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Mansoor: Read history by Muslims to see who is maligning Islam!

Reader comment on item: Resisting Islamic Law
in response to reader comment: Over exaggerated attempt

Submitted by Plato (India), Mar 6, 2008 at 03:16

Mansoor, some authentic Islamic history for you.

>>The history excerpts you are quoting are very very very over exaggerated and are engineered to malign the personality of Last and most influenced Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).<<

I expect you are referring to Will Durant's history. For Muslims any historian with a non-Muslim name is automatically trying to denigrate the fair face of Islam. What if I quote the hadith and sira and Muslim historians. Will you be comfortable with them? Let us take a quick look at some of the stuff they wrote.

Ibn Saad's Kitab Al Tabaqat Al Kabir, Ghazwa of Badr: "Then occurred the ghazwa of the Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him, at Badr with blood-shed and it is called the Badr al-Kubra. They said: The Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him, calculated the time of the return of the caravan from Syria whither it had gone…..He (Muhammad) said: This is the caravan of the Quraish possessing wealth; it is likely that Allah may give it to you as booty. Thereupon he hastened toward it; many people delayed."

Mansoor, here is one of oldest and respected Muslim reporting Muhammad's reason's for attacking a non-threatening caravan on its peaceful way to Mecca. Like any typical highway robber you see him calculating when he can possibly intercept the traders. To urge his raiders on he says that Allah may give the caravan's treasures to them as booty.

This is what the same admiring biographer of your Prophet has to report on what he did to people who criticised him:

Sariyyah for slaying Kab ibn Al-Ashraf: "…Who is for me and against Kaab Ibn Al Ashraf, as he has offended me? Muhammad Ibn Maslamah said: I am O Apostle of Allah, I shall kill him….Muhammad Ibn Maslamah said: I thought of the rapier in my sword. I drew it and thrust it into his navel and pressed it and it cut him to the pubes. The enemy of Allah shrieked so loudly that none of the fortresses of the Jews remained without fire being lighted. Then they cut his head and took it with them…..They cast his head before him. He (Prophet) praised Allah on his being slain. When it was morning, he said: Kill every jew whom you come across. The Jews were frightened…."

What was the reason for this atrocious act of your Prophet? Ibn Saad: "The cause of slaying him was that he was a poet and used to satirize the Prophet, may Allah bless him, and his Companions and used to instigate (polytheists) against them and offended them."

This bit of your Prophet's history is confirmed by Ibn Ishaq and Bukhari. So don't go about blaming infidels for defaming your Prophet. Muslims themselves have done an excellent job.

>>This is very natural because the Last Prophet challenged Christianity with full force and cornered Jews in that region.<<

You are right, your prophet not only cornered the Jews in Arabia by looting, enslaving and expelling many tribes and massacring another but asked his companions to ethnically cleanse the Arabian peninsula of Christians and Jews and all other religions to the exclusion of Islam. Muslims scream about ethnic cleansing in Bosnia and Chechnya. What do you have to say about your prophet's actions against Jews in Arabia? Mansoor show me that I am exaggerating about what happened to the Jews and Christians.

>> The hatred is inborn and much deep rooted which cannot be wiped out very easily.The one who overcome your power could never be seen with a good eye. Your anger and distress is natural and I don't mind it.<<

The hatred is not inborn, Mansoor, it is induced by what the Muslims did in India and elsewhere. The Islamic armies massacred hundreds of thousands, enslaved equally large numbers destroyed and abused, insulted and desecrated what other faiths held sacred Your prophet set the hate and destruction ball rolling by demolishing the kaaba idols, the Taliban followed suit by dynamiting the Bamian Buddhas, Gazni and Ghori looted and destroyed temples across vast stretches of your ancestor's lands. Did Muslim historians like Amir Khusru (Tarikh-I Alai ) lie when they reported on the slaughter of Muslim kings in India.

Or Emperor Timur's own Malfuzat-I Timuri where he says: "My object in the invasion of Hindustan is to lead an expedition against the infidels that, according to the law of Muhmmad we may convert to the true faith the people of that country, and purify the land itself from the filth of infidelity and polytheism; and that we may overthrow their temples and idols and become gazis…" And later in his memoir Taimur, the Sword of Islam says: "…and putting to the sword the remnant of the infidels, consigned to the house of perdition…I directed towers to be built on the mountain of the skulls of those obstinate unbelievers,…."

Timur says he had the LAW OF MUHAMMAD to massacre pagans. So did all the other Muslims who invaded Europe and Africa.

Mansoor come back and tell us this is all bogus history but please let us know where factual history you seem to be aware of can be found.

Instead of empathising with your ancestors who were at the receiving end of Muslim atrocities you seem to almost welcome it as the price for the imposition of Islam on your unwilling forefathers. That is really sad. It tells us a lot about what Islam does to man's humanity.

>> Allah gave all the authority to the Prophet to take strong action against those who were coming in the way of ensuring the supremecy of Islam.<<

If you are naïve enough to believe that Allah gave authority to Muhammad you are a true Muslim. But infidels like us know that it is the prophet authorising himself to do whatever he felt he wanted to do (numberless wives for himself, 33:50, marrying his own daughter-in-law, 33:37, absolving himself of treaty obligations, 9:1-7, or breaking his promises to his wives and so on). And you read above how Taimur followed in the prophet's footsteps and imposed Islamic supremacy on the skulls of people who were never a threat to him. Like your prophet claiming he had the authority of Allah to kill and loot so Taimur claimed he had the authority of Muhammad to murder and pillage.

You have also admitted that Islam is a supremacist religion. Ensuring the supremacy, not accommodation with other faiths, is the driving force behind the Surahs that your prophet claimed to have received from the dog-fearing Gabriel.

>> The tribe you discussed betrayed Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and did not honor the agreement to stay away from war of "Ahzab". Their fate was an example for those who misjudged Islamic power.<<

With that little gem you have revealed what Islam does to people who "misjudge" Islamic power. Mass murder and slavery as happened to the Banu Quraiza. The Banu Quraiza did not betray Muhammad, Muhammad thought they would betray him. Show from your accepted Islamic historians that they did. In fact they even reported to have helped him during the trench digging stage. And your prophet was no better when he connived with a man who was secretly a Muslim and got him to sow distrust between the Quraish and the Quraiza. Your prophet on mere suspicion of betrayal, committed genocide hiding behind Saad Muad and Allah.

It is an open secret that your leaders in Pakistan have been betraying the West while pretending to be allied with them in the war on terror. Now should the West obliterate Pakistan, men, women and children from the face of the earth for "misjudging" Western power as your Prophet did the Banu Quraiza?

Verses 62:5 to 62:8 you have quoted is another example vacuous words from Allah. In 62:6 Allah (rather Muhammad) challenges Jews, since they claim to be god's chosen people, to seek death and then says in the next sentence they will not! And in 62:8 He tells us that the Jews will do what every human knows and does, try to avoid death despite knowing it is inescapable.

>> I know that Quran's verses would change your view and I hope that God's message would some day melt your heart and make you repent and seek his forgiveness.<<

Mansoor, the Kuran claims it is the truth from Allah but millions of non-believers who read it do not see any truth in it. Have you asked yourself why millions of hearts are not melted on reading it but are quite often revolted. Read: 8:67, 17:16, 9:29, 9:111. Read them in context or read them in isolation, the meaning is clear enough.

>>Do not bank on this very very short span of life PLATO.<<

You sound very much like Allah when He threatens: [62:8] Say, ―Indeed, the death from which you (try to) run away has to visit you, then you will be sent back to the Knower of the Unseen and the seen, and He will tell you what you used to do.

Muslims seem stricken by the idea of death and so they expect that others when reminded of its terrors will fall under the spell of Allah.

The web page you have given (http://www.muslimaccess.com/sunnah/seerah/29.htm) is by a twentieth century Muslim who has practically cut and pasted stuff from mostly Ibn Ishaq. But what I have quoted are from the original sources of your religion and history.




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