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Submitted by Ianus (Poland), Jun 25, 2012 at 19:13

the Grand Infidel of Kaffiristan wrote :

>>"GIK > But whether it' right or wrong - Mann's insight makes perfect sense (as does yours) . If you want outcome A - use methods B and C. <

Ianus: "...Have you ever thought about such questions before praising the American wisdom of choosing the right method to achieve this nasty outcome ?"

Actually my point was - NOT whether it was right or wrong - or any shade in between - just that it made sense.<<

Evil also makes perfect sense. Why prefer good to evil if both make sense?

>> GIK: >Do we want superpowers acting irrationally?<

"There is rationality of a thug and rationality of a non-thug.Which rationality would you like to be confronted with ?"

At the risk of stating the obvious - to the thug, his thinking makes perfect sense otherwise he would not act in the way he does.< <

How about the logic of a victim of the rational thug? Whose logic is preferable?Ever thought about that or you imagine that in this world thugs do without victims?

GIK - >"....But is it only the USA with such grand designs? Who wrote 'the Art of War'? Don't other countries vying for 'superpowerdom' also have professional strategists? (OK, it seems the EU doesn't so leave them out)<

"And whose country's military budget accounts for 45.7 % of total military spending by the world's 171 governments and territories?What professional startegists can do with such a monstrous war machine according to you?"

> It's not 'whose is the biggest?' - my point was that other countries also vying for economic and political dominance have strategists with goals as bad or worse than any the USA might have.<

So by comparison the US with its pro-jihadist exploits and consistent record of support for Islam against kafirs is not so naughty by comparison. Is it what you want to say?

> It is easier for the USA to spend a larger absolute amount on defence than any other country - simply because it has the world's largest economy.<

The largest economy is coming to an end.It is shrinking and losing momentum. If no war happens within 4-5 years US economy won't be the largest economy any longer and this is at the core of the nightmare that is haunting US strategists and politicians. You can't see this fairly obvious circumstance , can you?

> What is possibly more relevant is the aims of those countries who spend the highest percentage of GDP on defence.<

We have already talked about the aims of the biggest military spender, haven't we? They are not very encouraging.

> And especially if that rate has increased over the last decades. America's per capita spending is not the highest in the world - though as far as we know twice as high as Russia or China's . <

As a friend of numbers , you must have checked the numbers, needn't you? But I suggest you re-visit them because I am afraid that there is something not based on numbers in your conclusions.

When you look at the 2012 US budget 25% of it is defense spending! Which other country spends one fourth of its budget on the military ? Without being sarcastic it keenly reminds me of Zimbabwe ?

Comparing now the percentage of GDP it turns out that the US spends more than China and Russia . It was in 2011 as follows - the US -4,7% of its GDP; China 2,7% , Russia 3,9%. But it is interesting to see what other top spenders are there around the US - Eritrea 20.9%, Saudi Arabia 11.4% , the UAE 7.3%, Iraq 5.4%, Oman 9.7% , Israel 6.3%, Jordan 6.1% , Kuwait 4.4% . Excepting Israel this is a very fine company of good old Moslem friends, clients and allies of America's ruling elite. America must feel like at home among them!

> Having said that - defence expenditure is not necessarily always a bad thing as there are many spinoffs in terms of technology flow downs and inputs to the domestic economies. Plus the obvious one - defence!<

Leaving technology which can thrive also in a more peaceful environment , maybe you haven't noticed it yet, but for the last few centuries all wars are "defensive wars". Nobody wants to be aggressor. Everybody just defends himself - especially when he is fighting a few thousand miles from his home. What do such giants as the US want to defend themselves against ? What are they interests in Central Asia? Are they needed there to guard the poppy fields of Afghanistan and oil refineries of Baku ?

And frankly, do you wage war with terrorists, whom you have incidentally created and armed yourself, with submarines, intercontinental missiles, rocket shields in Central Europe and a million-men armies of occupation ?

GIK > Well - treating all phenomena and values dispassionately and simply as inputs in an equation - he could make those definitions<

"....Your comment reminds me of Rudolf Hoess - the commandant of Auschwitz who declared something to the same effect during his trial."

>Well, being brutally honest - and taking all humanity and value judgements away - he was correct.
Stating the obvious does not make me Rudolph Hesse.<

I expected a different answer. But now I have to ask this question - Are you sure you are not a nihilist ?

">If the outcome is the diabolical one described above, then definitely there is no better method to the best of my knowledge."

".....There are 7 bln people in this world. Haven't you heard complaints about that from certain powerful circles?The world population must be reduced by a few billion or else ... How?"

Volunteers first, hopefully. And then certain followers of a certain religion who boast about loving death more than life.<

Suicide is too serious a problem to make jokes about it.When self-preservation instict is broken and life is made such a nightmare that it is no longer worth living for , then the system in which it happens is dysfunctional and self-destructive just as when children are not born in this system! I believe people don't choose death but are made to do so.

And as to "certain followers of a certain religion who boast about loving death more than life", they have been chosen by today's masters of the new world order in the making to change this earth into hell and reduce the numbers of its inhabitants by billions. Who else can do it better - with more zeal and more good conscience than America's Islamic death squads of Kosovo Albanians, Turkish jihadists or Saudi wahhabis ?

>These gentlemen intend to exterminate a few billion "useless" souls which will make Hitler, Stalin and Mao put together look like green horn amateurs by comparison.

Unfortunately you may be correct in that supposition. Though you would think that these gentlemen would like 7 billion slaves rather than 4 billion corpses.<

With modern technologies at the disposal of the masters of this world few slaves -if any- are needed -mostly sex slaves, a few domestic slaves and some for exercising sadistic sports. With modern technologies there are not many jobs slaves can sensefully perform. Besides, you would have to feed and clothe those 7 bln slaves. This drains resources you need , narrows your Lebensraum and is dangerous. If they find a Spartacus , then the masters may swap places with their slaves and this is what masters definitely don't want to. So exertminating one sixth of mankind with Islam, war, chaos,crime, disease,degeneration, suicide or madness is the only option these "friends of humanity" are left with. And a glance at the world without confirms they have set to work in earnest to achieve their Satanic goal.

>Well, you can fight Islamophobia e.g. as people whose credibility and reliability you have tried to restore in my eyes.

>??? I'd rather see the spread of Islamonausea. Islamists themselves help a lot in this regard.<

Why "???" ? You told me such a good story about America that I almost forgot the medieval churches and monasteries in Europe which America helped desecrate, destroy and change into mosques or latrines.

>> "One of these "despicable" Islamophobes persecuted recently turns out to be great American patriot and thinker Army Lt. Col. Matthew A. Dooley. ...
Clear, bright and courageous ideas of a man who proved his patriotism in action and knew what he was talking about spurred fat spineless generals with long standing Moslem connections...........

I've read of this case - though not much more than an article. It is truly despicable - but probably at the heart of this are connections between ass kissing politicians and Saudi petro dollars. There are some people on the scene who won't be shackled so easily - Major Alan West has managed to bypass the censors and be in a position to say what he thinks - probably because he is no longer in the mlitary.<<

Which means the US military is as brainwashed, cowardly and despicable as its Islamophile commanders. Like master like servant! I just wonder what next mission of the US Army on behalf of Islam and jihad will be?No guesses?The Crimea for Tatars?Free Chechnia?Islamisation of Chinese Turkestan?

"In short, if you want to do something to convince me that you acknowledge Aristotle's principle of non-contradiction, then I am afraid that you have no other option but either to reject the case of Lt. Col.M. Dooley and forget it "

>I can't 'reject' it - because it has occurred. I can disapprove of it and make facts known.

And how about your optimistic view of America? What is it based on unless your youthful enthusiasm for a cause which in the meantime has turned to be its very opposite ?

".....or reject the belief in your US idols "

>Tsk, tsk....there you go with your straw man tactic again. Building up a situation which does not exist - then attacking it.<

Strawman tactic? You tried to persuade me that it's fine and good to have the US as the leading power. They are defending our values and traditions. When I protested , you called it a strawman tactic. Very ingenious!

"who in my eyes are no more than mean and disgusting mediocrities,spineless bastards and common traitors working for the cause of Islam . i.e. for our destruction !"

> When in doubt - follow the money. That's why most of those fat spineless bastards do what they do. And perhaps a few of them do so out of pure malice.<

It is not only money. Clinton was generously financed by China and yet the US which takes Chinese money follows no pro-Chinese policy. With Islam it is a different story. Money can explain a bit but not all. There is a deeper source and basis of mutual love and cooperation between wahhabism and "the virus of democratic pluralism and human rights" spread by the US. The US supports Islam as the most destructive, disruptive and bloody force in this world because it exactly does the job which the US wants to be done in this world - chaos and destruction to remain the only superpower on the ruins of today's world which is rapidly changing to America's disadvantage. This provokes fear and when to survive someone acts out of fear he has no considerations for humanism, civilization or pity.


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