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Noora: if some needs history lessons here it is you

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Submitted by ariana (India), Oct 20, 2008 at 04:12

noora why are you so devoid of Noor. Why do you speak like someone who has never seen what a school looks like from inside. Why do you assume a position of superiority when your knowlege or rather lack of it seems to be the very essence of your personality. Your ego stems out of your ignorance. You read a few websites and a few Islamic books and consider yourself the master of everything there is to know. I know it is futile to waste time on likes of you because you are Deaf Dumb and blind (excuse me for copying the words of your Prophet) but I feel that this epithet suits you well. Let me clarify this, Iam not writting this post for you but for those people who believe in humanity but are not well equipped with the facts. Bullies like Noora get extreme pleasure out of making jest of Non Muslims. But not every one is cowered down and that is why this world has hope. That is why Islam will be thrown out the window by the very Muslims who swear by it today! Mark my words Noora this is going to happen whether you like it or not.

Imagine that you have a child who you took care of all his life. You gave him everything he needed, but when asked who gave it to him he would say his father and he would show a picture of someone else. He would praise him and love him and devote his life to pleasing him when he did not exist. He would remember the time he narrowly escaped death. He would cry, "Thank you Father" while looking at his picture, not you. You were the one who saved his life but he thanked someone else. He refused to admit that you even existed. You followed him day and night looking after him. It was really you who came to his aid, but he did not see you his saw his imaginary father. You sent him letters asking him why he ignores you. Why does he not call on you, but a person who does not exist? Why does he give his love, honor and obedience to someone else, when it is you who leave food on his doorstep? You, who never slept in watching over his affairs. You, who have saved his life and helped him when he didn't realize it, yet he devotes his life and thanks a being that does not exist calling him father.

Your are very funny, Nura, Noor evades you in every sense of the word. Since you are a Theist the onus of proving that God exists falls on you. Futhermore let us assume that God (if he exists) did create the world and everything thing in it. Why did he do so? Did we ask him to do so. Does it not look like a stupid game to you. First you create a being then you burden him with what you believe in, and then judge him for what has be predetermined by the great God. Wow! i find your theory totally fascinating. Your parents brought you into this world for the satisfaction of their own desire to have a child. It had nothing to do with you. They were not exactly thinking about you when they decided to concieve you. It was always always about your parents.

Like wise if you say that your God Allah is on a similar Ego trip, then Iam sorry your God is not perfect. He is vindcitive and hatefull. Qualities that make him more Human than divine. So are you saying that your God gets pissed when his creation does not worship him. If he is really so great and infaliable then he/ she should be above human emotions. If he is so great why does he put the feeling of jealousy and hatred in the minds of men, why does he make them suffer. Is he a narcissit, a sadist. Excuse me! but your theory is totally illogical.

Allah gave the order for Muslim to fight their enemies. He said this because many did not want to fight. They feared death. But Allah is telling them that seeking the hereafter is more important. It was necessary for them to fight in order to survive. Only the ignorant would dispute that.

Is your God Allah some kind of freak of freak! he tells people to become bloody murders, when even a small child can tell you that murdering someone is a crime. Now why did these people not want to fight because they did not want to hurt their fellow humans. Every species is born with an inborn trait that prevents him from killing someone (especially of his own species) except when his life is threatened. Humans are no exceptions. These new Muslims were echoing the same sentiment when they refused to fight others. It is strage that the seventh century people were far more human than you ever will be.

Well let's look at France who has outlawed the Hijab. Let's look and Germany who is seeking to do the same thing.

You are seriously in need of some education and exposure to the outside world. France has made no exceptions to the rule. Even Sikhs have been bared from wearing Turbans which is the most important part of their religion, Christians cannot wear crucufixes, Jews cannot wear the Star of david. This measure was taken inorder to put an end to the Ghetto mentality of certain communities and to promote the Secular values on which the foundation of Modern France rests. Now you have a problem in living in Secular societies then you have the option of leaving them and opting for an Islamic Paradise where Sharia rules supreme and Human Rights take a backseat. Why dont you cry out when women living in Muslim countries have to Adhere to Islamic laws. Saudi Arabia is the perfect Exaple amogst a host of other nations.

I would gladly prove that you are wrong. Firstly, you have interpreted this verse partly. This verse came in a time when everyone Jews, Christians, and Pagans, were adverse to Islam. This passage first says do not take them as a Wakil, which would mean a guardian or protector. It further says that they are protectors of one another, speaking of Jews and Christians. I think that status quo proves that. You miss the important part of the ayah, it says RATHER than the believer. Your primary friendships or people who you trust your life with should be Muslims first for the following reasons:

This verse tells Muslims not to take Jews and Christians as Awliya. Yes Jews and Christians were averese to Islam this was because Muhhamd claimed tried to force his stupid views on them. Tell me if today some comes to your house and tells you that Islam is okay, but your Quran has been Modified, so Allah has sent me as a new Prophet and it is your job to follow and respect me. What would you do? Propbably call the Cops or take him for a Psyco. Now we are talking about the 7th century when people must have been far more religious than they are today. How do you feel the Christians and Jews must have felt when Muhhamad whom they knew to be a decietfull man and a liar. Muslims react angrily to anything that feel is a sign of disrespect towars their Deen or their Prophet. They burn properties loot and kill. Imagine the kind of havoc Muslims created just for a few cartoons. Did the Christians burn Muslim properties in Europe or anywehere in this world when Muslims burt the Danish Flag which has a Cross on it? So you see there the Jews and Christians of Arabia were really smart people who knew Muhhamd to be a liar and a Deceitfull man. When this became clear to Muhhamad that Christians and Jews would not accept his message he told his followers to not take Jews and Christains as their Awlia.

1. Heard of the saying birds of a feather flock together, Or the issue of peer pressure? Non-Muslims have different values than we have. Some people can be easily influenced by their acquaintances. I have seen this happen over and over again. I have had non- Muslim friends before and they never understood why I didn't date and would encourage me. If I was a weak person I could have been influenced. Furthermore, Islam tells us to choose our friends closely, even if they are Muslims. I have had to cut Muslim friends because I have felt that they were a bad influence. It is really the same issue. If you don't want to compromise your religion, you should hang around people who believe what you believe. Either they will change you, or you will change them.

True birds of like feather flock together. But these birds belong to the same group as in their species and their genetic traits. They donot have religions to divide them rather their genepool. This feeling is inherent in a group. If we go by your example Arabs regardless or whether they are Muslim, Shia or Christian should flock together! But is this the case. Your Islam did something that against the natural order orf things. Alright you didnt date and stuff, it was your perogative if you didnt wish to date. However people should have to choice whom they wish to hang out with. Do you need God to tell you how you should sit, how you should eat, whom you should be friends with. According to you the exchange of ideas is sheer blasphemey. You promote seggregation which shows that you have a tribalistic mentality. Do you tell your kids who they should hang out with. Are you not inculcating a predudiced thinking in them?

Let's talk about how a Muslim student in the U.S had to fight to be able to wear her scarf at school.

Can you tell us why this student wants to come to the US in the first place if she did not like the social standards of Americans? Why does she have to follow the same rotten traditions that her forefathers have even after coming to the US. If she has a problem with the American way of life then she whould never have gone there in the first place. Why do muslims have all to have all the benifits that a country like US can provide, while they deny the social standards of that society? Why dont you shout for the American woman who was arrested for having lunch with a man not related to her in a restraunt in Saudi Arabia? Why dont you cry out loyd when the Islamic nations discriminate even in death, when they provide different compensations based on the religion of the man who was murdered? Why dont you feel bad when women are lynched in Islamic nations when they are accused of illicit relations and their Husband's testimony is considered enough evidence? Why dont you feel bad about those women who have to get four witnesses inorder to prove that they were actually raped? Do you feel sorry for the Hindu and Christian girls in Pakistan who are forcibly abducted and converted to Islam by Muslims? Do you feel bad when a girl is beheded in Indonesia for being Christian?Can an American woman move around in short skirts in an Islamic nation. Why does she have to follow the social standars of the Muslims?

A Muslim professional football player was criticized for not standing up for the pledge of allegiance which is Haram for Muslims to pledge to ANY flag.

Does this theory apply only when you are living in a non Muslim nation. If it is not so then then why do Islamic nations also have national anthems? People in Islamic nations have to pay allegience to the flag of their country. So what you are telling us is that a Muslim living in a non Muslim nation is a potential threat to that country because he does not owe allegence to the flag of that country. Hence in the evetuality of an attack by a muslim nation he is likely to part with his Muslim brothers who are there to attack the nation which has given him everything. In other words allowing Muslims to immigrate to a nation which is not Islamic is a serious threat to the peace and stability of that nation.

For the record, the only religion that was outlawed in Muslim society was Paganism. Secondly, so the hell what. Islam came to dispel idol worship from the people, why would it then bring it back? You are asking as if Allah is being unreasonable. You are asking as if Islam is the only religion that does not warn pagans that they are going straight to Hell. It's actually a very old message.

Okay now your hypocrisy can be seen again. Because according to you it is okay for Muslims to bulit as many mosques as they like in non Muslims nations, however you cannot expect Islamic nations to extend a similar favour to Non Muslims because Muslims believe that Gods of other people are false. Nobody except the Muslims believe in Allah and that Muhhamad was his messenger. The Adhan cry La Illah Ill Allah ...........there is no God except Allah makes mokery of the Gods which other people worship. Should Muslims living in Hindu countries be banned from shouting from the minarets this accursed cry which makes jest of the sensibilities of the Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Jains, Zoroastrians, Christians, etc. Islam has only one pupose which is to eliminate other religions, be they that of the Jews the Christians or anybody else. While Christians have the option of living under dhimmitude. Their religion is still under seige. Beacuse they cannot build new churches or Monateries. They cannot propgate Kufr (which means saying Jesus is the son of God), etc. What double standards, and you claim that the Muslims are victims!

I will come to the Hindu topic in another post as it cannot be covered in a single post nor is it desirable to juxapose a host of issues in a single post.

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Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Original writing only, please. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

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