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Racism = Countering Islamofascism?

Reader comment on item: Anti-Muslim Racism?

Submitted by Rakshas 10 Anan (India), Nov 24, 2005 at 12:10

1. B. Bulsara makes a telling point. But I think Hindus are also partly to blame, in deluding themselves into imagining that their insularity is a shield against discrimination, and secondly in forgetting the battle-scarred history of their homeland, if they seek to build alliances with unreasoning adversaries based on colour or race alone! The history of jihad is long and brutal, with Hindus having borne the brunt of it (http://www.historyofjihad.org/india.html?syf=contact). Extreme sacrifice with total clarity of vision ensured that we continued to remain Hindus in the face of jihadi savagery, because of which it is important to stand up at this critical juncture and be counted fearlessly in public forums on campuses and in the media against Islamic jihad.

In this day and age we are all of us split personalities, even brainwashed to an extent and confused about what is right and wrong; but this is a known enemy who has no human scruples, and it is necessary to make common cause with those who help us to see with clarity rather than submit to deliberate semantic confusion generated by the Left-Jihadi axis.

The highest traditions of sanatan dharma are about universality of experience and unlimited intellectual freedom, as against narrowness and ghettoisation of identity and living, and we have learnt deep lessons about positive karma, which at this point involves fight and not flight. In this war moreover, there are no avenues of escape, wherever that we may choose to go!

2. It is galling to intelligent and rational visitors and immigrants to the West fro,m basically pacifist cultures and communities, like Sikhs, Buddhists and Hindus, to be thought of as sub-human because they look different, or because of their adherence to eastern faiths. But I think there are usually sufficient safeguards in Western societies with a relatively open, transparent system and clear cut emphasis on observance of law and order.

I disagree that the security profiling is racial in nature. Many Indians have published accounts of sensitivity to their plight by the authorities. It is unfortunate that 100% jihadis from across the borders of India are Indian converts to terrorislam, and this is a cross that we have to bear in view of overall safety. Think again of how Hindus continue to suffer in India because of long term appeasement, and you will notice how much lighter your own burden is in comparison to the relative security that Western nations offer.

This is all the more reason why it is important to work hard to build and support common linkages with others in the same environment, while at the same time standing up for colour and cultural differences. Speaking for Indians, we all started out as anglophiles or admirers of the American system and its people. It was the British who badly let us down. The aberrations of unfortunate discrimination in Western countries must be seen as isolated events not supported by the system, to be highlighted and treated as aberrations needing correction. They cannot be the norm in civilised societies.

We visit Western nations for the opportunities offered to excel in various ways, (just as once-upon-a-time India was a magnet for the entire world with all its cultural riches and material wealth). Most Americans I have known are fair, just, sensitive and also extremely vigilant about the maintenance of civil norms and the rule of law in their midst, and this needs to be emulated around the world in positive terms. This is why the sane world loves America and the Americans with all their endearing foibles.

3. While there is no cure for human behaviour, which seeks to indulge in one-upmanship in different guises at every given opportunity, most Western nations and especially the USA have set an outstanding example to the rest of the world in terms of humane management of cultural conflicts and contradiction. I have several WASP, Jewish, Ethnic and Black friends who are very proud and patriotic Americans, and at the same time also warm and friendly towards people of colour from diverse cultures in their midst. It is as if they are my brothers. There is no hypocrisy in this.

While American foreign policy can be questioned on many grounds, there is absolutely no doubt that the law is largely sound and fair at home, leaving no room for outworn ideologies like racism. Thus anyone using the epithet 'racist' in the context of those in the forefront against aggressive Jihad as cited by Dr. Pipes, is guilty of false motives and abuse.

4. I hope and pray that Indian history is not repeated in the Western world, although the contours are alarmingly familiar. Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch and Dr. Pipes are performing great service in terms of research and clarification of major perspectives and issues in the War Against Terror. If they are being targeted in an unacceptable and underhand manner by the Leftists and Islamists, it is a tribute to their accuracy and effectiveness (not to mention their growing popularity) in presentation of facts about Islamism, and they must be supported in this task.

5. In India, especially on campuses and in the media, Hindus are subject to ridicule day-in and day-out. If folk like Pipes are called racist by the Islamist conclaves and their supporters, Hindus pointing to the dangers of jihad amidst us are called ‘rabid Hindu fundamentalists' by the leftist-secularist lackeys of Islamic jihad, hand in glove with the upholders of terrorists' human rights.

6. India has suffered the wages of extreme appeasement by its leaders like Gandhi and Nehru, still wet behind the ears as products of British Missionary education at the turn of the bloody communal Partition in 1947. Thus Secular India named it streets and enclaves in its modern capital in honour of the jihadi murderers rather than Hindu heroes. Thus New Delhi has broad avenues named after the likes of Aurangzeb, a Lodhi Enclave, Qutub Complex and so on! This was at the start of free and independent India. They expunged inspiring aspects of Hindu history, creating textbooks singing odes to the glory of Moghul rule in India, or suppressing challenges to the colonial misrepresentation of facts as in the case of the ‘Theory of Aryan Invasion', contrived by the British solely to justify their own invasion. The popular column by Francois Gautier seeking to present inspiring facets of Hindu history, contrary to the current marxist version denigrating Hindus at every step, was shut down by the Indian Express a few years ago, under pressures of appeasement (http://www.francoisgautier.com/mywork.htm).

Painstaking research revealing that the Taj Mahal was a Hindu temple (http://www.stephen-knapp.com/was_the_taj_mahal_a_vedic_temple.htm) or that the so-called Qutub Minar was an ancient astronomical observatory are ridiculed as fantasy, even when all it would take to prove or disprove the claim would be to conduct a believable non-partisan investigation into the truth of the matter, that too by simply opening the locked chambers in the complex (containing ancient Hindu idols, records and paraphernalia) to public scrutiny. But this is desisted under fear of ‘fomenting communal disharmony'!

Consider that the ‘qibla' in the Quwwatul Islam mosque in Qutub Minar does not in fact face the direction of Makkah, and its falling stones reveal Hindu idols on the reverse side, since it was built from the destruction of the pre-existing temple complex and observatory. Islam offers no scientific or eco-cultural rationale for the curious construction of these monumental artifacts by vainglorious desert conquerors, while researchers have proved the truth of solar and lunar observations in their astronomical alignments in keeping with ancient Indian perspectives on astronomy! It is also revealed that there is unmistakable Hindu iconography in both Qutub Minar and the earthen-built Minar-e-Jam in Afghanistan, which was once a part of India. (Kedarnath Prabhakar, Varahamihir Smriti Granth (Hindi), Saharanpur, India, 1974, pp. 125-187; "Qutub Minar", Vedchakshu, December 2004, p. 28; email: vedchakshu@usa.com; http://www.hindutva.org/holocaust1.html).

The glories of the conquerors in the history textbooks fail to mention their favourite pastime of constructing enormous pyramids of skulls in Mongol fashion, of the kaffirs killed in the conquest; or that every Moghul Emperor had to demonstrate in full court his valour as Ghazi – or kaffir-killer – by savaging a hapless surrendered victim soon after assuming throne, to pacify the contenders to throne and their jihadi theologians! To continue to credit the Ghazi Shah Jahan, an opium addict who had several wives and at least 300 concubines, with the construction of Taj Mahal as an expression of romantic love for his wife who died in the course of her 14th pregnancy, that too after the carbon dating of the main entrance gate proves its being built 400 years before his ascending the Moghul throne, is the ultimate tribute to appeasement of unreasoning jihadi obduracy.

7. In numerous such instances, Islamist aggressive postures prevent rigorous scientific re-evaluation of the history of jihad in India, to be substituted by appeasement on the part of the Secularists, who by definition must all be Hindu! Perhaps the day is not far off, when Islamists overrunning the world civilisation will claim that the first man on the Moon was sent on a magic carpet, in evidence of Magnificent Islam!

8. We are faced with an enemy who does not believe in the scientific method, using insidious methods to infiltrate and undermine robust cultures and democratic institutions under the pressure of unreasoning obscurantism. Thus the ruse of flinging epithets in accusation of racism, is employed merely for shock value and to dumb down critical examination through extreme polarisation. But it is possible to see through the methods of jihad through developing cross-cultural understanding of its history since its very beginning. We are no long shrinking violets in the present times after this long span of Islamist terrorism.

I for one am full of hope that in this last round we will meet the challenge with full resolve no matter what it takes to destroy the beast of terrorism worldwide, since intelligence and clarity will always serve to defeat unreasoning obfuscation and obscurantism. Please carry on Doctor; support will come in critical times from the most unexpected quarters, since it is time to dump jihad and all accumulated garbage, just like Nazism was, through concerted international effort. In fact the pathetic doublespeak used by the jihadis can hardly match up to Nazi Goebbelspeak at its height in terms of sophistication. We prevailed then as a collective, and we shall do so more comprehensively now!

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Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Original writing only, please. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments".

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