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Hypocrisy and Watchdogs of Broken doors – IV – Repent And Repat , a.k.a. 'The Motto'

Reader comment on item: Turkey: An Ally No More
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Submitted by Turk (Turkey), Jan 31, 2010 at 14:14

I know that this ... comment comes from the depth of your heart. The fact is that the advent of the Turk is the greatest disaster in the history of Europe and no pseudo-satire can change it. What is more, the Turkish threat is far from extinct bearing in mind population pressures inside Turkey, failed economy combined by its erratic jihadist and Pan-Turkic political ideals.

Of course they do...Now, The history of Europe is a diseaster by itself, indeed it didnt need our support at all.. A peace of 60 years , (if you exclude communist invasion and civil war in former Yugoslavia of course) not even talking about the fact that most of the period is called 'Cold War' , does not mean anything and it is just a neglectible blink in history..

Erratic Jihad; Trivia

Population pressure inside Turkey ; If you did not notice so far , I belong to the population in Turkey - Specify …

Failed Economy ; All economies of the world have failed, although the effects of the crisis on BRICs and BRICETs like Turkey were more devastative. Anyhow whatever you do and claim , you can not change the following facts;

Turkey is the 17th biggest economy worldwide, in G20 , the 9th biggest cement producer, 11th biggest steel producer around the globe, especially when it comes to quality and specific steel. Turkish construction/contracting industry the world's 3rd largest, ranking behind those of the USA and China – Ones like you were blaming us with not founding a city till now to live in , but now we are building cities all around the world out of nowhere. These are the things you can not change whatever you do. You also can not change the reality of vast production lines, heavy industry we have here as well as a middle class that buys what is produced , which means that economy is not dependant on export only. Yes there are problems related with distrubution of wealth and unemployement, but these will be solved in time, when the world economy revives.

You also like to blaber about the foreign debt of Turkey which is about 252,000 million USD, without knowing that this figure is equal to about 23 per cent of Turkish GNP . If I am not mistaken , this ratio is 27 % in Polackia , 'land of the free…'

By the way ,do you have an idea of External Debt/GNP ratio of some other countries like Ireland ( 960 % repeat 965.. Not even 96,5) , Monaco (1140 %) , Iceland ( 998 %) , England ( 365 % ) , Netherlands ( 352 % ) Belgium ( 350 %) , Denmark ( 242 %) , Austria (233 %) France (212 %) , Germany (160%) ?

Only the domestic debt of your beloved Greece exceeds her GNP , I am not even mentioning her external debts..

Strangely , Fitch ratings increased the rating of Turkey on 08/12/09 while downgrading most of European countries ratings ,wonder why.. Must be due to the 'failed economy', the figures and realities , not some copy/pasted 'realities' from some coloumn writers.

In fact the only reason why the other 'civilized and prosperous' counties participated to Davos could not pickpocket Erdogan's wallet was , Erdogans knows how the other robbers work being one himself as well..

PanTurkic Politic ideals ; What is wrong with it ? When it comes to Panslavism , Pan Americanism , Pan Hellenism and Megali idee everything is fine and dandy , isnt it ?

But you are not really interested in Byzantine history, are you, türk bilim adam? I have never heard of him and his troops raping monks and bishops and changing churches into slaughterhouses as the great Turks used to do for which they being praised by apologists of barbarism like you. But if you assert the opposite is the case, I'll need more Islamic light from the Quran here without which nothing can be as perfectly distorted and denied as in your.But do you insist on the points here only because you ahve something different in mind than the Bzyantine history? I mean your objective here is propgating the official historical Turkish BS, isn't it ?

Please calm down . I will try to avoid clerical mistakes next time , seems that you are bit sensitive on this issue. Anyhow please allow me to say that your above statements in Turkish are not correct, ' ı 'is missing at the end of 'adam'. Lets use Turkish correctly next time,..

Anyhow here is some more 'Islamic light' for you , Alexius made agreements with Kutalmıshoğlu Suleyman of Konya, a Seljuk, in 1081 as well as with other Muslim rulers on the Eastern borders of Byzantium.. Did you notice the dates ? Same dates , or just 1 year after the date 'Alexius the Emotional' wrote his letter to Robert I. I really wonder if he really was real multi-tasker as I previously told you , or Turks quitted 'raping monks' or 'urinating into church vassals' with in the same year. Or may be has was just a good politician; writing emotional letters to his Western allies looking for help and signing treaties with 'monk rapers' and 'vassal urinaters.'

May be such treaties do not exist , may be they are just official historical Turkish BS .. Who knows ?

There are different degrees of evil and Islam is supreme evil. So I spare you the redundant question which evil was worse- Christian or Turkish. I know it and anyone who knows Islam does know it too and it's nothing you might ever rationally care for, Turk.

Thats what we are trying to do here exactly , we are comparing whose devil is more evil basing our arguments on numbers of body count and exploatation ,enabling us to determine the degrees of evil. And Although you say that ' I know it and anyone who knoes Islam does know it' , the numbers I have given and the picture I have drawn here basing on realities, tell the contrary. There must be a section of Lodz library which you could not discover so far.

Now for the Turk such things are simple taboo, not thinkable, therefore their historical reality must be consistently denied. But interestingly enough, this denial of reality suggests the Turks know what 'really' happened. But how can they know that ? They deny the extant sources and have nothing to support their happy pseudo-history with except their big-mouthed claims. But why bother? They hate history and despise its methods and results unless they can abuse history for their jihad and their missing historical identity.

Yes because everyone have to accept your realities , noone else has the right to comment and interperete it differently, just like the letter sent to Count of Flanders. Your realities are 'unique' , we all have to accept the history as told by your with crippled, biased, hatefull and wounded Polackian version, hoping us that we are ignorant and naive enough to buy what you are selling..

Missing historical identity ? I know my historical identity quite well. I know what 16 stars on my presidential flag mean, which include Shamanist , Jewish and Muslim ones. I know why I dont have slanty eyes anymore and I dont care because I know that I am all the lands I walked on. I am a nation , not a race. Although I dont care and I dont consider myself as European , good or bad my history is deeply, vastly and inseperaby embedded in European history as well as Asian History, a fact which you know very well by and a fact you can not rip it off how much you try , how much you scream with some sort of juvenile 'jihad' you started with your holly keyboard in Lodz. I have always been a political reality of Europe and I am a political reality of hers now , the reason why most of EU leaders can not look me in the eye and say ' we dont want you' excluding a few..

I am the reason of crusades, I am the 'clash of civilizations' as described by Bernard Lewis , I am the reason how Islam survided , I am the reason of Protestantizm's survival with my financial help , I am the one who ended Middle Ages in 1453., I am the one forced you to change and reform with fear of extinction , I am the sole and single anomaly in history coming out of nowhere right after 500 years my written history starts, creating a completely different type of a state with social and military organizations noone ever seen, and making a success out of it for centuries, which you still fail to understand.

This is who I am .. This is my 'pseduo' history ..Did you remember me ?

I bet you did – But you will never be able to understand what I am speaking about .Such notions and thoughts must be completely strange to you, being raised with the education of communist era. My mistake to write all these, to someone writing pages about the 'kids we stole' but still making love to his Russian comrades in various comments , strangely forgetting the 150.000 citizens of his that Ruskies executed. Very pridefull indeed…

Constantinople was the capital of the most civilized and advanced empire for c. 1200 years. Nowadays there is not a single museum in Istanbul, the name Constantinople being banned, devoted to Byzantium. But we have plenty of museums were holy knives are on exhibition with which this or that sultan, this or that sheikh-ul-Islam, this or that vizier was circumcised! This speaks volumes, doesn't it ?

They are preparing Hagia Eirene as a Byzantium Museum, same will be ready with in this year ,2010

But if you are asking if they will also place a turban inside this museum and dedicate it to Lukas Notaras, I really have no idea.. Anyhow I can send an e-mail to Ministry and ask the same if you really would like to know.

And yet you come here and tell me , "some of us also can also see the things that you know quite well". Yes, I know what you "see" – jihad, Islam , triumphant Turkish tribalism - all your favourites and get angry when someone like me expose them!

You expose what exactly ? A few articles copy / pasted from here and there, or the 'realities' of Turkey you learned from the most reliable enlightenment source called YouTube ? May be the realities of Turkey as told by your unbiased Turkish Communist friend on net ?

But wait ...How could I not see the sweetness of raping the monks, the glory of beheading a child –Lukas Notaras' son- who refused to become a prostitute in the male harem of great Mehmet II? How could I censure the noble objective of the Seljuk invasion of Asia Minor in the first place to enlarge dar al-Islam? The Byzantines provoked the good Moslems, didn't they? They were asked to convert to Islam and they refused and so it was their fault that the good Turks came to loot, skin and burn people alive or kidnap them, wasn't it ? It's Islamically so self-evident! Why bother ?

Hmm …the famous story by Runciman.. Strangely the story of Lucas Notaras' son based on recordings by Doukas , a Byzantine Greek living in Constantinople at the time of the fall of the city, but does not appear in accounts by other Greeks who witnessed the conquest. Needless to say that Doukas was always hostile to Notaras. A fact which also Runciman stated in his book ,

May be you also would like to hear it from Prof Donald Nicol as well; Notaras , his Palaiologina wife and his son were all captured by the Turks and originally granted clemency in the name of reestablishing order and in exchange for much of Notaras's fortune, which he had had the sense to invest elsewhere prior to siege of Constantinople , being the treasure officer of Byzantium ,namely to Venice ,.

May be it was the reason why the son of Notaras was not spared as well , instead of being a 'male prostitute' , as claimed by yourself.

But I definitely know that you would prefer the one as expressed by Steven Runciman because we both know that, strangely enough , you like to contsruct your 'argumenst' repeatedly on raped Monks , male harems , kidnapped boys and boy prostitutes. Well … , This repeatation of above certain items is something about you, that you have to figure it out by yourself, without my guidance.

This is another Oriental nonsense ! The Western Civilization is based on other princpiples which the Oriental slaves have not the slightest idea of. It is based on Enlightenment and Rationalism.


You yourself live in a police state(although I don't exclude you maybe a police offcier yourself) which makes sure you see and admit only those things which this dysfunctional police state wants you to see and acknowledge.!Enlightenment means i.al. that the crimes committed are not hidden and denied as in Ataturkistan and all other Moslem despotic states but are revealed and discussed in public. We don't have problems with our wrong-doings because we can blame the responsible. Just look at our libraries to see the point! You can't do this because you have had no Enlightenment and thanks to Islam will never have it! Show me a single book freely available in your local library on the crimes of Ghazi Kemal or Mohammed the founder of the ... called Islam !!! As long as you can't do that, don't tell what our civilization is based upon

Dont overplay. This is your usual style , exaggerating everything and trying to give false , crippled , paranoid theatrical imaginations based on your missing and biased interpretions. I can buy books of atheits writers discussing Islam and Muhammed written by Aziz Nesin, , Murat Belge , Ali Nesin , Turan Dursun and others from everywhere. For Mustafa Kemal Kemal , I think you made a seperate comment for that you will find my reply under this comment on yours.

But I have to admit that I liked 'revealed , discussed and blamed wrongdoers' statement of yours. Anyhow you forgot to finish the sentence. Then what happens ? You repeat everything again. Repent and repeat.. A really efficient motto indeed…

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Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Original writing only, please. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

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