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The new old world or Jews discussing "the so called holocaust" with Nazi historians

Reader comment on item: Turkey: An Ally No More
in response to reader comment: You must listen the other side also,

Submitted by Ianus (Poland), Nov 1, 2009 at 13:35

Havas from Turkey asks :

"İf you were one of the people taking decision for Turkey, what politics would you follow?"

Clearly, the politics expressed by Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Pasha's adage " Islam -this decyaing corpse of an immoral Arab Beduin - is poisoning all of us." Will you disagree with Turkey's holy founder, Turk ?

> EU openly dont want to take you in. There is no future there.so no need to be their tail any more.<

In the title of your comment you speak of "the other side". Strangely enough, after reading it I've gained the impression your implicit claim to objectivity is just a deception on your part. Let's take the EU e.g. Have you ever thought WHY no decent European wants to have you in the EU ? We know you Turks from Germany. 4 mln Turks or so and no integration at all! Savage customs, criminality, hijabs, Turkish imams, clandestine unconstitutional activities, incessant claims and demands and little or no contribution to the country's well-being, security, stability and liberal culture. Now imagine 75 mln more of such "Islamo-Europeans" invading this continent ...It would sheer insanity to let you in.

> We can now play our own game.

You Turks have always played your own games. It was so during the Kemalist-Leninist honeymoon, it was also so during the US-Turkish honeymoon. Silly Americans dreamt of Turkish 'friendship' and of their games while unwittingly playing the loser's role and here they are - Turkey becoming a mobile shield against a US/Israeli attack against Iranian nuclear facilities, joining dar al-Islam, expousing extreme anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism. It was so stupid and ignorant of Uncle Sam to save you from the Russians. Now instead of a grateful friend they have brought up a snake on their lap.

> America invaded Iraq and caused a huge Kurdish seperatizm problem in Turkey, much powerfull than before.<

It's you Turks that created this bloody problem. Kemal promised the Kurds heaven and earth when he needed them for his jihad against the Greeks. When they were no longer needed he made their life in Turkey unbearable hell. He denied the very existence of Kurds. So again, your version of the story is totally misleading and it would be foolish to believe you. Let's listen to the other - i.e. Kurdish - side! It will tell us of the atrocities and mass murders committed against the Kurds in the 80-ies and 90-ies and the brutal oppression by the Turks during the whole era of Kemalist Turkey. And you by silencing these facts try to create a false accusation against the US as if it were the US and not Turkey that is responsible for the whole Kurdish tragedy.

> this was the reason turks rejected americans to use the turkish soil for the invasion.

"Reason" or "pretext" ? As long as Uncle Sam was helping to combat Turkish enemies - Russians, communists and socialists his services and weapons were welcome and the Turks hailed the US soldiers. When the Americans objected against Turks committing another genocide - this time in Northern Iraq as we remember that the Turks wanted to have their 'zone of responsibility' in Iraqi Kurdistan- , the "virtuous" Turk felt mortally offended and turned against the bad US master.

Now what is other side's response ? Knowing the perfidy of the Turks the Americans were well advised to look for other allies and the Kurds happen to be the only reliable allies in the region of both America and Israel. They know that if Turks are allowed to have it their way they will exterminate the Kurds as they exterminated the Armenians, the Greeks, the Assyrians. They know quite well with whom they are dealing.

> Everything has reasons ,economic ,military and strategical.<

Exactly . The problem is that in a police state like Turkey it is impossible to say the simplest reasons if they diverge from the official one-sided version allowed by the governmental censorship.

> İt is not very clever to assume that islam,kuran and ummah feelings are the reasons to cause turkey to turn her face to east.<

Doesn't Turkey with its miraculous 99,8 Islamic homogenity belong to the umma ? Isn't every Turk brainwashed by Islam from the first to the last moment of their life ? If so, then it is quite clear why this Turkish volte-face towards the traditional qibla has taken place.

> İf Turkey started to get closer to İran,syria and even to armenia there are reasons for that.

Turkey getting closer to "Armenia"? Someone must be taking bad dreams for reality. Today's US pressure exerted behind the closed doors upon Armenia to make shameful concessions and shake the hand of her executioner and murderer of yesterday doesn't look like 'getting closer' to anywhere except to self-ruin.

> İf Turkey started object İsraels tough attitude against phalestein and hamas ,this also has reasons. Politicians of Turkey probably calculated that Turkey needs less israeli weapons or tourists or lobby in usa and more irans natural sources which is more valuable for turkey .

Turkey, itself a terrorist state, prefers naturally Moslem terrorists like Hamas and the so called Palestinians to their Jewish victims. We saw this point in Davos when Perez asked imam Erdogan what he would do if Turkish territory was regularly shelled by terrorists ? Do you remember Imam Erdogan's reaction? For this he was hailed as a new ghazi by Turkish crowds at home ! The good imam tamed the 'bad' Jew.

Turkey relies not on Iranian but on Russian resources - up to 15%. This doesn't prevent Turkey from carrying out subversive , mainly Pan-Turkic, anti-Russian activities on Russian territory.

Iran has also a sizable Turkic minority which doesn't make the perspective of the Turkish-Iranian honeymoon durable.Let's add the latent sunni-shi'a conflict which is acute in Iraq. Iran needs at present Turkey as a shield and/or scarecrow against the expected violent reaction of America and Israel against the Iranian nuclear bomb.

> besides now more arabs and iranians visit our country.also high level of good relations with syria opens the arab investments. <

You call green Saudi money 'Arab investment'? Indeed, the Arbs invested in the AKP's rise to power and now they earn the profits of it. Turkey is being re-inegtrated into dar al-Islam as a full member. The secretary-general of the Organization of the Islamic Conference is the Turkish professor Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu - an expert on culture and scholarship in the Islamic world who incidentally warns against using freedom of speech to offend Islam. Well, we know such 'professors', don't we? Under Kemal Ataturk this professor would be hanged on the nearest tree without trial for contradicting holy Kemal's contempt for Islam - "this decaying corpse of an immoral Arab Beduin".

>turkey is about to solve the kurdish seperatist problem

The way it 'sovled' the Armenian problem in 1915-1922 ? By invading Northern Iraq and maiming, killing and destroying anything moving on two legs and speaking Kurdish ?

> and came close to open the armenian border and armenia has accepted to discuss the so called armenian genocide by joint historians .

Nonsense. This advertised measure is in fact a hidden US blackmail vis-a-vis Armenia. Hussein Obama needs a spectacular propganda success and the methods to achieve his Potiomkin triumphs are well known, not only from Russian history. As to discussions with 'Turkish historians' , I am really at a loss what one can discuss with them at all ? It's as if the Jews were forced by, say, the Japanese emperor to discuss "the so called holocaust" with Nazi hostorians .

>may be the reason of staying away from İsrael are these. <

Or simply because the Turks prefer the Arab jihadists shelling Israeli territory with rockets and mortars to the Jews that tend to ask too many questions and see more than they are supposed to see ?

> Also western people must realise that a new world is coming up and they may not be able to continue to be the boss of the world any more.

In other words, the Turks dream of regaining the role they played in the Ottoman days now that also their Pan-Turkic dreams are hectically dreamt of ? Well, last time such dreams fuelled Turkish policy Turkey crumbled down and only Lenin's intervention saved the Turkish skeleton from the impending funeral ceremony. Turks learn little from their past. It's good though.

> So dont be upset, we dont hate western people ,we are not your enemy,we are not terrorists,we dont blame you for anything.

I don't know if you have noticed anything from reading my replies to you. In case you haven't, let me tell you that so far you have systematically tried to mislead, cheat and lie to me. You make false claims, distort facts, omit uncomfortable evidence, never mention valid interpretations which expose Turkey's perfidy.

I leave this as the answer to your double-tongued confession.

>We only think it is more profitable for us to join the new world.

This "new world" is not so new in fact. Quite teh contrary, it's very old and it's well known how things operated in it. It's as backward as Islam and so as irrational, contradictory and self-destructive as the Islamic utopia itself. It's useful to learn Turkey - this traditional arch-enemy of Europe and humanity - has declared in public where it belongs , i.e. to the dustbin of Islamic history together with all that "new old world" of Islam, jihad, hijabs, and this sickening primitive mendacious oriental despotism.


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Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Original writing only, please. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

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