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How many muslims are Jehadists ??? Read the answer !!

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Submitted by Adhyapak (India), May 17, 2007 at 06:49

I am often asked to guess as to how many Muslims are jihadists. The easiest answer is: enough to commit the terrorist acts detailed in this 1,000-page-long Islamic Terror Timeline. But if you are looking for a more analytical response, I think the math goes something like this:

There are between 1.2 and 1.5 billion Muslims in the world. Half are women. While a substantial percentage of Islamic women support jihad, less than one in fifty Islamic terrorist acts is actually perpetrated by a female. That leaves us with a maximum pool of jihadists that is just over 50% of the total population.

The overwhelming preponderance of terrorist acts are conducted by young Muslim men 15 to 30 years old. This age bracket covers about half of the male population of the Islamic world, leaving us with a potential jihad pool of 25% of all Muslims - approximately 300 million people.

The most logical way to determine the percentage of Muslims who are salafi/fundamentalists - a precondition to jihad - is to consider the most recent elections in Islamic countries. For example, the fundamentalist Islamic group Hamas received 65% of the popular vote in "Palestine." The somewhat secular Fatah, at least by comparison to Hamas, won only 30% of the votes.

While he was not popularly elected, Turkey's president, Ahmet Necdet Sezar, is a fundamentalist Muslim. Turkey's parliament, which selected him by a 70% majority, is formed as a result of a popular mandate and it is predominately composed of fundamentalist Muslims. Turkey's Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is the nation's most popular leader. He is a convicted felon who believes: "Mosques are our barracks, domes are our helmets, minarets our bayonets, and believers our soldiers." He won a landslide victory in 2002 - and Turkey is considered to be the most moderate Islamic state.

The newly elected fundamentalist Islamic nutcase ruling Iran, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, earned 62% of the popular vote. The most moderate Islamic challenger garnered less than twenty percent support. The notion that the majority of Iranians are hostile to the Shia mullahs, and are poised for a revolution, is a myth

In Lebanon, politicians got all excited when 50,000 people marched in support of democracy. The following week when 500,000 people protested in support of Islam/Submission, the percentage of fundamentalist Muslims became clear.

Fundamentalist Islamic candidates in the most recent Iraqi elections, those individuals who belonged to clerical parties like the Islamic Revolution in Iraq founded by Grand Ayatollah al-Sistani, won 65% of the seats in the new parliament.

While opinion surveys can be suspect, and are often tainted by the manner in which a question is phrased, there are two that are worth mentioning. Opinion polls taken by the British Government reveal that 70% of Iraqis think killing Americans is justified, something that is impossible to justify outside the conditioning of fundamentalist Islam. The rising death toll of American troops and stunning escalation in terror in Iraq give credence to those numbers. Polls taken in Pakistan, where bin Laden is being harbored, reveal that 70% of Pakistanis view the world's most famous Islamic terrorist very favorably. In fact, Osama has become the most popular name for boys in the region.

Therefore, based upon the most objective data available to us, at least 60% of all Muslims have the potential to be jihadists by way of their fundamentalist voting patterns. That is to say, Islam has grown substantially closer to its salafi, and thus terrorist, roots over the past decade. It is safe to say that 750 million Muslims are fundamentalists trying to follow Allah's orders and Muhammad's example. And as fundamentalists, they are potential jihadists.

If the 60% response levels derived from polling data is an accurate reflection of the current state of Islam, then sex and age criteria further reduce Islamic terrorist candidates down to a maximum of one in every seven Muslims - 25% of 60%. That means that no more than 15% of the total Islamic population of 1.2 to 1.5 billion people has the potential to be a terrorist should the opportunity arise. That equates to a minimum of 180 million potential jihadists and a maximum of 225 million.

But when it comes to actual jihadists, to those who have or will commit an act of terrorism in Allah's name, my research suggests that they represent no more than one in one hundred of the 180 million young fundamentalist Muslim men prepared mentally, morally, and spiritually to be terrorists. That means that there are 1.8 million actual Islamic jihadists on the planet today - a number which could jump one hundred fold almost instantaneously should the opportunity arise.

Middle East political commentator Daniel Pipes says that there are no less than 130 million Islamic jihadists but I don't believe that is possible because there haven't been sufficient jihadist attacks over the past 20 years for that many Muslims to be engaged in the business of killing people for Allah. The potential pool of jihadists, however, is reasonably close to Pipes' estimate. Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch is on another planet with his estimate of as many as 650 million jihadists - one in every two Muslims.

Before you get a warm and cozy feeling, thinking that only 60% of Muslims are sufficiently indoctrinated in fundamentalist Islam to be a terrorist should the opportunity arrise, and that only 25% of those Muslims are the appropriate age and sex to actually engage in jihad, let's consider some recent historical events. In 1917, less than 3% of Russians were Communists. Yet since that 3% was sufficiently corrupted by an immoral and ruthless religion (Socialist Secular Humanism), they quickly came to oppress the entire nation - murdering 30 million Russians in the process. In 1924, less than 3% of Germans were Nazis. And yet since that 3% was sufficiently corrupted by Hitler's "People's Religion" as it was immorally and ruthlessly laid out in Mein Kampf, that 3% came to oppress the entire nation and led the world into a war that killed 50 million people.

Also keep in mind that while only 15% of Muslims are potential jihadists today, that percentage is growing rapidly. Thanks to OPEC funding and clerical indoctrination, the Islamic world is becoming increasingly fundamentalist. In twenty years most Muslims could be terrorists - and probably will be.

There is another factor in play that we must not ignore. When America invaded Iraq my analysis was validated. With accessible Infidel targets, the gap between potential jihadists and actual jihadists narrowed substantially. Acts of terrorism increased over one million percent - from one every several months to hundreds per day. Given the opportunity to tangibly demonstrate their religion, an unparalleled number of Muslims became terrorists. Therefore, should there be another miscue like Iraq, or should the war on terror be expanded, rather than dealing with 1.8 million Islamic jihadists, the world will have to confront a hundred million of them, or more.

The moral of the story is: the fastest way to convert potential jihadists into actual jihadists is to send infidels into an Islamic country. To say that the American invasion of Iraq was counterproductive, is the understatement of the decade.

Why Do Muslims Deploy the Tactic of Terror?

The reason today's Muslims are terrorists and not warriors was revealed in 1948, 1967, and 1973. While this timeline is dedicated to exposing the onward march of Islamic terrorism since the founding of the crude OPEC cartel in 1960, and not to conventional warfare, a brief review of Islam's wars against Israel provides the key to understanding why Muslims have switched tactics and now almost exclusively deploy terrorism.

The War of Independence in 1948: Israel, still unpacking its moving boxes, lost 6,373 people, or approximately one percent of its population, when the surrounding Islamic nations elected to sweep the Jews into the sea rather than live next to them. About one third of these losses were civilians. The exact number of Islamic casualties is hard to find, since Muslims have such a propensity for exaggeration and since they have little regard for human life. But it is estimated that 12,000 Islamic military and mujahideen forces died trying to stop Israel from becoming a nation. After the war, Israel, having beaten the Muslims so decisively, was able to define its own borders. What's interesting here is that the Islamic fiefdoms which attacked Israel had well established militaries and Israel had no government, no currency, no army, no air force, virtually no weapons, and no common language - and yet they won. Was Allah not Akbar, the Greatest, or did Islam cause Muslims to fail?

The Sinai War of 1956: Israel lost 177 soldiers and took the entire Sinai Peninsula from the aggressor. Egypt lost about 3,000 soldiers, had 5,000 wounded, and another 6,000 taken prisoner. Unfortunately, Israel entrusted the Sinai to UN Peacekeepers, who simply stepped out of the way when Egypt violated the peace accord less than a decade later. The UN's credibility was the biggest casualty of this conflict.

The Six-Day War in 1967: Egypt's Nasser galvanized Islamic resolve against Israel and threatened an allied assault that would push every Jew into the sea. It didn't work out as he had planned. Israel lost 338 soldiers on the Egyptian front, 300 on the Jordanian front, and 141 on the Syrian front. Egypt, however, lost 80% of its military equipment, 10,000 soldiers and 1,500 officers killed, 5,000 soldiers and 500 officers captured, and 20,000 troops wounded. Jordan suffered 7,000 killed and around 16,000 wounded. Syria lost 2,500 dead and 5,000 wounded. The Syrians lost half of their tanks and almost all the artillery they had positioned on the Golan Heights. The official count of Iraqi casualties was 10 killed and about thirty wounded. It was the most lopsided battle in history, eclipsing the bravado of the Spartans at Thermopylae. (In 480 BCE, 300 Spartan troops killed 6,000 of King Xerxes Persian soldiers and held off 150,000 more.) Had it not been for American demands against Israel, Jews would have captured Cairo, Damascus, and Amman and would have controlled all of Egypt, Syria, and Jordan.

The War of Attrition in 1968-70: During the Fedayeen War, 367 Israeli soldiers were killed and over three thousand were wounded by Islamic jihadists. There were no published casualty figures on the Egyptian side since that would only serve to highlight how Islamic countries use their own people as if they were ammunition. However, it is estimated that 10,000 Egyptian Fedayeen jihadists died.

Yom Kippur War of 1973: Muslims, led by Egypt and Syria, and backed and financed by Iraqi, Iranian, and Saudi Arabian OPEC petro-dollars, launched a joint surprise attack on Israel on their most important religious day, Yom Kippur, simultaneously invading the Sinai and Golan Heights with Soviet planes, tanks, and armor. Also known as the Ramadan War, it represented the forth major Islamic attack on Israel since the nation was reestablished in 1948. Out equipped and out numbered 100 to 1, Israel won - stunning and angering Muslims the world over.

Israel was caught by surprise and suffered 2,300 dead, 5,500 wounded, and 294 prisoners - almost all of which were suffered in the first two days. The Egyptians lost 12,000 dead, 35,000 wounded, and 8,400 prisoners. Syria lost 3,000 dead, 5,600 wounded, and over 400 prisoners, of whom about 20 were Iraqis and Moroccans. Israel, which was overwhelmingly out numbered and out equipped, as well as being caught flat-footed, retrieved and repaired a large number of its own tanks as well as hundreds of Russian tanks and armored personnel carriers that had been abandoned by fleeing Muslims. With them, they fought on and regained the ground that they had initially surrendered.

On the first day, Israel lost 105 airplanes and 5 helicopters, a third of its combat strength, to the Russian SAM missile batteries. Egyptians lost 235 airplanes and 42 helicopters, while the Syrians lost 135 airplanes and 13 helicopters. Most of the Muslim losses occurred in dogfights in which the Jews were overwhelmingly better pilots. When jubilant jihadists overran their Russian SAM missile protection, the war turned and 51 unprotected Egyptian and 12 Syrian SAM missile batteries were destroyed. Israel lost one anti-aircraft gun. The Israeli navy incurred no losses, sinking seven Egyptian and five Syrian missile boats, four Egyptian torpedo boats, and several coastal defense vessels.

Israel had won a clear victory against Syria, conquering considerable territory beyond the ceasefire lines of 1967 and advancing to within about 20 miles of Damascus. In the Sinai, the Egyptians were clinging to the east side of the canal, but the Israelis had surrounded their Third Army and had successfully advanced to within a few miles of Cairo. Once again, had the United States not compelled Israel to withdraw, they would have conquered Egypt and Syria.

Sadly, however, the Sinai was given back to Egypt when Jimmy Carter bribed the Islamic nation to stop publicly threatening Israel by giving the Egyptians $2.5 billion a year, as well as full access to the most sophisticated American weapons. The U.S. also pressured Israel into the dumbest proposal in modern history: "land for peace." They sacrificed the lands they controlled, lost their defensive buffer zone, and have been terrorized by Muslims ever since. But at least now you know why Muslims have switched tactics from war to terror.

What Is Fundamentalist Islam?

The Arabic religious term for fundamentalist, is salaf. Salafi (Arabic for Ancestor) Islam (Arabic for Submission) is the religion of Muhammad (Islam's lone prophet and Allah's singular voice). It is the Islam recorded in the Qur'an (Recital from ar-Rahman and Allah), in the Hadith (Oral Reports from the Salaf/Ancestors regarding Muhammad), the Sira (Biography of Muhammad as told by the prophet's Companions), and Ta'rikh (History of Islam's Formation as recorded in the earliest Hadith). Salafi Islam is indistinguishable from Islamic Sunnah (Arabic for the Example of Muhammad - the basis the Islamic religion, law, custom, behavior, and culture).

Salafi Islam provides the entire basis for the Islamic religion and for Sharia Law - collectively the most repressive, unproductive, and anti-democratic system on earth. Salafi Islam provides the basis for all of Islam's Five Pillars and for its mindless ritual. The Salaf were the sole conduits of information regarding Muhammad and his God Allah. There is no Islam without the Salaf/Ancestors.

Based upon polling data from Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Lebanon, and the recent Palestinian elections, sixty to seventy percent of Muslims worldwide are Salafists. That means that fundamentalist Islam, the Islam of virtually all terrorists, is not a fringe movement. The 9/11 suicide bombers were Salafi Muslims as are 95% of the world's terrorists and 99.99% of Islamic terrorists.

Salafi Islam is the purest form of the religion. It is based entirely upon the oldest and most authentic Islamic sources. That makes it is the antithesis of a corruption of the religion. Salafist Muslims surrender to Allah's, Muhammad's, and the Qur'an's authority so they are the antithesis of insurgents (meaning those who rebel against authority). While Salafist Muslims highjacked airplanes and turned them into weapons of mass destruction, the terrorists have not highjacked their religion.

Until you come to understand what the five oldest Islamic sources reveal about Muhammad, Allah, and Islam (those being the Qur'an, Ishaq's Sira, Tabari's Ta'rikh, and Bukhari's and Muslim's Hadith Collections) you have no chance whatsoever of understanding Islamic terrorism or how to combat it. In fact, like the president of the United States, if you speak out or lash out without first coming to understand Salafi Islam, you will do far more harm than good.

This is why I wrote Prophet of Doom - Islam's Terrorist Dogma in Muhammad's Own Words before composing this terrorist timeline. Prophet of Doom is the best documented, most comprehensive and contextual, chronological presentation of Islam's scriptures ever written. It is free in its entirety on this site.

At this point I should also mention that there is a solution to Islamic terrorism. The three part plan to eliminate the threat of terror in thirty days was presented in Tea With Terrorists - Who They Are, Why They Kill, and What Will Stop Them over four years ago. That book is also free on this site. While it was composed in the form of a novel to make it more engaging, to enable me to dramatically forecast the America's bleak future, and to help the medicine go down, all of the information presented in the book is factual, including its portrayal of my meeting with al-Qaeda, Hamas, Fatah, al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, Hizballah, and Islamic Jihad.

Returning to the pervasiveness of fundamentalist Islam, it's important for you to know that the Saud Wahhabi warlords oppressing the indoctrinated fiefdom of Saudi Arabia are resolutely Salafists. That is why Saudi Arabia is one of the world's leading terrorist manufacturing facilities. It is why 85% of the 9/11 suicide bombers were Saudi subjects. Al-Qaeda is Salafist and Wahhabist, and thus is lock step with the Islamic educational and religious system entrenched in Saudi Arabia. Al-Qaeda is a spiritual religious association and not an organization based upon race, geography, or infrastructure. Osama bin Laden's authority comes from Allah. Among al-Qaeda's four founding fathers you will find a Palestinian, a Saudi, a Pakistani, and an Egyptian.

The most significant contributor to Islamic terrorism is Pakistan, where the dictatorial government of General Musharraf is Salafist. Pakistan's mosques and madrassas have manufactured more actual terrorists than Saudi Arabia. They are responsible for the Taliban - the fundamentalist regime associated with al-Qaeda. Taliban chief Mullah Omar was educated in the Binori Mosque Madrassa in Karachi. The head of Pakistan's ISI intelligence service, Lt. General Mahmoud Ahmad, not only provided the funds, arms, and direction to the Taliban, he and they provided direct wire transfers to Muhammad Atta, the 9/11 ringleader, immediately before he murdered 3,000 Americans. Pakistan is the home of Ramzi Yousef and Khalid Shaikh Muhammad, the men many believe conceived the first and second World Trade Center bombings.

The third member of the Salafist Trinity may take you by surprise. It is the Shia mullahs who lord over Iran. Shia Islam is Salafi Islam. All five of Islam's earliest and most authoritative sources, including the Qur'an, are Shi'ite in origin. The Islamic clerics who control Iran are Salafists - as are the poisonous anti-Semitic words which pour out of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's mouth. But the moment you recognize this reality, all hope of victory in Afghanistan and Iraq dissipates. By way of the Taliban, Pakistan still controls neighboring Afghanistan. And by way of Shi'ite clerics like al-Sadr and the Ayatollah al-Sistani, Iran now controls neighboring Iraq.

Can You Handle the Truth?

What you are about to read is very controversial - not because the evidence is in dispute, but because it isn't. Seventy percent of those reading this introduction won't go on to consider what I have discovered because the facts regarding terrorism are contrary to their perceptions. Conservative Christians are intolerant of those who expose the failings of their country and government - a subject which is inescapable when dealing with the root cause of terror. Liberal Secularists are intolerant of those who are judgmental, especially if they hold a religion other than Christianity accountable for its atrocities. So if you fall into either of these camps, goodbye.

Facts which conflict with accepted societal notions - especially economic, political, and religions ones - are rejected by most people, even if they are irrefutable. We all have a lens through which we view the world, one crafted and shaped by religion, politics, race, or secular associations. Most folks are myopic, only seeing what is right before them. They aren't concerned about the big picture because they lack perspective. And these conditions restrict and cloud the lens that is required to tie a broad array of facts together and form a clear and focused image.

Those steeped in America's national religion, socialist secular humanism, will disregard all of the facts and write off this treatise as intolerant, hateful, unenlightened and bigoted. It is easier for them to demean the messenger than it is for them to deal with the message. Such people have been taught to be irrational, so this will come naturally. If you fall into this group, you will find nothing of value in this report. It's not so much that your lens has been narrowed, but that it can no longer focus. You have lost the ability to be judgmental and with it, discernment.

If you are political, an NPR Democrat or a Limbaugh Republican, someone who shapes the facts to harmonize with their liberal or conservative agenda, chances are you will scan this material and then discredit it by impugning my motives. While you are able to focus your lens, it is occluded, blocking the passage of light which irritates a jaundiced eye. There are no heroes in this review and there is no reason for optimism. Truth is neither liberal nor conservative. Neither Democrat nor Republican hold the high moral ground when it comes to "the war on terrorism."

Political parties make a game of perceptions, creating an artificial perspective that they tout as reality. However, in this case, the evidence can't be spun - there is too much of it and it all leads to the same place. The facts demean both political parties, proving that no one in politics or the media can be trusted. Therefore, liberals will write me off as a right wing, fundamentalist religious whacko while conservatives will claim that I'm an ungrateful, unpatriotic, anti-American liberal. Unable to deal with facts which prove everyone's chosen party and favorite candidates are lying, the politicized will put the evidence in a box, apply a label, and close the lid.

The third filter precluding rational thought is conventional religion. This lens is the most convoluted. Religious people believe what they are told. They are conditioned not to question God, authority, or tradition. If you are religious, chances are you are comforted by illusions, ones that are in irreconcilable conflict with the divine revelation that forms the basis of your faith.


For example, while Yahweh's Scripture tells us to be intolerant, to expose and condemn lies, we find the most vociferous, albeit ignorant, support for Islam in Catholicism, Evangelical Christianity, and in Socialist Secular Humanism. If you are a victim of these religious scams, I dare say that your lens is probably too misshapen to accept what lies before you. You will be particularly put off by my judgmental nature, uncompromising attitude, and sarcastic tone.

I'm not so much being defensive here as I am trying to cull the audience. Life is short; why waste people's time. Only a tiny fraction of those who stumbled upon this review will be able to effectively process what it reveals. We live in a world that wants its ears tickled and that has become allergic to the truth.

What's more, understanding doesn't come easily. You have to want to know the truth sufficiently to be willing to invest the time needed to learn it. Understanding requires a foundation of fact. And wisdom requires the ability to connect those facts together so that they form a picture.


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