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Mansoor: The best law Allah blessed Himself with: Heads I win tails you lose!

Reader comment on item: Resisting Islamic Law
in response to reader comment: To Jennifer, Plato, Infidel and others You are mislead

Submitted by Plato (India), Mar 17, 2008 at 06:44

Mansoor, you wrote:

>> I am not here to fight Ok!!! I want to make my point clear.<<

Is there another Mansoor posting here? This is what a Mansoor said in: http://www.danielpipes.org/comments/122063 "....The revolution of Islam will spread again like wild fire and our shoes will be on the heads of those who were showing bad eyes to us. Our hands will be washed with red water and our clothes and body will definitely taste the same satisfaction as our forefathers did at the time of Islamic command over the world."

This Mansoor who wants to wash his hands in ‘red water', and in another post had awed infidels like me with the capacity of Muslims to chew bullets, are you one and the same. If you are, what brought on the change of heart?? Bullets proving hard to chew? We welcome your attempts to make your point clear. That is what these forums are for, not to throw out blood-curdling threats at posters who don't agree with you.

>>We're Muslims, Our religious values, I our tradition, Our culture and our heritage is far much superior and decent than what you call USA or West.<<

That's as maybe. You are welcome to your values as long you don't impose it on those who don't like them. Our culture abhors stamping on people's heads or washing up in ‘red water' and we value our teeth too much to chew on bullets.

>> The present era is definitely painful for Muslims, not far behind just a century back, Muslims were enjoying even more stronger position.<<

It sure is painful for Muslims and for non-Muslims too because of Muslims. And a hundred years back Muslims were in a worse condition than now not having any oil money to throw around.

>>The power fluctuations and dis-balance is seen since human beings became mature. There is no big deal. Don't worry Jennifer.Every nation, every power is there to perish but only Allah's power will be there.<<

Imbalances in power and rise and fall of civilisations does seem to be a rule. No big deal. But what is the basis for your assumption that this rule does not apply to allah's power. How can you be sure that an even more powerful Allah will not rise up and displace this one?

>> I don't see his advice and commandments as offense, but as best for my life and the life hereafter.<<

What is your definition of offensive? Everytime Allah or His prophet does something that ordinary humans consider offensive you say it is by Allah's ordinance. The massacre of the Banu Quraiza, some of the prophet's marriages like that to Zainab, Safiya or Aisha come to mind. The prophet sending out assassins to murder people in their sleep (Asma Bint Marwan, Kaf bin Ashraf) all are now holy acts by Allah's laws.

>> Jennifer, Plato, Infidel and all who see me as an Advocate of Islam, Allah is above all the allegations and all the misrepresentations we perceive through corrupt people who are there to misguide us.<<

Allah sure is above all allegations, and misrepresentations. His rule says: Heads I win tails you lose. If Allah and His apostle terrorise pagans, nothing wrong says Allah's rule book. If Muhammad wants to marry as many women as he wants, then Allah is within his rights to change his rule of four.

Mansoor, you are telling us the simple rule for Muslims is that whatever, and I mean WHATEVER, and however horrendous the act, if it is done by Allah and his apostle, it becomes a holy one.

>>. True Muslims find their heart overflowing with Love of their creator.<<

Muslims will become better human beings when their hearts overflow with love for both Muslims and non-Muslims. Your creator has no NEED for your love. People do.

> >They don't take notice of what the world says about them,…<<

That Muslims have a thick skin is well-known. You prove it every time you defend indefensible actions of Muslims including that of your prophet. The assassinations of critics, the caravan raids, the killing of the Banu Quraiza. Need I add more.

>>…they only follow the commandments of Allah and seek his forgiveness and help.<<

Why are Muslims worried about Allah's forgiveness? He forgives stuff like assassination for criticism, genocide of Jews, raids on peaceful people. What worse crimes can you commit to seek forgiveness.

>>Our Beloved Prophet (PBUH) was not an emperor nor he had any palace or throne.<<

He was not an emperor but he behaved like one and even challenged emperors. Have you forgotten his demand of the Byzantine ruler, the Persian king and asking neighbouring tribes and kings to surrender to his rule. What made him do that. Wasn't it the armed power he acquired like any ordinary emperor?

>>He led a simple life, with little to eat and had very ordinary attire.<<

Mansoor, who has been feeding you these stories about your prophet? He supported umpteen wives, gave them slaves and also kept slaves. He kept the proceeds of the raid on Khaibar for his own use (Muslims disguise this as use for running the government he was supposed to have set up). You call that a simple life. What would I not give for such a simple life!

Read this Bukhari hadith: Volume 4Volume 4, Book 53, Number 357:

Narrated Anas bin Malik: People used to give some of their datepalms to the Prophet (as a gift), till he conquered Bani Quraiza and Bani An-Nadir, whereupon he started returning their favors.

This hadith tells you that the prophet started treating his friends to gifts from the property acquired from the massacred Banu Quraiza and the exiled Banu Nadir. Would you accept such a gift, Mansoor? He also got 20 % of booty from raids and wars.

>>His life was an example for those who want to adopt a straight path. His various actions cannot be objected because he was following Allah's commandments and whatever he did was approved by the Lord.<<

Allah was right behind the Prophet to straighten the crooked paths he follwed. His various crooked actions, including massacres and exiling of Jews, assassinations of critics, raiding of caravans, were all straightened by Allah's decree. And Muhammad managed to get these decrees after the acts. All that Muslims see is the straight path that Allah magically created behind Muhammad. Infidels who still see the crooked path are awed by Allah's ability to hoodwink Muslims.

>> He cried nights over nights crying and begging to Allah to save the humanity from disasters like the previous people like Thamud, Sodom, and of Noah's time, experienced. His eyes were always with tears begging for our salvation.<<

With so many wives to satisfy every night when did he have the time to cry? I have yet to hear of any hadith from his numerous wives about his spending the night crying to save humanity from Allah's wrath. He never cried when he went about massacring tribes, or critics. Did he shed a tear for the suckling baby who was orphaned when he had its mother killed for criticising him? Did he? This report by Ibn Ishaq (Page 308) will give you clue:

‘When the apostle ordered him to be killed, Uqba said, ‘But who will look after my children, O Muhammad?' ‘Hell', he said, and Asim b Thabit b Abul Aqlah al-Ansari killed him according to what ….

>>I am deeply hurt when people talk about him with such disgrace. For me he is a respectable figure with unmatched qualities.<<

It is not people who talk about Muhammad ‘with such disgrace'. It is the activities of Muhammad reported by his own followers that disgrace him. I have quoted numerous stories about him by believing Muslims like Ibn Ishaq, Bukhari which infidels consider disgraceful. Muslims may consider them holy acts because Allah has decreed it. But unbelievers will continue to point at them as irremovable stains on the prophet's holy aura.

>>I also advice you all to behave and try to respect Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). We are delivering too much out our mouths and by horrible actions against God's beloved Prophet<<

You are again doing the prophet act, advising us on what is good for us. You must show that the Prophet deserved respect. I have shown from Islamic sources why infidels think no respect is due.

>> I once again warn you that the day of Judgment will bring the never ending suffering……. I can only warn you about the angry fire, when you have yourself decided to jump in it, how can I save you.<<

Your prophetic warning to us on our fate is all very fine but don't let brother Muslims suspect that you are sailing close to the last prophet's territory.




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