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"Multiculturalism" in Turkey

Reader comment on item: Turkey: An Ally No More
in response to reader comment: dogs and plants are not less valuable than armenians and turks.

Submitted by Ianus (Poland), Nov 17, 2009 at 17:31

havas writes :

> 1. racizm, racizm is a concept of west.

No, it isn't. Its etymology is Arabic - from 'ras' = 'head', "descent", "origin". Thus it comes straight from your sweet Islam and the ugly Arab race that made up this lie.

> we turks unlike arabs or europeans have no race. we are a mixture of many races. so it is practically impossible for us to be a racist.<

Bastardized races are often the most obsessed with the purity of the race. Janissaries, kidnapped Christian boys, were the most fanatical Moslems as the newly converted ones are too in general.

As to what sort of "multiculturalism" is preached in Turkey, let us quote some of the basics taught in Turkish schools on what the superior Turkish race has been and achieved in history.

>a/ The Inventors of culture, language and civilization were Turks. b/ Ancient Sumeria was Turkish.

c) The culture of the ancient Greece and Anatolia is Turkish in origin. (d) The Etruscans of pre-Roman Italy were Turks.

(e) Armenians are Turks

(g) Kurds and their Mede ancestors are Turks

> 2. atatürk. he is the founder and symbol of all turkey. in past some religous people and islamists were against him. today many of them also started to respect him. because we are still turks because of his courage and genius.ı personally adore tatatürk. but he was a human and he did some wrong things also. main mistake was about islam.<

"Mistake" ? He got a death fatwa from the caliph. Any Moslem who would kill him was promised 72 virgins and many more rewards both here and in the hereafter. A civil war was unleashed against Kemal with the Caliph Army's people slaughtering the Kemalists and vice versa. And when Kemal gained the upper hand, he fought on against his mortal enemy with all means he had at his dictatorial disposal. He fought for his own security and survival. But you call it a 'mistake'. ;) ... I agree Kemal should have hanged himself or drunk himself to death after the battle of the Sakharya instead. Turkey and the world would have been spared those 80 years of the farce called 'Turkish secularism'.

> ı have not heard such a word 'this decaying corpse of an immoral Arab Beduin"but he did try to impose a very strict secularizm on people.<

You seem to have heard very little and understood even less. Do you know that for wearing a fez there was death penalty under your beloved Ataturk ? He also banned Islam from schools. Now it's an obligatory subject. He fought Islam and you cursed your 'prophet' and you don't even guess what was at stake. Turkis ignorance is really proverbial.

> this resulted saudi wahhabi islam to gain power as areaction till today in turkey.<

The Saudis invested heavily in Turkey - some 15 bln dollars have bought Turkey's obscurantist soul back to teh guardians of the two holy shrine. Erdogan -the richest man in Turkey- seems to be the main beneficiary of the Saudi deal.

> if this mistake wasnt done,original turkish islam was sufi islam which is very humasnistic and different than wahhabi.<

Turkish Islam was sunni and sufism was a grudgingly indulged heterodoxy just like shi'a Islam is. There is no humanism in sufism at all. It's a different way of doing the same Moslem filth all other sects do by different means. You can't believe in all the nonsense called the Quran and escape its traps and mental and moral quagmire and decay.

> 3. dogs and armenians

"No Armenians and Jews are allowed through this door" and "It is free for dogs to enter." Çapa proudly declared, "We have now shown that dogs are more valuable than them."

as a muslim and turk,if this is true ,ı condemn this,

Do you suggest 'Today's Zaman' lies to denigrate sweet Turkey's "virtue" and "excellence"? If only those things happened which you want to happen, then nothing would happen at all and nobody would know anything except your lies and propaganda.

And because you are a Moslem and a Turk (one thing is bad enough, the two combined are monstrous!) I don't believe you. You have said so many lies so far, spread constsitently so much pro-Turkish and pro-Islamic propaganda that believing you would be like believing a notorious perjurer.

> this man is the most disgusting creature of the world. <

No, he isn't. He's honest enough. He just says loudly what almost all Turks think in secret. I value him for that. Most Turks share his views but prefer to conceal them and misguide the kafirs. His only mistake was that some un-called-for people like myself have heard of it and made it public here.

Take a look at what Turks write on YouTube and you'll see there are thousands and thosuands of Turks like himself and his Osmangazi Culture Organization. This is a universal pattern of thought in Turkey.

> he must be punished.<

I's suggest a Genocide Denial Excellency Medal and/or Anti-Semitism Valliance Gold Crescent for him and a free trip to Ataturk's Mausoleum and a state-funded hajj to Mecca afterwards.

> in germany as you know it is very common to burn turks in their houses while they sleep. <

It's even more common for racist Turkish diplomats to speak of "brown blood flowing in Germans' veins" as well as for middle class Turks to sack hospitals, hunt casual Serbs in the streets, beat firemen helping to put out the fires caused by the lousy Turks themselves. No criminal intent was discovered in the fire in Ludwigshafen at all ["Mit an Sicherheit grenzender Wahrscheinlichkeit werden vorsätzliche Brandstiftung oder gar ein Anschlag ausgeschlossen."] contrary to the hysterical government-led Turkish campaign to invent some and your servile repetition of it.

> also there are many bars written similar things "dogs and turks are not allowed to "<

Where have you seen that in Germany ? And what press conference was given by an Adolf Hitler Cultural Association on that occasion as was the case in Eskisehir ?

> can you condemn these people also. is the reason to be such inhumane people because of christianity and islam?<

Islam produces and perpetuates this filth and gives birth to such distorted mindset immune to any rational critcism and insight. It complety erodes and degenerates the Moslem mind. Christians don't kill those who expose Christianity. Moslems do.

> 4. muslims living together with christians peacefully for a 1000 years

you said

You have never lived "side by side" with rayas-"Christian cattle" or gavurlar. You lived high above them, against them, at they expense! You enslaved and mistreated them. You oppressed and exploited them in a thousand ways and did all those beastly things with the Quran in the hand -referring all to Allah and Islam!

than you said

don't wonder any longer why in Oslamlica "Turk" meant a "stupid unlettered barbarian".

can you see your contradictions. turkish people did live peacefully with christians and jews for 1000 years. <

The Bulgarians e.g. do remember how 'peacefully' you Turkish monsters lived with the Christian rayas. Before you exterminated the Armenains you had accumulated valuable experience in gencoide everywhere the tantacles of your Turkic barbarity had spread. I dedicate the below Bulgarian movie fragment to all who would like to take a glimpse into what life looks life when the Turk conquers the land and starts his rule.



The videos are clear enough even without understanding a single word in Bulgarian.

It is how all the former rayas without exception see their "peaceful" Turkish past - the worst historical nightmare one can imagine.

> it was the ottoman sultans who took high taxes from the non muslims not turks.<

And who was this sultan? A Kurd ?

> those taxes were not spent for people. they were for the pleasure of sultan. <

No, they were spent to finance and keep alive the incurable Turkish misgovernment, to keep a tighter grip on the rayas , to oppress them more brutally and more despotically.

> you confuse the subjects. turks were in much worse position than the nonmuslims. <

What a diabolical farce! The exploiters and robebrs turn out to be the 'exploited' and the 'robbed' while the robbed and lawless rayas turn out to have represented the privileged caste! This insanity could be invented and published only by a Turk!

> they were not even allowed to own anything. everythings owner was the sultan.<

On paper. In fact every bey and pasha found a thousand ways to cheat and blackmail the weak and corrupt padishah and consolidate his power relying on other beys and pashas. The central power became weaker and weaker while the Turkish barbarity grew more intense with every defeat from the Russians.

> every word you write is only based on the prejudgements about islam.<

Every time I write something I try to base it on some sources. I have seen none in yours. So let me take this as a further evidence of your intellectual bankruptcy. You Moslems are totally irrational beings - the very negation of what Homo Sapiens stands for!

> and your solution is to abonden islam for 1,5 billion people.<

My solution to your big lie to to expose this lie. And this is what scares you most, doesn't it , Moslem? Pray to your Allah and maybe he will help you live happily in this dirty lie called Islam without disturbances.

> please dont write your other methods of solutions about barbarian muslims. ı am scared to hear it.<

This reminds me of a dialogue I once read of the Devil with Man. Having realized he was exposed the Devil asks " So what ? I am evil but what are you going to do with me ? Nothing! "

Yet courage, peaceful jihadist ! It is mutatis mutandis roughly the same solution ...- "to relegate Islam to its rightful place in the dustbin of history".

. (f) The indigenous Indian peoples of North America are Turks.. (h) Tajiks are Turks. (i) Turks are the World's Main Producers of World Class Persian Literature. (j) Judeo-Christianity and Islam have Turkish origins. (k) The Northern Iranians were all Turks. (l) The Parthian language was Turkish. (m) Bosnians, Macedonians, Albanians, and Ukrainians are Turks. etc. etc. etc.

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