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Can you think for yourself Azkad instead of blindly believing Quran, Mo, allah and imamullahs!!!

Reader comment on item: Israel's Strategic Incompetence in Gaza
in response to reader comment: Think over this, Jalahdi

Submitted by Jaladhi (United States), Feb 10, 2009 at 12:47

Hey Azkad, you write:"To JALAHDI,

I disagree with you, since you could not grasp the idea I am putting forward. Firstly, so-called "corrupt" Islam suggests Islam being portraited as wrong by a certain group of people, like you as well. A wise man can easily get the hidden idea being suggested, rather than clinging to a word and commenting on that."

I think you know that it was a true statement based on the actions of Muslims worldwide for last 1400 years and continuing today. One concludes all Islam is corrupt, not just some islam.

Then you write: "Say, if you were right, you would not have even the computer you are now working on, as due to Islam you are enjoying this chance. It is only owing to Islam that the modern technology is developing. Since the Islamic scholars made their enormous contributions to the development of mahemetics, Al-Khorazmi suggested "0" zero into use, Ibn Sina's (Avicienna) book "Canon of Medicine" was taught until the 18th century in most European universities and many others. They were all Muslims and practised Islam.

So you are wrong here; today the scholars and scientists have admitted one undeniable fact that "The Light is from East", which "light" is meant here, the one released from Islam. So again Islam is not corrupt."

One question to you,Azkad - are you nuts or totally delusional??? Your claim of Arabs(muslims) contributing to the development of mathematics that has led to the present day computers is not only wrong and smacks of hypocrisy, claiming all the developments and inventions of the world are done by Muslims!!! If you were reading many of the post on this site your delusion would have been removed but no, you guys cannot think for yoursrelf since allah and Mo have told you not to think as it leads to questioning allah and ultimately abonding Islam.

For you information, the development of mathematics, invention of zero, decimal system , and the so called Aarbic numerals was done by Aryabhatta of ancient Hindu India. He lived during 460-550 AD, much before Mo lived and invented allah, forget about inventing mathematics. Read below Aryabhatt's achievements in mathematics and astronomy. He gave the value of pi as 3.1416, much before any other mathematician in the west, and calculated the circumfrence of earth as 24835 miles which is as exact it can get with the modern day value of 24900 miles, told earth goes aroud the sun and the moon around earth. ( Go back to Quran and find out what it says about earth, sun and moon??? LOL)

Aabs simply stole this infromation from Greeks and Indians and claimed it as their own which is not surprising as they been doing this to the world for centuiries. Europeans did not know any better and went along with arabs in calling the numerals and zero coming from them, hence the name Arabic numerals. But the truth is totally different if you read the history!!!

You think the people, arabs and Muslims, who believe Earth is flat, sun goes around the earth and sets in the muddy pond, mountains are put on earth to tie it down, sperm comes from the back side of man, etc, etc, all those great scientific notions in Quran which are as stupid as stupid can get, will be able to come up with the principles of mathematics, astronomy, pi, trignometry, concept of zero, decimal system, then you are totally delusional.

As a Muslim you are to believe in Quran completely and this what your quran says about earth, sun, moon etc,... So you have a big problem, whether to believ these stupid and wrong concepts and be a good Muslim or not believe these at the risk of incurring allah's wrath in afterlife. Which is it, Azkad???

Muslims who can't think for themselves could never have invented any thing let alone all the contributions you cite. Their main contribution to the world is art of stealing, whether land or the sciences and the calling it their own !!! LOL....

So your claims are totally bogus, false, .. Arabs and Muslims were living in jahilya and they are living in jahilya even today becasue they are not allowed to think for themselves!!!

Then you ask if "Do you know many Muslims don't even regard Sufis as Muslims" is my idea.

No it is not my idea, why don't you talk to some wahabis and find out what they thinlk of sufis, shias, ahmedias... Now you will say wahabis are not Muslims just like all those terrorists.

Futther you write in response to my comment : >>"And all those sufis of Chechnya and Kashmir kill innocent non-Muslims, ( such as those 300 babies of Beslan killed by sufi checnyan Muslims) just like those sunnis and shias do all over the world.<<

You should have read my earlier posts before telling this. Why do you think they are Muslims? It is wrong to regard those as a Muslim who say "La Ilaha Illalloh" or puts a white skullcap on their head and explode a car, or a person with a beard heralds "Allohu Akbar" and kills someone in the name of Islam .It is beacause you lack information about Islam. Those killers are NOT Muslims, Islam does NOT call for killing the innocent, children, women. It is by such acts you and many others in the West tend to think that Islam is corrupt. No, my dear, it is not ISLAM. They are not MUSLIMS. Study Islam to clarify this fact. And never ignore something you do not know much about."

Azkad, you better study Medina passages and surah al-sayaf and then tell me Islam does not call for murders of non-Muslims. Mo commited genocide of 800 jews of Yathrib(Medina) and stole their women, girls and underage boys, their land and possessions as commanded by allah, and and continued doing it to many other arabian tribes who did not want to convert to Islam. Can't believe you will have the audacity to come on this board and tell us Islam teaches you to be peaceful inspite of the evidence to the contrary!!! This is called bald face lie and hypocrisy.

Stop telling us lies and fairytales and claim we don't know Islam. You realize that we know Islam just too well and you can't hide behind those false statements. You will be exposed on this board!!!

I think you should start thinking for yourself rather than believing all those imamullahs who lead you astray with all kinds of lies!!! Accept the truth, leave Islam and it will set you free from the bondage of allah and Mo!!!

And below is some information about Aryabhatta, the great Hindu scientist and mathmatician:

"Aryabhatta (476-550 A.D.) was born in Patliputra in Magadha, modern Patna in Bihar. Many are of the view that he was born in the south of India especially Kerala and lived in Magadha at the time of the Gupta rulers; time which is known as the golden age of India. There is no evidence that he was born outside Patliputra and traveled to Magadha, the centre of education and learning for his studies where he even set up a coaching centre. His first name "Arya" is hardly a south Indian name while "Bhatt" (or Bhatta) is a typical north Indian name even found today specially among the "Bania" (or trader) community.

Whatever this origin, it cannot be argued that he lived in Patliputra where he wrote his famous treatise the "Aryabhatta-siddhanta" but more famously the "Aryabhatiya", the only work to have survived. It contains mathematical and astronomical theories that have been revealed to be quite accurate in modern mathematics. For instance he wrote that if 4 is added to 100 and then multiplied by 8 then added to 62,000 then divided by 20,000 the answer will be equal to the circumference of a circle of diameter twenty thousand. This calculates to 3.1416 close to the actual value Pi (3.14159). But his greatest contribution has to be zero. His other works include algebra, arithmetic, trigonometry, quadratic equations and the sine table.

He already knew that the earth spins on its axis, the earth moves round the sun and the moon rotates round the earth. He talks about the position of the planets in relation to its movement around the sun. He refers to the light of the planets and the moon as reflection from the sun. He goes as far as to explain the eclipse of the moon and the sun, day and night, the contours of the earth, the length of the year exactly as 365 days.
He even computed the circumference of the earth as 24835 miles which is close to modern day calculation of 24900 miles.

This remarkable man was a genius and continues to baffle many mathematicians of today. His works was then later adopted by the Greeks and then the Arabs."

Read about Aryabhatta and his mathematics.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Shalini_Sing

Learn about the atrocities of Islam. Visit thereligionofpeace.com, jihadwatch.org, faithfreedom.org


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