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Dogs more valuable in Turkey than Jews and Armenians

Reader comment on item: Turkey: An Ally No More
in response to reader comment: racizm

Submitted by Ianus (Poland), Nov 14, 2009 at 14:47

Havas responds to the following :

>> "When a person expresses condolences to the dead girl's family, the family acts in a rude way and says this is something to celebrate and not mourn. "

>> As the conclusion of the above I can't but quote the old saying for you, Havas, "You can't whitewash a black dog." Or to be less metaphorical "You can't civilize the Turk."

>what you do is really racizm.

What an unxpected term in the mouth of a Turk ! Have you forgotten what they taught you at school ? Turkic peoples are the supreme race of humanity. All civilizations have originated in the Turkic race ('Türk Irk').Turks have created more to humanity than anyone else. They are among humans what lions are among animals. The Turkish language is the source and foundation of every language on earth ("sun language theory) etc etc. ... - all the holy purely racist nonsense invented by Gazi Mustafa Kemal ... "Ne mutlu türküm diyene" belongs also to this category.

But you - true to your tactics of deception- turn the tables on me and implying that Turkish racists (And few aren't racisists in Turkey) are aginst racism! Another Turkish travesty!

I leave aside the standard racist curses which anyone who has ever visited any forum frequented by the Turks must have seen. But to illustrate what sort of racist country Turkey is let me quote the recent case reported by Today's Zaman. It's remarkable by the persons and 'cultural' organization involved.

"There was another rather remarkable development in Eskişehir, not far from Ankara. Niyazi Çapa, chairman of the Federation of Osmangazi Culture Associations, called a news conference with some members and friends. Wearing local outfits, they posed for pictures. In those pictures, you see people holding placards on which the following slogans were written: "No Armenians and Jews are allowed through this door" and "It is free for dogs to enter." Çapa proudly declared, "We have now shown that dogs are more valuable than them."

I could multiply cases of the same sort ad nauseam and frankly I could just rely on my personal exchanges with Turks.

>millions of tourists visit turkey. and some of them travel deep rural parts of anatolia. great majority find turks as friendly people,likes our culture. this is a fact. <

The fact is that Turkey has adopted a new and perfidious policy of hunting and arresting on its territory even foreigners disliking Turkishness ... with assistance from the most improbable side - the US!!! Somehow 'the ally no more' may become after all again "an ally in the future" if both parties change their mind and agree on some areas of common interests ...e.g. on witch-hunting in favour of Turkey.

"Ankara public prosecutor Kursat Kayral has requested the identities of YouTube users, who insult Ataturk, Turkey and the country's flag from the United States Justice Ministry in order to launch an investigation into these users.

Those YouTube users determined to be living outside Turkey will be detained upon entering the country, pending the outcome of an inquest."

So I myself am not going to visit the Islamo-Kemalist paradise in the foreseeable future. My identity must have been long disclosed to the Turkish witch-hunters either by YouTube which ,incidentally, has banned my comments on its space or by other 'competent' Turcophile cyber witch-hunter.

As to 'millions of tourists' ignorance of evil is no virtue at all. What do mass tourists actually know about this "friendly" Turkey? They spend there a couple of weeks, hurry from place to place, are told things which they are either unable or unwilling to verify or forget quickly, see smiling faces happy to grab some extra dollars from the gullible foreigners... Would these foreigners care to listen to harrowing stories of honour killings, child abuse, grey wolves and more and more filth that Turkey is all about? Hardly so. They have come to relax and enjoy themselves, to get suntanned, not to face problems and sad insights. Even the Russians come to Turkey in flocks and they don't suspect in the least that out the billion or so US dollars they bring to Turkey most will be spent on financing Pan-Turkic and anti-Russian activivities and subversive programmes in the Turkic speaking and Islamic regions of the country, that Turkish jihadists fighting in Chechnia and killing Russian soldiers were equipped with their money...

> on the other hand ı agree that some Turks are not civilised enough and women and child abuse is very common here.

Don't you denigrate Turkishness by agreeing with that? Why not deny all of that to keep appearances on which Turkey stands and falls? Why this change of tactics and sudden respect for the truth ? It's so un-Turkish!

> But again ı cant relate this to islam. ı also strongly reject that all muslims have in mind to conquer the world and that a muslim is a potential terrorist.<

How could you , a devout Moslem, blame Islam for any bad thing ? Unthinkable and too dangerous to try!!!

Anyway, what is jihad or gazavat all about? What is dar al-harb? How did your prophet spread Islam(=slavery) unless with fire and sword, Moslem hypocrite? For 1400 years Islam has been waging war=jihad against us gavurlar, conquered the best kafiri territories, expelled, destroyed and forcibly converted non-Moslems to this Satanic death cult called Islam and only thanks to the military victories of the Byzantines, the Franks and the Khasars against the Arab jihadists and the Russians and Westerners(including us Poles) against the Turkish jihadists our civilization and freedom were saved.

So leave your lies to suckers and ignoramus... !

> Terrorizm,9.11,taliban, al qaida ,opium,things like that have no relation with islam. these are all related to politics, palestein,israel,oil,gas,arab dictators,imperializm,etc.<

...And to what is Muhammed's gazawat and his robberies and crimes related ? ...To his unstained idealism and humanism that made him decapitate the jews and assassinate poor breast-feeding women? How could he legitimize all of that filth if he had no Islam to refer to?

> we turks will always be proud of islam and our culture, no matter how hard you insult us.

Being proud of anything doesn't improve your intellect in the least, alas. It is Ataturk that does insult your Islam -'this decaying corpse of an immoral Arab Beduin..." not me. You are proud of this decaying corpse and can't even imagine that for these words your beloved Ataturk would hang you if he were alive today together with your imam Erdogan and his Moslem gang.

You Turks are such incredible oligophrenics, proud of your split personality and unable to follow the simplest logic. You admit contradictory statements without even noticing it! I don't wonder any longer why in Oslamlica "Turk" meant a "stupid unlettered barbarian".

> in all our history we lived with christians side by side. we know you very well.so please dont tell me tales.<

You have never lived "side by side" with rayas-"Christian cattle" or gavurlar. You lived high above them, against them, at they expense! You enslaved and mistreated them. You oppressed and exploited them in a thousand ways and did all those beastly things with the Quran in the hand -referring all to Allah and Islam!

Now changing to a more 'secular' tale, what happened in September 1955 in Constantinople to the Greeks? Your government staged a pogrom and now there are hardly 3000 Greeks in the city which had some 300 000 while the Kemalists occupied it in 1923. But even that number is too large for you Turkish jihadists. You want to exterminate even those few remanants of the past and 99,8% Islamization of Turkey isn't enough for you. You want 100% Islamization ! And you have thousands of ways to do that - from closing Christian schools, persecuting to sadistically killing converts.

And more older "tales" on happy Turks "living with Christians side by side" come to my mind. Let me quote a passage from a memorandum from 20.03.1922 by Geroge Rendel of the Foreign Office.

" Admiral de Robeck : "The methods which the Turks are employing to render life unendurable for their Christian fellow‐countrymen are deserving of careful attention. . . . His business is boycotted, his nut crops made dangerous of access and farmed out to Moslems, who repudiate their engagements, and his houses and property retained. [...]

A typical case is at Kavarra where a certain Ali Riza Bey carries out a continuous persecution, raids their cattle, burns their houses and makes them (the Christians) work for him without payment of any sort. This man terrorises the village to such an extent that the few local Christians dare not refuse. he is the leader of a well‐organised band of brigands. In general, the Greek villagers cannot circulate freely, and are therefore obliged to sell their produce on the spot to Turkish merchants, who are thus able to buy at practically their own prices and realise large profits. [...]

The destruction of the famous town of Nicaea (Isnik) by Nationalist bands... From information in the hands of the Smyrna Division, which is confirmed by a previous report, the whole Greek population at Isnik has been massacred. [...] I myself was taken round to some of the places where the remains of the bodies lay. [...] At the foot of the mountains east of Isnik, about 300 yards outside the city wall, is a large cave. In this the burnt and mangled bodies had been thrown, a few old bodies lay about outside [...]All the bodies I saw had been mutilated, apparently they had first had their hands and feet cut off, after that they were either burnt alive in the cave or had their throats cut. I clearly recognised the bodies of women and children among them–apart from the mutilated remains, odd bones which lay about proved conclusively that the bodies had been cut up. Djemal Bey is said to be responsible for these massacres. Many stories are in circulation regarding his outrages in the town . . . The ancient Greek church at Isnik, which dates from 332 A.D. has been thoroughly smashed up, only the walls remaining. The images, carvings, &c., were all broken up, and the church literature taken outside and burnt in a pile. It is said that a number of people were massacred inside the church".

Now go and deny everything, Turk! Blame the victims and spread your lies and fairy tales of Turks living peacefully 'side by side' with Christians!


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Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Original writing only, please. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

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