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Bilawal: Astonishing kindergarten mathematical miracle!

Reader comment on item: Britain's Encounter with Islamic Law
in response to reader comment: Mr.G.Vishvas and Plato and others, let me Ask you something.............!!!!

Submitted by Plato (India), Mar 28, 2008 at 06:51

Bilawal, you wrote:

>>Quran has Shown many astonishing things like Mathematical Miracle,I'm telling you with Proof.

( 12 months, Day 365, Sea 32, Land 13, .......Now, Sea+Land = 32+13=45.)

%Sea =32 / 45*100%= 71.11111111.................% Land =13 / 45*100%=28.88888889 =100.00

Modern Science has only recently proven that the waters Covers 71.777% of the Earth,while the land Covers 28.889%.

Is this Coincidence?<<

What exactly are you proving with this mysterious calculation involving months, days, sea and land. I am all at sea. Did not the madrassa ustad who taught you math tell you that if you divide up any number into two parts and add up the percentages of each relative the original number you will get 100% (38=14+24. 14/38*100=36.84210 and 24/38*100=63.15789. 36.84210+63.15789=100 (99.999.9).

So as the earth's surface area is constant if you divide it up into water and land whether it is sea 13 and land 32 you will end up with 100 percent using your calculation. It has nothing to do with modern science but elementary math.

>>Allah Says in Quran "Those Who reject our Signs ,We shall cast into the fire; as often as their skins are roasted through. We shall change them for fresh Skins, that they may taste the punishment, for Allah is exalted in power; Wise."(Quran:4:56)<<

I suspect you have been listening to Dr. Zakir Naik.

You have used the above verse to conjure up modern dermatology with nerve endings, dermis, epidermis, speialised nerves etc. For arguments sake let us assume Allah is giving us a detailed picture of human pain. This would mean that the verse where He says stars are missiles to chase away the devil is something so astonishing for modern science that it will have to wait thousands of years to confirm this. When Allah says that Sulaiman spoke to ants and birds, it has got to be true and we have yet to discover the special ears and mouths that they have to communicate with prophets.

>>water forms the main Component of the human being and any other being.

Allah Says " Allah Created every [living] Creature from Water. Some of them go on their Bellies,Some of them on two legs,and Some on Four; Allah Creates whatever He wills. Allah has power over all things."(Quran:24:45).

"And We Made from Water every living thing? So Will they Not Believe" (Quran:2130)<<

What is the big discovery the Koran has made by saying that every living being is made of water. It is a common enough observation that water is essential for life, especially in the desert. Muhammad would have observed the plancental water in which mammals are nurtured and so jumped to the obvious conclusion. If he had told us that carbon is the key element for life, that would have been a real Koranic miracle. All his science states the obviously visible. The sun and moon chasing each other. The sun setting in the sea. Bees building hives in many places and giving honey.

Bilawal, believing in Islamic science is one reason for Muslim backwardness. Read what one of your own great scientist has to say about it:


Pervez Hoodbhoy obtained a B.Sc. (Phys & Math), M.Sc. (SS Physics) and Ph.D. (Nuc Physics) from MIT. He teaches at Quaide-e-Azam Uni, Islamabad; he has been post-doctoral fellow at the Uni. of Washington and a visiting professor and CMU. He remains a visiting research scientist at MIT.

Chapter 1/Page 1-2:

"About 700 years ago, Islamic civilization almost completely lost the will and ability to do science. Since that time, apart from attempts during the Ottoman period and in Mohammed Ali's Egypt, there have been no significant efforts at recovery. Many Muslims acknoledge, and express profound regret at, this fact. Indeed, this is the major preoccupation of the modernist faction in Islam. But most traditionalists feel no regret -- in fact, many welcome this loss because, in their view, keeping] a distance from science helps preserve Islam from corrupting, secular influences."

Page 4:

"At the heart of the dispute is the fundamental issue: science is a secular pursuit, and it is impossible to for it to be otherwise. The secular character of science does not mean that it necessararily repudiates the existence of Divine. But it does mean that the validation of scientific truths does not rely on any form of spiritual authority; observation, experimentation, and logic are the sole arbiters which decide what is true or false. Scientists are free to be as religious as they please, but science recognizes no laws outside its own."


"The elites which rule Muslim countries today have shown little ability - or even desire - to address the myriad problems and challenges of a modern world. Of these, the development of science and rational culture are perhaps the most important."


Chapter 4/Page 28:

"Often, diabolical theories of international conspiracy, with varying degrees of credibilityj, are invoked as explanation fro Muslim Scientific backwardness. But these are not very fulfilling. Indeed, the damage to the collective self-esteem cannot be undone by such means, and thoghtful Muslims must seek sounder reasons."

Chapter 4/Page 39-40:

Lost and buried in the dusty archives of Harvard's Widener Library is Ph.D. dissertation, submitted in 1964 to that university by a Pakistani student, Wali Muhammed Zaki, entitled "The Attitude of Pakistani Science Teachers Towards Religion and Science".


The results of Zaki's research are as follows:

  1. High school students in the US understood the nature of the scietific enterprise, and the methods and aims of science, significantly better than did the high school teachers of West Pakistan.
  2. The understanding of science, as well as attitudes towards science, were found to have significant negative correlation with attitudes towards religion.
  3. ...Ahmadis and Protestants indicated a significantly more favourable attitude towards science relative to sunnis.
  4. ...teachers belonging to Sind indicated a significantly more favourable attitude....
  5. Science teachers with bachgrounds in the biological sciences understood the nature of scientific enterprise better than those in the physical science.

There are several counts on which one can fault the above study. ...... But is this the reason why Zaki's dissertation met the fate of obscurity and oblivion?

Chapter 4/Page 40-41:

Since 1985, Pakistan's ministry of Science and Technology has been sending several hundred students every year to the US an the Britain for Ph.D. work in scientific and technical fields.


For example, in 1985-86, 187 students were sent to the US for the Ph.D. work. As of 1991, only 9 had received Ph.Ds. abd 39 have been given M.Scs. In the same year, 191 students were sent to the UK. Of these, 65 received Ph.Ds. This relatively larger number indicates the less rigorous nature of the British system.

On 29 January 1986, the Centre of Basic Sciences in Islamabad administered a test designed by the Nobel prize winning physicist, Samuel Ting. About 130 students from all over Pakistan, and with qualifications ranging from M.Sc. to M.Phil. to Ph.D. took the test. Students are allowed to bring any notes and books they wanted. This 5-hour long test consisted of 200 multiple choice questions on various aspects of physics. Since each quesion had three alternative answers, random guessing would give an average score of 67 marks. Students who scored more than 160 would be granted admission to MIT.

Not a single student passed. Not one came anywhere close to the pass mark. The highest recorded score was 113, and the average score was 70 - a scant 3 points above that which a group of illiterated would have attained, had they been allowed to randomly tick off the answers.


The Amazing Conclusions of Islamic Science

....A selection follows:

  • Dr Mohammed Muttalib, who teaches earth sciences at the famous Al Azhar University of Egypt, presented ... paper on the relation of geological facts and phenomena to Qur'anic verses. ....... Mountains have roots in the earth, said the good doctor, and the Allah made them act like pegs which tether a tent to the ground and kept it from blowing away. Without mountains, he emphasized, the earth's rotation would cause everything to fly apart. It would be totally catastrophic -- no mountains, no earth.
  • Engineer Abdal Fequi of Egypt, drawing on his experience with armour piercing anti-tank ammunition gained during service in the Egyptian army in 1976, gave very impressive evidence that Allah intends us to use empty copper shells in order to destroy such men and jinns as may dare to venture in spaceships into forbidden regions of heavens.
  • Munafiqat (hypocrisy) is certainly an endemic problem in our society. .... at the International Seminar on Qur'an and Science, organized in June 1986 by the Pakistan Association of Scientists and Scientific Professions, one intrepid scientist presented a bold new scientific theory of munafiqat.

Dr Arshad Ali Beg, a senior scientist at the PCSIR has a mathematical formula by which, he says, the degree of munafiqat in a society can be calculated. ..... So everything happens through chemical reactions such as:

Infidels + Teaching of the Prophet -----> Religious Society

  • ...Western society is calculated to have a munafiqat value of 22, while Spain and Portugal have a value of only fourteen. It is a bit of a mystery that munafiqat values are given for Pakistan society......
  • In a paper read at the Karachi Qur'an and Science Conference, Mr Salim Mehmud [Chairman of SUPARCO] proposed that an explanation for the Holy Prophet's Mairaj (ascension to heaven) be sought in Einstein's theory of relativity.

If this is Muslim scientists are seriously discussing spending public money then it is not any wonder that Islamic science has reached the pit. Muslim science has still not rid itself of seventh century thinking. Sad.




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Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Original writing only, please. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

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