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Islam Undressed: Islamic Contradictions and Hypocrisies

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Submitted by phoenixleo (India), Mar 15, 2010 at 19:08

America is hated in large parts of the Middle East and Asia, but more educated and affluent Muslims usually wear Levi jeans while shouting 'death to America '. When the cameras are gone and the frenzy is over, they can often be found cueing up at Western embassies, hoping for a visa to immigrate in search of a 'better life'. This hate/love relationship most young Muslims have with western democracy, freedoms, culture, and technology is despised by their more aged Imams, who then respond by ratcheting-up the hate-America sermons. They paint illusions of Western conspiracies into young minds in the region, desperately trying to hold back the forces of enlightenment and change.

Muslim spokespersons claim moral purity in their fight against 'decadent' Westerners. Indeed, if Muslims were told an infidel man forced himself onto a 9-year old girl they would quickly condemn such a man as a pedophile, and then he would be lynched. But mention the Prophet Mohammed slept with a girl of the same age, and watch Muslims overact with all kinds of rationalizations such as girls in those days matured fast or it was normal and acceptable in that culture, etc. Apparently it was also normal in those days to rape a widow the same night you slaughtered her beloved husband in an unprovoked raid. To normal thinking feeling human beings, the phrase 'most merciful' would not seem to apply to either of these divinely sanctioned acts by Muhammad, yet somehow such contradictions are lost on Muslims.

We hear that Muslims believe the Black Stone circled in Mecca is conscious and will testify for and against them on Judgment Day (though they will deny it, the stone and ritual is based on a pagan deity). Meanwhile Muslims all over the world gleefully bring down 'un-Islamic' idols, statues, and figures representing deities in other religions. The physical manifestation of Allah, in the form of a conscience stone, is an important core of Muslims' connection with deity. A pillar of Islam states that every individual must make a pilgrimage to the stone and pay homage. Having done so, a good Muslims can then return to his/her home and with greater piety plot violence against pagan idol worshipers of all sorts.

The world continues to find disappointment as it waits for the majority of 'moderate' Muslims to bring the extremists into line. The problem is that even moderate Muslims have enormous capacity to absorb great hypocrisies. It appears the vast majority of people from Islamic lands develop early a capacity to accept extreme contradictions without question. Remaining completely unfazed, they continue to call monsters who target innocents 'mujahedeen' (holy warriors). With nary a blink, moderates and extremists alike call fiends who target Jewish children in Israel 'mujahedeen'. Arab Muslim societies, instead of developing any empathy for the victims of Muslim terrorists, race backward into ever deeper superstition, bigotry, and a culture of blame which renders reformation impossible. Huge parts of the Muslim world are afflicted with what can only be called world-wide denial, if not a deep psychosis characterized by a false sense of superiority and irrational hatred of all others, particularly those capable of defending themselves.

If a small group of Muslim terrorists are humiliated in Abu-Graib prison then all Muslims take it personally, gathering in great numbers to demand revenge. But the treatment of Iraqi western 'collaborators' by the prisoners 'peers' evokes little concern. If any American (non-Muslim) soldier were to be captured, is there any doubt as to his fate? Muslims around the world appear largely indifferent to the most in-humane treatment of infidels in Iraq. Many even relish videos and reports of atrocities as if it is some sort of Islamic national sport ("An American is killed and hung from a bridge …score one for Muhammad!")

But then, even the term "holy war" (Jihad) is an oxymoron. There is nothing 'holy' about War, even when necessary to preserve a society, and there is certainly nothing warlike in any pure religion based on a kind benevolent God. The last 1400 years of history warn us that the typical Muslim variant of War usually involves targeting innocents, raping, and pillaging. Thinking, feeling human beings consider such acts much less than 'Holy', despite the usual chants of "Allah Akbar" by vile marauders. Muslims, however, seem largely oblivious to the self-evident truth that the greatest blasphemers in any religion are those who kill in God's name. Numerous videos exist showing chanting Islamists sawing off the head of some poor victim. Such videos are in high demand in Islamic lands, in what can only be described as some form of sick Islamic rapture. What are in reality the worst examples of hypocrisy and human depravity, is to many Muslims wonderful examples of pure spirituality. If a spirit is involved with such human depravity, it can only be an evil spirit, and could not be a spirit based on kindness, love, mercy, or forgiveness. Those who take pleasure from someone else's pain are correctly called Sadists, and are mentally and emotionally maladjusted (ill). In Iraq, nary a peep is heard as devout brothers kill while using a white flag as a cover, civilians are exploited as shields, or passers-by are blown apart with or without damaging the declared enemy. Add to this the deafening silence connected to hundreds of kidnapping of civilians, UN and NGO workers, and the decapitation of all such "prisoners." In Muslim minds, condemnation remains unthinkable for reasons of a faith and a theology which dehumanizes all non-Muslims.

Acts by sadistic terrorists produce by design extreme human suffering and pain to innocent and unsuspecting victims. Instead of an act of wanton brutality and murder producing shame for the family of the perpetrator, it is common for a festive ceremony known as "the wedding of the martyr" ('irs al-shahid) to be held in honor of the murderer. The celebration is held to symbolize the murders wedding in paradise with 72 virgins. At these events, the family receives guests who offer more congratulations than condolences for their son's martyrdom. Feb 28, 2005, suicide bomber Raid Mansour al-Banna detonated a car bomb at a busy bazaar in Hilla Iraq, killing 132 Muslims and seriously injuring 120 more. Iraqis were incensed that a 'irs al-shahid was celebrated by the Jordanian family of the murderer. But would these same angry Iraqi people objected if the victims had been Americans, Jews, Russians, Hindus, Christians, or , or would these same concerned Muslims likely have attended that hated celebration. Today, many worldwide take glee witnessing the various beheadings, executions, and other unspeakable images shown repeatedly on Arabic satellite TV to a demanding audience. Tongues click in many 'peaceful' households for what passes as spirituality to these people. In an ongoing blatant example of Islamic hypocrisy, a deafening silence is observed throughout the Arab world while horrendous crimes continue to be committed by Muslim Arabs against their Muslim brothers, sisters, and children in Sudan. Islamic leaders strain and choke on a sand fly, yet it seems an adult camel can easily slide down their throat.

Honor killings are yet another blight tarnishing Islamic claims to be the worlds 'best' religion. The same culture that celebrates wholesale murder of innocents, also requires a son to brutally murder a daughter to preserve family honor, both considered pious acts justified to defend the demands of Islam's honor. It's a strange thing, this Islamic concept of honor.

"There are spectacles before which even satire herself stands mute."

George Orwell said;

Duplicity is the ability to articulate and adhere to two completely opposing moral standards at the same time, and is a sign of both intellectual immaturity and moral bankruptcy.

Sadly, even reading these words, most Muslims will refuse to see any contradictions whatsoever, the natural result of a lifetime of conformity to Islam and shunning critical thought. Anger is the only reaction allowed to words not gushing with praise and adulation towards Islam. If Islam really were a great and peaceful religion, we might expect peace, prosperity, and enlightenment to break out all over in lands it governs. Instead everywhere Islam goes, all the locals get is poverty, oppression, corruption, murder, rape, and thievery. The facts on the ground confirm this, notwithstanding the vigorous, often threatening denials of Islamists. "How beautiful the Emperors robe", they exclaim, while the rest of the world sees the ugly nakedness of a violent people and culture. "Islamophobic bigot!" they scream, as they sharpen their blades and plan their next vile act in the name of their hateful God Allah. Today's Middle East is a region where even words have been systematically corrupted. Dictatorship is called "nationalism", stealing is called "Jizya", terrorism is called "holy war", murder is called "martyrdom", and terrorists have become "insurgents". Muhammad, who himself participated in multiple caravan robberies, pescribes as proper punishment for all thieves and robbers the cutting off their hands.

The intractable problems embedded within Islamic doctrine and culture is often quite obvious, to anyone but Muslims who seem to have their Islamic blinders super-glued on. As in Gene Roddenberry's classical Star Trek 'Borg' culture, individuality and humanity were the first causalities of Muhammad's Ummah (Muslim collective). Normal human reasoning and feeling were replaced with teachings and practices which serve to blunt conscience, suppress the heart, and cloud the mind. Muhammad's 'religion' supplanted any opportunity for individual virtue and spiritual growth, replacing it instead with required obedience to a culture steeped in misogamy, bigotry, racism, and violence.

While making excuses for vile behavior of brothers, defenders of the Qur'an also claim the book promotes scholarly leaning, when in fact it is filled with nonsensical fantasy often in direct contradiction to scientific fact. Muslims present Islam as a religion which encourages learning, reminding others that

"seek knowledge even if it is China",

Muhammad said

while at the same time any book of knowledge perceived as contradicting the Qur'an is considered satanic. The direction remains for such heresy to be either ignored as worthless or destroyed forthwith. The Royal Library of Alexandria in Egypt, founded at the beginning of the 3rd century during the reign of Ptolemy II, was once the largest in the world, at its peak storing up to 700,000 scrolls. In 640 AD Moslem marauders took the city, and upon learning of "a great library containing all the knowledge of the world" the conquering general asked Khalifa Omar for instructions. Omar is quoted as saying of the Library's holdings,

"they will either contradict the Qur'an, in which case they are heresy, or they will agree with it, so they are superfluous",


whereupon he ordered the library to be destroyed and the books burnt.

Crying bigotry they subsume other religions and cultures wiping out their leaders and history. Crying racism they attack other races turning millions into slaves to Arab Imperialism. For the last 1400 years, millions of victims have been persecuted by devout Muslims following Muhammad's enshrined tenants based on anti-Semitism, bigotry, and racism. To 'real' Muslims, the 3000+ infidels brutally murdered 9/11 were deserving of their fate, because they were worthless and 'unloved' by Allah. The multi-millions of victims persecuted by devout Muslims thru the ages were also deserving of their fates as Muslims continue to follow a doctrine to dominate and subjugate others, believing in a man who told them God sanctifies murder, slavery, lying, rape, arson, and thievery against other human beings (albeit non-believers), as acts of great piety which will be rewarded in Islamic heaven. Constantly reinforced with the idea they are the 'best' of people, and always reminded non-believers are worthless to their Allah, Muslims really believe they are superior and entitled to the lands, wealth, and lives of non-believers. With this bigoted/racist theology placed firmly in their hearts, they view the pain and death of all non-brothers as a good thing, by whatever method. In this way horrible acts committed by Muslim 'martyrs' become sacred acts to be revered. Such Teflon theological/psychological constructs shields victimizers from normal guilt or regret, allowing the Muslim collective to escape all culpability as they pile one misfortune after another upon others. Being neither blind nor stupid, they plainly see the blood on their own hands, yet remain unmoved in sincere belief that Allah is pleased at such a spectacle.

All the while Islamic historians continue to rewrite history to turn Muslim marauders into champions, and blood-thirsty terrorists into Saints. From the distorted Muslim prospective, Muslims are always presented as the poor, picked-on, persecuted lot, such self-pity providing justification for any and all criminal acts. Their culture feeds extremism instead of sanctioning and subduing destabilization. Chaos is a tool of Islamists to weaken and subdue other cultures and societies, and contributors to such anarchy are congratulated instead of jailed. When no provocation exists, one can always be easily created before or after the fact. Conspiracies abound in the mind of Muslim leaders from Muhammad to today, which have served to more than justify 1400 years of very 'real' Muslim conspiracies against her neighbors.

Islamic politicians demand western societies show tolerance toward Islamic laws and customs, while no such accommodation is offered non-Muslims in Islamic lands. CAIR and other Islamic organizations in the US are quick to pull the trigger claiming religious persecution, seeing civil rights violations in every shadow. Meanwhile the same 'sensitive' individuals remain in complete denial to human rights violations perpetrated by Muslims worldwide. The UN and Organization of Islamic States are equally quick to complain of the slightest appearance of bias, but even quicker to ignore gross violations of 'human-rights' perpetrated by Muslims against non-believers. Muslims throughout Europe and the US were enraged when Tariq Ramadan (an Islamic 'intellectual' with radical, anti-Christian, anti-American ideas) was denied a visa and so tenure at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. Suddenly so many Muslims were terribly worried about stifling intellectual freedom. Of course no one thinks to ask just how many Christian or openly anti-Islamic scholars have jobs at Islamic universities, as such a question is unthinkable. It is amusing to see Muslim folk rise to promote diversity, freedom, moral values, or equality. Sort of like the owners of the sunken Titanic coming out to promote 'Iceberg Awareness Week'.

The 'Red-Crescent' was formed to be an answer to the Western 'Red-Cross', yet it follows strict Islamic doctrine in limiting its services to Muslim Brothers and Sisters. When terrible, brutal things happen to non-believers anywhere, at the hands of Muslims or not, shoulders are shrugged as they say "it is the will of Allah". But such antipathy disappears when Muslims strike a blow maiming any part of a population of non-believers, say …Americans, Indians, Russians, Jews, Australians, Italians, Spanish, Brits, Philippines, etc etc. Each success at such malice, instead of invoking sympathy or regret, serves as proof manifest that their 'most compassionate, most-merciful' Allah is indeed God. Hell, they seem to get the same warm giddy feeling of self-righteousness and superiority when Sunni and Shiite kill each other in large numbers.

It is an Islamic mandate that all Muslims victims must be properly avenged, but apparently there is no such thing as an Infidel victim. When the victim is not Muslim, or insufficiently Muslim, hyper-sensitivity suddenly turns to mind-boggling apathy. With the knowledge that the victims in Beslan were not Muslim but the attackers were, acute empathy and compassion is instantly replaced with casual indifference. Yet if the attackers would have been non-Muslim and the children and their parents Muslim, is there any doubt protests and revenge attacks would have spanned the globe? Indeed, horrendous crimes continue to be committed by Muslim Arabs against (insufficiently Muslim) brothers, sisters, and children in Sudan, while a deafening silence is observed throughout the Arab world. Arabs know all about what is going on in Darfur, even Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya have started reporting some aspects of the crisis, but they don't react. Muslim public opinion with regard to the ongoing genocide has remained muted, causing barely an eyebrow to be raised. Yet had the slaughter targeting Muslims been perpetrated by Infidels, there would have been a huge uproar. As Kurdish and Shiite Muslims were slaughtered by their Suni 'brothers' in Iraq, moderate Muslim nations seemed unable to find much to criticize. Thousands of innocents Iraqis were deliberately targeted and died at the hands of merciless terrorists, yet somehow America is to blame for the carnage.

Muslim spokesmen claim to oppose intolerance, and then in the same breath attack anyone who exposes the criminality of any Muslim brother. When U.S. Marine in Iraq killed a wounded terrorist, in a place where wounded terrorists are a fatal threat, Muslims demand justice and revenge. But when vile Muslim murderers kill a helpless woman serving needy Iraqi Muslims for decades, Muslims can only shrug their shoulders, and the perpetrators are protected instead of being brought to justice. If a Palestinian is killed in Israel, even if he has been involved in hundreds of attacks against Jews, Muslims worldwide chant and demand revenge. Yet if hundreds or thousands of Spaniards in Madrid, or Americans in New York, are massacred, their stone-cold hearts feel nothing. When Dutchman filmmaker Theo Van Gogh was silenced by an Islamic assassin, Muslim leaders so concerned with accommodation and tolerance suggest he brought such misfortune upon himself by insulting the Qur'an. These sensitive, socially concerned Muslims tell us no one is allowed to criticize the Qur'an or Islam. Apparently free speech refers only the right of Muslims to preach bigotry and hatred, but any right to free speech must remain subservient to Islamic hyper-sensitivity to criticism. Pious Muslims tell us that critics of the teachings or person of Muhammad are blasphemers who have lost their right to live. Obviously the word 'tolerant' does not mean the same thing to both Muslims and Westerners. As said in the Wizard of Oz; "I don't think were in Kansas anymore, Toto".

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