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Typically nasty attack

Reader comment on item: Europe is Finished, Predicts Mark Steyn
in response to reader comment: SUSAN - if that is your real name

Submitted by Noah Wilk (United States), Nov 20, 2006 at 19:55

Mu'een Ud Deen, with every reply you post, you prove to the rest of us that our misgivings about Islam are indeed accurate. You and your fellow Muslims are posting nasty comments, calling people fools, clumsy, ignorant, etc, when in fact you and your fellow Islamists have proven by your statements that you do not acknowledge reality, nor do you comprehend historical facts. You also keep obfuscating the issue and evading it by talking about irrelevant, unrelated issues.

In reply to Susan, you wrote:

"You've never implemented Islam in your daily life so how can you say its crap? It could be more sophisticated than your ordinary life."

Let me explain to you how things work in the real world. People like me, or Susan, or any other person have no need to implement Islam into our daily lives in order to judge its worth, its value, its level of humanity. All we need do is look at how devout worshippers around the world act. All we need do is look at conditions in Islamic countries. All we need do is look at everywhere in the world where Islam is involved in war against others. And that shows us all we need to know.

If there is one thing Muslims are adept at, it's evading the issue and deflecting the facts in order to escape accountability. For example, you wrote:

"My clumsy friend you never heard of colonialism and your so called 'WEST' and all the disgusting crimes they committed. Especially those in India and South Africa; the murdering, raping, discrimination - the list goes on for ever this has happened well before 9/11."

There is no question that the west committed atrocities and engaged in immoral behavior in the past. But what does that have to do with Islam? You refuse to answer this question, and I see this refusal any time I talk to Muslims. So I will ask you pointedly, once again...

What do any of these things have to do with Islam today? Are you trying to justify Islam's rampant violence, its raping and murdering, its wars of genocide, based on the fact that others have raped, killed, and committed genocide in the past? That's akin to me saying "I'm entitled to murder someone because after all, other people have committed murders in the past." It's a completely absurd, illogical argument, if that's your point.

You refuse to address the hard questions with straight answers. Just like a politician. Why is it that all other religions condemn violence and preach peace except for Islam. When cartoonists made mocking cartoons of Jesus, the Pope said to forgive them and pray for them because what they did was disrespectful. Christians boycotted those newspapers, wrote letters to the editor in a civilized manner, and peacefully condemned the "offensive" cartoons.

When a cartoonist posts a parody cartoon about Islam, the Muslims kidnapped and killed an innocent nun,shot up a church, lit buildings on fire (they seem to have a thing for arson!), called for the Pope to be assassinated, and generally ran around in the streets behaving like little monsters.

You call that a religion of peace? You call that civilized? You don't see Jews over-reacting in such a violent, barbaric manner. You don't see Christians or Buddhists or Taoists or Lutherans or Baptists acting like that. Only Muslims.

Why is that? Can you answer that or are you going to duck the question once again?

Next you praise Bin Laden:

"Even Osamah bin Laden said himself that he committed the attack on 9/11 because his fellow Muslims in Bosnia, Chehcnya and palastine were being raped, murdered and slaughtered."

Bin Laden is a coward. He runs and hides and sends little boys to do his fighting for him. If he was a real man, if he really believed in dying for Allah, he'd strap a suicide vest on and take his chances. Coward.

You, Mu'een, also appear to be a terrorist, since you praise the murder of 3,000 innocent people who had nothing to do with the killing in Bosnia or Chechnya. Remember, the USA sided with the Muslims in the Kosovo war. Duh!

It's strange how Muslims always seem to justify the killing of innocent people in retaliation for supposed wrongs done to them, but when the Jews target the terrorists making the bomb, the Muslims call that state sponsored terror. That's yet another one of Islam's mental incapacities...its failure to understand that the rules apply to both sides. If it's wrong for one side to blow up innocent people, it's just as wrong for the other side. Islam does not see it that way. As long as it's the Muslims doing the killing, the raping, the genocide, there's always a convenient excuse to justify it. Pathetic. And you wonder why no one wants Islam around?

You then say:

"As for saying non- muslim countries have freedom - yes; no unity, lots of racism, highest divorce and crime rates in the world."

Wrong again. Plenty of unity. Americans have diverse views, and we'll fight over whether a beer tastes great or is less filling, but when you attack us we stand united and fight back, as we did after the heinous 9/11 terrorist attacks committed by Islam.

Divorce rates are inapplicable in the Muslim world since men own their women. You can't compare divorce rates in Saudi Arabia to divorce rates in America for that reason.

This made me laugh:

"At least ISLAM has unity and respect among its brothers and sisters."

Oh, yeah, all that unity has impressed the hell out of the rest of us. We saw that Muslim unity during the Iran/Iraq war where Muslims killed millions of their fellow Muslims. That's the very definition of unity and respect, huh? (rolling my eyes, this time in derision)

This also got me rolling my eyes:

"To emphasise this, even Osamah bin Laden himself gave up his billions of money, to protect and help his brothers - however i do think he has done many horrific crimes which can never be justified."

Yeah, I'm sure he surrendered his cash just to help his brothers. If he wanted to help his Muslim brothers, then perhaps he could have spent his wealth helping them build indoor plumbing instead of funding terror attacks. His billions could have been spent building schools, hospitals, and other things for the Muslims, instead of using it to fund weapons and murderers who kill innocent people.

"Who are you to say that in Muslim countries you are forced to be Muslim. Have you personally asked every single Muslim whether he has been converted by force. You rely on people's information"

I can't speak for Susan, but I myself go by the Koran itself, which advocates conversion by the sword, and historical fact by experts in the field. Of course, few Muslims in Muslim countries will say they've been converted by force, because they are brainwashed from an early age and need no forced conversion. You really don't get it, do you? Fortunately, those of us not immersed in that demented death cult do see and understand all this and are doing something about it.

You again speak absurdly when you say:

"Have you asked every Christian who has committed a crime since the 'beginning of time' whether he commited a crime in God's name or not. So how can you say that? Please think a little Susan."

Please, give us a break! Have you asked every Muslim alive since the beginning of time whether Islam is his motivation for killing? If you're going to debate us, at least talk like you have some common sense. It makes for a much more stimulating discussion, really.

"I can enjoy a Muslim life anywhere in the world. Why would i have to move to Saudi Arabia to enjoy a Muslim life?"

Why would you want to leave your Muslim country to live in horrible, evil countries like Israel, America, etc? That's like a Christian saying he wants to live in Hell, isn't it? Makes no sense.

"When have I said Muslims are superior"

You've implied it by calling people fools, clumsy, etc. You've implied it by insisting that the Bible is illogical while the Koran is scientific, etc.

Finally, you display a remarkable lack of reading comprehension when you say:

"Like you, people can talk - the majority of you have said death to Islam and Muslims. You must not be better than nazi's - thank you for showing me the free-thinking and democracy that the 'WEST' encourages."

Who here is saying "death to Islam and Muslims"? I can't recall a single post saying that. The Nazi comparison is old, cliche, inaccurate, and foolish. Try something fresh. You don't see anyone rounding up Muslims and sending them to the gas chambers. If anything, the Muslims are more aligned with the Nazis, as they cooperated during WWII and the Muslims have taken the Nazis' place in the world as the people trying to commit a Judaic Genocide on the world.

I do have a solution though. Since Islam has proven itself to be completely incompatible with every other religion (including its own), every other belief system, every other culture, what we should do is simply expel all Muslims from Western lands and force them to move back to their Islamic homelands. Isolate them. Then, they'll wipe each other out, since killing is what they're good at. The Sunnis and the Shiites will be too busy slaughtering one another over silly discrepancies to bother the rest of us. Then it truly will be a "religion of peace" to the rest of us!


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Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Original writing only, please. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

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