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The world without what America ?

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Submitted by Ianus (Poland), Jun 22, 2012 at 18:01

the Grand Infidel of Kaffiristan wrote :

> Ianus: "...Hitler's policy was absolutely pro-Islamic. "<

>>He admired muslim ruthlessness and would use them as a means to his ends - but if you think he thought that arabs were more than Untermenschen then that is a mistake.<<

If Arabs were just "Untermenschen", then why did he make Mohammed Amin al-Husseini - the mufti of Jeruslaem - an honorary SS Major General? Do you know any other Untermenschen being simultaneously SS Major Generals?

"His actions on the Balkans have been faithfully imitated by your president Bill Clinton and all presidents after him (which means the criminal war against Serbia and her partition were not one corrupt man's fantasy) - destroying Christian Serbia, strengthening Islam to terrorize and dominate Christians, making Kosovo a protectorate from which to control the Balkans. "

>>I am with you on this one. The unveiling of a statue of Clinton by Clinton in the newly occupied muslim country was sickening. Maybe there's a Serbian artist somewhere with a sense of humour who can make another one - but with Clinton and his friend (with benefits) with her Polish antecedents - Monica Lewinski.<<

How do you imagine "a sense of humour" where the greatest national and religious disaster in Serbia's -and possibly Christianity's - history has been involved since the first battle of Kosovo in 1389? Incidentally, do you know any Jewish artists with "a sense of humour" creating funny monuments to depict the holocaust ?

"...You will tell us that Stalin was bad even when doing good things while the US/the West is good even doing bad things."

>Just out of interest, have you ever met any of the descendants of the 20,000 victims found at Katyn?<

Yes, I have and I found them less hysterical and aggressive than some Western propagandists.

And out of interest, do you know how and by whom the whole Katyn affair was put into circulation and used as a propaganda weapon ?

"China -the main rival to economic and political hegemony will be paralyzed and ruined "

> US with all its bad points - which realists must accept do and will continue to exist to some extent - also does a power of good in the world.<

Interesting.You make a point which you would never ever do about Stalin, wouldn't you ?Quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi.

> So rather than an endless tit for tat exchange about so many points and griping about history which cannot be changed - what are you suggesting as a workable alternative?

"History cannot be changed"??? You mean the Turks can't be brought to justice and punished for their never ending aggressions and crimes against humanity ? The Albanians can't be expelled from Kosovo? The Christian churches there can't be restored ? Saudi Arabia can't be punished for its role in supporting terrorism and spreading hatred towards us kafirs?

Can you help me understand who exactly prevents these obvious and feasible things from happening ? Maybe the same power you represent as being "a power of good in the world" which so far hasn't even done such a small thing as recognition of the Armenian genocide ? History can't be changed, so why recognize the Armenian genocide ? Is it what you want to say?

>If you took the US completely out of the equation - pretended that there was no country like the US - what do you expect would happen? And what would you like to happen?<

May I ask you what America do you want me to subtract from the equation?If I subtract the America bought by Saudi and Turkish money; the America that destroys Christian lands to surrender them to jihadist bestiality; the America that cynically annihilates its own middle class; the America that devours 40% of the world's GDP while producing only 20% of it, then I would have only positive results from that , wouldn't I?

If you mean on the other hand to subtract the America that really remembers its Christian roots and obligations following from it;the America that fights jihad and defends kafirs from Islam's aggression; the America that jails every Turk or Saudi that tries to bribe anyone in America ; the America that destroys its parasitic finance capitalism to rely on the middle class instead; the America that has replaced its today's casiono economy with Protestant work ethics which once was the cornerstone of its greatness and power, then I am afraid that before I can subtract such an America, I shall have to create it first , for there are few indications that such an America exists at all.

"and Russia will be brought to her knees with her vast territory at last emptied of their "useless" Slavic inhabitants which will be colonized by more servile populations."

>> I should have read ahead - exactly the word I was looking for in that last paragraph - servile. Millions of submissive, fawning underlings , unwittingly perpetuating their unrecognised servitude by being too gutless to stand up to the overinflated egos of overpaid corrupt state minions .

I agree with you on that point but I don't think Russia would let that happen. I would hope there would be too much political pressure by Russians to do something about the problem.

Is the population of all the Stans increasing these' days to any great degree ? There are no overly generous social security programs there - so is the muslim population increasing at the same rate as it does in the West? Would those populations also have their eyes on Russia's vast territories?<<

According to the Russian Statistical Bureau (the Rosstat) the demographic situation in the Stans had been between 1990-2010 as follows :

Azerbaijan : 1990 – 7,2 mln; 1991 – 7,3 mln; 2000– 8,1 mln; 2010– 9,1 mln

Uzbekistan : 1990 – 20,5 mln; 1991- 21,0 mln; 2000– 24,7 ; 2010-м - 27,4 mln

Kasakhstan : 1990 - 16,5 mln; 1991 - 16,5 mln ; 2000 - 14,9 mln; 2010 – 16,0 mln

Tajikistan : 1990 – 5,3 mln; 1991 - 5,4 mln; 2000- 6,1 mln, 2010 – 6,8 mln.

Kirgistan: 1990 - 4,3 mln; 1991- 4,4 mln; 2000 - 4,9 mln; 2010- 5,3 mln

Turkmenistan: 1990– 3,6 mln; 1991 - 3,7 mln; 2000 – 4,5 mln ; 2010 – 5,0 mln

As you can see only Kasakhstan was affected adversely while all the other Stans were demographically on the increase despite losing most of their Russian and non-Moslem populations, civil wars, coups d'etat and. At the same time in all the non-Stans -including your "most properous economy in Europe" - the demographic situation looked otherwise :

Ukraine : 1990 – 51,6 mln; 1991- 51,6 mln; 2000 – 48,8 mln; 2010 – 45,4 mln

Belorussia : 1990 – 10,2 mln; в 199 – 10,2 mln; 2000 – 10,0 mln, 2010 – 9,5 mln

Georgia : 1990 – 5,4 mln; 1991 - 5,4 mln; 2000 – 4,7 mln ; 2010 - 4,3 mln

Armenia : 1990– 3,5 mln ; 1991– 3,5 mln ; 2000- 3,0 mln ; 2010– 3,0 mln

Moldavia : 1990 – 4,3 mln; 1991 - 4,3 mln, 2000 – 4,1 mln ; 2010– 3,5 mln

Lithuania : 1990 - 3,6 mln ; 1991– 3,6 mln; 2000– 3,5 mln, 2010–3,3 mln

Latvia : 1990– 2,6 mln; 1991- 2,6 mln ; 2000 – 2,3 mln ; 2010 –2,2 mln

Estonia : 1990– 1,5 mln ; 1991 - 1,5 mln ; 2000 – 1,3 mln ; 2010 –1,3 mln

In general the demographic costs of the so called "reforms" for the last two decades have amounted up to 30 mln Russians' lives ,i.e. much more than in the second world war. That is also the title of the article I have linked you to. In relation to that magnitude of death ratio the term "genocide" is no longer a metaphor, I am afraid.

In the chaos theory now adopted by the US strategists as a new weapon to preserve America's hegemony , mass hostile immigration to Russia (and Western Europe ) serves two important ends. It decreases the cohesion of the target populations and increases the conflict energy within them necessary to bring about chaos effects.It means also that Moslem immigration is welcomed and encouraged by the traitorous Putin regime.

I have heard that the Brookings Institution and the London School of Economics have just completed a 3 year -long project on 'internal displacement due to a geo-climatic disaster'. Now the research would be fine and innocent unless it revealed advanced Western plans to colonize Russia's vast and empty territories with mass hostile immigration from the south ( and your guess on what religion is there south of Russia?), with a new Völkerwanderung under the cover of humanitarian concerns to finally bring down and enslave Russia for ever if all other weapons and techniques of the new type fail.

As to Moslems themselves in Russia I have been told that e.g. many Tajiks in Moscow firmly believe that Moscow is a city created by Allah to be possessed by Moslems while Chechen and Tatar children openly defy Russian female teachers telling them "Now we are masters here.Your are our slaves!" Well, you can create a perfect chaos with a mindset like that, can't you?


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