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Reader comment on item: Europe is Finished, Predicts Mark Steyn
in response to reader comment: SUSAN - if that is your real name

Submitted by susan (Italy), Nov 20, 2006 at 18:07

"You really amuse me Susan. "

instead, I feel really sorry for people like yourself

"Thats good for you if you can think freely but apparently your free thinking shows the scale of your ... "

whatever shows my free thinking it's surely better than to be brainwashed into a cult of mental and physical submission

"I am my Allah's servant"

again, that's your problem, all men are born free, except the people like yourself, born slaves of a cult

"You've never implemented Islam in your daily life so how can you say its crap?"

I don't need to experience myself torture to decide i don't like it. It's enough to see the extreme moral misery of the muslims around me (including yourself) to decide that brainwashing totalitarian cults are not of my taste. If you have zero personality and need a 1400 year old book telling you how to lead your life, that's your problem. I have free will and make free choices.

"My clumsy friend you never heard of colonialism and your so called 'WEST' and all the disgusting crimes they commited."

My ignorant friend, not all the west is responsible for colonialism. Switzerland, Norway, Finland, a large part of the east European countries didn't have any colonialism.

About the disgusting crimes they committed, they never par the ones committed by muslim imperialism (Umayyad caliphate) and their spreading islam by the sword.

Your brainwashing cult teaches you to insinuate a sense of guilt bringing up the faults of the west, but your clouded brain and lack of critical thinking (as well as your supremacist attitude) forgets about the destruction brought by YOUR people.

With one basic difference. The destruction by your own people CONTINUES today also.

"Especially those in India and South Africa; the murdering, raping, discrimination"

in india, poor hindus are suffering in the hands of barbaric muslims, but I digress...

funny that you mention South Africa. The only countries in the world still practicing religious apartheid and treating minorities like second class human beings are your cherished muslim countries.

"the list goes on for ever this has happened well before 9/11"

also the muslim atrocities date back 1400 years ago

"Even Osamah bin Laden"

your peaceful hero

"Even Osamah bin Laden said himself that he committed the attack on 9/11 because his fellow Muslims in Bosnia, Chehcnya and palastine were being raped, murdered and slaughtered. (He mentioned many other countries as well). Its on tape officially he posted it after 9/11."

I know that the muslim terrorists are your heroes but none of those territories (kosovo, chechenya and palestine) were originally muslim therefore, you cannot claim ownership. You cannot co-exist with any other kind of people, therefore you start slaughtering them up until they leave or convert under threat.

That's what happened in the whole Maghreb (berbers weren't muslims) the whole anatolia (which wasn't muslim), the caucasus and the balkans (in the balkans you have to be proud of yourself because muslims took serb children as slaves - Janissaries).

So don't talk to me about victimhood and the poor muslims, you are as much as guilty as anybody else, or more.

"As for saying non- muslim countries have freedom - yes; no unity, lots of racism, highest divorce and crime rates in the world. "

Sorry but the most racist countries in the world are the islamic ones. Slavery still exists in Mauritania, Mali, Saudi Arabia and Sudan, a good poker of muslim countries.

Highest divorce, LOL, you muslims are smart, you have something called Mut'a or mysiar that allows men to take a wife for a few hours, basically it's legalized prostitution. With this trick one doesn't need a divorce.

"At least ISLAM has unity and respect among its brothers and sisters. "

LOL, another fairy tale, when your palestinian brothers tried to pass the border to Egypt, their beloved egyptian brothers shoot them in the back. And let's not talk about the deep love between Shia and Sunni that led to the war of 7 years iraq-iran.

Let's not talk about how arab muslims in sudan are murdering black muslims, LOL, how great is the muslim brotherhood!

"To emphasise this, even Osamah bin Laden himself gave up his billions of money"

It's the second time you mention him, must be really your hero. Do you have a picture of him near your bed?

"Who are you to say that in Muslim countries you are forced to be Muslim. Have you personally asked every single Muslim whether he has been converted by force. You rely on people's information - so if I told you to jump of a cliff would you do it?"

the ones jumping on a cliff because their beloved corrupted imam (or osama) tells them so it's people like yourself and the rest of you muslims. See the pope's speech, more than the half of the illiterate muslims rioting in the streets not only have they never read the piece, but they don't possess the mental abilities to understand it.

Their dictator imam just told them "go riot and burn a cross" and they did it.

Evidently you never bothered to read the link I provided. That's fair, muslims cannot handle the truth. It was a report that said that in places like Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco (and you can write the whole list of muslim countries) the people converting from your cult to another religion can face harassment, ostracism from the community and the family, can loose their jobs. In such a situation (documented) it's not easy to make a choice.

But you live in a fat rich western country that you probably despise, so you know nothing of it, or you are simply a pathological liar, denying the truth.

"Hace you asked every Christian who has committed a crime since the 'beginning of time' whether he commited a crime in God's name or not. So how can you say that? Please think a little Susan."

unlike muslims, christians are not obsessed with religion, you stated yourself that in western lands we are not religious, so how come those who commit a crime are doing it in the name of christianity.

Please don't ask me to think, it's muslim women who posses half a brain, not non-muslim women. So YOU should think before making any more silly comments. Remember your beloved caravan robber prophet said muslim women have HALF a brain, that's why their testimony in trial is worth HALF of a man.

"'we don't mock the koran as it's a piece of paper with no value' - you fool, you just did."

oooooh, scary, what are you going to do now, go out and kill a nun? Of course that's what your peaceful religion orders you to do

"I can enjoy a Muslim life anywhere in the world. Why would i have to move to Saudi Arabia to enjoy a Muslim life?"

that's because all the countries aren't fascist and racist as muslim countries. I can tell you that christians, hindus, buddists, animists, shinto and atheists are not free to practice their cults in muslim lands.

But of course you don't care, muslims are a superior group of people that deserve special rights, correct?

"When have I said Muslims are superior, have i actually written Muslims are superior (accept now for debate). I'm not talking about the religions of Hinduism and Sikhism which orginated in India or the religion of Judaism which began in Israel - not a part of Europe. I'm talking of religions such as christianity which has seen a massive decrease in its followers in Europe as many are becoming atheists - FACT."

so what? There is a faith called Bahai, they are only 5 million worldwide, are they are "less" religion? Of course not, except for the fascist totalitarian muslims like yourself. Considering the high numbers of muslims are due exclusively to breeding (having 10 kids per woman) it's no wonder.

Also what's wrong with being atheist? Oh I get it, the fascist muslims don't let atheists be atheists, because their peaceful religion will slit their throat.

"Like you, people can talk - the majority of you have said death to Islam and Muslims. You must not be better than nazi's - thank you for showing me the free-thinking and democracy that the 'WEST' encourages."

actually there is no totalitarian ideology at present bigger than islam. You clearly showed you despise any other faith except yours... Even non-religious people have to die.

But you are free to express your fascist ideology here in the rich, fat west. Too bad that people with different ideas are sentenced to death in your beloved islamic countries. Maybe it's the right place for... people like yourself.

Say hallo to your hero osama.


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Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Original writing only, please. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

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