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in response to reader comment: opinions are only opinions

Submitted by Masood (United States), Dec 10, 2008 at 05:06

Mr. G.I. You write,..

>>Masood, this is the trouble with your game-plan. You make statements which are false. Other people easily refute them and people reading more from you are less likely to believe you.<<

You need to admit that those 40,000 modern Aramaic speaking people can not understand JESUS Aramaic. You need to read these lines which I have been already quoted to you

From wikipedia… >

>>The 2004 film The Passion of the Christ is notable for its use of much dialogue in Aramaic only, specially reconstructed by a scholar, but not an Aramaic specialist, William Fulco. However, rather than basing his reconstruction on what is known of first-century Aramaic, he used the Aramaic of Daniel, fourth-century Syriac and Hebrew as the basis for his work.[10] Modern Aramaic speakers found the language stilted and unfamiliar.<<<

>>>Galilean Aramaic, the dialect of Jesus' home region, is only known from a few place names, the influences on Galilean Targumic, some rabbinic literature and a few private letters.<<

>>"1- Mohammad native language was Arabic, now national language of 21 centuries."My good Sir, after reading above facts, you need to understand reality. Quran was being revealed to Mohammad 1400 years ago. So Mohammad (messenger of God) was a medium to explain God Words. There was no need to translate Arabic (as compared to Aramaic which was restricted to some rabbinic literature and a few private letters. )

is it the same then - that Arabaic in Mohammed's time would be understandable to Arabs today - in the same way that Aramaic of Christ's time would be understandable to aramaic speakers today?<<

as everybody could speak Arabic fluently. Moreover, Tafsir or explanation according to the original context of Quran from different scholars of Muslims, has been helpful throughout centuries.

>"2- Mohammad was given with authentic last Revelation of God remained unchanged word by word even non-Muslim scholars are forced to believe this truth."

Ask your heart and in the light of your knowledge and then let me know.

Many converted to Islam except those who remained in doubt and wanted to be blind. How many Christian brothers have been accepted Islam after reading Quran as compared to Muslims conversion to Christianity after reading Bible. You can yourself decide.

—Qur'an 2:23–4 (Yusuf Ali

>And if ye are in doubt as to what We have revealed from time to time to Our servant, then produce a Sura like thereunto; and call your witnesses or helpers (If there are any) besides God, if your (doubts) are true. But if ye cannot — and of a surety ye cannot — then fear the Fire whose fuel is men and stones, which is prepared for those who reject Faith.<

3- Muslim Holy Land (Mecca and Medina ) have never been occupied by any non-Muslim nation as victorious nation and can not be occupied till Doom's Day with bless of God (prophesized by Mohammad ).

My dear Sir, yes, it is my belief proven to this day since Mohammad prophesized 1400 years ago. But, actually you are guessing yourself without any historical proof.

by order of The Almighty God. As He protected against the Christian commander Ibraha.

I just ask you, how his army including elephants was destroyed? Who was fighting against him as all family members of Mohammad (pagan in those times ) had sit on one side saying, "This is God Home, He will defend by Himself ." I let you know that this incident took place even before Mohammad was born.

>>4- Quran is the only scripture which tells science which way to go.

Sir, you need to go to this website,


Quran, undoubtedly, a truth which had told many phenomena without scientific reasoning (induction, deduction, theory and law ). Quran guides to research which leads to scientific truth to recognize The Almighty God. Quran also gives moral laws which have been guiding true followers throughout centuries. You can even compare with any other scripture.

5- Mohammad is the best example for all humans to follow. Even science proves as he slept , as he ate, …….. That is the best way. ( anybody who follows Mohammad not only finds happiness in this world but will be forgiven due to Last Prophet on doom's day )

As for food - are you talking about the 'Mediterranean diet'? That was around thousands of years before Mohammed - created by the Greeks & Phoenicians. As for the 'way he slept' - are you talking about in tents - or having multiple wives - or even a child bride? Is that good for you too?

Sir, here you feel quite ignorant to me. I have followed him as he would eat.

Mohammad would not eat bread with only kernel (flour without the covering of grains ). He would eat or drink while sitting. He would drink only one time during his meal, either before or in middle of the meal but never drank water on the end of the meal. He would take little morsels, grind more by teeth instead putting trouble on the stomach. He would eat slowly and put his focus on his meal and would not talk. He would keep mouth closed while chewing the morsel. He would began everything in the name of God.

He would get up early in the morning and look at the greenery (according to Mohammad greenery increases eye-sight ).

He would make sex almost after two hour of meal but not with full belly or empty-belly.

I have been enjoying more and more happy life while following Mohammad and his moral laws and I invite you also, my dear Sir. Please, do not criticize that person who never committed any adultery when he was juvenile. Then he gets married to 15 year older widow and never looks other lady. He spent 25 years with the same lady. If, he took 9 years girl as wife under commandment of God, so there was a reason to set practical example for us to raise a family in that way if we really need to establish a relation in certain conditions.

To avoid such results as 8 year girl becomes mom without wedlock. I have been discussed this thing already in my other comments.

You cannot say that 'it is the best way'. don't you understand the difference between your own opinion (however strongly held) and truth? They are not one and the same.

You need to believe me. I have been observed two cultures very closely. Christians brothers are suffering because they do not follow Jesus (PBUH), an open truth. They think that they have been forgiven by GOD. They do not need more good deeds. I do not agree with Mr. kman that following Jesus, we, won't necessarily get happiness. Following Jesus, we learn forgiveness, patience, helping others, speaking the truth, a lot about moral values. And all these things bring happiness in individual and overall in society. But, we need to follow him instead following devil. Sinful life brings tensions which is devil wish. Devil wants us to follow him and when somebody finds his girlfriend or wife in sin of adultery he gets mad and becomes vulnerable to more sins in tension. One friend, after little argument with his girlfriend got separated for few days as they had made decision to be separated for few day for the goodness of their relationship. I told him to be loyal to her in this period. I asked him to make sure she does not look other relation.

I was shocked to hear him that, " she does not look for other guys, but, only when she is drunken.


How does the Koran instruct scientists at Bell Labs working on photonic switches for example? Your statement has no proof - it is just a product of your baised beliefs.<<

Which non-Muslim scholars believe this "truth"? And if they believed it - wouldn't they become Muslims? So then they would no longer be non-Muslim scholars?<<

You cannot make statements about how much or little happiness your beliefs will bring to other people. Nor can you be absolutley sure that your 'glass of drink' is the best - simply because you haven't drank the others.

I add up in your knowledge that our one warship is enough to defeat all Arabic forces (according to our strategic experts ) and we can destroy Kaaba by our stealth bomber. But, our experts know that even all Muslims sit on one side, God of Abraham and Ishmael ( and all prophets ) will protect that alter made by father and son (I.e. Abraham and Ishmael )

It would be possible for any country with a large miltary to occupy Saudi Arabia - China, Russia, the US, the EU/NATO. They have not done so - but COULD do it. So you cannot say that that will not occur in the future - as rather obviously the future has not yet occurred. So your statement cannot be proven as true. It is just your belief.

>>Why don't you just admit you were wrong - instead of trying to split hairs after the fact? Besides that I am sure a current day Aramaic speaker would be able to understand the aramaic of Christ's period.<<


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Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Original writing only, please. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

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