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Our dear Asma the wannabe Arab part deux

Reader comment on item: Resisting Islamic Law
in response to reader comment: Reply to Dhimmi

Submitted by dhimmi no more (United States), Jun 13, 2008 at 07:14

Our dear Asma wrote

>Our dear Asma rabina yu3alimhua ana al-Islam deen al-3arab faqat wa inaha layast 3arabiya. Oh darling I do not translate Arabic for wannabe Arabs like you

>How do you know that I want to be Arab? Did I claim so? Don't you realize what kind of stupid mentality

You did not understand a word of the above Arabic. Did you? Hello: learn not to answer a question darling if you really do not understand the question

>and logic you have? Seems that you are an expert in Arabic. Ho Ho.

What logic our dear Asma? that you are no more than a wannabe Arab? or that you are in denial that islam brutlalized your ancestors?

>I suspect you are for some reason jealous of being non-Arab

I read, write and speak Arabic darling. You? You want to be an Arab and you ain't. This is the difference.

>or the worst case is that you are a self-hating Arab.ho ho.

Wow I'm so impressed. But what does this have to do with the fact that you are no more than another victim of Arabian imperialism?

>Another possibility is that you were seduced by some Arab.

Wow seduced by some Arab? Let me guess: was he a certain caravan raider and arabian warlord with 22 wives and concubines?

>Our dear Asma who is another victim of Arabian imperialism wrote this little gem >

>nice to hear that from a victim of American imperialism...

>I read this as: you agree with me that you are no more than a victim of Arabian imperialism. Right?

>Use your brain.I indicated your hypocrisy.

What hypocricy darling?

>Didn't admit anything.

So let me ask you the question again: So you agree with me that you are no more than another victim of Arabian imperialism? And your answer is?

>Kashrut and Haalal are not identical. Wow I'm so impressed. >

>Glad to know that!!!

>To know what? that you ain't no Arab and the Qur'an a book that you cannot even read in Arabic says that Islam is the religion of the Hijazi Arabs and you ain't no Hijazi Arab (Q14:4)? Or is it that you are no more than another victim of Arabian imperialism? So which one is it our dear Asma the wannabe arab?

> So, if you can read Quran in Arabic and an expert in Arabic--why you accuse me of something that

>I didn't claim?

I did not accuse you of anything I told you that you are a victim of Arabian imperialism. You are a victim darling

>Are you a wannabe Arab or an Arab American traitor?

The answer is: God forbid the wannabe Arab is you and the traitor to the west and our values is you darling

>Muslims can eat sea-food, camels and there is no restriction in mixing milk and meat. Oh you forgot to add and al-dhabiha yanbaghi an takun halal (oh you do not know any arabic but I do not translate Arabic for wannabe Arabs like you) and the so called halal meat is no more than pure cruelty to animals. and what is more strange than Muslims can eat meat even if it harbors mad cows disease as long as it is halal and let us not forget about the fats and the cholestrol. What is most amazing is that Muhammad's diet as we are told was meat and more meat and he loved marrow and a horrid soup called tarid and oh, honey. Very unhealthy diet and a diet that not too many Muslims can afford. So much for the rasul of Allah It is very clear to me that your Allah had no clue what is really healthy diet.

Pigs? why does your Allah not like pigs? are pigs imperfect creations our dear Asma? and why did he create them in the first place? and why would your Allah create something that is not perfect? But wait: your Allah creates boys with foreskins and then he goes: ooops foreskins have to be removed and more cruelty and genital mutilation of boys normal genitals. And why did your Allah not create boys with no foreskins in the first place? Why is that sadism? It seems that your Allah is not a perfect creator and why is that our dear Asma?

>Muslims are dictated by common-sense--so they knowingly won't eat infected meat.

>And how would you know that such meat does not harbor the likes of salmonella or mad cows disease? Let me guess: you have no clue.

>If meat obtained by any method is found to be infected then common sense tells us not to eat it.

So where would I find in the Qur'an a book that you cannot read in Arabic:

Qul: la-ta'kulu al-lahma al-halal al-mu3diya bil salmonella

You will never find such aya in the Qur'an because your Allah had no clue that there was such thing as salmonella.

>If eating something which is in general haalal but dangerous for a particular person--he shouldn't eat it.
No Islamic scholar will prescribe sugar to a diabetic. Definitely, you are a gullible person who doesn't
even know how to guess peoperly.

So islamic scholars prescibe treatments? Are you for real? But wait: Do they prescribe drinking camel's urine when you have an infection? Do you drink camel's urine?

Darling: if your Allah has any clue about good eating habits he would have said:

Qul: ahsan al-ta3am inahu al-ta3am al ladhi fihi khudrawat wa fawakih wa boqul kathira

But again your Allah knew nothing more than Ptolemy's cosmology so there is no reason for me to believe that he knew anything about eating healty

>Get some education about the fiqh of Haalal and Haaram before making stupid comments.

>What silly comments? I read this little gem of your as: you have no answers and you are clueless.

>You are the one who needs to get some education after all you cannot even read the Qur'an in Arabic darling

> I don't need to know German to have a clear understanding of Kant's Critique.

>Get a course on logic.

Oh did Kant write a holy book too? and did he write in his holy book that

ina al-falsafa al-ladhi aktubuha lil almaniyuun faqat

So did he? But your Allah says that;

wa ma arsalna min rasulan ila bilisani qawmuhu

It is you that need to take a class in logic darling

>Why your enlightened Western mentors are the largest consumers of meat? hmm??

>You mean pigs and bacon (yum)? ...

> so pigs doesn't feel pain? how hypocrite you are!

As far as I know darling they are not subjected to the barbaric halal method of killing animals

But wait: Hello you also live in the west darling. Did you forget?

>that's why you lick their feets--

Oh "them"? Who are the them darling? and is licking feet halal?

>even if they slaughter your beloved cows(not pigs anyways)?

I have a beloved cow? and what is her name darling?

>But you still did not answer my question: why does your Allah tell you not to eat pigs? and why would your Allah create pigs if they are not perefect? Unless there is no Allah.

>I did.

Could you answer it one more time: why does your Allah tell you not to eat pigs? and why would he create pigs if they are not perfect?

>The Islamic method of slaughtering animals the the most humane method.

>Well I guess that a after being told by your Arabian Allah to chop arms and legs and to fight and kill other human beings and be killed (see Q9:111) you will not find the so called dhabiha halal as not being barbaric enough. Shame

>yes, in wars you fight and kill the soldiers in the other side.

We do not fight in the name of a God darling and we do not give our Gods 1/5 of the loot as you Muslims are supposed to do daling. So do you think that may be your Allah likes war because he would get 1/5 of the loot?

> your western mentors killed more than

>all the wars combined in the last 2000 years in just 2 world wars.

And Muslims killed millions of people in the name iof their Arabian God.

>Why not visit a NewYork slaughter house ...

>If it is up to me I would close such places

>so, why not go and preach them first ?

Preach them about what darling?

>Why Allah created... like you?

>Allah did not create me darling. Your parents created you darling. Remember?

>That's what you think. Your parents had sex.

And your mama and papa too.

>But Allah formed you step by step in your mother's womb.

And speaking of logic: If your mama and papa did not have sex you would not be here darling Allah or no Allah. And speaking of logic: remember the KISS principal?

>Because he created hell too.

>So where did you come from our dear Asma? Pakiland? this is hell on earth darling or you would have been still living there.


So where did you come from darling?

>where did you come from?

Well you just told me that Allah created me. Did you forget?

>He didn't creat us perfect and that's why we will be judged.

>But wait: you would agree with me that your Allah says that this life is all about al-qada' wa al-qadr. Right our dear Asama the wannabe Arab? Then if we are not perfect it could be because your Allah is either evil and he planned it this way or that your Allah is not omnipotent or that there is no Allah. So which one is it our dear Asma?

>Yes, Allah planned this way.

Congratualtions our dear Asma but you are saying that your Allah is evil as if we did not know.

>I think about circumcision the Jews and Christians will agree that it was the covenant that Allah made will Abraham(source--OLD TESTAMENT). And misguided people like you will certainly think in derogatory ways.

>So where does it say in the Qur'an a book that you cannot read in Arabic that little boys have to be subjected to such cruelty?

>It's not mentioned in Quran but it's clearly mentioned in Sahih Hadith which is partly an exegesis

Well let me see and with your Muslim logic then female genital mutialtion and based on the makruma hadith is also Allah's law.

>of Quran and part of the Islamic Canon. PS--The method of performing prayers is not described in the Quran but Hadith.

Islamic gobbledygook

>Jews can drink alcohol, Muslims can't. Not really. First: Your Allah seems to have no difficulty with alcohol then he changes his mind and et voila we have now the funny Muslim doctrine of al-nasikh wa al-mansukh or Allah changing his mind doctrine and then Allah says that no more booze. Why is that our dear Asma? And why did your Allah create alcohol in the first palce?And did Muhammad drink alcohol before Allah prohibited alcohol? It seems that he did

>Allah created the good and the evil.

More Islamic gobbledygook

>what's that? no clue??

>He created Mlother Teresa and Gandhi. But he created Hitler and Bush too.

>Allah created all these characters? So is he the daddy of let us say Hitler? That makes lots of sense now

>does it?

What is the "it' darling?That your Allah creates evil?

>The doctrine of al-nasikh wa al-mansukh is funny to a blind bigot like you but not to any Islamic Scholar. It's quite reasonable.

>Then explain it to us darling and it is really strange that your Allah changes his mind

>If a person is addicted to alcohol--sudden abstinence might have dangerous effect on him(including death) and this I am talking --in a social framework where alcohol is available. Allah wanted to purify the early Islamic society as a whole step by step from the evil named alcohol.

>Darling: If alcohol is that bad then why create it in the first place? And your answer is?

>because Allah decided to creat alcohol. He decided to creat both good and evil. But he

>also forbade us from evil. It's a test.

What test darling? I thought that it is all about al-qada' wa al-qadr? Where is your logic darling?

>Muslims do not need to follow Mosaic laws anymore And who cares. I would even paraphare this and say: and Muslims like our dear Asma follows the funny obsessions of what to eat and not to eat created by the arabs without critical thinking.

> I doubt you think critically.

You did not answer my question darling: why do you not think for yourself?

>Your foul mouth proves that more than anything.

Proves what?

>You did not answer my question: why do you not think for yourself and stop being victim of Arabian imperialism?

> I will answer that if you first answer me when will you stpo licking your master's feet

And who is my master darling?

>and stop being a victim of American imperialism?

At least American imperialism is not in the name of a god that demands to get 1/5 of the loot

> (like keeping Sabbath--it's mentioned in Quran that God punished certain Jews for catching fish during Sabbath)-- Oh you forgot to mention that your Allah metamorphosed the jews into khanazeer wa quruud. How did he do that our dear Asma?

>I didn't reply to give information or knowledege which are out of context.

>Oh the context excuse again. No daling you have no answer because you have no clue so how did your Allah metamorphose the Jews into pigs and monkeys?

> Because He is all-powerful He can do anything.

No how did he do it? and is Allah board certified in performing metamorphosis? and did gabriel adminster the anesthesia? and who was taking care of the universe when Allah was performing his little surgery and did he take a smoke break?

>Yes, Allah made certain Jews apes and swines for breaking Sabbath. If you believe in religion you believe in miracles also. Ask the Christians--how Jesus made wine from water.

>What gave you the impression that I'm Christian? and I care less about mixing wine with water albeit it would be a waste of wine.

> I didn't have any impression of your being Christian the way you have of mine being wannabe Arab

>or coming from Pakiland. I am simply curious--why you don't ask your mentors(a lot of them are

>Christians)--the same question?

What question?

>Because you are afraid?

Afraid of what?

>No bones for the dog?

I thought that dgos were haram darling. But may be you can use the bone to feed a certain warlord and caravn raider that loved ot eat bone marrow

>Ok,continue licking.

Licking what darling?

>as God gave them his final law as the Final Testament after the Old and New Testaments. Is this the Qur'an? Then how come 4.8B human beings still are not Muslims? Could it be because there is no Allah or could it be because your Arabian Allah is not omnipotent to get us infidles to change our minds and become Muslims? So which one is it darling?

>You did not answer my question so your answer is?

> what do you mean?

What dio you think I mean darling?

>can you read properly or you are drunk?

And what does this have to do with the question that I posed?

> Allah didn't say anywhere that the majority of human are not damned. It seems that you are one of them. In fact He said that whoever will follow Satan--He will fill hells with them. And are you aware that the Qur'an a book that you cannot even reading Arabic says that islam is the religion of the arabs and you ain't no Arab? And why do you live in Canada and not Saudi Arabia? Most Muslims are not Arab and can't speak Arabic.

>But our dear Asma the wannabe Arab your Arabian Allah says:

>wa ma arsalna min rasulan ila bilisani qawmuhu

So who was the rasul that was sent to your people? Was it rama or was it ganesh because it was not Muhammad the Arabian warlord and caravan raider

>"This is no less than a Message to (all) the Worlds. (The Noble Quran, 38:87)"

Let me see your Allah says:

ina huwa ila dhikra lil 3alameen

So where do I find the name of Muhammad is such aya? and how do you know that the huwa is not me? and the word al-3alameen in this aya means the poeples darling

But wait: if your Allah would have said:

wa arsalna Muhammad rasualn li ahili asma begum al-hindusiyuun

You would have a case our dear Asma

Your calim is bogus

>"And no reward dost thou ask of them for this: it is no less than a message for all creatures. (The Noble Quran, 12:104)"

Well let us see

wa ma tas'lhum 3alihu min ajran huwa ila dhikrun lil 3alameen

And where would I find the name of Muhammad in this aya? Let me help you: You will not find it.

And the word al-3alameen here means the peoples and you are ignorant

>"Those were the (prophets) who received God's guidance: Copy the guidance they received; Say: 'No reward for this do I ask of you: This is no less than a message for the nations.' (The Noble Quran, 6:90)"

And where does it say in this aya that

ina Muhammad rasulan li kul al-bashar aw al-3alam

Your claim is bogus

>"Verily this is no less than a Message to (all) the Worlds: (The Noble Quran, 81:27)"

And where would i find the name of Muhammad in such aya?

Your claim is bogus

>Every Prophet used to be sent to his nation only but I have been sent to all mankind.' (Translation of Sahih Bukhari, Rubbing hands and feet with dust (Tayammum), Volume 1, Book 7, Number 331)"

Darling I do not use the hadith as a source for anyhting. Do you want to know more why the hdith is bogus? Just ask.

But you know what? the Qur'an a book that you cannot read in Arabic says:

wa ma arsalna min rasulan ila bilisani qawmuhu

Your claim is bogus

>By the way--there are more than 10 million Arabs who are Christians.

>So? what does that prove? Let me help you: nothing

>It proves that Islam is not the only religion of Arabs .

Did you really think before you wrote this little gem? I will leave the readers to judge you and your poor eduaction

> So, Islam is not the religion of Arabs--the same way Buddhism is not the religion of Indians.

>As far as I know it does not say any where in Buddhism that it is the religion of the Indian people but it says in the Qur'an a book that you cannot even read in Arabic

>wa ma arsalna min rasulan ila bilisani qawmuhu

>Does it mean that Allah send Prophet(SAW) exclusively to Arabs?

Yes as per

wa ma arsalna min rasulan ila bilisani qawmuhu

>Do you know Hazrat

Yes darling the word hazrat is a vulgar Arabic word for I will pass gas. See what happnes when you become the slave of a foreign culture and language?

>Salman Farsi or Hazrat Bilal or Hazrat Shuhaib Rumi?

Do you think that may be they were wannabe arabs just like you?

>Do you know any non-Jewish disciple

>of Jesus(in his lifetime)?

And what does this have to do with the fcat that Allah says that

wa ma arsalna min rasualn ila bilisani qawmuhu

>Go and educate yourself and then dare to make any comments.

Pakistani gobbledygook

Pakistanis like you are the most confused people. Your ancestors were brutalized by Islam and Arabian imperialism then you create the basket case called Pakiland and then you immigrate to the west and in your case Canada and then you are here defending Arabain imperialism. You need to move to Saudi Arabia

>How do you know that I am Pakistani? Did you use pure logic? Or same kind of gullible thinking?

So where are you from darling?Pakiland? And why is the self hate and why do you live among us infidels?

I urge you to abandon the religion of the arabs and their imperialism and be whole again


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