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Vishnu,You live in the past

Reader comment on item: Bush Declares War on Radical Islam
in response to reader comment: Mother Teresa, A Misused Icon To Furhter Aims Of Christian Conversions

Submitted by Don (India), Dec 2, 2005 at 03:08

Dear Vishnu

Your quote

"This more than 5000 year-old tradition continues unbroken in India alone, in various manifestations, to the remotest tribal village in India. The oldest Vedic poems refer to Indian geological features, its mountains, its famous rivers, and that tradition of veneration continues to this day. Vedic sciences, medicine and arts are practiced in India in an unbroken tradition despite the worst efforts of the Islam fascists and their Missionary counterparts. Sanskrit lives too"

What you speak on this forum and what is happening in each and every household in India, is quite different. While you are mentioning "5000 years old" history, all Indians are not living exactly the same life style of what their ancestors lived "5000 or 10000 years ago". India is booming, in software, biotechnology, and so on. India is posed to become one of Asia's economic powers along with China and Japan. Life is becoming competitive and fast in this fast-globalised world. Look at the call-centers sprouting in all major cities of India and where work is done in night shifts so as to "catch" and "be awake" with the Americans. Do you think India will live with its old "5000" tradition or move forward and try to adopt in this new, fast paced, technologically advanced era?

In India rural residents are moving to cities in search of jobs, roads to big cities are connecting villages, villages are getting modern hospitals, colleges, electricity, Internet, and other connections. Villages are fast becoming towns; towns are fast becoming big cities.

Look at the fast life of Indian in cities, specially among the younger generation, look at all the KFC, Pizza corners, Cyber cafes, Pubs etc…look at the 24 hour cable TV, Hollywood movies, Bollywood (Indian movies), the Fashion TVs, look at the craze among young Indian girls for fashion and cosmetics to be the next Miss World, the next "Aishawaray Rai"…. look at the premarital sex ratio of India (you can read any Indian magazine for that) and all you say is "missiories are changing Indian culture!"…You are living in the past my friend, wake up and be practical!

Look at what the Indian Muslims and Christians….

a) When a Hindu person coverts to Islam he has to change his name from Krishna, Arvind to Mohammed, Abdul or other Islamic or Arabized/Persianzed names. He has to shed his "ancestral name". Islam forbids having a Hindu or "kaffir" name attached to your Islamic one. Look at your president. Abdul Kalam…. does these names sound "Indian" to you? Neither Abdul nor kalam is an indigenous Indian name. On the other a Hindu convert Christianity doesn't have to forsake his name. I have heard of many Indian Christian names like Krishna Joseph or Arvind Matthew etc…. look at your former president of Indian who was a Catholic Christian who passed out recently, K R. Narayan…does Narayan sound a Christian name? In Christianity is not a MUST to abandon your ancestral names and adopt a new Arabized or Persian-zed names as in Islam, which is compulsory.

b) Look at the food habits of the Muslims in India. Their chicken or biryanis or their kebabs all their Mugal foods…look at the way Indian Muslim dress their kurtas/burqa/hijabs. This is Islam zed system and once you are Indian Muslim you are bound to live by that. But an Indian Christian is happy to be called Krishna Murthy and eat his dosa or idli and wear his lungi and live happily

c) Look at how most Indian Muslims support for their Muslim brethren when Indian is facing Pakistan in sport specially Cricket! There are many Indian Muslims who like to see their Pakistani brethrens succeed. Their loyalty is deep in Islam. Their loyalty is to Mecca, Islam and Mohammed. There are many Indian Muslim who also collaborate with Pakistanis jiahdists in attacks against their own country, India! What about Indian Christians Vishnu? Do Indian Christians rally behind Australia or South Africa in cricket matchs against their own country India? Are the protestant, Catholics orthodox Christians' loyalty to the Vatican?

d) Islam has divided India in pieces and got away with Pakistan and Bangladesh. Still India is "unfinished business" for many Muslims and there are more Muslim in India than in Pakistan! Look at what the Muslims are giving the Indians at the borders, in Kashmir daily bombs, suicide attacks… this attacks have become so routine that reading them in the new spread doesn't bring shock. People got used to them and became "numb" and are instead eyeing the missionaries! Look at how they Hindus are raped or have become extinct in Kashmir and Bangladesh. And all you do is checking how the missionaries are getting their milk powder or their medicine in treating the poor Hindus in villages or how many Hindus they had converts so far! Christianity is older than Islam in India and yet with its very old history, with the British Colonization, India Christians are still 2% of the Indian population and you talk about mass conversion of Hindus and Christianity being a threat to India! Is it Christian missionaries who divided India in pieces like Islamism?

e) While Christians schools, hospitals and other institutions are giving tremendous facility to every one in India it is rare to see Muslim organization in the same fields. It is known fact that Indian Christians might be 2% but their contribution in the field of all those facilities is worth praising.

Look at your Indian Christian brothers. Do you think you are more Indian than them? They eat, dress, behave like you and their respect their country and are loyal to it! Do you think you are lore loyal than them to your country? But what you are doing here is equating Christianity as dangerous as Islam! Wake up my friend look at the present life. We are in the 21st century and try to see what is putting your country in peril.

Your quote

. "Vedic sciences, medicine and arts are practiced in India in an unbroken tradition despite the worst efforts of the Islam fascists and their Missionary counterparts. Sanskrit lives too."

Vedic science is appreciated by man, however Indian culture had also many evil practices like burning wife (satya), untouchably among the lower castes (look at the Brahmin and lower caste friction), burning wife because of dowry etc…but fortunately though satya is eradicated, dowry harassment still continues even now and should be eradicated too. But missionaries changing Indian culture?

Your Quote
"Considering the no-holds barred high-decible attack on Hindus by evangelists in India and abroad, it would be a surprise if Hindus were not seriously provoked! That too, with the Christians united in an evil axis with terrorists and their backers in India."

Christians have joined with terrorists? That is news to me. Are you still talking about the British Empire? or CIA? are the world Chrsitians united in "evil axis"? Hindu provoked? Is that how you get provoked? By raping nuns, beating and abusing priests, burning churches, burning bibles, burning missionaries alive! Is that how you respond accusing missionaries of "forceful conversion"? Doesn't India have a government-law-justice system? Why can't you book to justice and the priest or person who "converted by force" with enough proof and then take the necessary action the same way you did to the Muslim terrorist who attack the Indian parliament on the Indian Republic day! Why you want to give a "fair judgment" to the Muslim terrorist who attacked your parliament fearing the wrath of Indian Muslims, for the Christians all you do is go and rampaging and burning their worship place! Is that how Hindus are provoked and what is the crime of those missionaries/Christians that you give them this much harassment? Because they converted some Hindus to Christianity? I'm just sick to the stomach of this "forced conversions" accusation. You should appreciate the Christian spirit when the fanatic Hindus went burning churches and raping nuns, the Christians didn't retaliate in the same way because they don't believe in savagery. You should commend this character. But you can't dare do that to Muslims and get away with it! Muslims will in return rape Hindu women are burn your Temples. Though Christians have many good things all you do is cling on conspiracy theories against them. So sad.

Wake up my friend; look in at your surrounding in India. Don't live in the past of "missionaries carrying bible in one hand and gun in the other idea". Are the missionaries carrying gun even now? All you do is "live in the past".

Your quote
"Don displays a certain kind of arrogant illogic that hopes to rely on the money and muscle power of Christian nations in undermining and decimating Hinduism in India"

This is just a wrong idea you have about me and I will just pass it on. I'm not decimating anything here. For your kind information I'm not a Western man. It makes little difference to me whether Hinduism originated in India or Persia or in Japan. The matter of fact is there is too much mention of "Aryan" in the origin of Hinduism, if not invasion them "Aryan migration" and even to the origin of those "fair skinned Indian Northerners" and if the scholars are wrong then we will accept the current theory. Why not? I don't know why you repeating this topic again and again when I have clearly told you that if they scholars are wrong or "motivated as what you claim it to be" then let it be so, that it is of Indian origin. But the idea that "this was coined by missionaries so that they wanted to invade" is a Hindu apologetic idea.

Your quote

"The persistence and pervasiveness of the Vedic Indian culture, which has stood the test of time on these shores, will once again defeat the primitivism and arrogance of the twin followers of the One Book dogma that seeks to dominate the world"

Again Vedic culture. Read above as to what is posing a great danger to the "Vedic Indian culture" as compared to Missionaries. Indian culture has for the first time has come face to face with the fast and superb technological advancement of all time and whether the Indian culture will fail or beat civilization and live for ever (!) is going to be a litmus test for the Indian culture as well as for all the cultural based poor nations of the world.

Your Quote

"Uninhibitedly targeting Hindus and their faith in various forums has in fact been counterproductive for Christianity. It does you no credit Don, in all your obfuscations, to provoke and then pretend innocence of nefarious design"

Let me make 2 things clear to you.
1. I'm against "forced conversion" what so ever. It is an insult to Christianity and to any Christian to bribe someone by money or by "protein milk powder" and make him accept Christ! If done by someone then it is utterly wrong. Christians if given chance should preach the message of Jesus Christ and if somebody accepts is well and good and but if they don't want, why force?
2. If any crime is done in the name of Christ and Christianity then that is wrong. Inquisition or crusades or any war or crime in the name of Christ is wrong. You know very well the message of Christ. It is not violence.

But Christians should continue to preach the message, open charities, hospitals and schools and help the poor and needy as Jesus Christ healed the sick and comforted the poor. So I don't see here what "nefarious design" you are talking about. Are you still talking about British empire/inquistion/crusdes/forced conversions which happened hundreds or thousand years ago?

Your quote

"People of the world are not the ingenues they were in colonial times to trust your fakery of 'Christian Love'. Your targets today are not untutored savages as projected by your insular theologians, but are in fact more spiritually evolved than you can ever hope to be. Sorry to disappoint you, Don, but the Hindus are not fools to allow you room in their midst, now that your political agenda is fully unsheathed."

Missionaries are still working in India. Since you have become "smart" nowadays to the tactics of missionaries now. What are you going to do? Tell me what are you going to do with the missionaries? Suppose if one Hindu wants to become a Christian what are going to do about it? If you want to close missionaries in India who is stopping you? Follow Venezuela or Iran or "Talbanize your country" into a "Hindu fundamentalist". Missionaries are Swedish/Finnish/British who come to your country and they come by flight, they need temporary/permanent "visa" depending on what your government gives them. Missionaries don't enter hiding your country through the borders of Nepal or Bangladesh and then open hospital or churches inside India all in secret. You can deny missionaries visa, close all charities or Christian institutions since they are a threat to your country!

While you are hibernating and meditating on the mantra "missionaries" technology and Muslim's expansion of "unfinished India" is fast eroding the 5000-year-old Vedic culture.

Wake up my friend this is 21st century and your rhetoric of inquistion/15th missionaries/petrol dollar or evangelism/forced conversions don't have a place today in India. Your view belongs to history books. Wake up, don't live in the past.

We are the children of the 21st century and live in "today". Missionaries are still working in India. Since you have become "smart" nowadays to the tactics of missionaries what are you going to do? Tell me what are you going to do with the missionaries? Suppose if one Hindu wants to become a Christian what are going to do about it? Why do you have to prescribe for every Hindu to live only as Hindu and follow 5000-year-old culture? You sound like those fanatic Muslims who live in the past and try to bring the 1400 year old of "Islamic glory" back to this 21st century.


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