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"Jihad, genocide, janissaries..." - the Turkish contribution to European civilization

Reader comment on item: A Million Moderate Muslims on the March
in response to reader comment: hypocrisy and ignorance

Submitted by Ianus (Poland), Nov 8, 2008 at 13:04

Turk from Turkey wrote :

"Turkish has no word for fatherland because unlike imperial greeks, ancient Turkish people were nomads."

Hence they had the word "yurt" to describe the temporary place where they put up their tents. Ataturk- the xenophobe - tried to replace the Arabic "vatan" with "yurt". But the blotted Turkish a... shines through the stolen clothes that adorn the Asiatic Turkish body. Turks have no homeland. They have robbed the property they are living in now - both in Anatolia and in Cyprus. They are different from other robbers that they blame the victims for their barbaric Islam-inspired robberies.

>And you may not understand being a nomad, living in the wild caring for the herds and traveling as the climate changes. A nomad does not have borders. A nomad does not draw borders and conquer soil for agriculture because a nomad may not be as civilized as a greek tyran who would fight and kill people for his self-proclaimed private poperty.<

Nice to learn from you, my new supreme "authority" on ethnography, that e.g. the Huns -the forefathers of the Turks- were as peace-loving and good-neighbourly as you in your glorious naivety depict them!!!! The nomads are the most rapacious and bloodthirty looters and murderers and kidnapers in history. Whatever they can't carry off, they destroy and burn down. Wherever a nomadic tribe borders on a sedentary population the latter is exposed to never ending devastating raids by the nomads.

The first victims of the Turkish barbarity were the Iranians. The Avestan concept of the struggle between the good eh evil has as its backgound the eternal struggle between the sedentary and the nomadic. Balkh where Zarathustra composed his holy book is a borderland to the nomadic steppes. Later these barbarians - the Seljuks headed by Togrul Bey and inadvertantly invited by Mahmud Gazni subjugated Iran to their primitive rule.

Another revealing example is the Russian expansion in Central Asia or in the Southern steppes. The nomadic Turkic raids forced the Russians to put an end to them militarily. When in 1881 the Russians captured the Turkmen fortress Gok Tekke they freed innumerable Persian slaves and received thanks from the shah. One could multiply such examples ad infinitum.

>So there cannot be a Turkish word for homeland in the ancient times, since a Turk belongs to the world and nature beyond all borders and regulations.<

The borders of the nomads were only the stronger tribes than temselves. As to 'regulations", you're right. The noamds were all illiterates and acknwledge no written contracts and agreements, hence it's useless to conlcude any with them. They will never abide by them. Nomadic life means total lawlessness unless you conceive raw force as a "regulation".

>It is civilization which call for wars and conquers.<

If by "civilization" you mean "Islam", you are right. It's Islam that does call for permanent jihad. Anyway, what sort of "civilazation" lslam stands for you may guess from Ataturk's saying "Islam -that theology of an immoral beduin is a decaying corpse that has been poisoning all our life". (By the way, Turkey is 99,8% Islamic! Thanks to you Ataturk, dear father of all Turkish "secularists"! ;)

>When Europe is not fighting with the Turks, are they living peacefully??<

Our internal strives and wranglings are a trifle compared to the deadly threat posed to Europe by the Ottoman jihad. You effaced so many states from the face of the earth. You tried to make such a piece of sh... of Europe as you have made of any country and any nation that was unfortunate to succumb to your yoke and Islamisation machine, Moslem bastards!

> Even during siege of vienna, the holy alliance, the french invaded her neighbour country as an oppurtunity attack.<

In 1914 caliph Mehmet V - "the shadow of Allah on earth"- declared solemnly a jihad on the Entente. Soon afterwards the pious Moslems of Arabia made an uprising against this very "shadow of Allah on earth" hunting Turks wherever they could find them. The reunion policy of France was not a matter of religion. The Arab uprising was a jihad as every war teh Arbs conduct is a jihad.

>So you may stop using racist and religious propoganda and be rightful and honorable.<

"Racist" - it's a remarkable term in the mouth of a Turk. Have you forgotten what they taught you at school? Turkic peoples are the spreme race of humanity. All civilization originated in the Turkic race (irk). Turkic language is the blue print and foundation of every language on earth etc etc. ...the holy nonsense invented by Gazi Mustafa Kemal ... "Ne mutlu türküm diyene".

> And please stop moaning like a loser about your "high" culture.<

I'll do that the moment you recall that in your forefathers' language -Oslamlica- "Turk" was a synonym for "uncouth barbarian", "illierate scoundrel". Perhaps you'll deny that ?

>By the way i have always been fascinated how Greeks are ashamed of their forefathers practicing homosexual acts.<

It's much better than zoophilia practised by ancient Turks that stands behind the Turkic foundation myth of Ashina and the she-wolf that he impreganted with 10 sons -the heads of the main heads of the Turkic tribes. Isn't it that dog blood in your veins that has made human dogs of you Turks?

>From spartans to Achilles almost every Greek soldier is bisexual but Greeks are always in denial.<

If what you say were true, than Greeks would have long been an extinc nation. As to Sparta, who was Helene of Sparta? Who was Paris? Why did Achilles refuse to fight? Who was Bryseis? How does the Illiad start? ... No Helelnic woman was an illiterate Turkish female slave bought and treated by the "loving" Turk like shit -in full accordance with the Islamic "vision" of women as inferior beings.

You, Moslem pig, can't even imagine the status and role of women in Hellenic history. And yet you Moslem blockhead and big-mouthed ignoramus are still trying to teach me on things I have a degree in. "Sus Minervam docet" - as the Romans used to say.

> I mean even if you can deny this, you can deny everything. At worst you can watch history channel.<

What do you know about history, Moslem? For saying a bad thing about Turkishness you are threatened with 3 years imprisonment. And instead of concentrating on that shameful reality of your country, you find faults with others who enjoy liberty as granted to criticise whomever they like. Tell me why Kemal's wife's memoirs are so desperately concealed? Was she too candid on your new "prophet"'s vices among which homosexuality was very prominent? But I don't care about that. The main problem with him is that he was responsible for a genocide and that his deceitful policy was a failure.

> Everyone knows the truth thanks to your ancient libraries.<

Have you ever read a single Greek book, Moslem? I do doubt it!

>Yes as a Turk i am a godless stupid horrible bastard>

... "godless" ? Well, You don't believe in Allah and his jihad? If you don't then why this 1000-year old jihad against the Greeks, the Serbs, the Bulgarians, the Russians, the Persians, the Arabs...? Why these 77 000 mosques cross Turkey? Why these throngs in every mosques every Friday? Was Islam just a big lie? Too big to be deposed and admit the giant universal mistake on which teh whole of Turkey has been erected?

>and you being born as a Greek, superior to me.<

Mark it, Moslem! I am not a Greek. I am a Pole and a European and every European -worthy of the name- does know that we owe most good things we have to Hellenism and that you Turkish barbarians have been -after the Arabs- the greatest disaster that has affected this continent and that no peace is ever possible with you.

What contribution did you make to our civilization? Jihad, genocide, janissaries, hordes, harems, haraj ...This is what you Turks and your spurious "vatan" do stand for!!!

(By the way "kebab" is a Persian word.)

>I dont know what you did to deserve to be born as a super-man, and alas in my previous life what did i do to be born as a filthy Turk?<

I know it's hard to imagine for a Turk that someone can be no Greek or Armenian at all and be just interested in the subject. So I do repeat - I am no Greek. Truth has nothing to do with nationality. Self-glorification of the Turk - fortified by the fear of paragraph 313 - does.

As to metempsychosis, recall what unrepented and heinous crimes against humanity you forefathers have perpetrated since they first appeared on the horizon of European Byzantine history around A.D. 1048 ? If you do, you may well understand why you fully deserve the epithet you self-apply. Türkler barbadir.

>Be aware, be rightful..Open you mind...<

Be courageous and admit that parapgraph 313 is the best indication that Turkey is a third-world Oriental despotic police state and Turks are terrorized, brain-washed parrots instinctively repeating the the lies and nonsense concocted by the new beglerbegs that are in fact ruling this country.


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