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Barak the Moslem

Reader comment on item: Confirmed: Barack Obama Practiced Islam

Submitted by Martin Horan (United Kingdom), Aug 6, 2009 at 20:00

So... some Americans--and astonishingly only some--have woken to the fact that their president is is Moslem. (I am British so I use the English word Moslem and not the Arabic Muslim--for I am not an Arab.) Hello America: his name is Barak Hussien Obama! What did you expect him to be when you lined up to vote for him? A Catholic? A Jew? A Mormon?

We are not a bright lot either. We put Tony Blair into power and allowed his "government" to put in an incompetent stooge to take his place after the damage had been done. Now please do not think that Blair and Bush were idiots. They only acted as if they were so and the Western media wanted us to think that but both of these men were diabolically clever. Think of the Roman Emperor Claudius who acted like an imbecile but was so clever he used it to his advantage. Bush and Blair were similar. They knew what they were doing when they made way for Brown and Obama--who are puppets and incapable of intelligent thought..

Here in Britian Christianity is ridiculed and so is Judaism, the latter faith being a small minority here that it doesn't even merit ridicule because it is of no threat to anyone. Yet no-one will dare speak out against Islam, either among our politicians and journalists. (As it would merit a beheading, who can blame them!?)

And our politicians and journalists are mainly of the socialist/liberal persuasion who are vocifeous in their defence of homosexuals' and women's rights (i.e., privileges denied to the vast majority) groups. Yet these same leftist/liberals irresolutely and illogically defend Islam, a religion which is openly and defiantly anti-homosexual and misogynistic. I cannot judge whether these people are illogical to the point of insane or are mere out-and-out hypocrites. But they are one thing or the other.

So I am not here to mock Americans. How can I be when London was bombed by Moslems and then the Queen of England opens a prayer room for Moslems in Windsor Castle. And that woman claims to be Defender of the Faith--Christianity! Strange defender of Christianity.
See, we Brits aren't much if any brighter than our American cousins when it comes to Muhammadism (or Islam as we are now to use the Arabic word not to offend them. And we had better not dare offend the Moslems).

Can you imagine Catholics saying, "You must call us Romanus Catolicii because our sacred language is Latin"? Who'd acquiesce to that? Or imagine if the Jews said, "Call us Yehudim as that's the Hebrew word for us."

Both groups would be laughed at or told in no uncertain terms where to take their ideas. But when it comes to Islam--a religion opposed to everything decent in the minds of every other society on earth--we dare not criticize it. Its propronents send children across minefields to clear them with the promise that they are headed straight for paradise and there is not the slightest complaint from the Western media. Arafat trained children to blow themselves straight to hell as suicide bombers and the Western media dared not point the finger.

When little Israel stands up alone to this ... religion, America's persident wades in against them and Britain's looks the other way. Neither of our governments said anything when atheist Russia occupied Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Serbo-Croatia, Latvia, &c., &c., &c. They did not call them "occupied territiories" which is exactly what they were. But they called land which was originally Israel's and which the Israelis won back in a vastly outnumbered fight just that.

Interesting that since Britain and the US have been turning against Israel, out own nations have become the victims of Islamic terror.
The socialists and liberals are quick to tell us that not all Moslems are terrorists--without mentioning that almost all terrorism today is "Islamic" (Muhammadan). They tell us that Muhammadan terrorists are fanatics. Really? They'd better watch what they say because Muhammad himself "converted" by the sword. Every Moslem knows what happened at Medina. Indeed, Arafat boasted of it at the Camp David Peace treaty. So by calling these terrorists fanatics woh are doing exactly as Muhammad preached, such people are telling Moslems that Muhammad was a fanatic. But the Moslems already know what these socialists and liberals think. Indeed, the pacifism, pro-sodomite and pro-feminist stance of the latter puts them in the Islamic firing line.

Interesting, isn't it, that the Moslems themselves see the leftist-liberals as their worst foes (and rightly so) while these hypocrites themselves defend Islam. Perhaps they think the Moslems are as illocical and hypocritical as they themselves. Whatever Moslems are, they are not socialists or liberals so they are not hypocritical or illogical (other than the ones who make the ridiculous and outrageous claim that theirs is a relgion of peace). Every true Moslem knows that their religion is no such thing.

Obama recently made the public statement that the US never was nor ever will be at war with Islam. (In spite of the fact that Islam waged a cowardly war on the US during 9-11 and is still doing so.) Obama has also made it clear recently in Egypt that he sides with the Arab nations against Israel--and indeed, therefore, against all Bible-belileving Christians.

I can remember when we in Britain--and peoples elsewhere in Europe--looked to America as the champion of freedom. We can't now. The US herself is no longer free. It never again will be until it realizes that not only has it got a Moslem for a president but that it is a very dangerous thing to have a Moslem president. But it looks as if the inhabitants of the home of the free and the land of the brave are in denial even to the point that their president is not a native American. Even the rules have been changed for this one man.

Americans need to remember two things: The only thing that history teaches us is that nations and rules learn nothing from history (Hegel); and: Those who learn nothing from history are condemned to repeat it (Satanyana).

Nations which were Bible believers were blessed throughout history, especially when the heathens were ruled by superstition and tyrants. The Protestant nations also blessed the Jews and, as the Bible tells us straight from the Holy Spirit, that those who bless the Jews will be blessed and those that curse them will be cursed. Just look at Islamic countries and the fomer Soviet Union and post-war Germany if you do not believe in the infallibility of the Bible!

Britain went into rapid decline when we turned against our Christian heritage and our blessing of Israel. Our decline has been meteoric since. America's has been even more spectacular to the point that your whole financial system has not only crashed but you even have a Moslem for president. Watch how even more dramatic your nation's decline is going to be.
If America was to waken up, I have no doubt that it could be reversed. But that's not going to happen. Your Moslem president has many politicians, judiciaries and people in the media who stand by his every word.

Why? Especially when so many of them stand for pro-abortion rights, homosexual rights and women's rights--all of the things which stand in stark antithesis to Islam. Ironically, your Moslem president himself is a proponent of those rights.

Prior to the last elections in the US it was voiced that if Obama ever became president, white supremacists would assassinate him. I think if anyone were to assassinate him it would be Moslems--for he stands, or claims to, for the above so-called rights. Now there's the real irony.
I have read that President Obama is a high-ranking Freemason. Now that would make a lot of sense. Freemasonry is a hybrid of all religions--all forms of monotheism and pantheism. It is a blend of religions that are not contradict each other but which are even hostile to each other and are incapable of being reconciled--a bit like mixing chemicals which explode when put together.

You may think Freemasons are funny, ridiculous people who are something to laugh at as in the famous Laurel and Hardy film where they appear as Shriners. They may well be funny but it is no laughing matter to have such people in positions where they rule the world. Then they become scary.

Whether Obama actually is a high-ranking Freemason, I do not know. But what I do know, as does anyone else who has objectively studied this man's motives, he definitely thinks and acts like a Freemason. Now that's really scary. It's especially scary when he has the synthesist mentality which bends towards Islam. That's because then he is sucking synthesists into acquiescing to a one-sided absolute.
Think about it.


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