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Reader comment on item: Pope Benedict XVI and the Koran
in response to reader comment: The Pope needs to bring Catholicism into the modern age too.

Submitted by tariq (United Arab Emirates), Jan 25, 2006 at 11:29

..."you can't respect other religions by not knowing about them"
Y not? believe in any religion you want to, just dont write lies about Islam.

" an intelligent person like you are will at least give some credit to hundreds of scholars and historians who proved that the bibles were kept intact and were written very shortly after Christ's death. "
Y not give credit to those who have proven the bible wrong and time limited?

"Islam was created based on a claim that Christians have corrupted the message of GOD, what if you discovered that Christians didn't corrupt the message of GOD and the bibles are not corrupted?"
Wot if saw the proof that the bibles are corrupted and time limited?

"Don't you have at least some curiosity about 33% of the world who believe in Christianity? John's Gospel was written by John himself who witnessed the Christ life, teachings, death and resurrection, he is the one who supported the fact that Jesus was not any man or any prophet (like you claim) but is the son of GOD who fulfilled thousands of years of prophecies."

out of curiosity i started to read the bible. different ones at random. when it reconfirmed my beliefs i stoped reading it.

"I didn't assume that Muhammad is a false prophet this is something that several billions in the world agree upon from researching through history and depending on several resources not only Muslim resources."

Research history? several sources? like which? the lies which were spread during the crusades?

"his many looting, killings, rapes...etc shows what kind of person he is. "
It is common knowledge tht mohaddad(PBUH) never did anything which is against Islamic teachings. looting is not allowed, rape punishable by death and killing is only allowed if you are in a war, or wen some1 has commited a crime punishable by death.
these stories of yours were spread during the crusades togather support for their army.

"Muhammad was only assaulted if (?) this ever happened by few years and that's when he fled to the Medina and started building his army. "
lol now i have a very good idea about how arrogant u are about Islamic history.

"What suffering are you talking about?"
ask this Qs. to a historian and be preprared to change your whole perspective on Muhammad(PBUH)

"He made the whole world pay for 5 years of exile from Mecca"
lol(again) you need to get you facts right. 5 years of exile?

"and came back to impose his religion and his power on Mecca"

"and that when the whole occupation of the other nations started."
occupation? ok why?

"Did he suffer when he looted the Arab caravans, but again he had his ways to justify his actions and always made the verses "claimed to be from GOD" to back his position. "
looted which caravan?

"Example when GOD forgot the whole world and rushed to tell Muhammad that he can divorce all of his wives when Aysheh and hafsah ganged against him, "Allah" also granted Muhammad the gift of having even prettier wives when he divorces his current 13 wives."
back up your claims with the verses of holy Quran

"He had a normal life because he was benefiting from his wife's wealth (Kadijah) who she was 15 years older than him, and why he didn't marry while marrying from Kadija is because he wouldn't dare, Kadijah was the owner of the business he ran for her and he can't risk loosing this wealth by marrying another woman..."
a few years after recieving the first revelation, hazrat khadija died. Besides preaching peace amonst the warring tribes of Quraish resulted in many enemys. he was so poor for the rest of his life, tht in madinah, the poor had to invite him ti dinner his usual intake of was dates, water and goats milk(which he used to milk himself)

"who knows he traveled to Syria and surrounding countries for trade, maybe he had his affairs there.""
Maybe? you are 1 step close to inventing your own myths.

"Don't tell me about Arabs poets, Muhammad was responsible for killing so many of them when they challenged him"
Another lie. killing them just for that is against Islam. and Mohammad(PBUH) did nothing against Islamic teachings.Besides no poet ever challenged him. they challenged the Holy Quran because the Quran challenges non-muslims to write a piece of literature comparing to it.
You claim is wrong for 4 reasons
1) no1 ever challenged him(they challenged the Quran)
2) Old Scrips of many great arab poets have been preserved and are in museums.(none of them even come close to the Quran)
3) The Quran initially challenged to produce a book camparable to it. but when no1 was able to do so, the challenge was made into a number of steps(the later ones much much easier. the last of these challenged says to produce one ayat like the Quran. if you know any1 who can, plz tell me.
4) the prophet was very forgiving. he even forgave the person who killed his beloved uncle(he didnt have many blood relatives left after that)

"The poets that Um kalthoom sang" how about Taha Hussien who challenged the Quran and was going to be killed when he did that. Again who cares about the poet what makes a book worthy to read are its contents not only the way it was written"
there are 6 billion ppl on this planet. how is it possible tht anyone who challenges the Quran will be killed? In prophet Muhammads(PBUH) time, travelling and the spread on news was much slower. how can he any1 who wishes to challenge the Quran?
Till now no1 has ever, not even once, writen a single line in arabic camparable to the Quran in ,meaning,depth and eloquence, and never a book for all times yet without any scientific errors and without contradicitons.

Your previous comment:"unlike Muhammad and his followers who gained power, wealth, sex, etc from being Muslims"

your most recent comment addressed to me:
"King Of habashah who gave asylum to Muslims was acting out of his Christianity and generosity to defend the poor from the powerful"

Which of them shall i believe?

"You said it, the first battle was Badr, if Islam was a divine message from GOD, why would GOD depend on his people to defend it"
In Badr there were 313 muslims and a thousand pagans. also the muslims were badly equipt with few armours and horses. yet they won the war with a big margin.
How? Gods help

"When you said that Muhammad only defended himself, his people and his religion, what was the Muslim defending when occupied Persia, Middle East and Europe. And why defending in the first place?"

Persia and Europe and many parts of middleeast were occupied AFTER his death.
Islam also allows muslims to help others(even nonmuslims) if they are suffering from a tyranny and oppression. therefore persia and spain.

"I can provide you with hundreds of suras that back my position"
please do

"JUST, see when you said that the land belongs to Palestinians, you have again proofed my point, the whole Arab world is acting on this, defending occupation of Israel, this is the JUST in their opinion..."
Dont you think it is just?

"Israelis also say that the land belong to them this is the JUST in their opinion"
suppose a large number of muslims migrated to florida, buy land there, start a business, and start a war against the locals, would it be just?

"There are zillions of ways to resist occupation, have you heard about Ghandi who defeated the British Empire without violence."
Ghandi was an admirer of the Holy Prophte(PBUH)

"lets assume that Islam will rule the world one day, does it mean that Islam is the true religion?"
Maybe not. but the fact that the Quran has no scientific errors and instead is filled with miracles does mean tht Islam is the true religion. Besides by eliminating 'unlikely' religions, only Islam is left

"Christ defeated his enemies by peace, he stopped by acting peacefully to it."
and he had very few followers, ppl converted to christianity in large numbers after his 'death'

Islam also teaches peace. The prophet and his companions for years tolerated hostilities by the pagans. besides the reason y Christ didnt attack was because he had few ppl to fight with him.

"Who said I am with the war in Iraq, the war in Iraq doesn't by any mean represents Christianity. "
Neithter does Osama represen Islam and neithter do all the fake mullahs.

"This is only sows how ignorant about Christianity you are"
I never claimed to be educated about christianity and I never wrote any lies about christianity like u lie about Islam.

" this is a long explanation you really need to educate yourself about the bibles"
can u plz explain?
and if u do decide to write some kind of explanation for "Deuteronomy 22:23-24 and Deuteronomy 22:28-29 read 2 Samuel 12:11-14 NAB" plz also explain Leviticus 20:13 NAB
and Exodus 21:17(new revised standard edition)

"You don't have to believe that I came for the arab world and I have learned Quran in its original language, I know exactly what Islam is from its original resources"

yeah right

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Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Original writing only, please. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

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