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Frunze vs Sims01

Reader comment on item: Is Turkey's Government Starting a Muslim Reformation?
in response to reader comment: The barbarian sticks around.

Submitted by Ianus (Poland), May 31, 2008 at 17:14

sims01 wrote : "You are putting words in my mouth. I don't worship everything Turkish. I don't think that we are superior; we are just another nation among many."

"Ne mutlu türküm diyene"!!! It's what every Turk is taught from the very beginning to the end of his education. How many times did you recite that "saying"? I can't imagine you have stopped doing it. Turkic racial "superiority" is a natural ingredient of this edcuation just like mad theories of Ataturk on the historical primacy of the Turkish language and Turkic civilization as the foundation of all human civilization!!!

Besides, Turks are not a nation like any other. First they are Moslems (99,8% Moslem monoculture thanks to Ataturk's secularisation through genocide. Islam puts any nation which professes it ouside the boundaries of the civilized world. Second Turkey is still dreaming of empire-building be it by resurrecting the Ottoman empire, be it by re-creating a mythical Pan-Turkic empire from the Yellow to the Adriatic/Black sea. Its European aspirations are just a stratagem, a dirty trick to udnermine Europe and embazzle financial means to finance Turkey's own megalomaniac projects in Eurasia.

When one comes across such a nation, one should be appalled and very suspicious of people like you with their soothing propganada. "Hey, we're like you! Come on! There was no genocide ever committed by us Turks. Silly you! We're secularists. True, with 99,8% Moslems. So what? Look at me! I am a sweet Turk! How can you believe I'll impose upon you the yoke of Islam again, you cheeky polack? ..." "The west is "better" in most aspects, especially the protestant nations in terms of ethics.

Actually Ataturk himself also said these things in record." Was it before or after his love-affair with Vladimir Ilych Lenin, another admirer of the "west" ? Ataturk said many things. He was especially inventive and expressive when drunk which he was most of the time during his later years. "We can't do "economy" well in general. None of these makes us "barbarians" or subhumans undeserving of a place under the sun as you claim." Oh, no, you can do good "economy"! In Uzbekistan Turkish comapnies don't employ non-Turks and if they do they pay them 2000% lower wages than their Turkish employees for exactly the same job done. (I happen to know something on that account that to a few Uzbeks I came across).

Isn't it good economy à la turque? "You give one historical account by a general," Frunze was not just "a general", man !!! He was the best military expert the Soviet had at that time and that's why he became the Soviet ambassador and the closest advisor of Gazi Kemal Mustafa. He was a man of genius as far as analytical capacities are concerned. Anyway, what interest should he have to distort what he saw and denigrate people that put total trust in him and with whom he collaborated against the Greeks he saw slaughtered on his journey? His account is ana ccusation against himself.

How could he support these Turkish mass murderers with all possible means? But I do see your point. Frunze was there, he saw it. He knew the statistics and plenty of details. The Russians were the most keen on knowing how many Orthodox people could be counted upon in case of a Russian advance across Anatolia. I saw a number of Russian books on demography of Asia Minor written before 1914. And you? You weren't there. You didn't see anything. You read not a single Russian book, let alone written before 1914 - yet you know "better"! Give me a break! Typical Islamo-Turkish "logic".

And you dare later speak of "scientific research", you Moslem apologist and 5th Columnist! "claiming 200.000 Greeks just disappeared. That is one piece of anecdotal evidence, not scientific research." "claiming"? Interesting word, isn't it , as applied by a Turk to refute any evicence against his great and ALWAYS innocent and persecuted Turkishness! "You are ignoring the scores of Muslims who died when we were driven from the Balkans." They got what they duly deserved.

For 500 years of Moslem sadism the numbers seem still moderate. "If Topal Osman did the things that were described there (and he probably did, he was a brutal murderer), it was a war crime, but you cannot lay blame on a whole nation." Why? The whole nation gives him a cover-up, erects monuments to his memory, celebrates his misdeeds and blames his victims whom Frunze had honesty and compassion enough to describe. So the whole nation is part of his horde that keeps looting and destroying the real historical memory , not that invented to please the narcissist Turkish psyche. "Atrocities were committed against the Turkish population.

From the report of inter-allied commission "A distinct and regular method appears to have been followed in the destruction of villages, group by group, for the last two months, which destruction has even reached the neighbourhood of the Greek headquarters. The members of the Commission consider that, in the part of the kazas of Yalova and Guemlek occupied by the Greek army, there is a systematic plan of destruction of Turkish villages and extinction of the Moslem population. This plan is being carried out by Greek and Armenian bands, which appear to operate under Greek instructions and sometimes even with the assistance of detachments of regular troops"

More : "The Greek army of occupation have been employed in the extermination of the Moslem population of the Yalova-Gemlik peninsula. The facts established -burning of villages, massacres, terror of the inhabitants, coincidence of place and date- leave no room for doubt in regard to this. The atrocities which we have seen, or of which we have seen the material evidence, were the work of irregular bands of armed civilians(tcheti) and of organised units of the regular army...Instead of being disarmed and broken up, the bands have been assisted in their activities and have collaborated hand in hand with organised units of regulars." Now a bit of history of the events. First the incidents happened in May 1921 and technically were on the outskirts of the Greek zone beyond Prusa.

Interestingly the Greeks didn't touch the tombs of the first Ottoman sultans while the Turks systematically indiscriminately destroyed any vestiges of Hellenism whererever they found them. Now the advance on Prusa in June 1920 where 10 000 Armenians and 7 000 Greeks were saved from deportationa and sure death came from the British initiative. It gave teh Turks free access to the British zone along the Dardanelles. Moslem bands with Kemalist officers and with assistance of the local population conducted regular raids against the British killing and wounding British soldiers. The Greeks had been formally asked to seal off the transit roads to the British zone.

The attacks continued against the Greeks and Greek villages and so self-defence was organized and as it was found out that the support came from the above-mentioned Turkish villages and that the villages which wanted to preserve neutrality had also been attacked by Turkish bands, they were duly punished. Or what should the Greeks do? Let the bandits slaughter and torture Greek villagers and see with understanding the Greek soldiers mutilated or with horse-shoes fixed with nails to the feet. ( A favourite Turkish torture from their nomadic times) But the point here a different one. Even if the punishment of the villages was excessive which I do doubt, the fundamental question is why the Turks didn't conduct any trials with witnesses and judges afterwards but simply exterminated any Greek they could get hold of (=children women, elderly)? Nobody was ever asked : "Did you participate in the alleged Turkish massacres."

Everybody was guilty to teh primitive and illiterate (95% of Turks from Eastern Antolia who made up the bulk of Kemal's army could neither read nor write at that time). It's another fine piece of diabolical Moslem "logic"! >It's funny to see how Turkish you're, ie. how mendacious, how unable to face the surest evidence showing the evils the Turks have perpetrated! How adamantly mean and disgusting your denials of the most certain historical facts are! How you hate the truth that hurts your primitive super-ego! ! .

"I don't know how many times I need to repeat this until you understand it but I am not defending everything every Turk ever did." Not "everything"? That's news to me ! To tell you the truth I haven't seen a single thing you condemned in Turkishness. "Genocide?" "No, never!" "Lies?" "No, never!" "Jihad?" " What jihad? Show me a mosque in Athens or Yerevan! You Christians wage a jihad on us" ...

With any point the same game is repeated over and over again. Reading your comments I have the impression I am dealing with Innocence incarnate. How can I denigrate the Virtue and Excellency Turkishness is all about? Good Turk! Article 301 will never affect you. Not abroad where you can get 4 years in jail for denigrating Turkishness by acknowledging the verified historical facts and logical interpretation that don't confirm "the Virtue and Excellency Turkishness is all about".

"We made mistakes, killed innocent civilians, committed war crimes but so did others nations. Again, show me any other nation; especially one that was in the center of a whole empire that didn't do so." Turkey is not a country like any other. All civilized nations that committed crimes sooner or later admitted them - the Russians, the Germans, the Japanese, the Cambodjans , even we the Poles ... They did that because they AREN"T Moslems! Moslems do commit and have always committed and will AlWAYS the worst crimes and have NEVER admitted and will never admit them because Islam makes it impossible for them to tell the truth that is in conflict with this sickening criminal brain-control called Islam. On the contrary every crime committed in the name of Islam is a good deed Moslems are proud of! What should they regret?

They will go to paradise for killing, raping and robbing us kafirs! It's no accident the Turks invented genocide and denied what they had done under the eyes of teh entire world ! It's Islam that in the depth of your soul makes you deny the fact of genocide committed by your grandfathers which you know is undeniable. "I regret the loss of life. Why don't you try to responding to what I am actually writing and not the strawman in your head?" You don't regret anything! It's just a lip-service because you do know the readers come from a culture where human life, pity and love have such a high value .

You have repeatedly white-washed the Turkish perpetrators, blamed the victims, denied the obvious facts and documents, called the Turkish crimes in accordance with the silly Turkish myth of counter-genocide: "They tried to commit a genocide of the great Turks. We just defended themselves. They killed scores of us. We exterminated millions. Ours was a holy cause!" "You are the one who claims that no crimes were committed against us, we don't have any rights."

For 500 years you Turks were the scourge and the plague of this continent. Unprovoked you invaded all your neighbours, enslaved them, destroyed the high flourishing civilizations, changed proud free nations into cattle ("rayas", "dhimmi"), kidnapped their best sons to make the worst enemies of their parents of them (=janissaries) and kidnapped and sold their most beautiful daughters to produce this thievish and terroirst Turkish race that now raves of its "racial purity"; you imposed on these free and proud nations your stupid and evil death cult, you introduced the most discriminatory laws that deprived non-Moslems of any right in conflict with a Moslem, and now you are trying to enchant me with your sweet song of "we don't have any right!"

Truly, when I think of what you Turks represent I feel nothing but repulsion and hatred. "You claim that we are barbarians, sub-humans. We are not Borgs trying to assimilate you." You're worse. You're wolves in sheep's clothing! "Can I make it any clearer? Also, this "barbarian" makes his points without throwing insults around, I am sure someone as civilized as yourself can try to do the same especially if you have the truth on your side as you claim." For me your insult is your narcissist way of distorting the historical facts, your silence on the points that disclose the monstrosity of Turkishness. When pressed hard you admit grudgingly things you can't any longer lie about with impunity. I have always more hated that subtle insult and cunning tricks than open Turkish curses I have been so often served with ( "I'll f ... your mother, gaygreek!") " "In short how typically Moslem you are in spite of all that fairy-tales criculating in the West of "Turkish secularisation" ! .. . You Turks are incurable liars and this is the most sickening and permanent charcteristcis of Turkishness.

Lying not to hurt your tribal identity is your innermost nature! This is what I detest and contempt most. This is what makes your barbarity!" " "I quoted this since it makes my point about your hatred." Mark it well. I do respect ALL non-Moslem nations. Many of them I do sincerely admire. My hatred of Turkey is double. It is Moslem and they did more evil to Europe than ever the Arbs had done. On a more genral note, who has lost hatred either lives in an ideal world or has lost his self-preservation instinct. I am not so lucky to be the former nor suicidal enough to become the latter! "Thanks for typing that. I'd also like to get your opinion about exactly at what point we become "barbarians", is it genetic "characteristic, innermost nature". Is a Turkish child a barbarian too? Exactly at what point do we become barbarians? If it is genetic, what is your proposed solution?" It is Islam that has made incurable barbarians of you. Bulgarians are also in part Turkic genetically. Christianity has cured them of their age of barbarity. Islam has perpetuated and increased your barbarity.


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