.

"You just hate apologizing for mistakes. Just say it like that. And if you think that Muslims inflicted more suffering on people than the West did, you're wrong. "

More precisely they inflicted suffering on everybody, muslim commie.

It was true 1400 years ago, and it's true now, and all the years in between. Google janissary, see how the black slaves were castrated because arabs didn't want blacks to breed.

"Oh no, not this crap again. You are completely ignorant of history."

too bad it's my history, while your history is some indigenous islanders that had no civilization before the spanish conquest... How pathetic is that?

"Yes, the Muslims were more advanced and lived more comfortably than their Christian contemporaries at this time."

...the muslims in arabia were living in tents, the muslims in the former anatolia were living off the greek civilization, as well as the others in north africa and south spain and sicily were living off the ancient roman civilization.

The only muslim thinkers were averroes and avicenna, both jailed for their studies that were NON-complient with islamic teachings, how "modern" and "advanced" is that?

They had the same fate of Galileo. OH wait, Galileo was on trial but never jailed. Avicenna was jailed. Because islam forbids any critical thinking and anything outside their teachings.

Be aware when you expose your communist philosophy to muslims, they might not like it.

About your babbling of the middle ages update yourself, ignorant philipino from 3rd world: Historically this period has been more pejoratively termed the "Dark Ages" by some Western European historians. The term "Dark Ages" has now fallen from favour, partly to avoid the entrenched stereotypes associated with the phrase, but partly because more recent research and archaeological findings about the period has revealed that complex cultural influences persisted throughout this period.

The "High Middle Ages" describes the expansionist culture and intellectual revival from the late 11th century to the beginning of the 14th (the "12th Century Renaissance"). The High Middle Ages saw an explosion in population. In central and northern Italy and in Flanders the rise of towns that were self-governing to some degree within their territories marked a beginning for re-urbanization in Western Europe.

...Tell it to muslims in nigeria where muslims clerics are forbidding anti-polio medicines and vaccines because it's made by the jooooos.

"This isn't the first time I've seen this, classic conservative defense. Mr. Pipes had an article on this too. And my answer is this: Why are anti-Semitic people called racists? Isn't Judaism a religion?

*the sound of silence*"

silence comes from ignorant philipino boys.

As a matter of fact anti semitic people aren't called racists, they are 2 separate entities, but you should ask to your muslim racist and anti-semitic friends, a group of which you are part of.

It just takes so little effort to see that

Judaism shares some of the characteristics of a nation, an ethnicity, a religion, and a culture, making the definition of who is a Jew vary slightly depending on whether a religious or national approach to identity is used. For discussions of the religious views on who is a Jew and how these views differ from each other, please see Who is a Jew?. Generally, in modern secular usage, Jews include three groups: people who practice Judaism and have a Jewish ethnic background (sometimes including those who do not have strictly matrilineal descent), people without Jewish parents who have converted to Judaism; and those Jews who, while not practicing Judaism as a religion, still identify themselves as Jewish by virtue of their family's Jewish descent and their own cultural and historical identification with the Jewish people.

It's true that you can become a jew by conversion, but since jews don't proselytize it's likely that they are jews by descent. Therefore here's how a religion can be identification of a specific group of people.

This lesson was free for ignorant philipino boys

"By SOME Muslims... Oh, and there, you proved me right to call you a racist by showing you're anti-Arab, not just anti-Muslim. People like you are so easy to manipulate."

unlike philipino boys indoctrinated with communism and relativism... talking about civilizations they don't know and parts of the world they only deam of...

The silly philipino boy can call me what you want, the opinion of a useless person that by mistake came across the computer of his father is of no effect on me.

"And you, civilized? When hell freezes over, maybe.

Lastly, I'm a Catholic Christian, but if you want to continue spouting falsehoods, fine; suits my purposes. It's on you."

Actually according to Dante's inferno (something that you silly philipino boys don't know) there are some parts of hell frozen. But what can you know? you reject history because it's white imperialism on 3rd world countries like yours! Read the koran, that's real knowledge.

"Since you have no answer to this entire part of my argument, you just ignored it completely. Some crcaks appearing in your armor there, I see. "

while I fail to understand why a silly boy from philipines meant with "crcaks", since he is so arrogant to state that his english is better than mine, I am still waiting to know which white western country is stealing from Burma/Myanmar.

While I wait, you might provide a definition of "crcaks" you master of the english language. BTW, isn't learning a language from the evil british empire a bad thing for you? You are using the language of the bad white man, silly philipino boy.

"Not smart, sue. Not clever."

phily boy when you will sound clever I will whistle, for now it hasn't happened. BTW, between you and me there's a civilization gap, so please restrain from being so informal. After all, you despise everything that's white and western.

"And how in the world did you prove that Myanmar had no foreign country stealing from it? I just said that Unocal was taking Myanmar's oil (with the govvernment's help) and then you say this? Are you really obtuse, or are you just playing dumb?"

no it's just that philipino boys like yourself cannot understand that even the most corrupted governments don't give something for nothing. The government receives money that later uses for himself and not the people.

This is NOT the west's fault.

"Evidence aside from you? Just type "anti-Filipino racism" in Google and you'll get all the evidence you want. How about US radio talk show host Mark Williams awarding his Froggy Award (given for anti-American behavior) to the people of the Philippines for pulling out of Iraq"

since when philipino people are superior to judgement? Even spain was ridiculed for pulling out of iraq without valid reason other than fear.

Oh I see, the white man cannot make fun of brownish people! That's the deal. We can just make fun of other whites.

"How about the 7-year old Filipino child living in Canada, who was reprimanded by a public-school supervisor for eating with a spoon and fork, the usual way we eat in the Philippines?"


You are pathetic, those are the proofs or racism?


"How about a personal story I heard, about a group of Filipino tourists who were visiting the Acropolis in Greece, and were treated suspiciously by Greek security personnel (more than the other tourists) because they "looked like terrorists"?

The Filipinos were all Christian."

thanks to stupids like yourself the number of muslims in the philipines is increasing, that's why concern rises up.

"And I see that there are poor even in the US and Europe. Are you helping them? Because I am participating in charity programs for people here in the Philippines. Unlike you and other Westerners, I practice what I preach."

you said in some other idiotic posts that USA is one of the highest charity giver. Then eat a crow, I don't see how philipino boys like yourself can give more.

the poor people in europe are mostly immigrants also from your country.

"I find this strange, considering that historically, communism and Islam have always been at odds with each other. Why do you think the mujahideen fought the Soviets in Afghanistan? Why do you think that Saddam, a secular socialist leader, was on bad terms with al-Qaeda? No, you just hate both Islam and communism, so to make it easier for you to hate them, you lump them together. No, there is no perfect sintax(sic) between the two."

wrong, but you are too stuck up with your 2 favorite loser ideologies.

Bolsheviks and Islam Part 3: Islamic communism



Leftists and Muslims have a mutual short-term interest in keeping the Leftist parties in power, and a mutual long-term interest in weakening the traditional, Judeo-Christian culture of Europe, which Socialists at best view with indifference, at worst as an evil obstacle blocking the road to the Socialist Utopia. Besides, Socialists traditionally place little ideological importance on such trivial matters as national borders. I believe Lenin said that borders between Soviet Republics were unimportant, as Socialism would transcend all national and religious boundaries and render them a thing of the past, anyway.

"This is the best part. This is where you demonstrate just how illogical you are. If I am a Muslim apologist or a nostalgic of communism as you say, then why would I think being called a "Muslim" or a "communist" was an insult? Owned!"

here's where the philipino boys comes up with those 4 year old terms "owned".

If you are an admirer of muslims (as you said) for what they are and what they brought to civilization (nothing) compared to what the white man of the west brought (all) why would you be offended to be called muslim apologist?

"When did I behave like a Muslim?"

Only a muslim can deny that islam brought nothing to civilization. Only a muslim can ok the mess muslims are doing in mindanao.

Do you also ok the massacre of beslan? You know, those evil white russian kids deserved to be murdered.

"N. Korea is about 2000 miles from the Philippines, so it's pretty far. "

2000 miles only? your emigrants fly even more to share the western prosperity with us.

I say 2000 miles are nothing. I have a friend from UK that for touristic purporse travelled the whole transiberian to north korea too. Just to see the beauty of communism that you wish for.

You don't go there as the stupids in the west didn't go to soviet paradise, because they knew it already they were a fraud.

"And you have the nerve to mention Pol Pot? The guy who was supported by the United States?" yes pol pot was american, from kentuky if i am not wrong.

"LOL, I don't think communism was invented by the diplomats, although communism DID originate in the West. "

so penicillin. Can you give us back all the inventions that you use? including your useless computer.

"And while the West is not the source of all evils, it is the source of most of them, especially for us "3rd Worldists"(sic)."

blaming someone else for your personal failures is a good way to keep on doing them.

I suggest you also to blame the moon, the starts or the sun rotating for your failures, that does miracles.

"Because on the whole, I'd still rather that the government controls everything rather than corporations. Because no matter how authoritarian a government is, it is at least supposed to uphold the interests of the country's citizens, and you can hold them accountable for not doing so."

yes, like soviet union, north korea. All prosperous.


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