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Masood: Yes, let us talk logically and not nonsense

Reader comment on item: Counting Islamists
in response to reader comment: Mr dhimmi.. ,penelope..Mr. PLATO I HAVE ANSWER

Submitted by Plato (India), Nov 30, 2008 at 02:35

Masood, you wrote,

>>Mr.dhimmi no more….I am very happy that I have got a chance to put you on right path.<<

Masood, you cannot do that. Read 006.125 YUSUFALI: Those whom Allah (in His plan) willeth to guide,- He openeth their breast to Islam; those whom He willeth to leave straying,- He maketh their breast close and constricted,… …..AND 010.100 : No soul can believe, except by the will of Allah, and He will place doubt (or obscurity) on those who will not understand.

Allah has already decided to put dhimmi on the wrong path. What power do you have to defy Allah?

>> I like to talk practically making logic and sense.<<

Masood what logic and sense can make out of these verses:

YUSUFALI: If it had been Allah's plan, they would not have taken false gods: but We made thee not one to watch over their doings, nor art thou set over them to dispose of their affairs. [Yet your prophet went about preaching and destroyed the idols of the Meccans. Why?If Allah is to be believed it was Allah's plan that they believe in false gods! Can you fault this logic, Masood? ]

YUSUFALI: "When I have fashioned him (in due proportion) and breathed into him of My spirit, fall ye down in obeisance unto him." (If god's spirit is in man how can he go astray?)

002.106 : None of Our revelations do We abrogate or cause to be forgotten, but We substitute something better or similar: Knowest thou not that Allah Hath power over all things? [How is this possible if the Book is in a Tablet preserved in Heaven. Will the Tablet change to suit the revelations?]

Allah says: 002.285 YUSUFALI:……. "We make no distinction (they say) between one and another of His messengers." …..

Then your Allah as usual changes his mind in Q17:55 says: we have prefered some prophets over others

017.055: And it is your Lord that knoweth best all beings that are in the heavens and on earth: We did bestow on some prophets more (and other) gifts than on others: and We gave to David (the gift of) the Psalm

>> And in the light of scientific facts……<<

Here are some scientific facts in the Koran:

081.002 YUSUFALI: When the stars fall, losing their lustre; [How can stars fall? Your prophet probably seeing meteors shooting across the skies and disappearing from sight thought they were stars falling and losing luster]

041.012 : So He completed them as seven firmaments in two Days, and He assigned to each heaven its duty and command. And We adorned the lower heaven with lights, …...[Notice that the verse says ‘heaven', singular, and ‘lights' is plural, clearly meaning it refers to stars. Also notice that Allah seems to have forgotten instead of toiling for two days He has the power to just say be, and it is]

Now read this verse: 071.015
YUSUFALI: "'See ye not how Allah has created the seven heavens one above another, "'And made the moon a light in their midst, and made the sun as a (Glorious) Lamp? [The underlined words clearly show that Allah is saying that the moon is in the midst of the seven heavens]

So Allah is claiming that the stars are located below the moon. This is the kind of nonsense science you find in the Koran. I will give you one more example.

006.096 : He it is that cleaveth the day-break (from the dark): He makes the night for rest and tranquillity, and the sun and moon for the reckoning (of time…

Clearly Allah seems to have forgotten that the main function of the sun is to provide the energy that drives everything on earth, including all life. Saying the sun is for reckoning time is absurd to say the least.

>>As science is becoming more advanced, we are getting more closer to truth of Almighty God (Allah, Eishwar, Bhagwan, Jehovah ).<<

As science advance we are beginning to realize that stars cannot fall, the sun and moon are not in a race across the sky, that sperm does not arise near the backbone, that animals do not produce milk from where excreta is formed, that there is no impassable barrier between salt and sweet water, that the moon is in the lowest heaven, that the sun does not set in a muddy pool, that mountains are not pegs to keep the earth from shaking….

Masood, Allah is now able to peek through the minute gaps that remain in the scientific explanation for natural phenomena. As someone pithily put it, Allah is now a god of the gaps.

>>Everybody believes in some Almighty Power in one way or other way.<<

In which world are you living, Masood. Ask any Buddhist if he believes in this Almighty Power. Ask any atheist if he believes in Allah, Easwar, Bhagavan or Jehovah.

>>Only one thing matters which is the best way of obedience or faithfulness ( to please Him ) which brings us closer to that Almighty Power.<<

Of what use is getting closer this almighty power? To have to stare at his formless face forever?

>>Mr. dhimmi or other brothers instead showing hatred, why do not try to reach truth together.<<

Can you find fault with the truths I have enumerated above? Show me that what I have said above and below are false and I will agree that I am showing hatred.

>>If, I am praying to Creator of everything who even created to all universe including moon and sun. So, how can any body claim that I am worshiping moon ( as a muslim ) as I have already belief that the moon was created by The Almighty Creator which I name as Allah.<<

Why then do you think that idol-worshippers are worshipping the idols and not the same creator you worship? Idol-worshippers also believe that there is some force of creation and the idols are merely an aid in worshipping that force.

>>I belong to Muslim rajput ( rana ) family but I am proud that I am a muslim first and I am happy that it is the main thing to be proud which is the cause of my success in hereafter for eternal life.<<

Don't jump the gun, Masood. You will have to wait until judgment day to know whether after all your groveling before Allah he will consent to grant you heaven. Allah is very capricious, you know, and you could still end up in hell. For Allah has given a guarantee of paradise in only one case i.e. if you are killed or kill in His cause (9:111). And He says:

002.284 YUSUFALI: … Whether ye show what is in your minds or conceal it, Allah Calleth you to account for it. He forgiveth whom He pleaseth, and punisheth whom He pleaseth, for Allah hath power over all things.

How then can you be sure you are destined for paradise. You can if you do what your brethren have been doing in Mumbai, India over the last few days. Allah tells you very clearly that those death-dealers the entire world watched in horrified fascination, are destined to gain to wake up in paradise.

>>We should openly accept this truth that God blessed each thing of Mohammad which He possessed.<<

Is this the reason Muslims venerate his hair in Kashmir, his robe in Afghanistan? Muslims also venerate his unethical behaviour in marrying a six-year-old and make the silliest of excuses for it. They venerate his forced marriage to Safiya, whom Muhammad had just widowed by torturing and killing her husband for money.

> to destroy your all idols

>>We love to follow Mohammad as an act of worship but not to worship a stone as a God or deity. It is very simple thing to understand for those who have little courage to accept the truth.<<

Masood, do you have the courage to accept these truths about your Prophet:

He married Safiya almost immediately after having her husband tortured and killed and breaking the Koranic law of not marrying a woman before her idda period is over. He married a six-year-old girl. He had many people including a woman poet and an old man assasinated for criticizing him. He had the entire adult male members of the Banu Quraiza decapitated in one horrendous night. He fought nearly seventy aggressive wars, looted property and took slaves including women and children distributing them to his shahaba as their share of the booty.

>>>…Moreover, Mohammad each action which muslims try to follow was according to the commandment of GOD and for the goodness of all humans.<<

I have listed some of the actions of your prophet. Tell us Masood, whether those actions are something Muslims must try and follow. And are they for the good of all humans?

>>My ancestors were Hindu and they fought bravely but each time they lost lives and saw their gods breaking.<<

Your ancestors descendants are still alive in the millions and still venerating the same gods they worshipped. Allah could not complete the job He had undertaken and it goes to show that idol-worship despite His ranting and raving against it is not about to disappear anytime soon. The killers of your ancestors tried for 700 years and could not succeed.

>>Kissing something does not make that thing God because there is no concept in mind that we are kissing it as God.<<

Your unfortunate ancestors also only touched or kissed their idols. They did not believe them to be god (force of creation). There was no concept in their mind they were touching or kissing the real god, just a representation in stone or wood. They know that since Allah has created wood and stones they are in effect a part of Him.

>>Every stone or particle can show power but it would be given by God. It does not make that stone God.<<

That is what your Hindu ancestors thought too. But they were slaughtered by the invaders nevertheless.

>> Mr. Plato… so why those Mongols converted to Islam and the same attackers on Islamic world became the defenders of great Islamic territories. You don't know, same muslim mongoles have been ruled over India too for centuries. ...........Why, even with so much sophisticated weapons and advanced technology, non-muslim are still unable to break even one claim of Mohammad that no non-muslim can enter in his land (Mecca and Medina ) as victorious.

Mr. Plato.. Is this not great blessing and truth about Islam.<<

Masood, this part of your post is a copy of: "Mr. Plato Islam has SPECIAL BLESSINGS" and I have answered in reply to it.


One day you all wise people will accept Islam with bless of God<<

Wise people already accept that Islam with the blessings of Allah is one of the major causes of strife in the world today.




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