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Submitted by Al (France), Nov 20, 2007 at 03:26


In the beginning...

Israel has always faced genocide, from the moment the Islamo Arab fascist leader, the infamous [later on exposed as Hitler's buddy] Mufti Haj Amin Al Husseini has called, incited, led to "kill the Jews" in the 1920s.

The Mufti, that prior to inciting to "kill the Yahud [Jews]" participated in the massacres and genocide of Christians, the Armenian Genocide that is, an ally of the Nazi "Fuhrer": Adolph Hitler, and led the Bosnian Muslim SS to commit crimes against Serb Christians in 1941.

They are milestones in the beginning of the attempt of genocide, the massacres of the 1920s, like more notorious the Jerusalem pogroms 1920-21, Hebron massacre 1929.

So were, time and time again, the open declarations by the Arab wolf-nations that tried again and again to swallow the little Israel lamb, or in their words: to throw the Jews into the sea".

Their self destructive critical rejection of the UN's partition plan in 1948 to have both, a Jewish state alongside an Arab state, was the same ethnic cleansing message, as they were never about being "for their [Arab] people", but rather against the Jews, not to support anything for Palestinian Arabs, but to eradicate any Jewish presence, which is why the Arab world chose so viciously to attack immediately the little re-instated reborn state in it's historic place.

So was their real motivation for adherence to Arab leaders' call at that time: to abandon their homes, only for a "short while" so that the Arab armies could defeat the Jews into the sea.

Bombers Target - Mass Crowds

The term 'Genocide bombers' referring to suicide/homicide bombers, the plague-phenomenon that was pushed mainly by that butcher Egyptian born "Palestinian-made-icon" Yasser Arafat, a well suited term, as the open and clear attempt is "to kill as many unarmed people as possible", that is the clear plan of a "suicide" bomber, packed with explosives, with metal particles/nails etc., their plan: to be detonated in the most crowded of places on unarmed innocent civilians [bus stops, shopping malls, eating places, etc., where the crowds are], the bigger the crowed the "better"… preferably kids.

What they lie to the world about a "struggle"

No matter how hard the international Goliath propaganda, greased by Arab Muslim giants oil, based in the entity called "Palestine" or Pallywood, that it's so called "struggle" is for something supposedly "human" demands, [to which "struggle" in it of itself is already a pure propaganda term, it's intended to make sure you "get it", that it's the weak against the powerful - presumably, when the truth is that the powerful is the "Palestinian" attacker rather, that couldn't care less about his own children that he uses for shields and for human bombs, whereas the real weak is moral Israel, that is the ONLY entity in the middle east, that does care so much for non terrorists Arab deaths,] is null and void in face of the past and present reality of the real danger Israel faces and is up against, a "people" that is supporting parties, ideologies & actions of total crimes against humanity (the real ones, not the propaganda term by the Arab hijacked UN when tarnishing Israel's self defense actions), genocide (Fatah is no "moderate", http://pmw.org.il has been documenting their mainstream education & official PA media of de-legitimization of Israel, hatred of Jews, glorifying mass murder, etc., it's just that Hamas is more extreme), has no legitimacy to lie to the west that it really wants something "human", so it can be closer to it's ultimate desired 'ethnic cleansing' goal.

Such a group of people is overwhelmingly wrong morally and is the only culprit in it's children's plight, in giving them instead of life, a death cult of Jihad, "martyrdom" and instilling racial hatred.

Death Cult upon its own people too [fake "victims"]

Such a group that is willing to kill (via their tactics or directly as in the 'Muhammad Al Dura' affair and more) it's own children for the sake to appear as victims, just how much of "victims", can the Arab 'Palestinians' still be called?

Their [Hamas backed by much of their mainstream] final goal of global domination by radical -Islam

Who guarantees that a [never before in history, a first!] "Palestinian" state given to these Arabs will diminish their desire for global domination and not be another convenient tool towards it?
Or are we to continue to ignore the thousands marching in Gaza for a Caliphate?

What "land"?

Nor is it really all about "land":
1) what "land" did the Arab Muslim attackers/murderers seek to "liberate" before 1948?
3) why don't we pay attention to what they say?
2) the Iranian Islamic Hitler that tries to deny the Holocaust in order to prepare for a new one, has no "borders issues with Israel, still it declares openly to "wipe it off map", if this is not [Islamic] fascism, what is?


Even [anti Israel propagandist paid by Arab, Islamic lobby] Jimmy Carter admits:
"I recognize that Israel is a wonderful democracy with freedom of speech and equality of treatment under the law between Arab Israelis and Jewish Israelis."

No, they're talking about ethnic cleansing, making "Palestine" Judenrein, free of Jews. And a state born in such sin will never redeem itself. ...


Some vital Background info

Arab immgrants, not "natives" - the core of today's group who calls itself since the 1960's as "Palestinians"

The Smoking Gun: Arab Immigration into Palestine, 1922-1931 ...Source: F. Gottheil, "Arab Immigration into Pre-State Israel: 1922-1931," .... as part of 1948 Israel, identified not only the direction of Arab Palestinian ...

British Restrictions on Jewish Immigration, Between August 1945 and the establishment of the State of Israel in May 1948, ... The Emergence of the Palestinian-Arab National Movement, ...

The Arabs in PalestineIn fact, the permanent Arab population increased 120 percent between 1922 and ... 37 percent of the total immigration to pre-state Israel — by Arabs who ...

British Opposition to Jewish Immigration to Palestine, Palestine Facts is a review of the historical, political and military facts behind the State of Israel and the Israeli-Arab Palestinian conflict.


A History of Terrorism in Israel from the 1920s... Eighty years later, the death toll from arab terrorism in Israel continues to grow. In September of 2002, I began the preparation of a listing....

Arab pogroms were launched against Jews in 1920, 1921,1929 and 1936-1939. ..... the bloody Arab pogrom against the Jews in the Old City of Jerusalem in 1920 ...

February 1920, the pogroms by Arabs on Jews in Jerusalem orchestrated by two young Arab Muslim supremacists, Hag' Amin [who later on became the Mufti] at that time served in the British army's intelligence (imagine that!) & Aref al-Aref.
A Hebron Muslim Sheik shouted: "Whoever has a stick, a gun' a knife or stone, shall go & exterminate the Jews, And in ecstasy screamed: "Adbachu Al Yahud" ['Kill the Jews!'].
The 'Nabi Musa' parade that started the pogrom.
Again in November 2, 1921 pogroms in Jerusalem.
From: "Korot" April 1920.

According to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, from 1920 to 1966, Arab terrorists murdered 1513 Jewish residents of British Mandatory Palestine ...

What Really Happened in the Middle East... a war on the jews for 60 years but it really has been 80 years at least-the 1929 massacre in chevron [Hebron] where over 60 jews were murdered b y a mob of arabs ...
http://www.aish.com/rss/rssRe directToArticle.asp?an=9076&vid=19951

THE GRAND MUFTI OF JERUSALEM, ISLAMONAZIFASCISM AND ECCLESIASTES 1:9 In 1929 the grand mufti of Jerusalem... organized the massacre of Palestinian Jews in Hebron ...
http://www.shalomjerusalem.com/m ohammedism/mohammedism6.html

August 2007 - The ...... to live in Hebron, gave us an accurate history of the 1929 massacre, .... "Ethnic cleansing"...
http://www.israelforum.com/blog_article.php ?aid=906135

Pakistan Today: Front Page 192004... but from the early 1900s, the Arabs carried out a policy of ethnic cleansing that included the massacre and pogroms in 1929 and 1936 in Hebron. ...

Judenrein Palestine? massacre and pogroms in 1929 and 1936 in Hebron. Both the spirit and practice of ethnic cleansing are being continued in the current conflict...
http://www.internationalwallofprayer.org/A -248-Judenrein-Palestine.html

[The Mufti] Amin Al-Husseini. Born in Jerusalem under Ottoman rule
Husseini's First Taste of Jihad
Allegiance to Ottoman Empire .
Amin Al Husseini: Ottoman Empire Officer. Amin Al-Husseini swears allegiance to the Ottoman Empire during the Armenian genocide .
He is an officer stationed in Smyrna and participates first-hand in the Armenian genocide. One and a half million Christians are slaughtered under the sword of Islamic Jihad by the Ottoman Army. Allegiance to Ottoman Empire and Islamic world take-over will be echoed by Osama Bin Laden in his post-September 11th declaration

The Father of Islamists, Amin Al Husseini, the man who officialized Islamic hate, declared Holy War on the West and the Jews. Before Amin Al Husseini, there was no hatred between the Jews and the Arabs. Before Al Husseini, there was no Pan-Islamic Jihad against the West and non-Muslims. Bin Ladin and many other terror chiefs are believers in Al Husseini and have dedicated their life to his ideology.
Amin Al-Husseini, was born in Jerusalem under Ottoman rule. Al-Husseini swears allegiance to the Ottoman Empire during the Armenian genocide. He was an officer stationed in Smyrna and participates first-hand in the Armenian genocide. One and a half million Christians are slaughtered under the sword of Islamic Jihad by the Ottoman Army. Allegiance to Ottoman Empire and Islamic world take-over will be echoed by Osama Bin Laden in his post-September 11th declaration.
1917 Amin Al-Husseini returns to Palestine. He brings with him lessons of genocide and the vision of leading a Pan-Islamic empire, where Jews and Christians are not acceptable. 1920/1921 Amin Al-Husseini becomes lead figure in organizing riots against locals. Al-Husseini begins life-long campaign of inciting hate between Jews and Muslims under British Mandate of Palestine. He begins rule of terror over local Muslim leaders, who denounce him as an ignorant thug.

From Al Husseini to Hitler :Radical Islam and the Nazi connection ...Random murdering of Hebron Jews begins. Hebron Jewish community was over 2000 years old. ... Bosnian ethnic cleansing under Amin al Husseini...

(Arab Muslim leader the Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Hussein [of 'Palestine'] heads the infamous Nazi brutal brigade the SS in Yugoslavia, compiled of Muslim Bosnians and carries out atrocities against Serb Christians & against Jews).
Bosnian Moslems recruited the Nazi SS by Yasser Arafat's 'Uncle' To show gratitude towards his hosts, in 1943 the Mufti travelled several times to Bosnia, where on orders of the SS...

Between 1922 and 1948, the Arabs were given 90% of the Palestine Mandate -- a territory in which no country existed and which had been promised by its British rulers to the Jews. The Jews were forbidden to live in the Arab portions of the mandate -- a concession by the British to Arab racism. At the same time, because the Jews were a tolerant and democratic people, nearly a million Arabs were assimilated into the portion the Jews controlled where they were given more rights than Arabs anywhere else in the Middle East. The Arab response to this compromise was a seven-nation military assault on this new state, which was called "Israel," and was a state largely composed of recent survivors of the worst genocide in human history. From the outset, then, the Middle East conflict was a war of xenophobic backwardness and ethnic barbarism waged against a persecuted people who intended no harm to their neighbors and sought only peace.
For the next fifty years until this very day, the Arab states have waged continuous warfare against the Jews with the intent of exterminating them or at the very least driving them into the sea. The current American "peace movement" is filled with voices calling for the "liberation of Palestine from the river to the sea," i.e., demanding that the West Bank and Israel be Judenrein -- free of the Jewish state.
http://www.frontpagemag.com/Articles/Read.asp x?GUID={AA8C951E-340A-4DD4-A83E- 4051A3400811

Geography of Israel-Palestine. Maps Don't Lie! Easy-to-understand maps of Israel-Palestine from the British Mandatory ... The surrounding 22 Arab countries are 640 times larger than tiny Israel...

Arab-Israeli conflict - Basic facts, Arab countries versus Israel. Map of Arab Countries vs. Israel ... Also see maps comparing size of Israel with those of Arab countries. ...

Arab Countries Reaction to the State of Israel:
The invasion was hardly surprising. Mufti el-Husseini, one of the worst Nazi collaborators, called for Jihad against Jews in a 1943 broadcast from Radio Berlin during the height of the Holocaust:
Kill the Jews wherever you find them, this is pleasing to Allah. Prior to the 1948 war against Israel, the Iraqi Prime Minister said all the Arabs would need would be "a few brooms" to drive the Jews into the sea. All they were waiting for was the British and said, "once we get the green light from the British we can easily throw out the Jews." [Quote from Sir Geoffrey Furlonge, "Palestine Is My Country: The Story of Musa Alami (Praeger Press, 1969)]
On the day that Israel declared its independence (May 15, 1948), Azzam Pasha, Secretary General of the Arab League, at Cairo press conference, (reported in the New York Times, May 16, 1948) declared "jihad", a holy war. He said that the Arab states rejected partition and intended to set up a "United State of Palestine." He then stated:
This will be a war of extermination and a momentous massacre which will be spoken of like the Mongolian massacres and the Crusades".

Arab Leaders Encourage Palestinians to Flee in 1948

In 1967, Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser ordered the UN peacekeepers out of Sinai. Then, he created a naval blockade of Eilat, the only Israeli port on the Red Sea. In International Law, such a blockade is considered an act of war. At the same time, Arab leaders were repeatedly calling for "throwing the Jews into the sea".

And Israel's enemies have indeed referred to driving Jews into the sea.

[Arab] Leaders command Arabs to leave



1) Israel is ONLY about survival against the Goliath Arab Muslim that wants to eradicate it.

2) There are two causes of the Arab-Israeli conflict. The first is Arab racism, which rejects any presence that isn't Arab in its neighborhood; the second is Islamic intolerance which leads to the same rejection. http://www.frontpagemag.com/Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=7268

3) The big lie as IF the Arabs (that since the 1960s decided to call themselves as) "Palestinians" are "natives" in the holy land, the historic land of the Jews, nothing could be further from the truth, as the flow of Arab immigration in the late 1800s early 1900s was growing with the limitation on Jewish immigration. [ http://www.think-israel.org/gottheil.arabimmigration.html ]

4) What do [radical and supported by their mainstream] Arab-Muslim / "Palestinians" want?

Annihilation, Genocide!



The Hebron Massacre of 1929... Thousands of Arabs descended from Har Hebron, shouting "Kill the Jews!" in Arabic. ...

The Faisal-Weizmann Agreement, the Mufti and Hitler, Nazism and ...In his last public appearance in a speech before a World Islamic Conference in 1962, the Mufti called for the ethnic cleansing of all Jews...

The Mufti that led the massacre of 1929 on the Jews, prior to that, he was also involved in the
http://Armenian-Genocide.org where 1.5 Million Christians were brutally murdered.


ISRAEL HAS ALWAYS FACED ARAB GENOCIDE. by Louis Rene Beres - [September 2, 2003] To fully understand current conflicts in the Middle East, history must be...

Israel - Radical Islamism = Racism = Genocide. Jihad-Islamism ...

Hamas promotes Islamic supremacy over the world ..."The Hamas Ideology of Hatred and Genocide: Islamic supremacy over the world, destroying Israel and Jews, promoting terror and violence,"

The Islamic Genocide Plan... .Al Jazeera television broadcast a videotape on July 27, 2006, which showed Al-Zawahiri exhorting Muslims to wage jihad against Israel...

Support for Hezbollah in Egypt Threatens Mubarak's Stability... calling on Muslims to kill all Jewish Israelis with firearms, knives and poison. ... The mufti praised Hezbollah...

[1967] The Six-Day War... Gamal Nasser tells cheering Egyptians he intends to throw the Jews into the sea. Egypt and Syria are mobilized for war with Soviet arms. ...

We'll Throw Them into the Sea,"

Top Hamas official: Kill all Americans | Jerusalem Post, The Hamas spokesperson concluded with a prayer, saying: "Oh Allah, vanquish the Jews and their supporters. Oh Allah, count their numbers, and kill them all, ...

Palestinian TV: Kill All The Jews, Palestinian TV: Kill All The Jews The Palestinian Authority is inciting the current wave of violence through its official media. against the Jews and the Americans

Hamas Mickey: Let's kill Jews ... Hamas - the terrorist group with a majority in the Palestinian Authority - is using a Mickey-Mouse-like character to [incite for genocide]...


Hamas vows to 'drink' Jewish blood, See terrorist group's video with messages ... group would drink the blood of Jews until they "leave the Muslim countries. ...

Hamas Video: "We Are A Nation That Drinks Jewish Blood," Promises To Kill Jews "Until We Have Quenched Our Thirst With Your Blood". February 24, 2006 ...


YouTube - Hamas Video- We will Drink the Blood of the Jews,Half a month after its electoral victory, a Hamas website presented the parting video messages of two Hamas suicide terrorists.

Palestinians Hamas: "The Final Goal of the Resistance is to Wipe This Entity Off the Face of the Earth"
"We are making the preparations for a confrontation. This is not because we need to be prepared for an Israeli act of aggression - after all, aggression is intrinsic to this entity - but because the final goal of the resistance is to wipe this entity off the face of the Earth. This goal necessitates the development of the capabilities of the resistance, until this entity is wiped out."

Iran: President Says Israel Should Be 'Wiped Off Map' - RADIO FREE ...Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad's call for Israel to be "wiped off the map" has triggered a sharp international response and widespread condemnation. ...

Iran's President Says Israel Must Be 'Wiped Off the Map' - New ...Iran's President Says Israel Must Be 'Wiped Off the Map' ... "Anybody who recognizes Israel will burn in the fire of the Islamic nation's fury,"

Hassan Nasrallah: In His Own Words...
Nasrallah and Jews
Within a month of Nasrallah's taking over as leader, Hezbollah (with the help of Iranian intelligence) bombed the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires, killing 29 and injuring over 200. The next attack perpetrated by Hezbollah—again with Iranian help—was the bombing of the Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, killing 86 and injuring over 200.
The widening arena of Hezbollah's attacks stemmed from Nasrallah's perception that Jews anywhere are legitimate targets. In fact, Nasarallah has said:
If they (Jews) all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide. (Daily Star, Oct. 23, 2002)
Shiite scholar Amal Saad-Ghorayeb analyzed the anti-Jewish roots of Hezbollah ideology in her book Hezbollah: Politics & Religion. In it, she quotes Hassan Nasrallah describing his antipathy toward Jews...
Nasrallah also incoroporates anti-Semitic rhetoric in speeches. For example, he has characterized Jews as the "grandsons of apes and pigs" and "Allah's most cowardly and greedy creatures." (MEMRI: Al- Manar, Feb. 3, 2006) ...
Nasrallah's anti-American sentiments are continuously on display. He fuels anti-American attitudes in the Middle East with charges such as his statement that Americans "have outdone Hitler." (AP, Oct. 2, 2001) During one TV broadcast, Narallah accused the US of many "sponsored plans for extermination, eradication and genocide" against the people in the Middle East. (BBC Monitoring: Al-Manar, Feb. 8, 2002)
A 2002 appearance on Al-Manar illustrates his deep hostility toward the United States:
Let the entire world hear me. Our hostility to the Great Satan [America] is absolute ...
I conclude my speech with the slogan that will continue to reverberate on all occasions so that nobody will think that we have weakened. Regardless of how the world has changed after 11 September, Death to America will remain our reverberating and powerful slogan: Death to America. (BBC Monitoring: Al-Manar, Sep. 27, 2002)

Nasrallah boasts about Hezbollah's designation as a terrorist group by America:
It is our pride that the Great Satan (U.S.) and the head of despotism, corruption and arrogance in modern times considers us as an enemy that should be listed in the terrorism list...I say to every member of Hezbollah (should) be happy and proud that your party has been placed on the list of terrorist organizations as the U.S. view it. (United Press International, Nov. 4, 2001)
At a rally in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley, Nasrallah encouraged worldwide suicide bombing against the West:
Martyrdom operations - suicide bombings - should be exported outside Palestine. I encourage Palestinians to take suicide bombings worldwide. Don't be shy about it. (Washington Times, Dec. 6, 2002)

Ahmadinejad must believe that he can get away with a plan for genocide because his remarks about wiping Israel off the map have been largely disregarded by the world community. He is trying to delegitimize the State of Israel by denying the Holocaust and has supported and financed Hizballah's leader Sheikh Nasrallah. Nasrallah has been calling for more Jews to immigrate to Israel - only so that it will make it easier to destroy them all if they are gathered in one location

A senior Hamas leader in Gaza declared that it was signed and sealed within his party that Israel would be wiped off the map and replaced by a Palestinian ...

Teach Kids Peace – Seeking a Martyr's Death: Video & Report, The regular PA TV programming includes song and dance accompanying scenes of violence and words glorifying willingness to die for Allah. ...

Child Abuse: The New Islamic Cult of Martyrdom - Justus Reid Weiner The message is clear: it should be the goal of every Palestinian child to die ... "Fatah Tries to Use (another) Boy as Human Bomb," ...
Child Abuse in the Palestinian Authority ... proudly remind the world that the Palestinian cause is armed with "human bombs." ...

Blatant child abuse of this kind, and efforts to cover it up, ...


'Palestinian' most inhumane tactics to bring about its children's deaths

Hamas Murders Children in Palestine, Blames Israel

The Root of Palestinian misery
If Israel really were as sadistic as its critics claim, it wouldn't have called off yesterday's bombing run. Just the opposite: It would have jumped at the chance to kill so many Palestinians at one go. Just imagine if the shoe were on the other foot, and hundreds of Israeli "human shields" positioned themselves in an unguarded cafe in the West Bank. Palestinian suicide bombers would be stepping over each other in an effort to attack the target. "Human shields" work only when your enemy fights like a human.

Arab Terrorist's Wife Used Baby to Hide Grenade

Israeli Soldiers Thwart a Boy's Suicide Bombing Attempt

Pushing children and teenagers into the front ranks of violent demonstrations is hardly a new Palestinian tactic. During the height of the intifada in the ...

Palestinian Terrorism
...as a "human bomb" by Palestinian terrorists. Photo: AP .... children, Palestinian youth, Palestinian women, and Palestinian men die, we will not surrender! ...

Child Murder Glorified Palestinian society is programming these children to die in order to keep hatred going, ... "Fatah Tries to Use 11-Year-Old Boy as Human Bomb. ...

Why Palestinian children die...Om Mohammed helps her twelve-year-old son Abu Ali with a toy suicide bomber belt he fashioned on his own.
"I hope to be a Martyr...I hope when I get 14 or 15 to explode myself." His mother is proud of her son: "God gave him to me to...



When Pictures Lie

Encyclopedia of Famous Palestinian Lies

The Al-Dura Cover-up As images unfolded of 12-year-old Muhammad al-Dura.....
http://www.camera.org/index.asp? x_article=856&x_context=3

WHO KILLED MUHAMMAD AL-DURA? BLOOD LIBEL - MODEL 2000 ... journalists and the UN, arranged a well-staged production.
http://www.spme.net/cgi-bin/facultyforum.cgi? ID=400

al Durah Affair (Bin Laden narrating his recruiting video in which Muhammad al Durah appears ...... much less accepting the "staged" hypothesis, see Al Durah as Staged
http://www.theaugeanstables.com/category/al-durah -affair


Hamas with it's massive support among mainstream 'Palestinians', goal of global domination by radical -Islam

Over 10,000 Palestinians Attend West Bank Rally to Restore Islamic Caliphate:

Islamo-Fascism Denial...
Hamas: The Hamas Charter sets out its Islamic mission as global: "Its spatial dimension extends wherever on earth there are Muslims, who adopt Islam as their way of life; thus, it penetrates to the deepest reaches of the land and to the highest spheres of Heavens. . . .
By virtue of the distribution of Muslims, who pursue the cause of the Hamas, all over the globe, and strive for its victory, for the reinforcement of its positions and for the encouragement of its Jihad, the Movement is a universal one." Universal in what way? The Palestinian Sheikh Ibrahim Madhi exhorted believers in 2002 "Oh beloved, look to the East of the earth, find Japan and the ocean; look to the West of the earth, find [some] country and the ocean. Be assured that these will be owned by the Muslim nation, as the Hadith says . . .
'from the ocean to the ocean.'"

Palestinians back caliphate over politics - Telegraph

Hamas reiterates goal of world domination by Islam - annihilation ...The PA sources further asserted that senior Fatah and Hamas terrorist leaders, as well as senior security officials from Egypt and Israel, know many details ...

["Palestinians":] Wanted: a caliphate - Haaretz

The official said Hamas seeks to create an "Islamic caliphate" in Gaza and ...

[Hamas' war on Spain too] HAMAS' children magazine, Al Fateh's call to return Seville "to the hands of ... their targets to include the rest of the Caliphate – beginning with Spain. ...

Gaza Not Enough; Hamas Demands Return of Seville, Hamas demands return of Seville in internet children's magazine ... Not only Spain. The Caliphate of 750 encompased parts of North Africa, Greece, Italy, ...

Spain is a prime target for the jihad because Andalus was an important part of the medieval Islamic caliphate. Even a children's magazine published by Hamas ...


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