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Reader comment on item: Resisting Islamic Law

Submitted by Amitabh Tripathi (India), Feb 21, 2008 at 09:16

In his latest column Dr Daniel Pipes has again raised a very relevant and burning issue. This is not only case of west which is under threat of dominance of Islam on its soil, India which suffered a lot for hundred of years under Islamic rule is again paving the way of Islamist dominance in country courtsey to our political system.

Athough in this article Dr Pipes has mentioned about Sharia but problem of Islam or Islamism should be analysed in its totality. To which people say terrorism is real face of Islam. It is very unfortunate that every democracy and victim nations of Islamic terrorism do not have courage to speak about the real motive of this so called terrorism. On earlier ocassions American president George Bush talked some tough about terrorism and painted some picture of terrorism and term it as a fight against radical Islam, but later he also adopted some vague terms to differentiate Islam with radical Islam.

This is not the case of America only, every European country and democracy like India feel proud in pampering Muslims of their countries and declaring as their Muslims do not have to do anything from Islamic terrorism. If Muslims of every country are good then why it is terrorism in the name of Allah and Quran.

Actually no country wants to confront with Islam directly by holding it responsible for all these inhuman and barbaric acts of suicide bombing. But is it possible to keep away this problem for a long time by adopting the ostrich like approach .

Terrorism is nothing other than Islam. It is war of so called believers against non believers. They have done it before and got success in invading countries and faith of people now they are applying the same tactics again. In sevent century they have horse and sword with them now they are equipped with AK-47 and cyber tecnic.Their goal is same as it was 1400 years ago.They are on Jihad. A doctrine of permanent war against infidels. Unfortunately no body dare to blame Islam for all this.

We can not forget that Muslims are also victims of Islam. Pre-Islamic Arabs and Turks were as good or bad human being as other it was Islam which brutalized them. Islam is an ideology, like fascism and communism, which is bound to become subject of museum but only when followers of this idology will renounce it. Crack within Islamic fold is clearly visible but it responsibilty of the rest of the world to educate Muslims about real nature of Islam. But it is not possible by differentiating Islam between radical and moderate. Islam is only one which is preached in Quran by Mohammed.

About whom it is supposed that they are moderate , they are till then when time is not ripe for jihad. When conditions become suitable for jihad they also come out openly in favour of jihad because it is their sacred duty . How can you stop anybody from killing others or blowing himself in pieces when he takes it as his holy duty and service to his religion? if we want to tackle this terrorism we have to understand Islam and Muslim Psychology first.

In India our politicians claim it proudly that Indian Musliams are not part of global jihad because not a single Muslim went Iraq or Afghanistan to fight against coalition army.This is one of the ignorance of Indian politicians becuse they take Islamic problem in compartmental way. If Indian Muslims are not active part of AlQueda it does not mean they have nothing to do with global Jihad.If Indian Muslims have sympathy for Ummah and Indian government treat them with special privileges it indicates they are not amalgamated with Indian tradition .Indian diplomacy still take major policy decisions to pamper not only Indian muslims but to Ummah also as to go soft towards Arab nations, support Palestinian movement and not to go closer to Israel and if went with that nation of Jews don't want to be seen closer in public, why because of fear of Muslim vote bank and retaliation to some extent.

Tacticly Indian Muslims do not go actively to Al queda but it is no secret to anybody as lot of Indian Muslims have sympathy for the cause of Alqueda and other terrorist organisations.Whenever major terroist attcak took place in Indian territory they got tactical support from local Muslim polpulation. Other important thing which should be kept in mind the privilege what Muslims getting in India .They have minority status,they do not allow law of land to interfere in their personal laws , in India they are still governed by their medieval laws which allows them to produce more and more children, allows them to adopt polygamy and also force them to follow the dictum of Sharia and Hadith in their day to day life.

In India we see more often that Fatwas are issued on every matter from insurence watching TV.They do not allow their madrasas to be monitored by government funtionaries.They are following principles of Quran actually.

Before 7th of july in 2005 when Britain was attacked by terrorists it was shocking to them because various terrorist organizations within Britain has assured them as they are on in peace treaty with Britain as per direction of Quran .Whenever Muslims live in land og infidel if he has been guaranteed with security from infidels they will not attack to them.But suddenly terrorisr organizations of Britain announced peace treaty does not exist after 9\11 because Britain has introduced some harsh anti terrorist acts.

This reference of Britain is more relevant in India because whenever Indian government introduced some harsh anti terrorist acts it was forced to withdraw it under Muslim pressure. Always it was explained as an attempt to woo minority vote by politicians but this theological aspect was never probed ,because Indian intelligentsia lack the knowledge of Islam and politicians do not care about it. Indian Muslims are no more tolerant and good Muslims they have tactical relation with India when they have favorable establishment which don't fall on them heavily they apply peace treaty with India. Until they will be given special privilege within Indian constitution they will only support morally to outfits like AlQueda when screws will be tighten on them they indulge in attacks on Temples, parliament .

have several times said openly that Jihadi terrorism should be seen in its right persepective that it is not a law & order problem, it has ideological root.

If somebody think it is his holy duty to kill others and blow up himself in pieces how can you stop him. The only way to stop him is to stop the source of this ideology, stop the methods of its propagation.

We have to find out the source of this poision from where it gets all of its moral,educational support. If it is like a corporate house we have to find out its headquarters. Its headquarters is in South Asia. Being an Indian I can tell it confidentially that root cause of this problem is very much related with India. Darool Uloom Deoband Madrassa is generator of this factory. Taliban of Afganistans were product of this Deoband and it is located very near to Indian capital city Delhi only 80 km away from this place in Saharanpur of Uttar Pradesh. The real problem is the Indian political system which is totally based on muslim appeasement policy. Every political party feels proud in giving clean chit to this institution. The need of the hour is to make an uniform policy worldwide to fight against this phenomenon. If the west will take its path and South Asian countries own path then Jihadi terrorism will never be abolished.

Jihadis have two school of thought; Deobandi and Barelvi. The former asserts on Bin Laden brand of jihad and the latter approaches for gradual jihad. Darool Uloom Deoband teaches Bin Laden brand of jihad. Most of contemporary Islamic terrorists belong to Deobandi school of thought. Commander of Jaish-e-Mohammad, Masood Azher and Talibani Mulla Omar were products of Darool Uloom Deoband. Now whole Pakistan and now also Bangladesh have become sanctuary for these Deobandis. The real terror network is here which not only prvides terroristsrecruites, but also indoctrinates common muslims towards Jihad.

No one can deny the strength of Muslim population in this subcontinent. These Muslims are more vulnerable to this recruitment. All allies of war on terror should come together and share with each other about the situation of Muslim state of mind in their respective countries and then make a policy how to keep them away from violent jihad. Otherwise Britain or America will get nothing by deporting radical clerics from their countries. They will come to South Asia, and Indian political parties will embrace them as their potential vote bank. If west is seriously concerned about rooting out jihadi terrorism it has to pursue Indian government firmly about Islamic institutions preaching jihad.

Western nations has concentrated much on Wahabbi school of thought but less has been debated about Deoband which is an old seminary with long tradition of radical Islamic thought which proudly claims on its website www.darooluloom-deoband.com that terrorism should be defined in right percepective and reactions born out of supression of acts of USA and Israel will not be termed as terrorism. This sect don't believe in national boundaries and for them every Muslim is Muslim first the citizen of any country and performing its religious duty should be his first priority. This school of thought promotes Muslims to go for Jihad in any of country where Muslim population is in danger. This seminary don't hide that Taliban's are very much influenced with this school of thought.

One of my friends of USA and expert on south asia and Islamic terrorism very recently visited to India and told me that it seems as Islamists are very much clever and they trapped us to concentrate much on middle east and were building their strong base in south asia . I think this analysis it is very much accurate. South Asia has become a terror hub for Islamist movement .

In India we have sleeper cells almost in every nook and corner and not to say much about Pakistan and Bangladesh. After instability in Nepal it is ulnerable to Islamists . In last one decade Islamists appeal and agenda has become more popular among Indian Muslim and more and more Indian Muslims are being radicalised. If 15 to 20 radical and fanatic Muslim can conduct 9\11 what will happen if even 5percent of Muslims of Indian population become foot soldiers of Al-Queda or other Islamist organisations. Then what would be the picture of India is easily understandable, but these flames do not spare USA and Europe also.

Now Islamic terrorism has become a global phenomenon, every Muslim in this world is getting influenced with Islamist appeal of atrocity on Muslims. This theory is not bound to any national boudary alone so those forces which are honest to tackle this menace of Islamic terrorism should not get confined to Middle East only they should come out in support of those individuals and organisations who are fighting for this common cause. In this fighting propaganda of Islamists is the one reason why they are able to get sympathy of other common Muslims and liberal non Muslims as well. Mainstream Media in South Asia in general and India in particular is very much under influence of leftist and liberal aologists those who advocate for more privilege for Muslims and support the theory of atrocity on Muslims.

These media groups are generally held USA and Israel responsible for Muslim violence. They use to cover incidents of Islamist violence and activities of terrorist groups but when it comes analysis they don't held Islamists or their Islamic political ambitions responsible for these incidents. This war has to be fought on front of information level also, for this some alternative media should be explored and those groups who are still working on this notion be helped.

Need of the hour is to tell non-Muslims about the Zionism, history of Israel and background of conflict of Israel- Arab. Once Non-Muslim and some sections of Muslims would come to know that Israel is not aggressor and it got its promised land after struggle of 2000 odd years then perception of common people will change and Islamists theory of atrocity on Muslim get fragmented because every segment of this theory is artificial and away from truth and facts. Once people will realise the truth of Arab-Israel conflict they start analysing this theory on merit rather than emotions.


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