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Masood: Wisdom is not to let others (religious teachers) do your thinking for you

Reader comment on item: Counting Islamists
in response to reader comment: Mr Plato Islam urges to scientific research to reach truth.

Submitted by Plato (India), Dec 1, 2008 at 23:28

Masood you wrote:

>>Mr. Plato…You are a wise person and man of knowledge. We have started from the same base but running in different directions. One day you will be a great scholar of Islam. Your knowledge will itself guide you to the truth and you will yourself recognize that how beautiful Islam is.<<

Masood, don't let my pseudonym fool you. I can only dream of the real Plato's wisdom.

But even this little wisdom tells me that if I follow Plato's methodology of not taking anything on hearsay and requiring rigorous proof before accepting anyone's claims there is very little chance I will recognize the beauty of Islam. That will happen only when I get hit on the head and my normal reasoning powers are scrambled.

This scrambling of the brain can also be accomplished early in life if you get to listen to mullahs pontificating about the Koran and Muhammad, and scrambled brains is usually the fate of children born to Muslim parents. The difference between you and me, though "we have started from the same base" is because I am guided by Plato's wisdom and you by that of the mullahs in mosques and madrassas.

You write,

>>Islam is the only religion which is to guide human beings in all ages.<<

How did you come to that conclusion?? I tell you the Geeta is the guide for all humans in all ages. You expect me to believe what you said, why can't you believe what I say?

>> If, I am so happy and contented so why should not pray for you to get happiness.<<

I am very happy and contented so why should I not make a sacrifice of ghee and rice for you to become even more happy?

>>But you need to practically follow Mohammad who is the practical of God (the creator of everything including the sun and the moon ).<<

If we were to practically follow Muhammad we should be at war with each other, like the Prophet was during the last ten years of his life. Following the practical advise of Muhammad and Allah Muslims have been doing that for the last 1400 years. They follow it to this day. You must have watched the spectacular demonstration of this in Mumbai. The practical result of following Muhammad and Allah is death and destruction all round.

>> Islam is the only religion which guides towards scientific facts so that we can recognize truth of one Almighty Power Who is running all systems in organized order.<<

Quran was revealed to Mohammad to guide humans which were supposed to face scientific age. Life was supposed to change from simple to complex or natural to artificial life style. Diseases were supposed to appear due to genetic mutation of disease causing germs (virus and bacteria ).Almighty God knows everything that is why He urges human beings to observe God truth by researching on different phenomena.

>>History shows that God never blessed Muslims due to this reason that they were Muslims but due to their following the teachings of Islam.<<

Considering their condition, Muslims of today don't appear to be under the blessing of Allah. This means that they are not following the teachings of Islam. The Muslim kasais (butchers) who rampaged across the city of Mumbai were very faithful to Islam. The were following Koran 9:111 to the letter for which they expected their rightful reward from Allah.

They even thought they would wake up in heaven after being killed. Ajmal Amir Kasab, one of the kasai's captured alive told his colleagues: Kuch ghante baad, ya fir dinan de bad, Allah-talah ke darbaran mein mulaqat hogi…Wahan phursat mein gal karange (Few hours later or days later, we all will meet in Allah's court….There we will chat leisurely)

>>Once, Christian emperor sent a physician or doctor to Muslim Arabs in early Islamic period. He kept waiting for many days but no patient came to him. He got bored and asked a native man that do these people hate to come here. He responded that here no body is sick otherwise he would definitely come to you. He further told that how can somebody become sick who follow the true teachings of their prophet and quit eating before two morsels. I.e. keeping their belly little empty.<<

This story sounds like one of those Arabian Nights tale. Is it possible to check the authenticity of this yarn? Because if those blessed people never felt sick it would mean they are still alive today and must be quite a few hundred years old. If they are dead it means they fell ill despite their great belief in Islam and are dead. If alive it is time some explorer went in search of them.

Let us take this story a bit further. The prophet himself suffered many illnesses and died a painful death. Did you ask your madrassa instructor how this was possible, Muhammad being the most obedient slave of Allah?

>>Yes, we talk about to cure diseases but we should also talk about the reasons who give rise to those diseases.<<

Did you not know the reason for diseases? With all your belief in Allah I would expect you to know THE REASON. There is only one reason and it is Allah. He is the cause of all those bacteria, virus and the deadly genetic diseases we get.

>> But, if somebody has already got some disease so we should first look for every possible cure and medical treatment available to us and then pray to God for that person to get better soon. First, our effort and then God help. God helps those who help themselves.<<

You have reversed the order the Saudi Cancer Society gave to prevent cancer. Since you are talking about what to do about after getting a disease this is what Islamic scholars suggest. This solution also suffers from the problem that if despite your pleas to Allah you get sicker and die then He has not been able to cure you.

Again going to the prophet's time we have the interesting incident of what happened to the Prophet's only child born as a male, Ibrahim, conceived by his slave Maria. When Ibrahim fell ill the Prophet prayed fervently to Allah to spare his life. This favourite prophet of Allah to whom He and His angels sent blessings (33:56) had to face the bitter truth that Allah is a capricious being who says one thing and does another.

>>We should keep trying to find cures for diseases because God urges to observe His truth through knowledge of everything.<<

We should keep trying to find cures for diseases because Allah despite His boasts of being the all-knower and almighty is pretty powerless when it comes to bacteria and virus and we have to find our own protection.

>>Now, it depends upon humans to search cure for diseases in every possible effort which Almighty God has put around us. We just need to find.<<

Yes, Masood, humans long ago realized that this phantom of the skies, Allah, is totally undependable in all matters of our existence and so while singing His praises and worshipping Him as a sort of insurance they have learned to depend on themselves when it really matters.

>>Mr. Plato, so many scientific researches have been done on Mohammad life and even scientific facts have been proved truth in Islam.<<

All the scientific research on Muhammad have failed to understand why Allah's favourite prophet had to suffer a very painful death or why He refused to bless him with a male heir which he so dearly wished as his fervent prayers to save Ibrahim prove.

>>Every truth about Mohammad and Quran is not coincidence. Please Mr. Plato think about it.<<

Masood, I did a little "scientific" reasearh about the Prophet's death and this is what I found:

Kitab al-Tabaqa Al-Kabir by Ibn Sa'd, Vol II , Published by Kitab Bhavan, New Delhi, Page 256-265:

…..Aysha, she said: Verily, the Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him, was severely struck by pain and began to change sides on his bed and complain of it. ‘Aysha said to him: O Apostle of Allah! If any one of us had behaved in this way, you would have objected to it. The Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him said to her: "The pious", according to the version of al-Fadl Ibn dukayn and "the believers" according to the version of Muslim Ibn Ibrahim: "suffer hardships, because a believer does not suffer from a thorn-prick or some other pain milder than that but, Allah elevates his position and pardons one of his sins;"…..(Pg 257)

Your Prophet, like a cat always landing on its feet, is unfazed by Ayisha's sarcasm (probably the prophet must have chided her for complaining when she fell ill) about his moaning and groaning when in pain and tells her that his suffering (and of all Muslims's too) is going to earn him deductions from his basket of sins and get him closer to Allah.

…Masruq, he on the authority of Aisha: she said: I never saw any one suffering from more severe pain than the Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him………….He said: Yes! My illness is equal to that of two men ….................He said: Yes! By Him in Whose hand is my life, no Muslim on earth suffers from disease or any thing else but Allah makes him drop his sins as a tree drops its leaves….. (Pg 258).

This blessed prophet of allah is made to suffer severe pain. This is the same prophet on whom Allah and his angels sent blessings. Ask yourself what Allah's blessings are worth to ordinary humans if this painful death is the result of His blessings on the Prophet. As to the claim that suffering Muslims will have their sins forgiven if they suffer pain, it is the prophet's dishonest explanation for the pain he is suffering.

This claim should also make Muslims welcome suffering. The Muslims being killed in Iraq, Kashmir, Chechnya, China…all should be considered lucky as their sins must be falling off them like "a tree dropping its leaves."

Can you doubt that the people around would have wondered aloud how Allah could visit such pain on him as he had been claiming for 23 years that he had the special blessing of Allah. Does it not make you also wonder, Masood? Think out of the Islamic box that your mullahs have put you in.

Apostle said: There is none who suffers more than prophets; as our sufferings are severe so our recompensation is also doubled….(Pg 259)

The prophet must have begun to lose face in front of his believers when he lay dying. But he had the presence of mind to take advantage of the situation by making this idiotic claim.

….Masruq, he on the authority of Ayisha, she said; The Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him, used to chant: O Lord of mankind take away the trouble, cure me, Thou are the Curer; there is no remedy except from Thee and that is a remedy that does not betray the sick. She said: The Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him, fell severely ill, and ultimately died

The Curer on Whom the Prophet placed his faith to cure his illness paid no heed to His favourite Apostle. Allah's remedy instead of curing the prophet betrayed him and killed him.

Why should ordinary Muslims expect Allah to cure them of their illnesses. All Muslims know this real and simple truth, that allah has no use for their prayers and pleading, which is why they, including the most pious Muslim, rushes to a hospital and not the nearest mosque to relieve them of their pain. Masood, are you willing to risk your life or that of your child by sitting in a mosque and praying to Allah?

…..The Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him, during his last illness, chanted prayers for protection and blew (his breath) upon himself (Pg 262). On the authority of Abu Sa'd; he said: The apostle of Allah, may allah bless him, fell ill and he i.e. Gabriel, peace be upon him, saying: In the name of allah I chant on to ward off from you every thing that harms you and (to ward off you) against every envier and every evil eye and allah will heal you (Pg 265).

Despite Muhammad's chanting and pleading and Gabriel's special intercession Allah did betray the prophet as He betrayed him before by taking away his only male child

Masood, I have gone into some detail about the illness and death of the prophet as it reveals the sickness that afflicts Islam. Reflect on this short account of the last days of your prophet and ask yourself what use your prayers and pleading with Allah. If you are honest with yourself you will realize Allah is a phantom of Muhammad's imagination (you read what happened despite his supplication and chanting). Man's best friend is man himself, not god. And after that his dog.




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