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See the BIG PICTURE Suan but with open eyes

Reader comment on item: Europe is Finished, Predicts Mark Steyn
in response to reader comment: Pir, Tell us all about THE BIG PICTURE

Submitted by Pir Sahab (Bangladesh), Nov 25, 2006 at 13:33

your comments show arrogance.

Also see the opposite side of that Big picture

Why is it that the only transnational world religion today characterized by adherents with a historically continuous, congenital, chronic inability to keep from MURDERING OTHERS and ITS OWN is...


As I earlier explained that every individual is different from each other. and if so-called muslims have committed sins ,but it doesn;t mean that you may blame on Islam as a whole.Christians have showed more brutalities and tyranny against humanity.( so, don't go through history as we have already discussed it in our previous comments)

Islam is a religion, a code of life and guideline, not is a person or a emperor who can keep people away from sins. Islam is the religion of peace, it teaches peace and repect to human rights.( I will discuss later) You talk about Inability of Islam to keep muslims from murdering others and their owns. tell me is Bible able to keep you people from murdering each other? murdering communists and muslims and Jews?

Iran is a sovereign country and there is no any murder or killing in Iran. have you ever gone to Iran? have you ever seen those people? ask those westerner scholars who have visited Iran.US supported Iraq against Iran and supported Iran against Iraq, double cross policy. I will discuss it later, and you will tell me who is responsible of terror, Islam or Christians.

Pakistan is an islamic country but US foregin policy towards it, its alliance against Soviet Union and then against Taliban. Tell me who is responsible for the terrorism Islam or Christianity.

Afghanistan was an Islamic country, you made Taliban against Soveit and now fighting with them. tell me who is responsible for the terrorism Islam or Christians.

Iraq is an Islamic country, You provided it with arms and support and now you are engaged in brutal activities. tell me who is responsible for the terrorism. Islam or Christians

Who ensured support to S Arabia.

Just because of Your interference, selfishness and threat world today is going towards destruction.

I ehort you Susan, Stop this propogation. People of the world are not blind.

A WESTERNER WRITES ABOUT ISLAM vs YOU or QURAN vs BIBLE ( do you have trust on Oxford university press, if yes then read the passage below)

There is nevertheless a significant difference of idiom [between the Bible and the Koran]. The Biblical account of the exodus, the wanderings and the conquest identifies the peoples involved in ordinary ethnic terms. The people whom Moses leads out of Egypt are the 'Children of Israel', and remain so irrespective of whether they worship God or the golden calf…The Koran, by contrast, is not given to speaking in this manner; its categories are ideological rather than descriptive. God's people are 'those who submit' to Him, 'those who believe', 'the friends of God'; against them are ranged 'the hypocrites', 'the unbelievers', 'the polytheists', 'the enemies of God', 'the friends of Satan'.

the Bible does no more than tell a story of monotheist politics, whereas the Koran might be said to provide something approximating to a theory.

Source: Cook, Michael. Muhammad. Past Masters series. © 1983. Reproduced by permission of Oxford University Press

WHAT THE HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCILS OF WEST DECLARING TODAY, IS DECLARED BY QURAN 1400 YEAS BEFORE. I will repeat the word 1400 years before, at a time where you and your forefathers were not even aware about human, at a time where you all were animals, wild animals.

The concept of justice in the Qur'an is so comprehensive that it covers every virtue and human behaviour. God said:

God commands justice, the doing of good, and liberality to kith and kin, and He forbids all shameful deeds, and injustice and rebellion: He instructs you, that ye may receive admonition.
[Qur'an 16:90]

According to Article 10 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, resolution 217 A (III) of 10 December 1948:[Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him.]

The blame is only against those who oppress men and wrong-doing and insolently transgress beyond bounds through the land, defying right and justice: for such there will be a penalty grievous..
[Qur'an 42:42]

According to Article 1 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, resolution 217 A (III) of 10 December 1948:[All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.]

If any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people.
[Qur'an 5:32]

According to Article 3 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, resolution 217 A (III) of 10 December 1948:[Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.]


Are you reacting in a harsh way only with muslims. Let's look other examples

On April 17, 1961, the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) sponsored an incursion into Cuba in an effort to incite Cubans to overthrow the government.

Chávez's close ties with Castro has angered the Bush administration, which has also charged that Chávez supports a guerrilla group in neighboring Colombia, a charge that Chávez denies

The German(Christians) fought war against Jews in holocaust and the muslims were their alliance (as you said). Why did the Christians made the muslims(according to you an EVIL) their alliances? Why didn't you fight against us at that time, if we were evil. Answer is just because you had your own interests.

While fighting with the emerging power of it's time ( Soviet Union), Muslims were alliance of US ( Christians of westerners). Why did you seek help from muslims( The Evil)? Just because your were fighting not for human rights but for your own interests (i.e to rule the world).

Why did you helped Saddam and supplied WMD's to him, if he was evil? Just because your were fighting not for human rights but for your own interests,( i.e to rule the world and threaten those countries which do not bow before you).

At my direction, elements of the 82d Airborne Division as well as key units of the United States Air Force are arriving today to take up defensive positions in Saudi Arabia. I took this action to assist the Saudi Arabian Government in the defense of its homeland. (George Bush)

Why did you ensured support to S. Arabia, if it is an Evil? If the muslims of S.Arabia are terrorists then why did you send your troops to help these terrorists. this means US is supporting them. isn't it? OR you send the troops because of your own interests( i.e to rule the world, to occupy the oil, ). By the way, why you people are getting close and close to the oil, do you love to smell oil? do you spray oil in place of perfumes? I know, You know and every one know the importance of oil.

Why did US supported Koweit( an Evil Muslim country) in Gulf War.Hmmmmmmmm, Koweit is the biggest oil producing country.

If you talk about human rights and freedom, why don;t you honestly and selflessly attempt to solve the Kashmir issue, Palestine issue and so on. just becaue you have your own interests in these disputes and you don't want their solution.

India and Israil are members of your alliance.

If Pakistan is an evil, how do you feel to have an evil ally on war against terrorism. Why president Bush keeps on praising Pakistans' support on war on terror. Isn't it Devil policy ohh sorry Dual( double cross) policy.May I dare to ask you why you are providing both Pakistan and India with weapons as you know they have conflict between them. Isn't it a double cross policy, hypocracy.

Koweit, Iraq and S. Arabia are the biggest oil producing countries of the world.And your only dream is to occupy these countries directly or Indirectly( by influencing their policies and decisions). You did see the results of this dream in Iraq.

Ohhh I forgot, why Iran is your enemy? you may say that it is supporting terrorists.But please don't give this stupid arguments. History has shown that You did try to threaten the sovereignty of Iran, and still you are doing? Iran has never bowed before you, It has never accepted your influence in it's country. It is an oil-rich country. And you need oil to drink and smell.


Iran-Contra Affair, American political scandal of 1985 and 1986, in which high-ranking members in the administration of President Ronald Reagan arranged for the secret sales of arms to Iran in direct violation of existing United States laws. Profits from the $30 million in arms sales were channeled to the Nicaraguan right-wing "contra" guerrillas to supply arms for use against the leftist Sandinista government. This, too, was in direct violation of U.S. policy. The chief negotiator of these deals was Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North, a military aide to the National Security Council. North reported his activities initially to National Security Adviser Robert C. McFarlane, the council's head, and subsequently to his successor, Vice Admiral John M. Poindexter. The sale of arms to Iran was initiated at the suggestion of the Israeli government with the dual goal of bettering relations with Iran and of obtaining the release of American hostages held in Lebanon by pro-Iranians . North was instrumental in setting up a covert network for providing support to the contras, with its own ship, airplanes, airfield, and secret bank accounts. Profits from the arms sales were channeled to right-wing guerrillas in Nicaragua, known as contras, to supply arms for use against the leftist Nicaraguan regime.

And on the other side, in the same year 1985 US supports Iraq, supplies arms and intelligence information through S. Arabia.

What a Big game dear Susan.What a double cross policies, Susan. What a hypocricy of US Susan. On one hand, you give arms to Iran and at the same time you support Iraq. AT that time US may be smiling " now fight each other, so that we may occupy your oil fields and ........ ohhhhh this is no double cross dear Susan, this is tripple cross,,,,,,,, as the profits from the arms sold to Iran were channeled to guerillas in Nicaragua( Contras). what nice policies you have dear .......... shame on you.

Dear Susan, if the gurillas of Nicaragua were (suppose) Muslims and US was not against the leftist Nicaraguan regime, then you might easily declare that they are Islamic terrorists. This is the extreme of selfishness and hypocracy.

After all,

The first troubles came soon after the start of the mission on April 24, when one helicopter en route to Desert One had to land because it had lost hydraulic pressure in its rotor blade controls. An accompanying pilot set down near the crippled chopper, picked up its crew, and caught up again with the rest of the formation. Then, the seven remaining helicopters ran into a dust storm known as a haboob. In the Iranian desert, a haboob occurs when peripheral gusts from nearby thunderstorms kick up huge dust clouds that hang in the air for hours, filling the sky with suspended particles as fine as talcum powder. Inside the eerie atmosphere of the haboob, another chopper lost a gyroscope when the instrument's cooling mechanism burned out. That helicopter's pilots, lacking adequate navigational reference, became disoriented and decided to return to the Nimitz. They broke radio silence to announce their decision, and the aircraft carrier had to dash closer to the coast to take aboard the chopper before it ran out of fuel. At this stage, mission completion was still feasible: planners had calculated that six RH-53D's were the minimum number needed for a successful operation. When the Hercules transports and half-dozen remaining Sea Stallions rendezvoused at Desert One, however, a third helicopter experienced hydraulic failure and could not take off again. With only five choppers available, Operation Eagle Claw had to be scrubbed. Then, in the early morning hours of April 25, as one of the helicopters took off and flew low to a refueling position, preparatory to returning to the Nimitz, it crashed into one of the C-130's on the ground. Both aircraft erupted into flame; eight men died, four suffered serious burns, and five more received other injuries. The departing contingent had to leave the eight dead behind in the burning wreckage, along with the remaining helicopters. ( dear Susan have you any analysis of this accident.)

Despite the fact that Iran is still cooperating with the IAEA and other agencies. Despite the reports submitted by US agencies and authorities that Iran is far away from making atomic weapons and there is no any sign of preparation of Atomic warheads in Iranian atomic plants, You people are arrogantly threatening Iran, propogating against Iran. Why??? I think again the psychological problem is here, to rule the world, to occupy oil fields, to use this oil for drinking and washing purposes HAAHAAHAHAAAA

Don't repeat the blunder again. I advise you being your's truly.

Now keeping Muslims on one side, let's have an insight of the US foregin Policy towards Venzvella ( a Christian country not Muslim). A month before, Hugo Shavez declared Bush as a devil in a session of General Assembly. Is Bush really a devil or Shavez was just making a joke. Ohhh I'm missing one thing here. Venzvella is another oil exporting country. Woww I think US had tried to lure Venzvella, and Hugo denied. and US agencies are working in Venzvella, trying to make a group of Mujaheedeens, ohhhhh sorry a group of gurrillas against Hugo Shavez.

What about Cuba. is Cuba an Islamic country?

US has tried once, after the Islamic revolution, to attack Iran, and you did see the results. ( you can also see them in Dr Pipes book " Militant Islam reaches America")

You said:"If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's a duck"

ohhh Susan, I have already identified you, don't tell us about yourself. You know, self praise is no recommendation.

Hence, every common individual of the world knows the fact that this is not a war against terror, not any support of human rights and dignity but is extreme selfishness hypocrisy and dream of ruling the world and more importantly the psycho problem of occupying the oil fields.

Susan,, tell me honestly , can you see any improvement in my english. HA HA HA AHA

Wise people don;t need the grammar, they just read the passage and understand. But what needs here is to read and analyze. See the BIG PICTURE Suan but with open eyes


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Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Original writing only, please. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

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