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pir still on iranians

Reader comment on item: Europe is Finished, Predicts Mark Steyn
in response to reader comment: reply to"Get your facts straight"

Submitted by susan (Italy), Nov 20, 2006 at 20:36

"and talking about spirtuality ........... look the Iranian nation .... who are the models of Islamic practices. "

so I can sodomize an infant?

So I can marry (and get sexual) with a 9 year old? those are the laws in iran.

"If the developed countries became selfish and violated the basic human rights of the poor nations, then no doubt every poor will show agression. "

so pir, explain me why poor vietnam, poor cambodia, poor rwanda, poor mongolia are not blowing up themselves. Only muslim countries. Also pir, the 9-11 suiciders were saudis, educated and wealthy. Don't forget it.

"So, if a muslim commits a sin, It doesn' t mean that Islam tells him to do so. Islam is the religion of Peace "

very strange pir, because you muslims always cheer on the streets when innocent people are murdered in the west. You all cheer, your imams, EVERYBODY.

"Now if a muslim commits sin or does against Islamic teachings he will be punished by Allah. "

proof that you muslims don't care about allah, because you keep on doing them

"But we believe " unless and untll any one feels ashamed of his sins and then promises not to repeat them again, he will not be forgiven."

christians have the concept of REPENTING. Please restrain from quoting a religion you don't know. You muslims are totally ignorant of other faiths that you consider inferior and to be suppressed, so please, RESTRAIN from quoting wrong instances.

"But when ever any one has tried to attack on us and tried to threaten us or becomes dangerous for our sovereinty, we fight with him. "

Muslims in thailand are murdering buddhists. Thailand is NOT a muslim land. No Buddhist thai ever attacked any muslims, yet the deaths are 1400 from 2004.

All the other wars involving muslims see YOU as the aggressors. Turkish muslims DELIBERATELY invaded northern cyprus. A land that belongs to greek-cypriots.

The list is a mile long but you are too brainwashed to see it. Muslims are the aggressors because their supremacist ideology doesn't permit to live peacefully with others.

"But what about the Christians who fought wars against Jews ( Holocaust and other holy wars)."

since when you muslims care about the jews? Who is the ally of Israel? a Buddhist country? a Muslim country?

Please, don't write stupid questions.

"Who fought wars against communists( against Russians). "

communism is a mentally deranged ideology like islam, so rightly communism FELL (if you study hystory and not the koran you will read that communism FELL, no army was needed) but not against RUSSIANS.

"who fought wars against Hindus (in the sub continent) "

muslims, using their kind way of bombing trains and destroying hindu temples

"who fought wars against Islam( history is full of those till now...not need to mention)"

pir, there were all defensive wars against the muslim oppressor, the caliph was a tyrant murderer savage

"Islam tells us to get knowledge from any where. we come there for the sake of knowledge. "

strange, when muslims come to western lands they still stay at the lowest parts of society, refusing to learn the language, refusing to learn anything about the culture of that land, and always asking for a separate state and status.

Plus, their lack of will always puts them on social welfare.

This is what we see in western lands PIR, not your fairy tales

"do you remember those days when Europe burnt the Islamic libraries, stole many noble books and killed many islamic scholars. "

no PIR, but I do remember when muslims burnt the alexandria library and JAILED AVERROES because his studies were against ISLAM. I also remember when muslims STOLE some inventions and pretended they were theirs like the modern numbering who was invented by HINDUS in india.

"we come there to get knowledge ( i accept) and to defend ourselves and to tell the American people that we are not terrorists,, we are not barbarians,,, we are not evil,,, we are not threat to the innocent people"

well pir let me tell you you brutally FAILED at all those things

The more you come here, the more people realize you are a supremacist group demanding special rights and status and providing no advantage.

"if you look at things that are considered as barbaric and if you attempt to put the evil or barbarian to an end, then first of all put the Israeli govt to an end which is showing tyranny against the innocent palestinians in their own land,, which shows aggresson and has dropped cluster missiles on the innocent lebanese men, women and children. instead of punishing Israel on its barbaric activities you are supporting it . Why??"

pir, ever crossed your mind that there might be a lot of people thinking arabs/muslims aren't entitled to that land? Well that's the CASE.

"whenever man will become free to do any thing and if there will be no doctrine to adress and direct his activities then there will be evils in the world "

no, PIR, wrong answer. A man has the MENTAL ability to LEARN RIGHT from WRONG and see that it's not right to use a child for sexual pleasure like your Komeini suggests.

"Now Islam knows that thing ,,that if alcohol will not be prohibited then people will start using it in access, as according to human nature is " "

non-dear PIR, that's because certain men (muslims) are still with an underdeveloped brain and cannot see right from wrong. Moderation can be learnt, only if you have a functioning brain. I agree this lacks greatly in muslims, that's why you need a book telling you what to do always.

"I think you are on the wrong way .. sorry to say.. please read the letters of " Barnabas Saint" which you will get from the Vatican city. I think true Christianity is not preached to you. So sad...Jesus Christ ( may peace be upon him) has never drunk."

PIR, christ served wine and also said "Do this in remembrance of Me", (1 Cor 11:23-25)"

This is because, if he drank it or not, it's not RELEVANT, we are not ROBOTS like muslims, apeing the acts of a caravan robber.

Anyway, the companions of your prophet were drinkers

Most of Muhammad's companions (except, perhaps Umar and Abu Bakr) were habitual drinkers. Don't you believe this? Here is a hadis from Sahih Bukhari that tells us Hamzah, the ‘Lion of Islam' was a real drunkard and womanizer of the first order. In fact, while he (Hamzah) was drunk Muhammad was so scared of him that he (Muhammad) dared not approach him. The arrant, violent and unruly behavior of Hamzah, while drunken was one of the prime reasons to motivate Muhammad to proclaim the avoidance of wine. Let us read this hadis from Sahih Bukhari

Hamzah, in drunken state killed the she-camel of Ali…4.53.324

Volume 4, Book 53, Number 324

"then you will come to know that human ( man and women) both have desires and when women shows her body figures, the desires of man are not controlled.. as a result social problems!!!!"

this "event" happens in animals and people with no morals. When you have in prison 70% of rapists that are muslims in a country where muslims are 5% or less, it means that the rest of population knows how to behave, muslims behave like animals.

"Any way the west is responsible for that. The strong media and communication and movies have played a vital role here. "

NAIVE PIR, rape has always existed, from the cavemen era which you probably belong to together with your fellow muslims.

"As I said the human nature is that man seeks sex either he is a muslim or a non-muslim."

PIR, do you know what differs MAN from ANIMAL? It's called intellect, but you muslims are not provided. Evidently.

"because if he is suppressed or somebody is violating his rights. Obviously the US along with the aliens is suppressing the rights of those people. "

PIR, please explain to me why a country like israel that's suppressing muslims AS YOU CLAIM allows muslims to be in the parliament and many muslims have been, for example mayor of TEL AVIV.

Now, very different from how christians are treated in muslim countries where DHIMMI cannot have role in politics, economics etc.

"Islam is the religion of peace but the west has barbaric activities."

PIM RESTRAIN YOURSELF from PROJECTION. If the west is so barbaric, you muslims should go back to desert land where you belong

"The western society should not resist muslims from their prayers, and muslim women from taking Hijaab(Scarfs)"

no PIR, this is MORALLY wrong. We can ban mosques, we can ban veils, because that's how YOU MUSLIMS are treating non-muslims in YOUR COUNTRIES.

Why PIM you feel superior? why PIM the west should treat muslims WAY better compared how non-muslims are treated in muslim lands? you already said we are barbaric, then you wouldn't have any problem if we start being REALLY BARBARIC towards you muslims, right?

PIM, beware what you wish, it might come true

"My dear…. you are enforcing me to repeat again and again. Who promotes violence and terrorism? Who made the Taliban? Wasn't it US? "

who made the kosovars? the USA went to FREE KOSOVO and BOMBED christian serbs, but KOSOVARS are still hating USA.

Who made the murderers in south thailand PIR? why they are killing peaceful buddist?

"Who has bombed the innocent women and children in Lebanon?"

Hezbollah (muslims)

"Who attacked the Iraq without any solid proof?"

Al Zarkawi (muslims)

"Who is now threatening a sovereign country (Iran) "

nobody, unfortunately, but iran looks for the genocide of jews

"Muslims are coming to west, as I said earlier just for the sack of knowledge (and our religion stresses on it)"

no PIR, your religion streeses the annihilation of all the other religions and the establishment of islam as the supremacist totalitarian cult.

"Never, Islam was against Nazis and has never done any side. In fact, the Muslims their selves were afraid of the brutalities of Hitler."


"Why are you killing innocent civilians … this shows your brutality that you have no value of human lives."

OOOH, PIR HAHA, very funny, it reminds me of palestinians using women and children as human shields.

VERY FUNNY PIR, isn't it?

"Similarly the US govt has accepted that the CIA information regarding chemical weapons was not based on true facts. "

OH, PIR, so I guess the chemical gasses that saddam used for the KURDS were his own FARTS, PIR, please tell me how SADDAM had those chemical weapons that he USED TO GAS KURDS, please PIR, TELL ME ABOUT IT

"who gave those weapons to Saddam to attack Kurds and Iranians because Iranians were against US. Please don't ask stupid questions. "

PIR, don't reply with such ANSWERS, although you cannot help it.

Of course you have at home a knife in the kitchen that you bought at the supermarket, but I suppose you don't go around CUTTING PEOPLE to PIECES

"The Hezbollah rockets were the response to the Israeli aggression dear. Muslim don;t initiate in agression they always strike back."

non-dear PIR, please don't take us for stupid, after all, you come to OUR countries for knowledge, so sit back, shut up and listen to us.

Political talk show host May Chidiac of the private Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation was inside her car when the bomb exploded on Sunday in Ghadir, a town near the Christian port city of Jounieh, north of the capital, Lebanese security officials and the TV station said.

Who put the bomb PIR? a buddist monk? a christian lutheran? or a MUSLIM?

"Wow .....Israelis do their best to avoid any civilians. Very funny. The world is not blind dear. "

yes non-DEAR PIR, the whole world is growing MORE AND MORE TIRED with muslims.

"Are the young children and women are terrorists who are gunned down by the Israelis."

YES, they are human shields helping the terrorists. Stop the pathetic whining PIR, nobody here is buying your stories.

"And you are looking and have lust to occupy these oil- riched territories."

you should see a psychiatric doctor, that would explain to you your obsession with the word OCCUPY.

Your oil is being PAID by western land, don't forget it PIR, your mohameddans sheiks are RICH because we PAY the oil, while they engage in debauchery tours all over the west.

Think about it ...PIR, if we are OCCUPYING SAUDI ARABIA, it means the OIL IS OURS and your SHEIKS are POOR. Do you understand this simple concept of LOGIC?

"And you are accepting that Holocaust had happened and the Christians tried to clean the globe from the Jews."

Hitler said nazism is incompatible with christianity, so PIR, you are ignorant of history again.

If there is a religion hitler was close to was ISLAM.

"Why president Clinton and his daughter discussed with Iranians and Clinton's daughter wished to know about Islam and a copy of Holly Quran was send to her from Iran. "

The Clinton family are pretty stupid. Their daughter is so ugly that she probably wanted to wear the veil because of her uglyness.

Also some people wants to read the koran like they read some horror story. It's entertainment.

"However I accept most of the brutalities of the muslim in the history. But what is now going today is totally the tyranny, selfishness and brutality of the westerners."

the westerner have no GREATER DESIRE to see the muslim go back to their lands.

"Any how of course muslims have commited sins but not islam has allowed them to do so. You directly blame on Islam, that is not right. "

the muslims are ok with the murders made in the name of ISLAM, there is NO MUSLIM PROTESTING AGAINST IT, so you all agree on that.

"We say the westerners are wrong and are terrorists( of course they are) but we never blamed that the Holly Bible or Torah teaches these evils"

that's because the bible doesn't teach violence and especially the believers are not required to APE someone like a MONKEY like you do

"So please change this misconception and don't blame Islam and Quran. Infact, Islam and Quran will never change till the end of the world because it is not in our books but in our hearts."

the koran is a war manual full of racism and hatred.


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